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Author: Moore, Heather B.
Romantic Comedy

She’s desperate to start over. He represents the past she wants to leave behind. But falling in love is never about logic.

Macie’s divorce has left her at rock-bottom, and she uproots everything and takes her young daughter to visit Prosperity Ranch for the summer. Every kid deserves to know her grandparents, right? Macie hopes for some healing time, even if she is staying at her ex in-laws ranch. What she isn’t expecting is her ex-husband’s brother, Holt Prosper, to fit every ideal she’s ever hoped for in a man.

(All characters in this book are fictional and not based on real people. The town of Prosper is also fictional and not named after any other towns named Prosper.)

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Author: Dodd, Karen
International Mystery & Crime

A mysterious text preluding murder. A globe-trotting suspect on the run. Can a young woman end the killing before her past buries her future?
Vancouver, BC. Investigative reporter Jordan Stone loathes her estranged dad. But when he oddly messages her from out of the blue, she puts her bitterness aside for a slim chance to reconnect. Yet upon her arrival at his lavish mansion, all she finds is a stranger’s cooling corpse.

With her missing father now accused of homicide and embezzling millions, Jordan’s attempts to expose the truth only land her on the hit list. Desperate to discover who is really pulling the strings, she races to Italy to revisit her miserable childhood… knowing she’s drawing the attention of a cold-blooded killer.

Can she crack the case before she joins the skeletons in her family’s closet?

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Author: Messina, Lynn
Regency Romance

Miss Emma Harlow hasn’t earned the reputation as a hoyden for nothing.

So when the Duke of Trent discovers her in his conservatory stealing one of his orchids, he’s isn’t surprised—charmed, delighted and puzzled, yes, but not surprised. It is Emma who is amazed. She has naturally concluded that the man reading in the conservatory must be the country cousin (who else in London would actually read?) and is quite vexed to discover that he is the Duke of Trent himself—imagine, stealing the duke’s prize Rhyncholaelia digbyana under his very nose!

But her vexation doesn’t last long.

For Emma is a practical young lady with a mission: to end her dear sister Lavinia’s engagement to the villainous (and dreadfully dull!) Sir Waldo Windbourne, and she thinks that the famous libertine is just the man for the job. If he would only seduce her sister away from Sir Waldo…. Well, not seduce exactly, but flirt mercilessly and engage her interest. Perhaps then Lavinia would jilt the baron. The Duke of Trent is resistant, of course.


The Rise of the Rest: How Entrepreneurs in Surprising Places are Building the New American Dream (affiliate link)

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Author: Case, Steve
Economic Policy & Development
In 2014, Steve Case launched Revolution’s Rise of the Rest, an initiative to accelerate the growth of tech startups across the country. Rise of the Rest is based on a simple idea: cities can be renewed and rise again if they develop a vibrant startup culture. A visionary entrepreneur himself, Case believes that great entrepreneurs can be found anywhere, and can thrive with the proper support and investment. In fact, they’re key to the American DNA. After all, America itself was a startup. It struggled to get going and almost didn’t make it. Today it’s the leader of the free world, in part because it has the world’s largest economy—a testament to several generations of pioneering entrepreneurs. But America needs help keeping its promises, as it is harder today for innovators who live outside the major tech hubs. For most of the past decade, seventy-five percent of venture capital has gone to just three states—California, New York, and Massachusetts—while the forty-seven states making up the rest of the country have been forced to share the remaining twenty-five percent.
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Author: Lencioni, Patrick M.
Occupational & Organizational Psychology

Beyond the personal discovery and instant relief that Working Genius provides, the model also gives teams a remarkably simple and practical framework for tapping into one another’s natural gifts, which increases productivity and reduces unnecessary judgment.

In classic Lencioni fashion, Pat brings his model to life in a page-turning fable that is as relatable as it is compelling. He tells the story of Bull Brooks, an entrepreneur, husband, and father who sets out to solve his own frustration at work and stumbles into a new way of thinking that changes the way he sees his work, his team, and even his marriage.

What sets this book—and the model behind it—apart from other tools and assessments is the speed at which it can be understood and applied, and the relevance it has to every kind of work in life, from running a company to launching a product to managing a family.

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Author: Thompson, Baz, Lynch, Britney

Improve Flexibility, Boost Mobility, and Promote Better Strength in Just a Few Steps – Easy and Simple Chair Yoga Exercises for Seniors Who Want to Stay Young!

Are you tired of people always doting on you because they think you’re frail?

Do you find it harder and harder to accomplish simple daily tasks now that you’re older?

Do you want to stay active and independent as you age?

As we age, it becomes increasingly important to maintain our balance and flexibility.

Most seniors don’t want to go to a gym or be confined to doing exercises on the floor, and it can simply be hard to find the time or motivation to stay active as we get older. This can lead to a lot of problems down the road.