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Author: Ainsley, Emma
Cozy Mystery

One red shoe…
Can ruin your whole day.
Forty-something, Maggie Sharpe, has returned to her quaint, childhood town of Dogwood Mountain, Missouri, nestled in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. She recently inherited Dogwood Donuts, along with a cute little cottage, from her Aunt Marjorie and she is ready to keep the business running and settle into a new, peaceful life.

Maggie throws herself into running the bakery, but the baking grinds to a halt when a body is discovered in the alley behind her new shop and a whole host of small town secrets surface as a result of the investigation.

With the police on her door step every time she turns around, she’s thrown into an even bigger mess than the glaze on her favorite donut when an important clue is found in the worst possible place… her donut shop.

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Author: Wallace, R. A.
Cozy Murder Mystery

After some life changes have her contemplating her future, Megan Parker is searching for a new dream. Whatever that dream might be, she’s fairly certain it will involve food. Given that she, husband Dan, and son Aaron live on a farm where she runs her own produce stand, the possibilities are endless.
When an old friend becomes a suspect in a murder case, Megan realizes that he needs help. It isn’t just that he could be arrested for murder. The single dad is completely hopeless in a kitchen. Unfortunately, with both motive and opportunity, he’s really good at being a murder suspect. He’s also looking pretty good as husband material for some of the single moms who manage to make the situation more complicated with their overzealous interest.

Megan’s plans to seek out a new dream are temporarily put on hold to help a friend. Or are they? Solving murders is time consuming and it isn’t just the many suspects that need ideas for meals. Megan searches for puzzle pieces to a murder offered up by the friendly inhabitants of Teaberry in this light and cozy mystery.

Valentines Day: Time Patrol (affiliate link)

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Author: Mayer, Bob
Alternative History Science Fiction

14 February 1929: Gunmen massacre seven people in the infamous St. Valentines Day Massacre. Al Capone is consolidating his grip on the Outfit in Chicago. But what if it turns out very differently?

14 February 1945: President Roosevelt, heading home from the Yalta Conference, stops on the Great Bitter Lake to meet King Idn Saud of Saudi Arabia to discuss a relatively new topic: Arab oil. And a Jewish homeland. What if the talks turned out very differently?

14 February 1779: Captain Cook, famed explorer of the Pacific, meets his fate in Hawaii. What if he survived?

14 February 278: Saint Valentine is beheaded near the Milvian Bridge. What if he survived?

14 February 1945: The Dresden Firebombing. Kurt Vonnegut is in a slaughterhouse as the first bombers appear overheard. What if . . .

14 February 1946: The ENIAC computer, programmed by six women, is unveiled to the public. The press thinks the women are simply models. Someone wants to computer to fail.

The mission, as always for the Time Patrol, seems straight-forward: keep history intact. No matter the cost.

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Author: Parrish, PJ
Crime Thrillers
DIG UP THE PAST. PAY THE PRICE. For Louis Kincaid and his lover, female detective Joe Frye, the present and the past collide when they team up to find out what happened to Jean Brandt, who was reported missing by her husband from their Michigan farmhouse in 1981. Jean’s daughter Amy, only five at the time, has been plagued by dream-like memories of a violent killing, and it is assumed that the murder she has seen is her mother’s. But as Amy’s veracity as a witness is put to the test, Louis and Joe realize that the details of her visions are not consistent with the evidence—in particular, the time period during which Jean was killed. A strange question emerges: Whose murder did Amy really see?

Quantrall Box Set: Books 1-3 (affiliate link)

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Author: Mac, Carolina
Private Investigator Mysteries
Cowboy justice for hire. Jesse Quantrall, Texas oil magnate and renowned horse breeder, launches a new career in criminal investigation. Follow the lives of Jesse and his brothers in this action-packed western P.I. series.

Jesse Quantrall is known throughout Texas as a millionaire oilman and horse breeder, but when his father dies, he wonders… can he be more than an heir to an inherited life of leisure?

While reevaluating his sense of purpose, a frantic phone call draws him into a twisted plot of kidnapping, violence, and greed. Though left with few clues, Jesse must piece together what happened and who is behind it if he’s to save a life… But will he get there in time?

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Author: Roberson, Jeffery
Home-Based Business

A comprehensive guide to succeeding in the car-sharing business.

Chapter 1 focuses on getting started with Turo, including signing up as a host, creating appealing listings, and understanding Turo’s policies and guidelines. Chapter 2 delves into the importance of vehicle preparation, including cleanliness, maintenance, and proper documentation.

Chapter 3 covers effective communication and customer service, emphasizing the importance of prompt and professional interactions with renters. Chapter 4 explores strategies for marketing and promoting your listings to attract more renters and maximize your bookings.

Chapter 5 delves into maximizing your earnings on Turo, discussing strategies such as optimizing availability and rental rates, leveraging promotional features, and building a positive reputation through guest reviews. Chapter 6 emphasizes safety and security, providing guidance on verifying renters, establishing safety guidelines, managing emergencies, and protecting personal information.

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Author: Powell, David A.
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History of the U.S. Confederacy
According to soldier rumor, Chickamauga in Cherokee meant “River of Death.” The name lived up to that grim sobriquet in September 1863 when the Union Army of the Cumberland and Confederate Army of Tennessee waged a sprawling bloody combat along the banks of West Chickamauga Creek. This installment of Powell’s tour-de-force depicts the final day of battle, when the Confederate army attacked and broke through the Union lines, triggering a massive rout, an incredible defensive stand atop Snodgrass Hill, and a confused retreat and pursuit into Chattanooga. Powell presents all of this with clarity and precision by weaving nearly 2,000 primary accounts with his own cogent analysis. The result is a rich and deep portrait of the fighting and command relationships on a scale never before attempted or accomplished.

Game Time (affiliate link)

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Author: Angell, Roger
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Baseball Essays & Writings

Roger Angell’s famous explorations of the summer game are built on acute observation and joyful participation, conveyed in a prose style as admired and envied as Ted Williams’s swing. Here is Angell on Fenway Park in September, on Bob Gibson brooding in retirement, on Tom Seaver in mid-windup, on the abysmal early and recent Mets, on a scout at work in backcountry Kentucky, on Pete Rose and Willie Mays and Pedro Martinez, on the astounding Barry Bonds at Pac Bell Park, and more.

With twenty-nine essays divided between spring, summer, and fall, Game Time carries readers through the arc of the season with refreshed understanding and pleasure. With an introduction by Richard Ford, this collection represents Angell’s best writings, from spring training in 1962 to the explosive World Series of 2002.

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Author: Swan, Rosie
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Victorian Romance

A little girl seeking a meagre scrap of coal. A drowned man barely breathing. And a kindness that changes their lives forever…
Motherless Ten-year-old Milcah Fox lives with her father and six younger siblings, collecting dropped scraps of coal in order to feed her poor and hungry family. Life for the Fox household is difficult, but the family hold themselves together with faith, love and their shared joy for stories.

One day, Milcah’s father returns home with the body of an unconscious stranger in his cart. Milcah’s father found the man drifting in the river and managed to save him.

They barely have enough food to feed themselves, let alone to help another, but Milcah’s father tells his children that they must always help a person in need, regardless of who they are and how needy they themselves might be.

Milcah takes the lesson to heart, and after a few days under her care, the stranger wakes.

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Author: Storr, Will
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Social Psychology & Interactions
Self-absorption, perfectionism, personal branding—it wasn’t always like this, but it’s always been a part of us. Why is the urge to look at ourselves so powerful? Is there any way to break its spell—especially since it doesn’t necessarily make us better or happier people? Full of unexpected connections among history, psychology, economics, neuroscience, and more, Selfie is a “terrific” book that makes sense of who we have become (NPR’s On Point). Award-winning journalist Will Storr takes us from ancient Greece, through the Christian Middle Ages, to the self-esteem evangelists of 1980s California, the rise of the “selfie generation,” and the era of hyper-individualism in which we live now, telling the epic tale of the person we all know so intimately—because it’s us.
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Author: Holman, Shawna
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Cleaning, Caretaking & Relocating How-to

The good news is that you can control and improve the environment inside your home, and A Healthier Home provides an accessible, room-by-room roadmap for doing just that. Wherever you are on your journey to a healthier home, author and founder of A Little Less Toxic, Shawna Holman, offers realistic steps you can take to maintain a less toxic living environment that aligns with your values. Create a healthy, happy living space with simple swaps and hacks for banning hidden harms in every room:

Kitchen: Finding the best cookware, helpful tools and gadgets, safe serving ware and food storage, all about supplements, buying cleaning products, DIY cleaning products
Laundry Room: Washing machine and detergent recommendations, DIY spot treatment, whitening without bleach, treating stains, clotheslines, tips and tricks
Bathroom: Toiletries, oral hygiene, water (including chlorine and fluoride), self-care, skincare and a few DIY skincare recipes, medicine cabinet, hair training, cleaning (including deep cleaning/going beyond the basics of the kitchen!)
Bedroom: Mattress shopping, pillows, linens, all about certifications and materials, condoms and lubrication, pregnancy prevention/fertility, sleeping tips, blue light, hacks and tips for cleaning in the bedroom
Living Room: Indoor air quality, air purifiers, filters, furniture and rugs (materials and more), air fresheners (key swaps, essential oil how-tos, and candle info), mold mindfulness, EMF protection
Garden: Lawn care, sun protection, insect protection, after-sun care, and grounding

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Author: Monroe, Lucy
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Romantic Erotica

Greek billionaire Dimitri Petronides has one rule: duty over passion—especially for the women in his bed and this includes his latest mistress, the beautiful Xandra Fortune. But when Dimitri ends their affair, announcing his engagement to a more suitable woman, Xandra’s parting shot before leaving turns his world upside down.

Having disappeared without a trace, it’s taken four months for Dimitri to track her down and now he’s found her, he’s not going to let her—or the baby she’s carrying—out of his sight!

Alexandra left the painful life of Xandra Fortune far behind, but the moment Dimitri appears, it comes crashing back. Knowing he’ll use their searing attraction against her, she must resist, because this time more is at stake than just her heart.

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