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Author: Tinto, Kevin
Mystery Thriller

Archaeologist Leah Andrews stumbles upon something inexplicable in southwestern New Mexico: inside a dark cavern lies an undiscovered Native American cliff dwelling abandoned for 800 years. While twisting through one of the narrow underground passageways, Leah’s flashlight illuminates the remains of a violent massacre.

Ancient human remains—all slaughtered in a long-ago massacre—cover the cavern floor and several brilliantly colored granite crystals. The rare gems are native to only one place on earth: a frozen mountain range in central Antarctica. Could Native Americans have traveled to the icy continent of Antarctica 800 years before the first known human exploration?

If so, how? And why? Only one person can get Leah to those mountains in Antarctica: her estranged husband and climbing guide Jack Hobson. They make a stunning discovery at their destination that will change history and science forever.

But Leah’s team is far from the only interested party. As her secret reaches the highest levels of government, a race to seize the Russian-claimed Antarctic territory brings the world to the brink of nuclear conflict.

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Author: Tinto, Kevin
Mystery Thriller

The Americans and Russians are racing toward nuclear confrontation over a mind-blowing find under the ice in Antarctica. The American Executive Branch is in meltdown over the President’s order to detonate a highly classified Iso-Hafnium nuclear device in Antarctica, killing a platoon of Navy SEALs and the same number of Russian Special Operation, Spetnaz.

Having escaped the President’s plan to eliminate them, Dr. Leah Andrews and Jack Hobson have the upper hand, thanks to a nuclear device hidden in the New Mexico desert. This leverage will only last so long, and the key to unlocking the mystery lies with twenty-eight Native American cliff dwellers, who survived more than eight hundred years under the ICE in stasis.

While Leah tries to untangle the secrets of the ‘Ancients,’ Jack Hobson is trying to protect Leah and the Ancients while being drawn into another mystery: are there more of these high technology caches? If so, how will they secure them before other interested parties, including the Russians, locate them? As Leah learns, the key to the mystery is one of the Ancients.

A Lakota Shaman named Appanoose. He has no interest in cooperating with Leah, just as she learns stunning new facts about the Ancients and what happened to them more than eight hundred years ago. Leah and Jack find themselves the targets of the US government, foreign powers, and even the Ancients in the thrilling follow-up to ICE!

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Author: Kissam, Ben
Humor & Entertainment

Three years ago, his life was a mess. He hit rock bottom and knew he needed to change. Then, he ordered five self-help books from the internet.

Now, he’s a successful person. He runs his own lifestyle business, puts butter in his coffee, and quotes Nietzsche at parties. And in this groundbreaking how-to success manual, he’ll teach you how to be successful just like him.

You’ll learn things like:

– The keys to ditching all your loser friends (who have prevented you from being successful to this point)

– Proven strategies for being overly optimistic, if not obnoxious, about how much you enjoy failure

– How to ‘win the day’ with your morning routine, then lose the afternoon (guaranteed)

– How to chunk down your goals and (literally) eat an elephant- How to craft edgy content with the f*cking f-word in the title

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Author: French, Nicole
Contemporary Romance

Enemies turn to lovers in this bad boy billionaire romance with a twist.

I had a plan.

Finish law school. Start a job. Stay away from men like Brandon Sterling. Cocky, overbearing, and richer than the Earth, he thinks the world belongs to him, and that includes me.

Yeah, no. Think again.

It doesn’t matter that his blue eyes look straight into my soul, or that his touch melts my icy reserve. It doesn’t even matter that past all that swagger, there’s a beautiful, damaged man who has so much to offer beyond private planes and jewelry boxes.

But I had a plan: no falling in love.

I just have to convince myself.

Shadow of the Wolf (affiliate link)

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Author: Barwick, James
Conspiracy Thrillers 

Captain Alfred Horn is the highly skilled pilot chosen to fulfil a top-secret assignment. Under the impression he is to test-fly for Messerschmitt, Horn puts up little resistance.

However, he soon becomes aware that this assignment he has embarked upon is more than just test-flying a modified long-range Me110. Curiously, he is also put in the hands of a highly skilled tailor! What could a tailor possibly have to do with test-flying the Me110?

On his first and only flight on the Me110, Horn is ordered to take the gunner’s seat rather than piloting. His role in this flight was clearly to be a navigator or instructor. Horn is shocked when he realises that the pilot is none other than Deputy Führer Rudolf Hess, second to Adolf Hitler in the German Reich.

The mission soon becomes apparent to Horn. Shot down by a lone spitfire, Horn and Hess parachute from the Me110 over Scotland. Injured, Hess is captured; but not before he passes on his mission to Horn.

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Author: Scott, M K
Cozy Animal Mystery

The commissioner banned citizen interference in police investigations, but that’s never stopped Donna before and won’t stop her now.

A race yacht has capsized. A millionaire has gone missing. If that and the involvement of a would-be psychic aren’t reason enough to worry, adding Donna’s meddling mother to the mix will jeopardize Legacy’s reputation even further.

Can Donna rein in the chaos before it spells disaster for everyone involved?

The Summer House: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: McKinnon, Hannah
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Women’s Literary Fiction

When Flossy Merrill summons her children to the beloved family beach house to celebrate their father’s eightieth birthday, both cherished memories and long-kept secrets come to light in this charming and lyrical novel from the author of The Lake Season and Mystic Summer.

Flossy Merrill has managed to—somewhat begrudgingly—gather her three ungrateful grown children from their dysfunctional lives for a summer reunion at the family’s Rhode Island beach house. Clementine, her youngest child and a young mother of two small children, has caused Flossy the most worry after enduring a tragically life-altering year. But Samuel and his partner Evan are not far behind in their ability to alarm: their prospective adoption search has just taken a heart-wrenching turn. Only Paige, the eldest of the headstrong Merrill clan, is her usual self: arriving precisely on time with her well-adapted teens. Little does her family know that she, too, is facing personal struggles of her own.

No matter. With her family finally congregated under one seaside roof, Flossy is determined to steer her family back on course even as she prepares to reveal the fate of the summer house that everyone has thus far taken for granted: she’s selling it.

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Author: Eaton, Jan
Regularly $9.99, Today $3.99
Craft & Hobby Reference
In this collection, create beautiful fabrics with variegated zigzags of color and pretty ridged effects that are perfect for afghans, throws, baby blankets and even wall hangings. This easy-to-use book features 200 colorful ripple stitch patterns to knit and crochet using a range of techniques, from traditional Shetland lace stitches to modern textured pattern.

Each stitch features a detailed photograph, clear instructions and suggested color variations; Jan’s book also includes guidance on planning projects, choosing yarn, making and combining swatches, and finishing edges, along with an easy-to-follow refresher course on knitting and crochet basics. There is even the addition of five beautiful projects inside for you to knit and crochet, allowing you to see the myriad creations that can be made with the stitch patterns.

With so much inspiration to help you in one handy guide book, prepare to while away hours knitting and crocheting your dream designs with this essential and invaluable directory that’s perfect for new and familiar needlecrafters everywhere.

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Author: Dawson, Maddie
Regularly $4.99, Today $2.49
Women’s Humorous Fiction

Three women, three lives, and one chance to become a family—whether they want to or not.

Newly orphaned, recently divorced, and semiadrift, Nina Popkin is on a search for her birth mother. She’s spent her life looking into strangers’ faces, fantasizing they’re related to her, and now, at thirty-five, she’s ready for answers.

Meanwhile, the last thing Lindy McIntyre wants is someone like Nina bursting into her life, announcing that they’re sisters and campaigning to track down their mother. She’s too busy with her successful salon, three children, beautiful home, and…oh yes, some pesky little anxiety attacks.

But Nina is determined to reassemble her birth family. Her search turns up Phoebe Mullen, a guarded, hard-talking woman convinced she has nothing to offer. Gradually sharing stories and secrets, the three women make for a messy, unpredictable family that looks nothing like Nina pictured…but may be exactly what she needs. Nina’s moving, ridiculous, tragic, and transcendent journey becomes a love story proving that real family has nothing to do with DNA.

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Author: McKenney, Sally
Regularly $25.00, Today $4.99
Dessert & Sweets Cooking

Oh how sweet it is! If you’re a sugar lover and have always wanted to learn the secret to making homemade taffy, truffles, fudge, marshmallows, and more, then look no further.

Food blogger and baking addict Sally McKenney—author of Sally’s Baking Addiction and Sally’s Cooking Addiction—takes a trip into candy land with the mission to make candy making easy for everyone. Sally gets you started by reviewing the tools, ingredients, and basic knowledge you’ll need to make amazing candy. She then gives fully illustrated, step-by-step recipes for a range of different types of candy, including:
Classics like Candy Apples and Popcorn Balls
Chocolate-covered treats like Strawberry Buttercreams and Peanut Butter Buckeyes
Truffles in flavors such as Nutella and Lemon Cream Pie
A variety of caramels, toffees, and brittles
Candied nuts and other sweet treats
Oh-so-fabulous fudge in Fluffernutter Swirl, Cranberry Pistachio, Cookies ’n’ Cream, and more

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Author: Fluke, Joanne
Regularly $13.56, Today $3.99
Cozy Culinary Mysteries

It’s a picture postcard December in Minnesota, and Main Street is brimming with festive holiday decorations. Best of all, it’s time for the annual Holiday Cookie Exchange at the Community Center—catered by none other than Hannah Swensen’s bakery-café, The Cookie Jar! Gathered together for the delicious event, the Swensen clan and their friends share their favorite juicy tales of Lake Eden—and their favorite scrumptious cookie and luncheon recipes, including:

Candy Cane Cookies
Heavenly Eggnog Cookies
Little Snowballs
Merry Berry Cookies
Old-Fashioned Sugar Cookies
Regency Ginger Snaps
Norwegian Pizza
Razzle Dazzle Champagne Cocktails

…plus all the recipes from Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder to Carrot Cake Murder. Now you can bring the irresistible flavors of The Cookie Jar into your very own kitchen!

Keep Your Doors Locked (affiliate link)

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Author: Willis, Becki
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Domestic Thrillers

“If you see this man, do not open your door.”

She changed her name. She changed her life. She moved away from everyone she ever cared about. But her ex is still looking for her . . .

Sara lives alone in a rambling farmhouse in the sleepy Texas countryside. Her forever home.

A knock at the door. “If you see this man, do not open your door,” the police detective warns. Escaped killer Thomas Barnard has been sighted just a few miles away.

But it’s not the escaped prisoner that frightens Sara the most.

Her biggest fear is that he will find her. And keeping her doors locked won’t keep her safe.

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