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Author: Wake, Richard
World War II Espionage Thrillers
It is the late 1930s in Europe and the darkness is gathering. The Nazis are marching, both inside Austria and outside. What can one man do to make a difference? Alex Kovacs can see what’s coming – he can, all of his friends can, all of Vienna can. When an opportunity presents itself, a chance to thwart the Nazi invasion of Austria, he agrees to join an espionage network that will take advantage of his regular business trips to Germany to gather secret information. But a personal tragedy soon complicates Alex’s mission and entangles him with a suspicious Gestapo captain in ways that he never anticipated. Vienna at Nightfall is the first book in the Alex Kovacs historical espionage thriller series.
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Author: Turner, L.C.
Cozy Mystery

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend but Presley Thurman prefers murder.

Presley Thurman can’t wait to soak up some California sun when she heads to San Diego to visit her boyfriend, Cooper.
Unfortunately, she gets the shock of her life when she witnesses a robbery and murder at Gemstone’s Unlimited.

Presley feels compelled to investigate even though Cooper thinks she should keep her nose out of it.

But how can she leave this case to the police when she finds out what the owner of the jewelry store is up to?

The Presley Thurman cozy mystery series is perfect for fans who love clean mysteries with quirky characters, a canine sidekick, and lots of clues along the way!

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Author: Phillips, Douglas
Science Fiction Adventure

Space turned out to be deeper than anyone imagined.
High above the windswept plains of Kazakhstan, three astronauts on board a Russian Soyuz capsule begin their reentry. A strange shimmer in the atmosphere, a blinding flash of light, and the capsule vanishes in a blink as though it never existed.

On the ground, evidence points to a catastrophic failure, but a communications facility halfway around the world picks up a transmission that could be one of the astronauts. Tragedy averted, or merely delayed? A classified government project on the cutting edge of particle physics holds the clues, and with lives on the line, there is little time to waste.

Daniel Rice is a government science investigator. Marie Kendrick is a NASA operations analyst. Together, they must track down the cause of the most bizarre event in the history of human spaceflight. They draw on scientific strengths as they plunge into the strange world of quantum physics, with impacts not only to the missing astronauts, but to the entire human race.

If you liked the authenticity of The Martian, the page-turning pace of Da Vinci Code, and the inspirational

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Author: Kief, Toni
Women Sleuths
Mildred Petrie had worked as a meter maid and built a comfortable retirement, then her husband’s sudden death changed everything. Learning of his secrets at the funeral, left her broke and alone. Desperate, she takes the only job available to an older woman at the Ivory Winds Casino – undercover security.
Drug deals, armed robbery, and Mildred is catapulted into a new life.
Excitement, danger, and disguises. Only Mildred can find the truth!
A breathless, page-turner, in sensible shoes.
Mildred is waiting for you, start reading today.
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Author: Cross, Amy
British Psychological Thrillers

She’s a single woman whose car just broke down on a desolate stretch of road.

He’s a psychopath who kidnaps lone women and tortures them on his farm.

They’re both about to meet their worst nightmare.

After getting snatched from the side of the road, Charlotte Walker finds herself in a fight for her life. She soon discovers that her captor is a serial killer who has gone undetected for years. While escape seems impossible at first, Charlotte eventually realizes that she might have one chance. But even if she managed to get away, what else is waiting for her out in the forest?

Charlotte soon finds herself in the company of another, very different man. John Harrison lives alone, and the last thing he wants is to be disturbed by outsiders. When Charlotte arrives, with her captor in hot pursuit, she quickly learns that not everyone wants to be a hero. Some people just want the world to pass them by, and John Harrison in particular is willing to do anything to make sure that he’s left alone. Even if that means taking a few prisoners himself.

Out There is a horror story about a woman fighting to survive, a killer who desperately wants to make sure that his crimes go undiscovered, and a man who wants nothing to do with either of them.

The Nice Guy (affiliate link)

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Author: Denzil, Sarah A., Harker, SL
Psychological Thrillers

Laura thought she’d found the one nice guy in New York City.

When Ethan saves her from a crushing crowd on Brooklyn Bridge, their connection is dazzling. Worthy of a heat-filled passionate night.

Laura falls pregnant from their one-night stand—a miracle considering her past fertility issues. Ethan is attentive and wonderful at first. She hopes he will be the kind of father she’d always wanted for herself.

Until his attentiveness turns to obsession. His questions become demands. Why didn’t she answer her phone or respond to his messages? Why won’t she move in with him and his rich mother?

Soon Laura realises the father of her child is a controlling sociopath. And there’s no telling the lengths Ethan will go to in order to keep baby Christopher for himself.

Laura will stop at nothing to save her baby boy.

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Author: Holland, James
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Military Aviation History

A history of World War II’s Operation Argument in which US and British air forces led a series of raids against Nazi Germany in 1944.

During the third week of February 1944, the combined Allied air forces based in Britain and Italy launched their first round-the-clock bomber offensive against Germany. Their goal: to smash the main factories and production centers of the Luftwaffe while also drawing German planes into an aerial battle of attrition to neutralize the Luftwaffe as a fighting force prior to the cross-channel invasion, planned for a few months later. Officially called Operation Argument, this aerial offensive quickly became known as “Big Week,” and it was one of the turning-point engagements of World War II.

In Big Week, acclaimed World War II historian James Holland chronicles the massive air battle through the experiences of those who lived and died during it. Prior to Big Week, the air forces on both sides were in crisis. Allied raids into Germany were being decimated, but German resources—fuel and pilots—were strained to the breaking point. Ultimately new Allied aircraft—especially the American long-range P-51 Mustang—and superior tactics won out during Big Week. Through interviews, oral histories, diaries, and official records, Holland follows the fortunes of pilots, crew, and civilians on both sides, taking readers from command headquarters to fighter cockpits to anti-aircraft positions and civilian chaos on the ground, vividly recreating the campaign as it was conceived and unfolded. In the end, the six days of intense air battles largely cleared the skies of enemy aircraft when the invasion took place on June 6, 1944—D-Day.

Let Me Call You Sweetheart (affiliate link)

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Author: Clark, Mary Higgins
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Traditional Detective Mysteries

It’s a minor accident that brings prosecutor Kerry McGrath to the plastic surgeon’s office with her beloved daughter, Robin. But even as the doctor assures Kerry that her daughter’s scars will heal, she spies a familiar-looking beautiful woman in the waiting room and is seized by an overpowering sense of déjà vu. When, on a return visit, she sees the same haunting face—on another woman—she has an intense flash of recognition: it’s the face of Suzanne Reardon, the “Sweetheart Murder” victim, killed more than ten years ago! But for what possible reason would Dr. Smith be giving his patients the face of a dead woman?

As Kerry immerses herself in a fresh investigation, each new piece of evidence she unearths reveals a disturbing cache of questions. Not only does everyone involved want to keep the case closed, but it’s also clear somebody will stop at nothing to keep it sealed forever.

The Rum Diary: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Thompson, Hunter S.
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Contemporary Literary Fiction

Made into a major motion picture starring Johnny Depp, The Rum Diary—a national bestseller and New York Times Notable Book—is Hunter S. Thompson’s brilliant love story of jealousy, treachery, and violent lust in the Caribbean.

Begun in 1959 by a twenty-two-year-old Hunter S. Thompson, The Rum Diary is a brilliantly tangled love story of jealousy, treachery, and violent alcoholic lust in the Caribbean boomtown that was San Juan, Puerto Rico, in the late 1950s. The narrator, freelance journalist Paul Kemp, irresistibly drawn to a sexy, mysterious woman, is soon thrust into a world where corruption and get-rich-quick schemes rule, and anything (including murder) is permissible. Exuberant and mad, youthful and energetic, this dazzling comedic romp provides a fictional excursion as riveting and outrageous as Thompson’s Fear and Loathing books.

Stuck with You (affiliate link)

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Author: Moody, Alexandra
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Romantic Comedy

Stuck in lockdown with the one guy she can’t stand, what could possibly go wrong?

Seventeen-year-old Clary’s senior year has gone up in flames. Thanks to a pandemic sweeping the world, school is canceled and everyone’s going into lockdown. To top it off, her parents are stranded overseas with no way to get home.

Just when Clary thinks things can’t get any worse for her, she finds out she’s being sent into lockdown with the most irritating guy on the planet—Harford High’s notorious heartbreaker, Aiden Moore.

Sure, Aiden is gorgeous, but he’s also completely arrogant and constantly trying to get under Clary’s skin. For most girls, quarantining with Aiden would be a dream come true. For Clary, it’s a total nightmare.

But they’re about to become lockdown buddies whether Clary likes it or not, and resisting Aiden’s devilish charms might be harder than she thought.

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Author: Clarke, Arthur C.
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Colonization Science Fiction

This grand space adventure explores the fate of humanity a billion years in the future— A visionary classic by one of science fiction’s greatest minds.

Far in the future, Earth’s oceans have evaporated and humanity has all but vanished. The inhabitants of Diaspar believe their domed city is all that remains of an empire that had once conquered the stars. Inside the dome, the citizens live in technological splendor, free from the distractions of aging and disease. Everything is controlled precisely, just as the city’s designers had intended.

But a boy named Alvin, unlike his fellow humans, shows an insatiable—and dangerous—curiosity about the world outside the dome. His questions will send him on a quest to discover the truth about the city and humanity’s history—as well as its future.

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Author: Reynolds, Aurora Rose
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Contemporary Romance

Cybil is the queen of bad timing. First, her fiancé breaks up with her days before their wedding. Next, she’s stuck going on a couples retreat in the Montana wilderness alone. And worst of all, now she’s fighting a growing attraction to the wilderness retreat’s rugged owner, Tanner.

Tanner has built his wilderness adventure service on a few key principles: never take unnecessary risks, never put anyone’s life in danger—and never, ever sleep with a client. The arrival of a beautiful new visitor, however, might mean bending the rules.

Two people looking for anything but romance may have just bumped into their soul mates. In the Montana wilds, any misstep can spell danger. Cybil and Tanner just have to decide if they’re brave enough to face their next adventure.

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