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Author: Moreno, Michelle
Healthy Cooking

Dash diet is one of the most popular and healthy diets. People all over the world already proved the miracle effect of this diet plan. This dash diet cookbook will help you to be healthier, normalize and lower blood pressure, and at the same time to lose weight and become better outside and inside.

This dash diet recipe book has dozens of advantages. Let’s look the most essential of them:

The book contains a separate chapter for vegan and vegetarians.
All recipes are appropriate for beginners as for chefs
The meals which are represented in the cookbook are able to fight with hyper-tension and help in weight loss.
A comfortable amount of servings, both for large companies and for a small family or couples
Recipe step by step description and simple cooking directions makes this book easy even for busy professionals
Total cooking time is separated into cooking and preparation time

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Author: Berry, Brinda
Contemporary Romance

Malerie recognizes death. It whispered in her ear twice without taking her. She’s the only survivor of a bombing which left her an orphan at the age of seven. Then a crazed gunman kills her beloved guardian on her eighteenth birthday.

Malerie suspects there may be more to her survival than luck.

Ace knows more about security systems than women. His job as a bodyguard entails one thing—earn his pay by guarding the girl. She’s one feisty female who ignites feelings he never knew he existed.

Now, someone is out to kill his newest assignment. Protecting her might cost his heart.

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Author: Cunningham, Chet
Western Fiction Classics
Deputy U. S. Marshal Chance Thorne arrived in the small town of La Grange, Oregon, with only a sketchy description of the wanted killer and a customized Remington Six Shooter to help him with the man-hunt. Little did he realize that his fugitive was only one cog in the corrupt machinery running the town. But Chance would either blast the town clean or die trying…
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Author: del Árbol, Víctor
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Psychological Thriller

Eduardo Quintana’s life lost all meaning when his wife and daughter were killed in a tragic accident. The once renowned painter wallows in grief and guilt, subsisting on alcohol and drugs, not caring if he lives or dies.

But when a grieving mother asks Eduardo to paint a portrait of the man who killed her son, he finds himself drawn to the unusual commission. He alone understands her need to look deep into the soul of the man who changed her life forever, and he alone can help.

As Eduardo sets out to discover what it takes to know a killer, he is pulled deeper and deeper into Madrid’s criminal underworld, where mercenaries, prostitutes, murderers, and thieves are all entangled in a dangerous and deadly web, in which nothing, and no one, are as they seem.

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Author: Erin, Aileen
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Young Adult Space Opera

In an all-too-plausible future where corporate conglomerates have left the world’s governments in shambles, anyone with means has left the polluted Earth for the promise of a better life on a SpaceTech owned colony among the stars.

Maité Martinez is the daughter of an Earther Latina and a powerful Aunare man, an alien race that SpaceTech sees as a threat to their dominion. When tensions turn violent, Maité finds herself trapped on Earth and forced into hiding.

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Author: Rubin, Susanna Harwood
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Spiritual Growth Self-Help
Yoga 365 presents a year’s worth of daily readings that invite yoga lovers of every skill level to bring the inspiration they experience on their mats into their everyday lives. Each entry explores a mind-body theme such as balance, strength, and resilience in a short, illuminating paragraph that can be enjoyed in the morning or at bedtime, incorporated into a yoga session, or read on the go. Featuring a serenely beautiful hardcover and a spacious, color-washed interior, the package is as calming in the hand as the readings are to the eye. Yogis will find it to be a motivating tool for personal growth and a lighthearted way to share the joys of their practice with others.
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Author: Horwath, Rich
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Strategic Management

All over the world, strategies are dying. Thousands of businesses face bankruptcy. People’s jobs are at stake. But what is the nefarious force killing them off? And who can save them?

Technobody—maker of wearable technologies—is under attack. Its strategic plan is slowly being killed by the top strategy villains every company faces: bad meetings (Meeting Menace), fire drills (Fire Driller), silos (Silo-Clops), too many priorities (Dr. Yes), and many others. They are members of the Anti-Strategy Squad (A.S.S.), a gang whose mission is to cause mass strategycide and global bankruption. But Technobody will not fail without a fight. Led by its fearless managers and three superheroes—StrategyMan, Innovatara, and Purposeidon—it will summon all of its strategic thinking powers to wage one final war against bad strategy and save its plan.

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Author: Youngblood, Jennifer
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Contemporary Romance Fiction

Brooklyn Reese has a thriving flower shop but isn’t as lucky in love. Having a lowdown, cheating fiancé is bad enough, but add a meddling mother and catty sister into the mix, and it’s sure to spell disaster.

A rollerblading trek around the lake near Brooklyn’s home comes to a calamitous close when she accidentally plows into a man and his dog. To make matters worse, she realizes the guy’s blind and it was his guide dog that she dragged into the lake. Then she recognizes him—the illustrious and dreamy Dax Preston, former Nascar racing superstar. The very guy she’s had a crush on since the eleventh grade!

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