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Abby Kane FBI Thrillers 1-6 (affiliate link)

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Author: Hutchinson, Ty
Crime Thrillers

Meet the agent with an impossible directive: solve the FBI’s most baffling cases. Abby Kane spent her early career putting sickos, psychopaths, and ruthless killers behind bars. After her husband’s mysterious death, she moved her family to San Francisco, hoping for a fresh start and healing. What she got instead was a job with the FBI.

A mutilated body has Corktown residents nervous and for a good reason. Detroit Metro Police recognize the handiwork of the serial killer known as the Doctor. But there’s a problem with that. They locked him up seven years ago. When FBI Agent Abby Kane visits the Doctor behind bars, he swears he’s innocent and not the psychopath everyone thinks he is. Oddly enough, Abby believes him.

With white-collar crimes dominating her work schedule, chasing deranged killers is a thing of the past until the body of a dead DEA agent pops up in Bogotá. Through her investigation, FBI Agent Abby Kane learns that a new drug has been invented, and its danger isn’t the addictive high but the terrifying side effects. She believes the cartels are behind the drug, but the locals think it’s one man. They call him the Monster.

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Author: Faricy, Mike
Humorous Private Investigator Mysteries

Dev Haskell takes his ‘friend with benefits’ Heidi, out to dinner. His late night plans are suddenly put on hold when failed criminal, Tommy Benedetti shows up and forces Heidi into a stretch limo. Benedetti gives Heidi $200,000. Gee, $200,000 in cash, what could possibly go wrong?

There’s only one thing to do and Dev sets out to build a ‘working relationship’with FBI agent Candi Mangle
Another incredibly bizarre Dev Haskell read… Multiple tales wrapped into one crazy adventure
A great Dev Haskell tale.
Sit back, relax, enjoy, and realize your life isn’t as bad as you thought.…
Fortunately, Dev still has Morton, his Golden Retriever.

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Author: Faricy, Mike
Humorous Private Investigator Mysteries
P.I. Dev Haskell is minding his own business, looking out the window, when a pink Mercedes convertible pulls to the curb. His old flame, Barbie Dahl, a surgically enhanced Barbie Doll look alike, gets out of the car. Barbie Dahl, the same woman who dumped Dev on a trip to Las Vegas. Now, she’s back in town and needs Dev’s help. Apparently her extensive Barbie collection is missing, along with Arnold Wazinski, AKA Ken Carson, Barbie Doll’s significant other…
Fortunately, Dev comes up with a plan. But then Barbie gets involved and decides ‘Ken’ is going to pay, BIG TIME!
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Author: Kalis, KJ
Vigilante Justice Thriller

In the small town of West End, West Virginia, Detective Morgan Foster is living a life of secrets.
After the murders of her husband, Peter, and fellow officer, A.J. Roth, Morgan has gone into hiding with her teenage son, keeping her head down and her mouth shut.

She figures it might be the only way to survive.

Cold dark mornings in West Virginia always put her in a bad mood. Discovering two dead bodies at her waitressing job only makes it worse.

Unable to ignore her gut instinct that tells her the deaths at the very place she works are no coincidence, Morgan gets caught in a web of murder, lies and secrets…

Not to mention it’s a stark reminder of the six figure bounty hanging over her head.

With her enemies from Tampa closing in, Morgan decides to confront her past and face-off against the people who terrorized her and nearly took her life.

Before long, Morgan is in the sights of the people that want her dead once again. She will have to put everything on the line to survive and get vengeance for the deaths of the people she loved and lost. But the threat to her and her son is real. Can she solve the murders before she becomes the next body to drop?

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Author: Kane, Atlas
Sword & Sorcery Fantasy

Survive the arena. Choose a Battle Bride. Master the lost art of cultivation.

They called me a savage, then threw me into the their cruel arena.
Instead of bleeding out on the sand like they hoped, I used the power of my gifted core to rise.

When I learned my enemies held a cure for the spreading plight of infertility, I knew why my gods had sent me.

I am Dagon Haldorson, hunter and Hearthman of the northern shores of Enea.
I will grow in strength, form alliances, and win the hearts of gorgeous battle brides.

And by uncovering the lost secrets of cultivation, we may go one step further.

Together, we might change the world.

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Author: Fox, Noelle
Island Resort Romance

A Father’s Dying Wish . . .

Miserable after the failure of her restaurant, chef Grace Cooper receives a deathbed letter from the father she thought was already dead, offering a free vacation at an Alaskan island resort. Exhausted, Grace jumps at the chance to escape, and to learn about the father she never knew.

Polaris Island and the Northern Lights Retreat seem to offer everything—ocean, mountains, forest and isolation. Then she bumps into Connor Reed, a humiliating nightmare from her past, and resort owner Derek Wakefield reveals upsetting truths about her dad.

Connor has no idea why Grace hates him. But one look at the woman he’s carried in his heart for the last seven years convinces him not only that he needs to find out, but that his philosophy of living only for today has to change. As Grace’s brittle shell crumbles, Connor starts dreaming of his future—with her.

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Author: Lundy, W.J.
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Terrorism Thrillers

A world turned sideways by pandemics, war and debt. Nations make the extraordinary move from individual rule to corporate outsourcing. The change came quick, and not without controversy. Some complied, some just wanted to be left alone. When noncompliance becomes Criminal one man finds himself on the wrong side of the law.

John Warren has sacrificed in his life but is now resigned to a quiet existence in a secluded home in Northern Michigan. All of that changes when he is falsely accused, with everything taken from him. Now John Warren will fight to prove his innocence and to save the Country he loves.

He can never go home, but he can still ensure his life amounts to something.

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Author: Bassett, Isabella
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1920s Historical Mystery

The French Riviera, 1925

Disgraced society “it” girl, Lady Caroline, has been shipped off to the French Riviera to spend remedial time with gout-impaired Uncle Albert. Her crime? An ill-advised scavenger hunt through London, with social-status-ruinous consequences.

Now, instead of pinching police helmets, this Bright Young Thing is pursuing her uncle’s latest hobby along the rocky cliffs of the Cote d’Azur.

But all is not misery in Lady Caroline’s life. Murder brightens up what could otherwise be a terribly dull existence. First, a well-connected seductress is poisoned at the roulette table, then the Riviera’s preeminent villa architect slips off the bluffs into the turquoise Mediterranean Sea idling below.

As the bodies mount, the local police suspect someone is boosting their way up the social ladder through nefarious means.

Lady Caroline has a different idea. Always up for a good scavenger hunt, she can’t resist following the trail of clues to the killer.

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Author: Millikin, Jennifer
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Single Dad Romance

Colbie Jones has worked hard to design a pain-free life. So when she catches her boyfriend cheating, it doesn’t hurt that much. But when Colbie receives a call that her estranged father, Emmett, has been badly injured, she realizes it’s time to pack her bags and finally face him — and that’s going to hurt.

Colbie’s arrival sends shock waves through the small town, but it affects Jake Whittier most of all. Single-dad and foreman of Jones Construction, Jake sees Emmett as the father he no longer has, and that makes him an opponent of all things Colbie Jones.

Jake’s obvious animosity doesn’t bother Colbie, because she’s leaving in three days, tops. But then her dad asks her to stay and take over his business while he recovers, and Colbie hears herself agreeing before she has fully considered the proposal. Never mind that she has no idea how to build a house.

Jake will just have to deal with having her around.

Ask Him Why (affiliate link)

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Author: Hyde, Catherine Ryan
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Coming of Age Fiction 

Ruth and her little brother, Aubrey, are just teenagers when their older brother ships off to Iraq. When Joseph returns, uninjured, only three and a half months later, Ruth is happy he is safe but also deeply worried. How can it be that her courageous big brother has been dishonorably discharged for refusing to go out on duty? Aubrey can’t believe that his hero doesn’t have very good reasons.

Yet as the horrifying details of the incident emerge, Joseph disappears. In their attempts to find him, Ruth and Aubrey discover he has a past far darker than either of them could imagine. But even as they learn more about their brother, important questions remain unanswered—why did he betray his unit, his country, and now his family? Joseph’s refusal to speak ignites a fire in young Aubrey that results in a disastrous, and public, act of rebellion.

The impact of Joseph’s fateful decision one night in Baghdad will echo for years to come, with his siblings caught between their love for him and the media’s engulfing frenzy of judgment. Will their family ever make their way back to each other and find a way to forgive?

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Author: Callen, Gayle
Regularly $4.99, Today $2.49
Regency Historical Romance

To rescue her family from financial ruin, lovely Victoria Shelby has no choice but to marry. Her options for a bridegroom are limited…until she remembers the shy servant boy next door. Then she discovers that her childhood friend is actually Viscount Thurlow—ruthless businessman, future earl, and a man whose family is shrouded in scandal.

After two rejected marriage proposals, David Thurlow needs a wife who will give him an heir, someone who will not only overlook his past but also be above reproach. Victoria is the ideal candidate—quiet, unassuming, and in desperate need of funds. But even as she strives to be the perfect wife, her calm demeanor masks a shocking secret…one that is overshadowed by David’s slow, heated lessons in the art of seduction that threaten to transform a “convenient” marriage into a torrid and passionate affair.

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