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Author: Moorcroft, Sue
Women’s Romance Fiction

Tess Riddell has just been dumped. By her fiancé. Via email.

Her life has been torn apart and she’s left to pick up the pieces. Alone. It’s time for a new start where nobody knows her. And Tess can’t imagine anywhere better than Honeybun Cottage in the peaceful village of Middledip.

But life has other plans. She crashes — quite literally — into a handsome stranger down a winding country lane.

Tess and Miles definitely don’t hit it off, though. He’s a fun-loving charmer, and Tess needs some stability right now.

So no one is as shocked as she is when an unlikely friendship blossoms between them.

Is Tess ready to open her heart once more? She doesn’t want to get hurt again.

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Author: Walker, Joss, Perez, R.L.
Urban Coming of Age Fantasy

A lost fire goddess. An arrogant new ally. And a secret magical society on the brink of extinction.

All Jayne Thorne wants to do is work with her sister to track down their missing father. But instead, she is tasked with another assignment from the CIA: go to Rome and acquire a necromantic grimoire linked to a lost fire goddess.

As Jayne struggles to work with her new partner, a smug and infuriating magician who knows exactly how to push her buttons, she realizes this mission may reveal clues to her father’s whereabouts. To make matters worse, the deadly terror organizations have caught wind of this powerful grimoire, and their dark magic has created all manner of terrifying new obstacles for Jayne to overcome.

The closer Jayne gets to finding her father, the more she uncovers about the secret society he was part of. When she realizes their enemies are closing in on these hunted magicians—and targeting her sister, too—she must expand her magical abilities, trust in her partner, and risk her life for the truth… or else the power of the fire goddess could wind up in the wrong hands.

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Author: James, Aiden
Dark Fantasy Horror

Within the deep woods of rural Alabama, along the forgotten southern course of the Black Warrior River, lies an unseen world long feared by the residents of the tiny town of Carlsdale.

Down through the centuries, few people have survived a visit to this hidden place long enough to talk about it. Among these fortunate souls is Jack Kenney.

Thirteen years old at the time of the event, Jack and his family were forced to flee Carlsdale in the aftermath and head north to the larger city of Tuscaloosa. Mercifully, the menace from their former home left them in peace for nearly eight years…. But following the brutal murder of a noted archaeologist and professor from the University of Alabama, everything has changed.

Jack and his older brother, Jeremy Kenney, attend the University and are close friends of the late professor. Within days of his death, they are abducted by a secretive federal agency determined to unlock life-changing secrets from Jack’s experience as an adolescent that could also reveal the identity of a mysterious menace threatening the entire Earth in the present.

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Author: Arnold, Carolyn
Crime Thriller

She’s dying, and she knows it. If only she can stay alive long enough to leave one last message. As the rain beats against the metal roof, she uses her blood-soaked fingertip to scrawl on the floorboards… The letters GB.

Detective Madison Knight has been house hunting, but a call from her real estate agent has nothing to do with finding the perfect property. She’s found a woman’s body, stabbed multiple times. Madison arrives on scene and is presented with an unknown Jane Doe and two letters written in blood. There’s no murder weapon, and it seems Doe was attacked somewhere else.

As Madison works to find justice for the victim, Madison’s own life is put at risk. What she comes to discover is some people will go to extreme lengths to protect their secrets—even as far as murder. But will learning that lesson come too late for her?

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Author: Hazelwood, Ann
Regularly $11.99, Today $1.99
Amateur Sleuth Mysteries

Meet widowed Missouri transplant Kate Meyr in the first East Perry County mystery from the author of the Colebridge Community series.

Ann Hazelwood makes her return with The Forgiving Quilt, the first novel in the East Perry County Series. After the death of her husband brings out hurtful secrets, Kate Meyr strikes out to cleave her life from his. She vows to restore the property he left her in Borna, Missouri, and sell it, but the longer Kate stays in town, the harder she finds it to leave. Her life becomes even more embroiled in Borna when she discovers a mysterious quilt in her new home. Haunted by the quilt’s past, Kate is also troubled by several terrifying occurrences. Somebody wants to take the property from her. Will Kate let their horrifying tactics run her out, or will she stand her ground? Find out in this novel of self-discovery, forgiveness, and courage.

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Author: James, Amanda
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Time Travel Romance

Boy meets girl. Girl falls for boy. Then boy catapults girl through time on a life-saving quest . . .

Present day

Thirty-something teacher Sarah Yates is a perfectly ordinary woman. A perfectly ordinary woman whose husband just left her to have a baby with her best friend. Sarah’s left behind, yearning for more than her lonely humdrum life.

Until a tall, dark and handsome stranger rings her doorbell.

John is a Time-Needle. Whenever a hole in time opens, nine innocent people will die. Unless John can find a Stitch to sew them up.

Maybe she isn’t so ordinary, after all. Because it just so happens that Sarah is that Stitch.

There’s no time to lose. John whisks Sarah off on a whirlwind adventure, from the Sheffield Blitz to London’s Suffragette movement, rescuing innocent people from the past.

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Author: Des Barres, Pamela
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Rock Music History
This intimate account of 24 legendary groupies reveals what went on behind the closed doors of rock stars from Elvis to Marilyn Manson. Consisting of Pamela Des Barres’s revealing interviews with and profiles of other supergroupies, this book offers firsthand glimpses into the backstage world of rock stars and the women who loved them. The groupies—such as Tura Satana, Miss Japan Beautiful, who taught Elvis how to dance; Cassandra Peterson (Mistress of the Dark), who tangled with Tom Jones in Sin City; Cynthia Plaster Caster, who redefined the art of Jimi Hendrix; and Miss B., who revealed Kurt Cobain’s penchant for lip gloss and panty hose—tell tales that go well beyond an account of a one-night stand to become a part of music history.
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Author: Morgan, Sarah
Regularly $8.99, Today $1.99
Friendship Fiction

Cool, calm, and competent, events planner Paige Walker loves a challenge. After a childhood spent in and out of hospitals, she’s now determined to prove herself—and where better to take the world by storm than Manhattan? But when Paige loses the job she loves, she must face her biggest challenge of all—striking out on her own.

Except launching her own events company is nothing compared to hiding her outrageous crush on Jake Romano—her brother’s best friend, New York’s most in-demand date, and the only man to break her heart. When Jake offers Paige’s fledgling company a big opportunity, their still-sizzling chemistry starts giving her sleepless nights. But can she convince the man who trusts no one to take a chance on forever?

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Author: Moorehead, Caroline
Regularly $17.99, Today $2.99
Biographies of Journalists

The first major biography of legendary war correspondent Martha Gellhorn, whose life provides a unique and thrilling perspective on world history in an extraordinary time

Martha Gellhorn’s heroic career as a reporter brought her to the front lines of virtually every significant international conflict between the Spanish Civil War and the end of the Cold War. The preeminent-and often the only-female correspondent on the scene, she broke new ground for women in the male preserve of journalism. Her wartime dispatches, marked by a passionate desire to expose suffering in its many guises and an inimitable immediacy, rank among the best of the twentieth century.

A deep-seated love of travel complemented this interest in world affairs. From her birth in St. Louis in 1908 to her death in London in 1998, Gellhorn passed through Africa, Cuba, China, and most of the great cities of Europe, recording her experiences in first-rate travel writing and fiction. A tall, glamorous blonde, she made friends easily-among the boldface names that populated her life were Eleanor Roosevelt, Leonard Bernstein, and H. G. Wells-but she was as incapable of settling into comfortable long-term relationships as she was of sitting still, and happiness often eluded her despite her professional success.

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Author: Johnson, Lakisha
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African American Christian Fiction

Sydney Garcia is an unmarried 37-year-old, whose mother won’t let her forget it. Each day she’s reminded of the fact, “You’re not getting any younger, hija.”

But Sydney has had her fair share of failed relationships and isn’t willing to settle. So, when she reluctantly attends her 20th class reunion and meets Raymond Richardson, she takes a chance on falling in love again.

Things move quickly even after a temporary snag.

At the altar, they vow, “to have and to hold.” Until the day after their first wedding anniversary when Sydney finds out Raymond’s meaning of the vow is nothing like she imagined.

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Author: Lowry, Emily
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Sweet YA Romance

Ask your brother’s best friend nicely, and he’ll teach you how to date. He might even teach you how to kiss…

Zoe Walsh is the most awkward girl in Beachbreak High. For years, she’s admired her crush from afar, but she’s NEVER talked to him. What would she even say? She doesn’t know the first thing about boys, or dating. The only thing she really knows is dancing.

Mason McClellan is the charming, all-star quarterback who gets all the girls. He’s also Zoe’s brother’s best friend. This year, he plans to take the hottest girl in school to Homecoming. But she refuses to be his date unless he can dance. Sadly, Mason has two left feet.

When Zoe approaches Mason for dating advice, he cuts her a deal: if she teaches him how to dance, he’ll teach her how to date. Lessons include how to get your crush to notice you, how to get asked on a date, and how to kiss.

The last thing they expect is to fall for each other. But as Homecoming draws near, Zoe wonders – if dating Mason is just practice, how come it feels so much like the real thing?

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