Roadkill (affiliate link)

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Author: Bradshaw, Cheryl
Action & Adventure

Suburban housewife Juliette Granger has been living a secret life … a life that’s about to turn deadly for everyone she loves.

Fearing for her life after witnessing a gruesome murder, Juliette Granger whisks her two-year-old daughter Nora away in the dead of night and flees, planning to start a new life in a small, forgettable town under an alias. An hour into the escape, headlights flash behind her. A vehicle pulls alongside, and a masked man demands she stop the car. She refuses him, and a deadly game of cat and mouse begins.

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Author: Rose, Amelia
Inspirational Western Mail Order Bride Romance
Pastor John is a shining light in the darkness — and a surprising twist in Mary’s story. A love story is about to unfurl… but it isn’t the one she expected, and she will have to deal with far more heartache before she can find happiness.
Daphne’s hopes of a happy marriage are short-lived, and her husband-to-be skips town with another woman.
Her runaway-groom’s brother, Parker, is Daphne’s rock, and she’s immediately drawn to him as he fights to track down his older brother.
But Daphne’s heart is full… When he succeeds, which brother will she choose?
Eloisa arrives in Daisy Creek looking for a simpler life. Responding to an ad placed by a small-town banker, she’s determined to follow her heart.
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Author: Beckett, Lilly
Saga Fiction

Welcome to Bloombay, a small island off Seattle’s coast with stunning ocean views, picturesque vineyards, and a tight-knit community.

Sisters Emily, Donna, and Olivia Abernathy miss each other dearly. Residing in different cities, they only see each other a few times a year. But when Emily, the eldest sister, is forced to move to Bloombay, Donna and Olivia immediately visit her to make sure she’s okay. They find themselves at crossroads in their own lives too, and the island charms them in unexpected ways.


A World of Curiosities (Chief Inspector Gamache Novel) (affiliate link)

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Author: Penny, Louise
Traditional Detective Mysteries

Chief Inspector Armand Gamache returns in the eighteenth book in #1 New York Times bestseller Louise Penny’s beloved series.

#1 New York Times bestselling author Louise Penny returns with the eighteenth book in her popular series featuring Armand Gamache and the denizens of the Quebec village Three Pines.

His Will (affiliate link)

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Author: Goode, Ella
Billionaire Romance

Jericho Bancroft has zero plans to accept the bequests in his cousin’s will. He doesn’t even want to attend the reading of the will because that means seeing Michael’s widow —Sera James. The only one he’s ever wanted but could never have. She belonged to someone else…. or so he thought.

When Jericho lays eyes on Sera, he wants to claim her and now that Michael’s gone there’s no reason to resist other than Jericho’s own conscience and the idea of him not being the only man to truly own her heart and soul.

Sera James fell in love with Jericho Bancroft when she first met him, but she could never confess her feelings to him because she has a secret to protect for the man that all but saved her life. While their marriage might not have been traditional, he gave her a sense of family. Something she’d never had.

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Author: Williams, Ajme
Action & Adventure Romance

It was tortuous to work for my dad’s best friend.
When I say torturous, I mean that I had to tear my eyes away from his chiseled abs and gorgeous jawline.

Until I just couldn’t…

Dane is a former SEAL turned CEO.
Oh, how I wish CEOs weren’t that irresistible.
As a self-made woman who never used her daddy’s resources, I have a ton of pride.
I would never risk my career by sleeping with my boss.
I would never destroy my reputation by falling into bed with my dad’s best friend.

Or so I thought.