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Author: Thornton, Abigail Lynn
Cozy Witch Mystery

A witch with a secret.

Cursed as a baby, Wynona’s a witch with absolutely no powers, trying to survive in a world where magic means power.

All she wants is to open her teashop and enjoy a quiet existence, away from the public eye and her famous family, all while keeping her lack of magic to herself.

But her plans are interrupted when a murder occurs in her shop just days before the grand opening. Now, instead of being invisible, she’s at the top of the suspect list and spending her time dodging the police and desperately trying to clear her name with nothing but her wits to save her.

However, the closer she gets to answers, the more questions she has. Now, her entire life threatens to be turned upside down and if she’s not careful…she’ll find herself as the next target of the very criminal she’s after.

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Author: McLinn, Patricia
Contemporary Romance

Their botched wedding is only the start of their storybook romance.
Annette Trevetti felt like a modern-day Cinderella as she walked down the aisle towards her first love and the heir to a small fortune. But her wedding day bliss screeched to a halt when an extremely pregnant woman crashed the ceremony claiming her Prince Charming was the father. Devastated, Annette shakes the dust of her small town off her boots and starts a seven-year climb up the corporate ladder to claim her own fortune. But when her brother gets injured on the job, she has no choice but to return to her hometown and risk exposing the feelings she still has for the man who broke her heart.

Single dad Steve Corbett’s biggest regret is tied up with his greatest joy. When Annette returns to town seven years after she left him at the altar, his love for her hasn’t changed one bit. And if his match-making daughter and their one-of-a-kind elderly relative have it their way, they’d pick the romance up right where it left off. Working alongside Annette on her brother’s construction project, Steve senses the flicker of their old flame. But he knows it will take a lot of sweat and tears to rebuild the crumbling trust for a second chance at happily ever after.

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Author: Lyn, Emmie
Cozy Animal Mystery

I’m Sunny Shaw, and regardless of what my name might suggest, my world has become rather dim as of late.

With a bankrupt business to save, homeless kittens that need rescuing, and a new business partner distracting me with every glance, there seems to be a disaster waiting at every turn.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, a murder literally lands on my doorstep—or at least the corpse does. Now I’m struggling to figure out which problem to solve first!

My business partner seems to want to share more than our lease, but I have to take that step very slowly. Of course, I can’t in good conscience leave the kittens to wander the streets. Then again no business means no money.

Decisions. Decisions.

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Author: Groth, Kristeen
Small-Town Second Chance Romantic Comedy

My life needed a time-out. Or a do-over.

After my dream of taking New York by storm as a fashion designer dramatically imploded in one fell swoop—culminating with a warm splat on my head—I realized if the city had no more love for me, I might as well go home.

Returning to Moonlit Lake feeling like a failure was bad enough, but when I walked into the local bar, the first thing I saw was the love of my life, Rowan, whom I hadn’t seen in fourteen years, on his knee proposing to someone else.

Not exactly the welcome home I expected.

Letting him go the first time was my biggest regret. One I never got over. I’d do whatever it took to get him back. Maybe opening a clothing boutique in town would show Rowan I was back to stay, and prove I wasn’t a failure.

Starting over in my hometown wouldn’t be easy, but surely my luck was changing. When you’ve hit rock bottom and washed the pigeon poop out of your hair, things can only get better, right?


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Author: Leigh, T.K.
Contemporary Romance

I was his biggest regret.
He was my greatest adventure.

Every girl dreams of falling in love with a prince.
When I met Jeremy, I thought he was my prince.

Caring. Compassionate. Sensitive.

And, unfortunately for me, not attracted to women.

So here I am, thirty years old and divorced when most of my friends are just getting married.

In desperate need of a restart, I set off on a road trip to learn how to love myself again. The last thing I expected was to meet him.

Anderson North.

Mysterious. Enigmatic. Sexy as hell.
And, after a malfunction with my rental car, my new road companion.

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Author: Thompson, Nancy Robards
Amateur Sleuth Mysteries

It’s one thing to write a mystery, but when your daughter is the suspect — you solve it.

Wedding planner Jenna Bell doesn’t panic when the groom is a no-show to the ceremony – even though he is her former high school sweetheart and this wedding is the small town’s event of the year. However, when he turns up dead and she is falsely accused… well, yeah, now it’s the time to panic.

Jenna’s mother, Maddie, puts her cozy mystery writing skills to use to try to clear her daughter’s name, stepping on by-the-book Chief of Police Jackson Bradley’s toes in the process. No matter how enticing he finds her, he doesn’t want this writer-turned-amateur-sleuth interfering with his murder investigation.

With nearly all of Hemlock, North Carolina, picking sides and the town’s own Gossip Brigade churning out the rumors, Maddie discovers the mystery isn’t very cozy when it hits this close to home.

The novel that inspired Field of Dreams. One of Sports Illustrated’s 100 Greatest Sports Books.

“If you build it, he will come.” When Ray Kinsella hears these mysterious words spoken in the voice of an Iowa baseball announcer, he is inspired to carve a baseball diamond in his cornfield. It is a tribute to his hero, the legendary Shoeless Joe Jackson, whose reputation was forever tarnished by the scandalous 1919 World Series.

What follows is a timeless story that is “not so much about baseball as it is about dreams, magic, life, and what is quintessentially American”.

Aftershock: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Ling, Zhang
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Women’s Sagas

In the summer of 1976, an earthquake swallows up the city of Tangshan, China. Among the hundreds of thousands of people scrambling for survival is a mother who makes an agonizing decision that irrevocably changes her life and the lives of her children. In that devastating split second, her seven-year-old daughter, Xiaodeng, is separated from her brother and the mother she loves and trusts. All Xiaodeng remembers of the fateful morning is betrayal.

Thirty years later, Xiaodeng is an acclaimed writer living in Canada with a caring husband and daughter. However, her newfound fame and success do little to cover the deep wounds that disrupt her life, time and again, and edge her toward a breaking point. Xiaodeng realizes the only path toward healing is to return to Tangshan, find her mother, and get closure.

Spanning three decades of the emotional and cultural aftershocks of disaster, Zhang Ling’s intimate epic explores the damage of guilt, the healing pull of family, and the hope of one woman who, after so many years, still longs to be saved.

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Author: Deaver, Jeffery
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Conspiracy Thrillers
John Pellam had a promising career as a Hollywood stuntman, until a tragedy sidetracked him. Now he’s a divorced, hard-living location scout who travels the country in search of shooting sites, and pulling his camper into any small town brings out the locals seeking their fifteen minutes of fame. But behind an idyllic locale in upstate New York is a hotbed of violence, lust, and conspiracy, and Pellam is thrust into the heart of an unfolding drama and the search for a killer when a brutal murder has him hunting down justice on behalf of a dear friend.

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