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Author: Penner, Stephen
Legal Thriller


Seattle homicide prosecutor David Brunelle faces the most difficult case of his career. An innocent young girl is murdered in a heinous, unforgivable way. The only evidence against the killer is the full confession of his accomplice-another young girl he also victimized. But the accomplice is charged with the murder as well, which means that she has the right to remain silent. And she’s so scared of the killer, she refuses to take a deal to testify against him. Brunelle can’t just let the murderer walk, but how can he get a conviction when he has no admissible evidence and the killer is protected by the presumption of innocence?

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Author: Bramseth, Jennifer
Romantic Suspense

Get swept away to Kentucky bourbon country, where two new judges are in a precarious situation. Rachel and Brady are forced to share chambers, despite the fact that their mutual attraction has simmered for years. As they work together to navigate professional and personal challenges in little Bourbon Springs, Kentucky, their relationship soon ignites.

But they must keep their love a secret, as Hannah, Rachel’s best friend and co-owner of the local bourbon distillery, decides to run against Brady. As the campaign heats up, the couple must decide if they are willing to risk everything for love, even if it means sacrificing professional ambitions and the trust of friends.

With rich descriptions of the lush bluegrass landscape, the bourbon-making process, and small-town politics, Secret Blend is perfect for fans of contemporary romance set in the American South.

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Author: Huston, Kelly Elizabeth
Romantic Comedy

She wants her life back. He wants to live. When a writer and her imaginary muse go head-to-head, real life gets complicated.

Callie Austin, the unknown author of the wildly popular Tex Miller book series, decides twenty-plus years of living in anonymity is enough. Her plan? Kill the beloved Tex Miller. But with a fierce agent, a cut-throat editor, and a beyond-zealous fan base, Callie knows not everyone will be happy. And just wait until Tex hears about it.

At twenty-two, Callie, orphaned and grieving, conjured Tex Miller, a dashing adventurer, a now-adored literary character who makes women swoon and men sit up straighter. Her novel skyrocketed, but Callie was lucky. It was the mid-1990s, pre-internet explosion, and much to her publisher’s chagrin, she insisted she remain anonymous by using a pen name. The enigmatic Calliope Jones was born and cloistered away in one fell swoop, leaving an idolizing public scratching its collective head. Visible only to her, Tex Miller became her constant screwball companion.

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Author: Stevens, Tim
Crime Action Fiction

Martin Calvary is going to Prague to kill a man.

First he has to rescue him.

Calvary works for The Chapel, a branch of British Intelligence that identifies enemies of the state who are beyond the reach of the law, and eliminates them. Permanently.

But Calvary has had enough of the killing and wants out. His employers make him an offer: if he carries out one more assassination, he’s free to leave. If he refuses, evidence of his involvement in all the previous killings will be passed on to the police and he’ll become a wanted criminal facing life in prison.

Trapped, Calvary travels to Prague to carry out the hit. The target is Sir Ivor Gaines, a retired senior British diplomat and Cold War traitor who escaped justice more than twenty years ago. But Calvary discovers he’s not the only one with an interest in Gaines. Also hunting him are the city’s gangland boss, and the local branch of the successor organisation to the Soviet KGB…

Familiar Stranger (affiliate link)

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Author: Moss, Caitlin
Romantic Comedy

Two Weddings.
One Divorce.
The Perfect Fake Date.

Anna McKinley, the black sheep of her family, faces the embarrassment of attending her younger sister’s wedding alone after breaking off her engagement last year. But after a couple of glasses of wine with a handsome stranger, they concoct a plan for him to help her save face by attending the wedding as her date. Complete with a fake name and an irresistible first date story, she and “Isaac” embark on an innocent con that turns into a magical night.

Fast forward twelve years, Anna still wound up the average statistic: married with two kids, living in the suburbs, and a husband asking her for a divorce. Even though the divorce is a long time coming, she and her husband decide to keep up appearances during her niece’s wedding, hiding their marria

One Moonlit Night (affiliate link)

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Author: James, Samantha
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Sibling Fiction

The Vicar’s Daughter

Forced to leave her home in the vicarage, proud and resolute Olivia Sherwood has hired on at Ravenwood Hall, where preparation for the new earl’s arrival is underway. At first glance, Olivia stands transfixed by the dashing gallant with eyes dark and gleaming in the moonlight. Though his origins are shadowed in secrets, and Olivia knows better than to trust a man she’s never met, she is intoxicated by him.

The Dark Earl

Crossing the threshold of his new home, Dominic St. Bride, the Earl of Ravenwood, sees suspicion in the faces of everyone surrounding him—for his staff knows of his illegitimate birth and dubious background. Yet, the radiant face of a beautiful servant intrigues him. Although the familiar wariness flares in her eyes, Dominic senses a smoldering desire there as well, and he determines to claim her. But can his passionate soul win the unlikely devotion of a defiant maid—thereby redeeming him with her unconditional love?

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Author: Horowitz, Alexandra
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In her “fascinating book…Horowitz combines the expertise of a scientist with an easy, lively writing style” (The New York Times Book Review) as she imagines what it is like to be a dog. Guided by her own dogs, Finnegan and Upton, Horowitz sets off on a quest through the cutting-edge science behind the olfactory abilities of the dog. In addition to speaking to cognitive researchers and smell experts, Horowitz visits detection-dog trainers and training centers; she meets researchers working with dogs to detect cancerous cells and anticipate epileptic seizure or diabetic shock; and she even attempts to smell-train her own nose.

As we come to understand how rich, complex, and exciting the world around us is to the canine nose, Horowitz changes our perspective on dogs forever. Readers will finish this book feeling that they have broken free of their human constraints and understanding smell as never before; that they have, for however fleetingly, been a dog. And, as The Boston Globe says about Being a Dog, “becoming more doglike, not surprisingly, can make anyone’s life a little more vivid.”

Silver Wings, Santiago Blue (affiliate link)

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Author: Dailey, Janet
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Historical Fiction

Travel back in time to the exhilarating story of the first WASPS, the Woman Airforce Service Pilots, who risked their lives, their ambitions, and their dreams to help the war effort during World War II.

Determined to earn their wings in a man’s world, four young women are united by their fearless passion for flying. From the rigors of military flight to their turbulent romances with fellow officers, to their own private wars for love and respect, Janet Dailey celebrates the courage of women at war in a world where life, time, and love were never more fleeting…and never more precious.

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Author: Kane, Andrea
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Crime Thrillers

A murder in upstate NY leads a young woman to search for answers among one of the region’s most powerful families in this romantic thriller.

Sally Montgomery’s romantic getaway in the Hudson Valley is brutally cut short when her companion, Frederick Pierson, is murdered. Now Sally is on the run from the police—and the killer. In desperation, she turns to her ex-husband, a former NYPD detective, and their daughter Devon, a veterinarian who inherited her father’s investigative instincts.

Devon’s search for the truth leads her straight to Blake Pierson, the handsome, enigmatic heir apparent to the powerful Pierson clan. But with his family’s empire threatened, whose side is Blake on? Racing the clock, Devon must prove her mother’s innocence and outmaneuver the killer before her tactics put her in the wrong place—with no time left to lose . . .

Jimmy Stewart: Bomber Pilot (affiliate link)

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Author: Smith, Starr
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Biographies of Actors & Actresses

Of all the celebrities who served their country during World War II -and they were legion -Jimmy Stewart was unique. On December 7th, when the attack on Pearl Harbor woke so many others to the reality of war, Stewart was already in uniform – as a private on guard duty south of San Francisco at the Army Air Corps Moffet Field. Seeing war on the horizon, Jimmy Stewart, at the height of his fame after Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and his Oscar-winning turn in The Phadelphia Story in 1940, had enlisted several months earlier.

Jimmy Stewart, Bomber Pilot chronicles his long journey to become a bomber pilot in combat. Author Starr Smith, the intelligence officer assigned to the movie star, recounts how Stewart’s first battles were with the Air Corps high command, who insisted on keeping the naturally talented pilot out of harm’s way as an instructor pilot for B-17 Flying Fortresses and B-24 Liberators. By 1944, however, Stewart managed to get assigned to a Liberator squadron that was deploying to England to join the mighty Eighth Air Force. Once in the thick of it, he rose to command his own squadron and flew twenty combat missions, including one to Berlin.

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Author: Sterling, Christine
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Historical Christian Romance Fiction

She was the last thing he wanted, but everything he needed.

Bass Pickett doesn’t want a wife. But unless he or his brothers marry, they could lose the ranch they worked so hard for. When he finds a misplaced mail order bride letter on a train, it might just be the answer to his prayers.

Emily Frost needed a fresh start. After a scandal makes her an outcast of Richmond society, she writes a letter to a matchmaker out west. What she didn’t expect was a response from a lonely cowboy seeking a wife for his brother.

When Emily comes to Flat River, what happens when she falls in love with the wrong man? Will Bass make Emily his letter wife, or allow her to marry his brother?

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