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Author: Lyons, Kay
Clean & Wholesome Romance

Joe Brody has been called a lot of things. Some true. Some not. But now that he’s back in his hometown, his focus is getting a job and a home for his ill father to convalesce. Easier said than done when no one will hire him.

Ashley Cade has a teething toddler and lives with an elderly man as part of an agreement she made to buy his house. Complicated? Not as much as it sounds. Wilson is a dear and his huge Victorian a gem in the rough. The lonely old man even recommends a friend’s son as a handyman to help with the repairs and finally Ashley is making progress. And Joe? Joe is… intriguing to say the least.

But when the police chief tracks Joe down and Ashley discovers his history, everything changes. Wilson swears Joe is innocent. Joe swears he’s innocent. But the evidence says otherwise and she doesn’t know who to believe when her future business—and her child’s life—are at stake….

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Author: Patchen, Robin
Contemporary Christian Fiction

A car accident that might not be an accident at all. A murderer bent on revenge. And a woman desperate to keep her family together.

She’s already lost her soul mate. She’ll do anything to protect her children.

For the sake of her kids, Camilla Wright managed to survive after her husband’s murder. When she’s awakened in the night with the news that her teenage son and nephew have been in a horrific car accident, she rushes to the hospital in a haze of shock and panic.

The boys were supposed to be skiing in the mountains east of Salt Lake City. What were they doing so far west? More alarming, the wreck might not have been an accident at all.

While Jeremy fights for his life, Camilla is running out of time to discover who lured her son and her nephew into the desert. With each new clue, the terrifying truth becomes clearer.

Her husband’s killers are closing in…

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Author: Archer, Albany
Romantic Suspense

I’m making the most of my forced fresh start. Exiled by my family to a tiny mountain town, I’m going to show them I’m not the screw-up they think I am. What I’m not expecting is to love it here. To find all my missing pieces in the fresh air, quaint town, new friends, and a man who sets my soul on fire. But is seven hundred miles enough distance to keep my mistakes in the past?

I’ve lived in Trail Creek, New Mexico my entire life. My plans are set: take over the family business and live my best life. Simple. Except, I never accounted for a storm like Tuesday Phillips. The moment I meet her, everything shifts, and it doesn’t matter who her family is or what she’s running from. There’s no way I’m letting her go.

The Private Tutor (affiliate link)

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Author: Carter, AJ
Psychological Thrillers

The perfect job, or a deadly trap?

It seemed like the perfect job at first. The doctor and his wife hired me to home school their son in the grand house outside of town. The hours were good, and the pay was terrific, but if I knew then what I know now, I never would have taken the job.

It doesn’t take long to find the wife’s bruises, but then more appear. I want to help, but she’s adamant it will only make things worse. Not that it’s my only concern – talk of the previous tutor’s mysterious disappearance makes my skin crawl and, when I get snowed in with the family, two big questions keep me up at night.

What happened to the last tutor?
And will I ever be allowed to leave?

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Author: Hijaz, Amanda
Amateur Sleuth Mysteries

Marcus never expected to see a ghost on his first day of work at the Bishop Public Library.

Maybe it’s just stress. After all, being fired, moving, and, well, seeing a ghost are all a bit stress-inducing. All he wanted was to start life over in a small, quiet town. But he quickly learns the truth – the ghost is real, and she was murdered.

When Amelia disappeared from the Bishop Public Library, everyone assumed she had run away from her life. No one knew the truth: she was murdered. Now she wants Marcus to help her: help find her body, and reveal the truth.

But the killer is still out there, and they will stop at nothing to keep their secret.

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Author: Winik, Jay
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Civil War Saga

One month in 1865 witnessed the frenzied fall of Richmond, a daring last-ditch Southern plan for guerrilla warfare, Lee’s harrowing retreat, and then, Appomattox. It saw Lincoln’s assassination just five days later and a near-successful plot to decapitate the Union government, followed by chaos and coup fears in the North, collapsed negotiations and continued bloodshed in the South, and finally, the start of national reconciliation.

In the end, April 1865 emerged as not just the tale of the war’s denouement, but the story of the making of our nation.

Jay Winik offers a brilliant new look at the Civil War’s final days that will forever change the way we see the war’s end and the nation’s new beginning. Uniquely set within the larger sweep of history and filled with rich profiles of outsize figures, fresh iconoclastic scholarship, and a gripping narrative, this is a masterful account of the thirty most pivotal days in the life of the United States.

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Author: Brown, Julie
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True Crime

Dauntless journalist Julie K. Brown recounts her uncompromising and risky investigation of Jeffrey Epstein’s underage sex trafficking operation, and the explosive reporting for the Miami Herald that finally brought him to justice while exposing the powerful people and broken system that protected him.

For many years, billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s penchant for teenage girls was an open secret in the high society of Palm Beach, Florida and Upper East Side, Manhattan. Charged in 2008 with soliciting prostitution from minors, Epstein was treated with unheard of leniency, dictating the terms of his non-prosecution. The media virtually ignored the failures of the criminal justice system, and Epstein’s friends and business partners brushed the allegations aside. But when in 2017 the U.S Attorney who approved Epstein’s plea deal, Alexander Acosta, was chosen by President Trump as Labor Secretary, reporter Julie K. Brown was compelled to ask questions.

Nobody’s Darling (affiliate link)

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Author: Cox, Josephine
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Coming of Age Fiction

Lizzie Miller worries about her beautiful eldest daughter. A mother shouldn’t have favorites, but Ruby wins a special place in Lizzie’s heart. Money is short in their little house in Blackburn, and Ruby yearns to give her beloved family a better life. Determined to enjoy the security only wealth can bring, she stifles her feelings for handsome Johnny Ackroyd. Ruby knows he cannot offer her the life she craves.

Ruby works as a maid for Mr. Banks and his daughter, Cicely, a shy, gentle creature with few friends. The two girls hatch a mischievous plan to introduce Ruby to society at a party for the ‘gentry’ of Blackburn, where Ruby meets Luke Arnold, the dissolute heir to his father’s fortunes. Seeing Ruby’s dark beauty, he determines to despoil her innocence. When Luke slyly turns his charm on Cicely, Ruby feels compelled to warn her friend of his evil nature.

Ruby quickly finds employment in a milliner’s shop, and eventually takes over the business. But her worldly success still leaves an emptiness that riches cannot fill, and Ruby learns at last that the love of family and friends is beyond price . . .

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Author: Peterson, Dale
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Animal Behavior & Communication

This essential biography of one of the most influential women of the past century shows how truly remarkable Jane Goodall’s accomplishments have been. Goodall was a secretarial school graduate when Louis Leakey, unable to find someone with more fitting credentials, first sent her to Gombe to study chimpanzees. In this acclaimed work, Dale Peterson details how this young woman of uncommon resourcefulness and pluck would go on to set radically new standards in the study of animal behavior. He vividly captures the triumphs and setbacks of her dramatic life, including the private quest that led to her now-famous activism.

Peterson, a longtime Goodall collaborator, has a unique knowledge of his subject. Candid and illuminating, this work will be a revelation even to readers who are familiar with the public Goodall as presented in her own writing.

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Author: Batterson, Mark
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Personal Growth & Christianity

Christians who want to take the next step in their faith walk need look no further. It’s time to ante up and go all in with God.

The Gospel costs nothing. You can’t earn it or buy it. It can only be received as a free gift, which is compliments of God’s grace. It doesn’t cost anything, but it demands everything. It demands that we go “all in,” putting all that we have into God’s hands.

But why do so many Christians hesitate to do that? And when did we start believing that the Gospel is an insurance plan? We’re afraid that if we go all in that we might miss out on what life has to offer. But Jesus did not die to keep us safe. He died to make us dangerous.

So, let’s step out of spiritual no man’s land and kneel at the foot of the cross of Christ and surrender to his lordship. It’s time to dethrone yourself and enthrone Christ as king, and Pastor Mark Batterson is here to show you how.

Using his customary vivid, contemporary illustrations, as well as biblical characters like Shamgar, Elisha, Jonathan, and even Judas, you will be challenged to trade what Batterson calls “inverted Christianity” for true discipleship as you strip away your excuses and inhibitions and follow God completely.

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Author: Messier, Mark
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Business Teams

Mark Messier is one of the most accomplished athletes in the history of professional sports. He was a fierce competitor with a well-earned reputation as a winner. But few people know his real story, not only of the astonishing journey he took to making NHL history, but of the deep understanding of leadership and respect for the power of teamwork he gained.

Messier tells of his early years with his tight-knit family, learning especially from his father, Doug—a hockey player, coach, and teacher. He describes what it was like entering the NHL as a teenager with a wild side, and growing close with teammates Wayne Gretzky, Kevin Lowe, Paul Coffey, Glenn Anderson, and others during their high-flying dynasty years with the Edmonton Oilers. He chronicles summers spent looking for inspiration and renewed energy on trips to exotic destinations around the world. And he recounts the highs, lows, and hard work that brought the New York Rangers to the ultimate moment for a hockey club: lifting the Stanley Cup.

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