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Missing Christina (affiliate link)

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Author: Whitford, Meredith
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

As death approaches, family secrets will be revealed…

‘Not long now,’ the Doctor says grimly. Jaques’s mother is clinging to life. He and his brother Toby wait for the inevitable.

As they deal with all the business of death, Jaques reflects on his relationship with the mother he loved. She was fun, amusing, witty – she knew how to be happy. She was a good companion, and she was his friend.

But as the family come to terms with their grief, they discover secrets from the past that threaten to change everything. Can the family manage to salvage Christina’s memory and the family ties that hold them together? And is everyone in the family being honest?

Sabrina Daley Boxed Set (affiliate link)

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Author: Potts, Meredith
Cozy Mystery

Sabrina Daley’s world is turned upside down when a local psychic predicts that her missing sister will be found.

Unfortunately, the psychic, Miss Terri, is unable to provide any further details.

Desperate for something more to work with, Sabrina shows up at Miss Terri’s house the next day, ready to beg for another psychic reading. Instead, Sabrina finds Miss Terri’s lifeless body.

So when the local police have trouble solving Terri’s murder, Sabrina sets out to bring the psychic’s killer to justice before they strike again.

Treasure Cove Boxed Set (affiliate link)

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Author: Potts, Meredith
Cozy Mystery

Halloween is still a week away, but disturbing things are already starting to occur in Sabrina Daley’s picturesque hometown of Treasure Cove.

First, a local restaurant burns down under strange circumstances.

Next, one of Sabrina’s regulars at Daley Buzz Coffee Company is found murdered.

Can Sabrina solve both cases in time to treat herself to some candy, or will her Halloween night end with a deadly trick?

Chow Down (Hotshot Book 4) (affiliate link)

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Author: Faricy, Mike
Humorous Dark Comedy

Life gets complicated!

*Former cop, Dickie Mullins, owns the Emporium of Dance. A sleazy pick-up bar with lousy food and about to go broke.
*Rae Nell, Dickie’s ex-wife, is having an affair with NFL washout, Terry Taggert.
*Terry is starting a steak business. Delicious, unique steaks.
*Rae Nell thinks it would be a good idea if Dickie improved his menu.
*Meanwhile, Terry’s principal investor, ‘Dr.’ Craig Cullen wants out, NOW!
*Terry has just the plan for the ‘Dr.’ Cullen.

Things quickly go downhill from there…

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Author: Garrett, Reily
Ghost Murder Mystery

A reluctant psychic with a haunted past. A straight-laced FBI agent sworn to protect. A mystery they must solve together.

Hailey Arquette uses ancestry rooted in the occult to hide her gifts in the small southern town of Hamchet, Texas. Experiencing a victim’s last moments when touching an object isn’t something she can turn off, but helps her to navigate the shadowy world where betrayal walks hand in hand with a smile.

A threat against family forces Agent Trenton Briner back to Texas and into a mystery steeped in whispers of Vodou and magic. At each turn, he finds the raven-haired woman who has haunted his dreams.

As Hailey and Trenton join forces to solve the murder of a teenage girl, their chemistry simmers in the background but can’t be ignored.

When an unknown entity saves Hailey’s life, she discovers she’s not the only one holding secrets and is willing to risk everything to learn the truth.

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Author: Jahquel J.
Urban Fiction

His father was taken from him too soon.
Struggle had become his life, always operating in survival mode in fear of ending up like his father.
Staten Island had been home until it wasn’t.
Moving back was the only solution.
Falling in love wasn’t part of the plan.

Being more than a Daddy’s girl has always been the goal.
Findingherself outside of being the baby proved itself to be the hardest thing.
He seemed familiar. Something safe, someone she knew she could let her guard down around.
A man that wasn’t just around because of what her last name could offer.
The car she drove wasn’t the only thing that moved fast. She wasn’t looking for something new.
He was looking for something real.
It was like their paths crossing was written in the stars.

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Author: Sleeman, Susan
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Clean & Wholesome Romance

When his country needs him…
For Green Beret Travis Chapman, special operations and covert missions are his life. When his country calls, he reports without question. Until now. Until he’s tasked with protecting a woman he’d once loved and sent him packing. He’d rather go AWOL than spend time with civilian researcher Claire Reed. Even when he learns that her vital research project is stolen, he thinks twice about seeing her again.

Will he heed the call if it means seeing the woman who’d once broken his heart?
But everything changes when he hears that the prototype and specs for the Army’s latest virtual training program are worthless without knowledge only Claire possesses, making her a target for abduction by the clever thief. Despite their past, Travis won’t let anything happen to Claire and puts aside his feelings to go undercover to keep her safe. Can he convince Claire to rely on him to keep the training program out of the hands of subversive military groups and keep Claire alive?

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Author: Franco, Lucia
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Alpha Male Romance

I knew the rules.

Never reveal my true identity.
Play the game, give the illusion.
Don’t get close to the clients.

The dark and glamorous lifestyle of the rich and shameless open my eyes to a lavish world of sin and wealth, and a man I can’t have.

A man I desperately want—James Riviera.

We’re treading a fine line as we live the ultimate double life until we make a startling discovery that tests both our loyalties.
I only had to follow the rules, but rules are meant to be broken.

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Author: Jones, Stacy M.
Regularly $4.99, Today $2.49
Serial Killer Thrillers

A serial killer has the city of Boston in his grip. He’s killing with antique Revolutionary War weapons and leaving bodies at markers on the city’s historical Freedom Trail. No one is safe – especially those with ancestry ties back to the Patriots.

FBI Special Agents Kate Walsh and Declan James rush to the aid of local authorities to help catch a killer in their hometown. As a descendant of one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, Agent Walsh is in the killer’s crosshairs. Part madman and part mastermind – no one knows who is next.

With potential ties to an underground subversive group known as The Founders, can the FBI stop a killer whose wake of destruction has only just begun or will the city become paralyzed by this killer’s centuries-old political agenda?

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Author: Chant, Zoe
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Fantasy Romance

This is one fire even he can’t fight…

Rogue dragon on the rampage? Just another day at work for Dai Drake.

A city hiding a secret society of supernatural creatures needs some very special firefighters. As part of Alpha Fire Team, Welsh dragon shifter Dai works alongside other powerful mythic shapeshifters to keep people safe. There’s no heat he can’t handle…until he meets her.

Curvy archaeologist Virginia dug up the find of a lifetime…and stumbled into a world she never knew existed. Attacked by an evil dragon after her gold, she’s rescued by a mysterious, intense firefighter. Dai’s burning green eyes set her soul aflame, but she can tell he’s hiding secrets of his own. Can she trust him with her treasure…and her heart?

One touch, and all Dai’s control goes up in smoke. Virginia is his true mate, and he’ll do anything to protect her.

But when you fight fire with fire, you risk getting burned…

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Author: Lashley, Margaret
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Humorous Mystery

One Woman. One Hammer. One Guy who’s Fixin’ to Get Nailed …
After 50 years of bumbling around on the planet, Val Fremden’s got nothing to show for her life but a long string of dead-end jobs and a two-digit bank balance.

But just as she’s about to toss her champagne dreams and caviar wishes into the dumpster, Val discovers that Marco Shamway—the jerk who plagued her all through high school—is now a millionaire. Worse yet, the idea that catapulted Marco to fame and fortune was one he’d stolen … from her!

In an instant, Val’s flimsy bubble of midlife complacency bursts like a rotten tomato, splattering sour-grape juice all over her mediocre existence. Out for revenge, Val’s determined to make her mark on the world even if it kills her—or better yet, him.

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