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Author: London, Lacey
Romantic Comedy

Janie, an eccentric billionaire and Mykonos. What could possibly go wrong?

Almost a year has drifted by since Suave secured the Ianthe contract and things are going very well indeed. With the success of the partnership shooting Suave for the stars, the gang are closer than ever and living life to the max.

Enjoying their new-found wealth proves to be a fun and exciting time for Clara and her friends, but there’s one thing that’s keeping a smile from Oliver’s face…

After declaring their love for one another twelve months ago, Janie and Stelios have been loving life in Stelios’s luxury mansion in Mykonos, but not everyone is happy for them. Oliver has made no secret of his detest for Stelios Christopoulos, and that hatred seems to be growing stronger by the day.

However, when the gang are invited to attend Stelios’s exclusive Ice Party in Mykonos, Oliver has no choice but to put his own feelings aside and represent Suave.

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Author: Garner, Deborah
Cozy Animal Mystery

A vacation on the Southern California coast promises rest and relaxation for flamboyant senior sleuth Sadie Kramer and her mischievous Yorkie, Coco. But when the body of a heartthrob celebrity washes up on the beach outside her luxury hotel suite, Sadie’s fun-in-the-sun soon turns into sleuthing-with-the-stars.

The resort’s wine and appetizer gatherings, suspicious guest behavior, and casual strolls along the beach boardwalk may provide clues, but will they be enough to discover who the killer is? Or will mystery and mayhem leave a Hollywood scandal unsolved?

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Author: Hill, Grace Livingston
American Historical Romance
Marcia’s devoted friend and neighbour has her hands full with a loveless marriage, a scheming sister-in-law, and ill-mannered children. Will Phoebe ever find true love? Or will she be forever stuck in this hopeless situation?


The Ice Kiss: Standalone Fake Relationship Hockey Romance (affiliate link)

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Author: Steele, L.
Sports Romance

He’s the new hockey team captain
My unexpected roommate
And suddenly, my pretend fiancé

Rick Mitchell is the city’s newest favorite son. A hockey sensation, captain of the team, and an intense former marine.
He’s the grumpy athlete where I’m the optimistic PR girl.
Cautious where I take life head-on.
He’s faced battles overseas.
I’m battling memories of a deceitful ex.
The only thing we share? A love for the game and a mutual distaste for my traitorous ex-boyfriend, who’s now captaining our rival team.
So when a housing mix-up puts us together under the same roof, tensions rise.
And as my ex re-enters the scene, Rick concocts a scheme: I’ll pose as his fiancée during a trip back home, to make my ex seethe with jealousy.

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Author: Galbraith, Robert
International Mystery & Crime

Private Detective Cormoran Strike is contacted by a worried father whose son, Will, has gone to join a religious cult in the depths of the Norfolk countryside.

The Universal Humanitarian Church is, on the surface, a peaceable organization that campaigns for a better world. Yet Strike discovers that beneath the surface there are deeply sinister undertones, and unexplained deaths.

In order to try to rescue Will, Strike’s business partner, Robin Ellacott, decides to infiltrate the cult, and she travels to Norfolk to live incognito among its members. But in doing so, she is unprepared for the dangers that await her there or for the toll it will take on her. . .

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Author: Singleton, Kat
Small Town Enemies To Lovers Billionaire Romance

Camden Hunter doesn’t belong here.

I’ve spent my entire life in the small town of Sutten Mountain where everyone knows everyone and you can spot trouble from a mile away.

Camden is trouble.

He’s an arrogant, self-absorbed billionaire from the city with too much money and not enough manners.

And he just opened a fancy art gallery next door to my bakery.

So when he comes to me desperately needing a favor, I can’t help but to propose a deal: I’ll cater his grand opening and in return he has to spend a day with me as a local–to experience the beauty and talent this town has to offer.