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Author: Jordon, Autumn
Romantic Suspense
Based on true events, awarding-winning author Autumn Jordon has penned a thrilling romantic suspense set in the backwoods and small towns of the Appalachian Mountains. HIS WITNESS TO EVIL is a Romance Writers of America National Golden Heart Finalist and a Golden Leaf Winner. Stephanie Boyd’s ordinary world changes forever when she and her children witness a blood bath. To escape the wrath of the Russian Mafia, she has no choice but to help the FBI uncover the mafia’s mole inside the U.S. Treasury. While on the run with the handsome agent who is willing to die for them, Stephanie learns the meaning of self-sacrifice and love. Agent John Dolton’s only break in solving the case that cost him everything is a couple of kids and a beautiful widow. But keeping them safe seems impossible when their every move is foreseen by their enemy. Within weeks, Stephanie and her children soften the loner’s heart and John allows himself to let go of his all-consuming sorrow. This time John vows not to fail to protect the family he comes to love.
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Author: Raye, Cyndi
Western & Frontier Romance

Elizabeth Sheldon gave her heart to Noah Holloway until outlaws murdered the people they both loved. Until he rode off with a band of outlaws, and out of her life for good. Starting over in Mill Ridge, she tries to abandon all thoughts of him, until he shows up claiming to love her still. Can she trust this outlaw’s honor?

Noah Holloway never wanted to leave the woman he loved behind. When he discovers her living in Mill Ridge, he is determined to win her back, no matter the cost.

Can the sins of the past be forgiven? Or will Elizabeth cast Noah aside?

Mill Ridge, once a lawless town, was brought to its knees by Sheriff Nightingale and the good folks of Wichita Falls in Sophie: Mail Order Brides of Wichita Falls. They invested in the town to make it better for all. With new faces and more people heading west, Mill Ridge is growing by leaps and bounds.

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Author: Goss, Inge-Lise
Paranormal Romance
Have You Ever Made A Mistake That Keeps Coming Back To Haunt You?
On the run from her ex-boyfriend’s powerful criminal family, Sara Jones hides in Billings, Montana. When she receives a mysterious package containing a hidden spider, people around her start dying from poisonous spider bites and she fears that the family has found her. Is it possible to escape their reach?
To make matters worse Sara’s twenty-fifth birthday approaches, and her dark heritage begins to emerge. She is forced to make a life-or-death decision. And somehow, she must find a way to deal with the crime family.


Three Weeks to Thin: The 21 Day Rapid Weight Loss Breakthrough (affiliate link)

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Author: West, Diana

Have you ever wondered WHY weight loss was SO MUCH EASIER when you were younger?
Wondered why your body just doesn’t respond to working out and eating right like it used to?

And are you ready to heal your body and get back to your true weight once and for all?

Then this book is for you.

Professional transformation specialist and best selling author Diana West debunks the MYTHS and reveals the TRUTHS about losing weight fast and TRANSFORMING your body once and for all.

The big secret of the diet industry is most diets work against your natural biology… working in the short term but leaving you worse off than you started a few months down the road.

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Author: Hartley, Maggie

‘Mummy! Where did you go? Please come back, Mummy.’

Perfect for fans of Cathy Glass, a new powerful true story from bestseller Maggie Hartley, foster carer for over 20 years.

When police are called to a local supermarket late one evening, they find an angry shopkeeper and a silent young woman. It’s the third time 24-year-old Zoe has been caught stealing in the past few days. Eyes filled with panic, Zoe has been hiding bread, milk, Calpol and nappies under her coat. As police officers break down the door of Zoe’s flat they find seven-year-old Coco and two-year-old Lola, home alone, huddled on the floor in a freezing cold bedroom, crying out for their mummy.

When Social Services are called in, the girls are taken into care and are soon tucked up safely in bed at Maggie’s house. It looks like a simple case of neglect, but things aren’t always what they seem and, with Maggie’s help, can Zoe convince Social Services that love is enough to be a good mum?

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Author: Evans, Richard Paul
Motivational Self-Help

The #1 New York Times bestselling author and “king of Christmas fiction” (The New York Times) delivers a charming and inspirational collection of personal essays.

Before he was the #1 New York Times bestselling author of holiday classics such as The Christmas Box, Richard Paul Evans was a young boy being raised by a suicidal mother and dealing with relentless bullying. He could not fathom what the future held for him.

Now, in this intimate and heartfelt collection of personal essays, Evans shares his moving journey from childhood to beloved author. With his signature “seasoned finesse” (Booklist), he offers the insightful lessons he’s learned and engaging advice about everything from marriage to parenthood and even facing near-death experiences. This is a charming essay collection that is the perfect gift all year round.