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Author: Carstens, Dennis
Legal Mystery

Financially embarrassed, getting a divorce, living in a shabby apartment, and distinctly short of clients, Marc Kadella’s beginning to question why he ever went into the law when a friend brings him the case all Minneapolis is watching—defending an accused serial killer. If he wins, it could turn his life around—if he blows it, he better go into sales.

Dennis Carstens weaves a gritty, street-wise narrative in this action-packed legal thriller, sure to please fans of courtroom drama and classic noir. You can almost see the guys in this one sporting fedoras, and the babes would stop traffic even without the cleavage Carstens makes their standard attire. But there’s a contemporary angle sure to please fans of both sexes–the toughest guy in the story is gorgeous investigator Maddy Rivers.

Carstens seems to relish getting her into increasingly brutal fights, some with laughs—like the time she roughs up a couple of rogue cops and takes away their guns. And when this author gets into an action scene, the prose flexes its muscles like a prison weightlifter.

Somewhere in Seattle (The Alexander Family Book 1) (affiliate link)

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Author: St. James, Brooke
Clean & Wholesome Romance

It was a surreal evening when I finally got to see Micah Lacey live in concert. He played a sold-out show, and I had front row tickets. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before.

Micah said some things to the audience near the end of the performance—some personal things about his own life. I wasn’t normally the type of person to follow clues, but Micah’s songs and his life before stardom seemed interesting.

I was curious about the mysteries of his past. I thought I might try to find out more. I had no idea that the search and events that followed would change my life forever.

First and Only (affiliate link)

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Author: Flannery, Peter
Paranormal Suspense

A terrifying killer… A special forces soldier… And a young man with psychic powers.
Can trust really overcome evil?

Psimon is a young man with genuine psychic powers. As a child he encountered a killer known only as Lucifer. This terrifying encounter left the young Psimon traumatised, his powers blinded by fear. Now he knows just one thing for certain… in five days he is going to die. Lucifer is going to kill him unless he can enlist the help of former SAS soldier Steve Brennus. But there’s a problem… the only way Psimon can be saved from Lucifer is if Steve kills him first.

Will Lucifer claim another victim or does Steve have the strength to overcome the visions of the world’s first and only psychic?

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Author: Riccard, Roger
Traditional Detective Mysteries

Roger Riccard, one of the most respected Sherlock Holmes authors, has again taken pen in hand to bring forth the first five adventures in a new series of short stories for your entertainment.

The Adventure of the Apothecary’s Prescription – Dr. Watson receives a shipment of medicine with a cryptic note, that only Sherlock Holmes can unlock.

Buffalo Bill and the Red Shirt Menace – The American showman has arrived in London to perform for Queen Victoria, but strange mishaps plague his troupe, especially his Indian performers.

The Curious Case of Charlotte Musgrave – The daughter of Reginald Musgrave has a strange companion and death seems to follow her. Are they accidents, or is there a killer loose?

The Designing Woman – A new century calls for new fashions and new attitudes. However, some think the world isn’t ready for what one designer has in mind.

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Author: P. Douglas, European
Police Procedurals
A Serial Killer from her past; an FBI Agent with a personal agenda, and an Investigative Journalist determined to get the story at any cost. While she was out enjoying her senior prom, Sarah Brighwater’s mother was murdered in their home. The serial killer was known to the police but never caught. Now, fifteen years later, Sarah is an FBI Agent in the Behavioral Science Unit tracking down killers like the one who killed her mother. When a new string of murders begins and bodies are dumped near her old home town, Sarah wonders about the re-emergence of her lifelong tormentor. Could it be him? Tyler Ford is a respected investigative journalist working for a less than respected Newspaper. He too sees the links to Sarah’s past and wonders. He knows he has to keep close to her to find out the real story. But when the killer contacts him, Tyler finds that she needs him more than he needs her. The pair race against time to find the killer before he disappears once more into the dark underworld that hides him so well.

Horror From Below (affiliate link)

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Author: Sawyer, JT
Humorous Science Fiction, Zombie Thriller

When a bizarre string of unusual corpses washes up on the beaches of San Diego during Halloween week, Detective Lindsey Brant requires more than her usual set of skills to solve the mystery.

Joining forces with horror writer James Archer, the two will have to survive a scourge of undead, international killers, unscrupulous reporters, and rogue spies if they’re to unravel the long-buried mystery of a deadly virus that could bring humanity to its knees.

But their greatest threat to the case may just be surviving each other. See if the two will succeed in saving the world in this irreverent new series from JT Sawyer that blends horror, sci-fi, and mystery into a snarky, saltwater thriller.

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Author: Miller, John Jackson
Regularly $9.99, Today $0.99
Star Trek Series

The first novel based on the thrilling Paramount+ TV series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds!

When an experimental shuttlecraft fails, Captain Christopher Pike suspects a mechanical malfunction—only to discover the very principles on which Starfleet bases its technology have simply stopped functioning. He and his crewmates are forced to abandon ship in a dangerous maneuver that scatters their party across the strangest new world they’ve ever encountered.

First Officer Una Chin-Riley finds herself fighting to survive an untamed wilderness where dangers lurk at every turn. Young cadet Nyota Uhura struggles in a volcanic wasteland where things are not as they seem. Science Officer Spock is missing altogether. And Pike gets the chance to fulfill a childhood dream: to live the life of a cowboy in a world where the tools of the twenty-third century are of no use.

Yet even in the saddle, Pike is still very much a starship captain, with all the responsibilities that entails. Setting out to find his crewmates, he encounters a surprising face from his past—and discovers that one people’s utopia might be someone else’s purgatory. He must lead an exodus—or risk a calamity of galactic proportions that even the Starship Enterprise is powerless to stop…

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Author: Thornton, Margaret
Regularly $3.99, Today $0.99
Historical British Romance

One week will change all their lives…
Janice Butler is working as a waitress at her mother’s Blackpool boarding house when she meets Val Horrocks and Cissie Foster who are visiting from Halifax, and the three form an instant friendship.

Romance beckons for all of them, but the events of one evening at a local dance will change all their lives for better and for worse, and all three girls will discover that life doesn’t always turn out as one would expect.

A charming tale of friendship and romance set in 1950s Blackpool, perfect for fans of Margaret Dickinson and Rosie Archer.

Cabin Crush (affiliate link)

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Author: Stockton, Kasey
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Sweet Romantic Comedy

This Christmas, all she wants is him.

I’ve had a crush on my brother’s best friend my entire life. Once, in high school, I even got a taste of what it would be like to be with him thanks to some well-placed mistletoe: incredible and humiliating. We always spend Christmas with Max’s family at our cabin, and every year I have to suffer through a blissful week with him in a completely platonic way. His steady stream of girlfriends have made him off limits . . . until now.

It’s Christmas.

We’re at the cabin together.

And Max Dawson is single.

I’ve never looked forward to Christmas less in my entire life. My parents’ holiday will be ruined after I tell them my news, and to make matters worse, I blabbed to Rachael on the drive out to the cabin. Now she has to keep my secret until I’m ready to share with my family.

Which is probably why she’s acting so weird. Watching me. Touching me. Flirting.

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