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The Fall of Billy Hitchings (A John Reeves Novel Book 1)

The Fall of Billy Hitchings (A John Reeves Novel Book 1)

Product Description

2012 Best Indie Book of the Year Top 5 Finalist in Mystery and Thriller on The Kindle Book Review

Book Description:
The John Reeves Creed: "Kill them with kindness. Unless you have a gun."

John Reeves drives to Myrtle Beach hoping to repair a damaged relationship with his fiancée. Instead, he finds her unconscious in the hospital, the victim of an unexplained explosion at a local restaurant.

Reeves meets Billy Hitchings, a teenager who knows more about the explosion than he should. Their questions lead to an ancient legacy best left alone.

Pulled into yet another crossfire, John Reeves fights to protect his friends and keep a primeval power from falling into the wrong hands.

What Readers are Saying:
"...the characters are superbly written, their intertwining relationships riveting and the actual source of Billy's "fall" is nothing short of creative genius."
- Ashley Fontainne
Amazon Bestselling Author, Eviscerating the Snake Series

"...his moments of descriptive brilliance will leave you wanting more."
- S.M. Boyce
Amazon Bestselling Author, The Grimoire: Lichgates

"I found myself, literally, on the edge of my seat hoping that one of my favorite characters did not just bite the big one."
-J. Scott Sharp
Author, Not Even There(A Short Story)

"If you want tried and true, staid and predictable, read something else."
- G.A. Albrethsen
Author, The Foolish and the Weak (Age of Restoration)

It's Not All About "Me": The Top Ten Techniques for Building Quick Rapport with Anyone

It's Not All About "Me": The Top Ten Techniques for Building Quick Rapport with Anyone

Product Description

Despite the age-old saying, individuals everywhere still have a hard time realizing that it’s not all about them. Robin Dreeke uses his research and years of work in the field of interpersonal relations and behavior to help readers focus on building relationships with others in “It’s Not All About Me: The Top Ten Techniques for Building Quick Rapport with Anyone”.

Dreeke has used the techniques listed in “It’s Not All About Me” with skilled professionals within the law enforcement community as well as with sales professionals, educators and individuals across the country and world. He knows the information provided will apply to business professionals of all sectors, those just entering the workforce and those leading companies.

“It’s Not All About Me” offers readers a look into the human mind, explaining how it really works. From reading body language to massaging egos in order to learn more information, Dreeke provides techniques he’s tested and mastered when it comes to building rapport with others.

In some aspects, Dreeke’s “It’s Not All About Me” is about the individual and his wants, goals, desires and dreams. The 10 techniques covered in this guide will help readers achieve their goals by treating others well and placing communal wants and needs above individual ones. Dreeke believes the short and simple nature of his guide to building rapport makes the points easy to understand and adapt to one’s life.

** Warning, the content of this book is so effective that the reader should think carefully about how it is used. Dreeke does not endorse or condone the malicious use of these skills. **

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47 Hearts

47 Hearts

Product Description

47 Hearts Is About Dreams

It Is a Story of Passion, a Tale of Purpose, a Saga of Persistence.

It is about how you too can turn a life of meaningless meandering into one of purposeful passion - and see all your dreams come true!

"47 Hearts" is a short, sweet and superbly compiled collection of 47 deeply inspiring and incredibly powerful principles that will change the way you think, work and live.

The 47 simple principles in this book will positively impact your ability to reach your goals, no matter how ambitious or "impossible" they seem today.

This is a book you will thank later when you magically find your progress towards success picking up speed and effortlessly overcoming any hurdles along the way.

Here's what some readers say about "47 Hearts":

"Dr. Mani's new book is a GEM. Actually, let me correct it - every page in the book is a GEM" - Rajesh Setty, Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker

"A system for making a real difference in the world. Everyone needs to read and practice the "47 Hearts Way." - Roger Carr, Everyday Giving

"...the key to opening the door to all of our dreams: 47 steps to live by, to achieve anything we want." - Martin Avis, Kickstart Daily

"Shows you very specific actions you can take to bond with others... 47 axioms that can help you with your personal hopes and dreams." - Dr. Ron Capps, the NicheProf

If you want to find meaningful success in everything you do, and are in search of a simple set of guidelines that will steer you in the right direction, then you should get this book.

What's more, when you buy a copy, you will be helping save a child's life!

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