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An Amiable Foe (affiliate link)

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Author: Goutet, Jennie
Regency Historical Romance

She wants to be left alone with her family’s castle. He wants to show off the home he has just inherited. Neither of them can win.

Marianne Edgewood is perfectly capable of running Brindale Castle, if only the task would be left to her. A centuries-old house of stone is solid, unchanging, whereas people are not to be relied upon. It matters little that a stranger inherited the castle. She must simply find a way to stay.

At last, fate has been kind to Peregrine Osborne, and he has won the approval of his baron uncle, his London friends, and the deed to a castle in Kent. He certainly deserves his success after suffering a series of setbacks through no fault of his own. If only the property’s comely resident, Miss Edgewood, didn’t stand in the way of his urgent attempts to bring the castle to its proper glory.

When Perry embarks on a whirlwind renovation of Brindale, Marianne proves to be confoundingly resistant to his efforts. As Perry finds it increasingly difficult to make her see things his way, he begins to question whether having his way at all costs is worth forcing Marianne from everything she has ever known.

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Author: London, Lacey
Romantic Comedy

When Clara, Lianna and Gina all find themselves engaged at the same time, it soon becomes clear that things are going to get a little crazy.

With Clara’s best friends planning their own impending nuptials, it’s not long before Oliver enlists the help of Janie, his feisty Texan mother, to help Clara plan the wedding of her dreams.

However, it’s not long before Clara discovers that Janie’s vision of the perfect wedding day is more than a little different to her own.

Will Clara be able to cope with her shameless mother-in-law?

What will happen when a groom gets cold feet?

And how will Clara handle a blast from the past who makes a reappearance in the most unexpected way possible?

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Author: Schultz, Tamsen
Romantic Suspense

Eighteen years ago, Bela Houseman became a loose end. The powerful man who murdered her mother knows who she is and exactly what she saw that night. Giving up everything she’s ever known, including her own name, is the only way to protect herself. Now, as the lead cyber security expert at HICC, an elite private security firm, Sabina O’Malley has mostly made peace with her past. Until a postcard arrives on her doorstep that shatters her carefully crafted safety.

There are two things special operative, Chad Warwick knows for certain. The first is that he’s wanted Sabina since his first day at HICC. The second is that she’s hiding something—something big. Her ability to evade questions is practically an art form, though, and the bits and pieces she gives him aren’t enough. They aren’t enough for him to help her. Nor are they enough for him to take a chance and love her the way he wants to.

But when an ambush occurs on a secluded mountain road and Sabina is the target, she knows the killer is finally cleaning house. Now, revealing all her secrets and exposing the truth is the only way she’ll ever be safe. From California to São Paulo to Washington, DC, Chad and Sabina uncover a trail of murder, corruption, and fraud. A trail that could tear them apart just when they’ve finally come together.

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Author: Young-Nichols, Heather
Contemporary Romance

Virginity for sale?

Flannery Tate has been living her best life half a country away from everything she’s ever known. Now she’s about to get kicked out of college because someone decided to embezzle her scholarship funds.

In a moment of desperation, a decision is made.

The only thing she has to sell to pay her tuition is her virginity.

There’s only one problem.

What was supposed to be a secret has now spread all over campus. Everyone knows… including Cain, the man she’s falling for.

The judgment is harsh, the environment tense, but Flannery Tate isn’t going down without a fight.

She’ll use her snark and determination to find a way out of the mess… somehow.

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Author: De Ré, Marion
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Enemies-to-Lovers Romantic Comedy

My revenge is so close I can almost taste it.

All I have to do is go undercover, make Charlotte Weston fall in love with me, and discover her dad’s secrets to finally put him behind bars.
Sounds easy, right? I’m a charming guy and an excellent agent.
Except it doesn’t exactly go as planned. Charlotte isn’t the shallow heiress I was expecting and she’s definitely not ready to get swept-off her feet. She’s smart, she’s feisty, and she hates me at first sight.

As I put my plan in motion—which involves getting shirtless more than necessary, a secluded cabin in the woods, karaoke nights, and a fake broken car—I start to get lost in the lie I created and question the entire operation.

What if I found love when I was seeking revenge?

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Author: Langton, Lucy
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Historical Regency Romance
The fiery Eliza Baxter lives a peaceful life, until her aunt decides to take her to London for the Season in order to introduce her to the ton. Upon her arrival, the passionate Eliza finds herself in distress as she must endure her devious and jealous cousins, who will do anything to make her time in London unbearable. Yet, at the upcoming ball, Eliza’s fateful encounter with the attractive Duke of Ellis will be her chance to gain a new ally, as they both have to get through the Season avoiding the pretentious nobles. However, Eliza’s growing feelings for the Duke will soon set her heart on a fire she is unable to tame… Will she surrender to her burning desire for the enchanting Duke or will her lack of a title ruin what her heart is deeply longing for?

Love, Again (affiliate link)

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Author: Berry, April
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Romantic Comedy

Can there be love after loss…with a movie star?

Kate always had a sweet southern heart and lived the ultimate cliché of a happily ever after when she married her high school sweetheart and started a family in the small town where she grew up. But after tragedy left her widowed, she became a shell of a person, only holding it together for her son.

When action film star, Boyd Love, returns to their shared hometown after more than ten years away, Kate is surprised to see him and can’t believe he asked her to catch up while he’s in town. After he learns she’s single, he drops a long-kept secret on her, opening a door she thought was forever closed.

But can a small-town widow and an A-List celebrity make it work? Or will their opposite lifestyles, and the miles between them, be too big of a barrier?

One Night Gone: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Laskowski, Tara
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Domestic Thrillers

It was the perfect place to disappear . . .

One sultry summer, Maureen Haddaway arrives in the wealthy town of Opal Beach to start her life anew—to achieve her destiny. There, she finds herself lured by the promise of friendship, love, starry skies, and wild parties. But Maureen’s new life just might be too good to be true, and before the summer is up, she vanishes.

Decades later, when Allison Simpson is offered the opportunity to house-sit in Opal Beach during the off-season, it seems like the perfect chance to begin fresh after a messy divorce. But when she becomes drawn into the mysterious disappearance of a girl thirty years before, Allison realizes the gorgeous homes of Opal Beach hide dark secrets. And the truth of that long-ago summer is not even the most shocking part of all . . .

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Author: Faber, Michel
Regularly $17.99, Today $2.99
British & Irish Humor & Satire

A teenage prostitute ascends through the many layers of Victorian London society.

London, 1870s. At the heart of this panoramic narrative is a young woman’s struggle to lift her body and soul out of the gutter. Sugar, a nineteen-year-old whore in the brothel of the terrifying Mrs. Castaway, yearns for a better life. Her ascent through the strata of Victorian society begins with the egotistical perfume magnate William Rackham. Infatuated with Sugar, William’s patronage brings her into the circles of his family and milieu: his wife who barely overcomes chronic hysteria to make her appearances during “the Season”; his mysteriously hidden-away daughter, left to the care of minions; his pious brother, foiled in his devotional calling by his lust for the Widow Fox; as well as preening socialites, drunken journalists, untrustworthy servants, vile guttersnipes, and whores of all stripes and persuasions.

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Author: Neggers, Carla
Regularly $9.99, Today $1.99
Small Town Romance

A neglected old house contains family secrets, hidden treasure, and the promise of new love.

A wave of hope carries Olivia Frost back to her small New England hometown nestled in the beautiful Swift River Valley. She’s transforming a historic home into an idyllic getaway—picturesque and perfect, if only the absentee owner will fix up the eyesore next door . . .

Dylan McCaffrey’s ramshackle house is an inheritance he never counted on. It also holds the key to a generations-old lost treasure he can’t resist any more than he can resist his new neighbor. Against this breathtaking landscape, Dylan and Olivia pursue long-buried secrets and discover a mystery wrapped in a love story . . . past and present.

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Author: Lowell, Elizabeth
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Contemporary Literature & Fiction
The troubling message from Serena Charters’s late grandmother appears in a package containing four pages of a centuries-old illuminated manuscript — a strange inheritance that hides many secrets…and has already cost many lives. Seeking answers, Serena turns to Erik North of Rarities Unlimited, a reclusive manuscript appraiser with a passion for the past. Without warning, they are thrust together into the center of a lethal firestorm that rages between two worlds — one long dead, yet living on in an ancient text, the other chillingly alive and fraught with peril. In the blink of an eye, Serena and Erik have become targets of an unseen and determined stalker as they get closer to shocking revelations about Serena’s legacy, the cold murder of an eccentric old woman in the heat of the Mojave Desert…and just how far a remorseless killer is willing to go. And now their only slim hope of survival is to keep moving.
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Author: Cox, Greg
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Science Fiction Adventure

An epic new trilogy begins—a tie-in for the milestone fiftieth anniversary of Star Trek: The Original Series—that stretches from the earliest voyages of the Starship Enterprise to Captain Kirk’s historic five-year-mission…and from one universe to another!

Hidden aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise is a secret that has been passed from captain to captain, from Robert April to Christopher Pike to James T. Kirk. Now the return of the enigmatic woman once known as Number One has brought that secret to light, and Kirk and his crew must risk everything to finish a mission that began with April so many years ago…

Nearly two decades earlier, April and his crew first visited the planet Usilde, where they found both tragedy and a thorny moral dilemma. Today, the legacy of that fateful occasion will compel Kirk to embark on a risky voyage back to that forbidden world—which is now deep in territory claimed by the Klingon Empire!

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Author: Park, Kyehyun
Regularly $24.99, Today $4.99
Drawing & Painting

In Drawing and Painting Beautiful Flowers, discover how to draw flowers such as cosmos, hibiscus, canola, lily of the valley, hydrangea, foxglove, and more from various angles, and learn about perspective and shading. Once you have the skills to draw a single flower, learn how to draw groupings and wreaths. Mix in leaves and smaller flowers to create a variety of looks.

Then, learn simple techniques to add luscious watercolor, using shading, blending, and gradient techniques for eye-catching results.

Popular Instagram artist Kyehyun Park shares her secrets for capturing realistic flower, leaf, and plant shapes. Artists of all levels love drawing and painting nature, and with these techniques they’ll confidently render lifelike botanicals in an array of lovely palettes.

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