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Author: Haskell, Jeffery H.
Military Science Fiction

The wrong crew. The wrong ship. The right Captain.

Idealistic navy lieutenant Jacob Grimm just wanted to honor his mother’s sacrifice in the last great war. When he’s forced to return fire and destroy a squadron of ships to save his own, he thinks he’s the hero…

Until they discover the ships are full of children.

Disgraced and denied promotion, Jacob’s career is over. That is until the head of ONI needs a disposable officer to command a battered destroyer on the rim.

There’s just one problem, Interceptor hasn’t had a CO in months and the ship is a mess. Worse, the system he’s assigned to is corrupt and on the verge of all-out civil war with the Alliance.

However, no one told Jacob he was disposable.

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Author: Crosby, David
Private Investigator Mysteries

Dive into the sun-soaked, treacherous waters of Florida with Will Harper, a semi-retired investigative journalist turned private detective, in this riveting box set that bundle thrilling intrigue with a taste of the Floridian wild. Will, a boat and beer aficionado, isn’t just navigating Florida’s tropical waterways on his live-in yacht; he’s also charting a course through a sea of corruption, greed, and murder.

In “Million Dollar Staircase,” Will battles against a city-wide conspiracy, where property and power are at stake. “Guilty Money” sees him exposing a corrupt prison system, where justice is a commodity. And in “Florida Burning,” he’s on the trail of an environmental disaster linked to a deadly conspiracy.

Will Harper, with his love for the waters and a nose for truth, stands as the state’s unlikely guardian.

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Author: Del Arroz, Jon
Epic Military Space Opera

Earth needs a spy…

…is he prepared?

Lieutenant Sean Barrows is thrust into a plot of sabotage and destruction brought on by the mysterious Aryshan Empire.

His assignment: to infiltrate an enemy warship to bring his superiors information on their destructive capabilities and battle plans.

But the Ayrshans share telepathic bonds which make them paranoid of outsiders, and try as he may to win the heart of a beautiful Aryshan commander, he can only get so close.

To make matters worse, Earth stands on the brink of destruction as the Aryshans develop a new, invisible weapon.

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Author: Ruiz, Jen
Home-Based Business

Are you looking for ways to make real money online?

Tired of rigid work schedules and constantly feeling like you’re lacking a work/life balance?

There are no MLM programs or expensive “get rich quick” schemes here! Learn how to make a full-time living from the comfort of your living room, no strings attached.

Whether you’re looking for a steady paycheck with an established company that allows you to work from home or are ready to take the leap into entrepreneurship and launch an online business, this book will steer you in the right direction.

Featuring 25 real and lucrative online business models, each remote work description includes:

✓ The average pay rate or salary
✓ Who the job is best suited for
✓ Examples of real life success stories
✓ Helpful websites to get you started

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Author: O’Connor, Shannon
Fake Relationship Romantic Comedy

Two Best friends. One Summer wedding. & a Fake relationship that doesn’t go to plan.

Kennedy Davis is not in love with her best friend. That’s what she tells every girl she dates anyway, but it always ends up the same.

Sienna Stevens is in love with her best friend, but she’s too afraid to admit it. A hopeless romantic who hopes her best friend might one day see her as more.

When Kennedy must return home for her brother’s wedding it only makes sense to bring her best friend along. But Kennedys fears of returning home give Sienna a chance for Kennedy to see her as more—by being her fake girlfriend.

So when the line between friends and more gets blurred with Sienna, will Kennedy finally see what everyone’s been telling her all along and confess her true feelings? Or will she hide how she feels to keep their friendship?

The Merrow of Lake Michigan (affiliate link)

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Author: Fahey, Claire O.
Historical Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Joey Fagan is certain of only two things. The mayor of Chicago will be assassinated at the end of the week, and she is stuck in the year 1893. What she doesn’t know is how she landed 100 years back in time, or why Peter Hastings, the man trying to help her, shares some eerie similarities to her dead husband.
When Joey, perhaps unwisely, revealed the year of her origins it didn’t sit well with her host. Her effort to convince him by predicting the mayor’s murder only made matters worse. Now her sanity is in question, and everything she does puts it further into doubt. One of the few bright spots in the whole situation is William, Peter’s five year-old son, but he is a stark reminder that she left a son of her own back in 1993.
Stuck in the past and desperate to return to her own Chicago, Joey stumbles her way through a time when women had a barely-audible voice, and very few options. Armed with nothing but her wits, Joey must navigate the rigid waters of the Victorian era while she tries to prevent a murder and find her way home.

As Olivia watches the island grow larger on the horizon, she wonders if returning to this place was the right decision…

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Author: Alexander, Rebecca
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Women’s Friendship Fiction

As Olivia watches the island grow larger on the horizon, she wonders if returning to this place was the right decision…

When Olivia Elliott decides to spend the summer on the remote Morwen Island where she grew up, she can’t help but wonder if returning home is a good idea. After all, she still remembers the heartbreak she left behind on those shores many years ago.

Back on the island, Olivia soon adjusts to life as an islander and rents a cottage for the summer. But, before long, she runs into her first love, Jory Trethewey, a handsome local boatbuilder who never left the remote community. And despite the fact she can still recall their painful breakup, Olivia finds she now can’t stop thinking about him…

When Jory offers to help Olivia fix up the cottage, the two begin to spend more time together. And as they renovate, they realise the house has its own secrets and they decide to put the past behind them and investigate its history.

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Author: Loring, Kayley
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Love, Sex & Marriage Humor

“Just give me the summer. You can go back to playing it safe with boring men in September.”

There are bad ideas and there are good bad ideas.
My former fiancé banging someone else—that was a bad idea.
A good girl having her first-ever one night stand with the bad boy stranger she just met in a liquor store?
Awesome bad idea.
When I find out my one night stand was looking for revenge, I should run—far away.
But I don’t…because rebounding with Vince is the most awesome bad idea ever.
Do I want to help him get back at our exes?
I want to help him get back at my ex—hard. With wild abandon. All night long.
That awesome bad idea leads to the best summer of my life with Vince Devlin—the best guy I’ve ever met.
Could this hot summer fling turn out to be the real thing?

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Author: Pawlish, Renee
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Private Investigator Mysteries

Ex-Army Civil Affairs specialist Jo Gunning is a loner. No commitments. No fixed address.

She’s enjoying her anonymity in Virginia when she crosses paths with a runaway teenage girl in need.

Assisting the girl in getting home leads to a phone call for help, and a claim from the girl that her father is holding her hostage. As Jo searches for answers, she finds that nothing is what it seems, and no one is telling the truth.

With both assassins and a shady government agency watching her every move, Jo must use all the skills the military taught her… and some they didn’t.

Walking away would’ve been easier, but Jo is always willing to help someone in trouble.

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Author: Dolgner, Beth
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Paranormal Cozy Mystery

Murder, monsters, and a midlife crisis in Nightmare, Arizona
Divorced, broke, and broken down in the old mining town of Nightmare, Arizona, Olivia Kendrick is desperate for a job. At forty-two years old, she never thought she would be starting over like this, let alone in a tucked-away town filled with tourists, offbeat residents, and an outspoken UFO hunter. Olivia takes a job at a year-round haunted house, but when she arrives for her first day, she faces real horror: a local man’s body has been dumped at the front entrance.

Olivia is an immediate suspect. After all, she’s a stranger in town. As Olivia tries to find the real killer, she begins to realize her co-workers aren’t just putting on a show every night at Nightmare Sanctuary Haunted House. And why does the “dog” running around have such long fangs?

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Author: Christie, Agatha
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Traditional Detective Mysteries

In Agatha Christie’s classic, A Pocket Full of Rye, the bizarre death of a financial tycoon has Miss Marple investigating a very odd case of crime by rhyme.

Rex Fortescue, king of a financial empire, was sipping tea in his “counting house” when he suffered an agonizing and sudden death. On later inspection, the pockets of the deceased were found to contain traces of cereals.

Yet, it was the incident in the parlor which confirmed Miss Marple’s suspicion that here she was looking at a case of crime by rhyme. . .

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Author: Garvin, Ann
Regularly $4.99, Today $2.49
Women’s Friendship Fiction

A road trip can drive anyone over the edge—especially two former best friends—in bestselling author Ann Garvin’s funny and poignant novel about broken bonds, messy histories, and the power of forgiveness.

Widowed Samantha Arias hasn’t spoken to Holly Dunfee in forever. It’s for the best. Samantha prefers to avoid conflict. The blisteringly honest Holly craves it. What they still have in common puts them both back on speed dial: a mutual love for Katie, their best friend of twenty-five years, now hospitalized with cancer and needing one little errand from her old college roomies.

It’s simple: travel cross-country together, steal her loathsome ex-husband’s VW camper, find Katie’s diabetic Great Pyrenees at a Utah rescue, and drive him back home to Wisconsin. If it’ll make Katie happy, no favor is too big (one hundred pounds), too daunting (two thousand miles), or too illegal (ish), even when a boho D-list celebrity hitches a ride and drives the road trip in fresh directions.

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