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Author: Tassinello, Anthony
Pizza Making

From Anthony Tassinello, chef at Berkeley’s famed Chez Panisse, your must-have pizza cookbook for making mouth-watering meals from your wood-fired pizza oven—from classically simple Margherita pizza to more exciting and challenging recipes.

From those first drawn-out moments when the blistering dough rises against the oven floor to that steamy first bite, chef Anthony Tassinello walks you through the time-tested tradition of preparing—and savoring—a perfect wood-fired oven pizza. Tassinello shares need-to-know tips and techniques for crafting palate-pleasing pizzas, calzones, hand pies, focaccia, and more, while reminding us all of the joy of gathering friends and family over a mouth-watering home-cooked meal. With over 85 recipes ranging from fresh takes on classic pizzas to inspired new combinations, plus a bonus “beyond pizza” chapter that showcases the versatility of wood-fired cooking, this is the go-to wood-fired pizza oven resource for 21st century home cooks.

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Author: Moran, Kelly
Contemporary Romance

This playboy has met his match, and she’s organized…

After a passionless marriage under the scrutiny of high society, Avery Stowe is taking back her life. All she wants is a little privacy and a quiet place to raise her autistic daughter, Hailey. Redwood Ridge, Oregon, seems to offer all the right ingredients.Except for the problem of the local sexy veterinarian. The last thing she needs in her life is to fall for his irresistible allure, even if he is a nice guy who keeps doing her favors. But the well-meaning patrons of her new hometown have other ideas, and it appears playing Cupid is one of them.

Cade O’Grady has never met a woman he couldn’t handle, but when Avery Stowe walks into his office late one night cradling an injured puppy, he’s struck stupid. Which might explain her total lack of interest in him. But now that she’s working for his family’s clinic, he doesn’t have to lust from a distance.He might just have a chance at convincing Avery–and her too-guarded heart–that falling for the right man isn’t a mistake . . .

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Murder Mystery

Meet Mrs Melita Pargeter, a vivacious widow whose mystery-solving talents come in handy when a murderer stalks a hotel for well-to-do retirees.

She checks into the Devereux Hotel on England’s sunny south coast. Where secrets hide behind every door and the sea-views are to die for . . .

Her arrival, in a fancy car and a flurry of silk, causes much excitement among the elderly residents.

By next morning, they have something new to talk about — the discovery of a crumpled body at the foot of the stairs.

The victim is old Mrs Selsby, timid occupant of the hotel’s most coveted sea-front room. Everyone says her death was a tragic accident, but Melita’s not so sure.

Wealthy Mrs S. just happens to have left her fortune to her fellow Devereux residents. And then there’s the matter of her jewellery. A priceless collection that seems to be disappearing piece by piece . . .

Melita may be pushing seventy, but she still has a trick or two left up her sleeve.

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Author: Bushnell, Niel
Military Science Fiction

Earth has been destroyed, the entire solar system turned to dust by a cataclysmic event known as the Fracture. Now, the last survivors of humanity live on vast arkships drifting through the Cluster, doing what they can to survive in a hostile ever-changing environment.

When the arkship Obsidian is attacked, Wynn awakes in an escape pod fleeing from a huge space battle, unable to remember who he is. Hunted by a killer robot, the forces of a rival arkship, and the Church of the Infinite, Wynn must survive long enough to unlock his lost memories, discover who is behind the attack and take his revenge.

Arkship Obsidian is the first in an epic new series from acclaimed British writer Niel Bushnell.

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Author: Denman, Candy
Medical Thrillers

A wily doctor goes out on a limb to find a killer

Two elderly people passing is an unremarkable occurrence in the British seaside town of Hastings, and certainly not unusual for police doctor and medical examiner Callie Hughes.

But what bothers her inquisitive nature is that both individuals had recently packed a suitcase. Not the obvious actions of those with one foot in the grave.

Exploring further, Callie’s colleagues find irregularities in the bloods of one of the deceased, but having been cremated, the other individual is beyond reach.

Her concerns dismissed by the obstructive, former romantic interest, DI Steve Miller, who can see no link between the deaths, Callie is side-lined and left to deal with a new trainee at the surgery who is proving hard to handle.

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Author: Morgan, K.M., Michelle, Kayla, Bowman, Bridget
Cozy Mystery

Cape Cod is shaken by another murder, and it’s up to amateur sleuth Chloe Cook to find the killer.

But she’s going to have to work fast.

Not only is there a handful of suspects on the loose, but one of Chloe’s good friends is wrongfully suspected of the crime by the local police detective.

Can Chloe nab the real killer in time, or will the killer strike again?

The Midwife (affiliate link)

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Author: Cresswell, Tricia
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Historical Fiction

1830. After a violent storm, a woman is found alone, naked, near death on the Northumberland moors. She has no memory of who she is or how she got there. But she can remember how to help a woman in labour, how to expertly dress a wound and can speak fluent French.

With the odds against her – a penniless single woman – she starts to build her life from scratch, using her skills to help other woman around her. She finds a happy place in the world. Until tragedy strikes, and she must run for her life.

In London, Dr Borthwick lives a solitary life working as an accoucheur together with his midwife, Mrs Bates, dealing with mothers and babies in both the elegant homes of high society, and alongside a young widow, Eleanor Johnson, volunteering in the slums of the Devil’s Acre. His professional reputation is spotless and he keeps his private life just as clean, isolating himself from any new acquaintances. He is harbouring a dark secret from his past, one that threatens to spill over everything .

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Author: Casella, Angela
Regularly $4.99, Today $2.49
Jilted Bride Romantic Comedy

On a scale of one to ten, how bad is it that I want to see my fake boyfriend naked?


What’s worse than being left at the altar? Becoming a meme because one of your nearest and dearest took a video of you running—and falling—down the aisle and made it internet famous.

Yup, I’m that Marnie Jones. My sister is for-real famous, which only makes people more interested in my predicament. Is it any wonder I’m feeling down?

My best friends will try anything to cheer me up…including setting me up with the Fairy Godmother Agency, a maybe-crazy husband and wife private investigator-slash-life coach team who promise to find the person who sold me out. Better yet, they lend me a fake boyfriend to make my ex jealous and appease my sister.

Griffin is gorgeous, attentive, and a very convincing actor. He’s perfect for the job.

Too perfect.

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Author: Thacker, Nick
Regularly $6.99, Today $3.49
Men’s Adventure Fiction

A new documentary TV show sets out to uncover Earth’s secrets… if they can survive.

Brody Flanagan is ready for more. Down on his luck, hoping to break into Hollywood as an actor, he just wants one shot.

He finally gets it, in the form of hosting a television docu-series about finding the world’s long-lost treasures and uncovering its mysteries.

Brody is joined by a small team of cohosts, and they’re sent to the Solomon Islands to explore the area, looking for the downed plane of another famous adventurer:

Amelia Earhart.

But Brody’s crew isn’t the only team interested in the discovery. Another group is on the island, hoping to take advantage of new information to find a treasure even greater than that of Amelia Earhart’s plane.

…and they’ll kill for it.

The Empty Nesters (affiliate link)

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Author: Brown, Carolyn
Regularly $4.99, Today $2.49
Women’s Domestic Life Fiction

Dear friends and army wives Diana, Carmen, and Joanie have been through war, rumors of war, marital problems, motherhood, fears, joy, and heartache. But none of the women are prepared when their daughters decide to enlist in the army together. Facing an empty nest won’t be easy. Especially for Carmen. With emotions already high, she suffers an even greater blow: divorce papers. Diana understands the fury and tears. She’s been there.

With nothing to lose and no one at home, the girlfriends impulsively accept an unexpected offer from their elderly neighbor. The recently widowed Tootsie has an RV, a handsome nephew at the wheel, and an aim for tiny Scrap, Texas, to embrace memories of her late husband. Still grieving, she can use the company as a balm for her broken heart. So can the empty nesters.

Embarking on a journey of hope, romance, and healing, Diana, Carmen, and Joanie are at a turning point in their lives. And with the open road ahead of them, it’s just the beginning.

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Author: Cherryh, C. J.
Regularly $9.99, Today $1.99
Space Opera Science Fiction

In this brilliant novel—possibly Cherryh’s masterwork—the fate of billions has come down to a confrontation between two profoundly alien cultures on a single desert planet.

Marak has suffered the madness his entire life. He is a prince and warrior, strong and shrewd and expert in the ways of the desert covering his planet. In the service of his father, he has dedicated his life to overthrowing the Ila, the mysterious eternal dictator of his world. For years he has successfully hidden the visions of a silver tower that plague him, but when his secret is discovered, Marak is betrayed by his own father and forced to march in an endless caravan with the rest of his world’s madmen to the Ila’s city of Oburan.

Instead of death, Marak finds in Oburan his destiny, and the promise of life—if he can survive an impossible mission given to him by the strange people in the towers.

According to these beings who look like him yet act differently than anyone he has ever known, Marak has a slim chance to save his world’s people from the wrath of Ila’s enemies. But to do so, he must convince them all—warring tribes, villagers, priests, young and old, as well as the Ila herself—to follow him on an epic trek across the burning desert before the hammer of the Ila’s foes falls from the heavens above.

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