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Author: Koryta, Michael
Spiritual Growth Self-Help
What if we didn’t consider death the worst possible outcome? What if we discussed it honestly, embraced hospice care, and prepared for the end of our lives with hope and acceptance?
In this compassionate and knowledgeable guide, TikTok star Julie McFadden—known online as “Hospice Nurse Julie”—shares the valuable lessons she’s learned in her fifteen years as an RN in the ICU and in hospice. Expertly interweaving emotional insight and practical advice, Nothing to Fear demystifies end-of-life care for both patients and caregivers, covering topics including:
the biological details of dying
which medical interventions help and which only make things worse
the otherworldly beauty of deathbed phenomena
financial and logistical preparations for death
facts and myths about hospice care
the most important conversations to have before you die
the grieving process, before and after death
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Author: Richards, L. C.
Cozy Animal Mystery

Julia Ross is a 48-year-old divorcee who decides to completely upend her life.

A year after her divorce, Julia sells everything (including the house), turns her minivan into a camper, and heads to an idyllic beachfront state park in Florida. What is supposed to be a month of sunbathing, hiking, biking, and self-care, however, turns into a murder investigation when a camper is found dead in his RV.

At first, Julia doesn’t want to get involved. After all, she’s at the beach to relax. But her new camping friends, Dottie and Penelope, insist she help them find the murderer. They believe the Sheriff has arrested the wrong man, one of their birding club friends. And they believe Julia is precisely the right person to prove their friend innocent and find the real killer.

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Author: Stone, Eric Chance
International Mystery & Crime

A casual outing with a metal detector ends in a surprising find: not treasure… but the shocking remains of a gruesome murder!

Rick Waters is a jack-of-all trades: treasure hunter, diver, part-time detective.

Never any good at holding down a steady job, Rick does whatever he can to make a living, from searching for stolen cars or missing persons, to catching and selling catfish from the bayou, or gambling in pool halls.

Whatever it takes to one day fulfill his dream: his very own fishing yacht and charter business!

Little does Rick know, his latest foray into the bayou with his metal detector will forever change his life.

From the bayous of southeast Texas to the seedier neighborhoods of Houston, from the sparkling beaches of the Virgin Islands to the Voodoo drug dens of Haiti, Rick’s quest to find a killer will take all of his wits and skill to stay alive and bring justice for a young woman’s murder.

The Beam: Season One (affiliate link)

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Author: Truant, Johnny B., Platt, Sean
Cyberpunk Science Fiction

This chilling, intricately-plotted series is set in a futuristic dystopia where politics and technology have widened the gap between haves and have-nots.
All of humanity is connected … to The Beam and to the lie.

In the year 2097, the only stable nation is the NAU: a dystopia exploding with new technologies and ruled by two political parties. The choices are Enterprise (sink-or-swim; effort and luck determine whether members prosper or starve) or Directorate, where members are guaranteed safety but can never rise above their station.

Above it all is The Beam: an AI-built computer network that serves every whim and connects citizens through implants and biological add-ons.

The Beam anticipates every need and has created a world within the world. It permeates everything. And is everywhere.

Handle With Care (affiliate link)

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Author: L. Rivera, Michele
Lesbian Romance

Newly divorced Quinn Gellar is rebuilding her life—something she never thought she’d be doing in her forties. A creature of habit, she’s trying to embrace change and go with the unexpected. But when the unexpected appears to her in the form of an alluring bartender, Quinn becomes uncertain of exactly how much change she’s ready to embrace.

Theo Harrington isn’t much of a planner. Still in her twenties, she’s more of a free spirit who sees an experience waiting to be had everywhere she turns. The lost-looking stranger, who shows up at her bar is no exception. But, Theo quickly realizes that Quinn isn’t just an experience she wants to have—she’s the experience Theo’s been unknowingly waiting for.

The connection between Quinn and Theo is immediate and undeniable. Possibly even too good to be true. After all, they do come from different worlds and their hearts bear different marks, but maybe they’re exactly what each other needs…or not.

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Author: Sanders, Lawrence
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Noir Crime
Archy McNally, the parttime investigator and fulltime bon vivant,takes on the curious case of a thief with exquisite taste within the eccentric Forsythe family. Griswold Forsythe II wants to know which greedy, conniving relative is making off with the family treasures, including an original Picasso and an irreplaceable Edgar Allan Poe first edition. Suspects abound, including the sexy Forsythe women who all seem to find McNally irresistible. But things take a nasty turn when Griswold is murdered. Who wanted to off the family patriarch—and why? Inside the lavish, baronial estate, McNally’s uncovering some pretty damning dirt, including illegitimate offspring and a resident ghost. As things heat up, McNally had better watch his back—or he, himself, could end up six feet under.

Every Secret Thing (affiliate link)

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Author: Kearsley, Susanne
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Historical Mysteries
Kate Murray is deeply troubled. In front of her lies a dead man, a stranger who only minutes before had spoken to her – about a mystery, a long-forgotten murder and, most worryingly, her grandmother. His story was old, he had told her, but still deserving of justice.
Soon Kate is caught up in a dangerous whirlwind of events that takes her back into her grandmother’s mysterious war-time past and across the Atlantic as she tries to retrace the dead man’s footsteps. Finding out the truth is not so simple, however, as only a few people are still alive who know the story.and Kate soon realises that her questions are putting their lives in danger. Stalked by an unknown and sinister enemy, she must use her tough journalistic instinct to find the answers from the past in order to have a future.
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Author: Deveraux, Jude
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Enemies to Lovers Romance

He was wise, strong, and brave. His destiny was to be king. She was young and beautiful, a warrior princess. Her destiny was to love him.

But when first they met, it was not as princess and king—it was as man and woman only, consumed by a passion so sudden, so deep that the very world exploded with one kiss. Only later, with his touch still burning on her lips, did Jura discover that the knight of her secret tryst had been none other than the hated Prince Rowan.

Rowan, who had returned from far-away England to usurp her brother’s throne…Rowan, who vowed to unite the wild clans under his rule.

Furious, Jura swore her enmity to the golden-haired prince whose glorious visage tormented her days and haunted her nights. But nothing would stop Rowan from ruling over the warring tribes…and nothing would stop him from winning the fierce and lovely Jura as his bride, his Queen, his love….

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Author: Dawkins, Richard
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Science Essays & Commentary

Did Sir Isaac Newton “unweave the rainbow” by reducing it to its prismatic colors, as John Keats contended? Did he, in other words, diminish beauty? Far from it, says acclaimed scientist Richard Dawkins; Newton’s unweaving is the key too much of modern astronomy and to the breathtaking poetry of modern cosmology. Mysteries don’t lose their poetry because they are solved: the solution often is more beautiful than the puzzle, uncovering deeper mysteries. With the wit, insight, and spellbinding prose that have made him a bestselling author, Dawkins takes up the most important and compelling topics in modern science, from astronomy and genetics to language and virtual reality, combining them in a landmark statement of the human appetite for wonder.

This is the book Dawkins was meant to write: A brilliant assessment of what science is (and isn’t), a tribute to science not because it is useful but because it is uplifting.

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Author: Williams, Lacy
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Religious Historical Fiction

Town marshal Danna Carpenter may never get used to being a woman in a man’s job. She’s determined to prove herself, but the danger may prove too much…

When private detective Chas O’Grady arrives in town, he threatens to upset the orderly life Danna has built for herself. Charming where Danna is stern, with his city manners and sharp wit, Chas is her polar opposite.

When Danna and Chas interrupt a bank robbery, circumstances land them in a hasty marriage of convenience to save Danna’s reputation, and opposing sides begin to blur. But in a lawless wilderness, keeping the peace won’t be Danna’s only challenge. The greatest threat of all may lie in opening her guarded heart.
MARRYING MISS MARSHAL was a 2011 Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice finalist.

Marriage of convenience
Stranded together
Opposites attract

Fires to Come (affiliate link)

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Author: Lemmie, Asha
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Historical Fiction

In early twentieth-century New York City, a young woman torn between two cultures must choose where her loyalties lie in a gripping short story by New York Times bestselling author Asha Lemmie.

Abandoned as an infant and raised by protective, if secretive, Italian parents, Carlotta has never quite fit in her own life as the only Black person in her neighborhood. Even when she ventures to Harlem, where jazz, community, and a man’s love await her, she doesn’t feel fully at home. But when the dynamics in her adoptive family shift, and her role grows more tenuous, Carlotta has to decide where she belongs—no matter the threats or the price that must be paid.

Asha Lemmie’s Fires to Come is part of Blaze, a collection of short stories about incendiary women across the decades who dare to defy convention. They can be read or listened to in one sitting.

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