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Author: Lindsay, Duane
Humorous Pulp Thrillers
P.I. Lou Fleener’s got a great disguise—he’s kind of short, slightly pudgy, and a little nondescript. But whatever you do, don’t get in a fight with him, even if you’ve brought a couple of buddies. Because you’re gonna lose every time. Some people just have a gift. And Lou has a second one, a little something for the ladies—he can dance like an Arthur Murray instructor. His best friend, movie-star handsome, socially awkward Dion “Monk” Monkton, has his own super power: working out intricate and diabolical revenge plans.

Lou and Monk get hustled into finding the kidnapped daughter of Chicago mob boss, Duke Braddock. Thing is, there’s no kidnapping, there’s no daughter. It’s all a scam to stir up a gang war to get Braddock’s guy named mayor.

It turns out, if you accidentally get mixed up in a gang war, working out intricate and diabolical revenge plans is a handy super power to have on your side. Monk’s got the brains, Lou’s got the moves, and newcomer Cassidy Adams provides the looks. They all provide the fast-moving action, leading to the most satisfying ending you could ever want when Lou and company actually find…the missing Amanda.

Nazis in America! Seriously?

Death at Glacier Lake (affiliate link)

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Author: Stucky, Pam
Traditional Detective Mysteries

An atmospheric whodunit for fans of traditional and cozy mysteries!

For two decades, the lush, isolated forests of the North Cascades have hidden a secret. Now, twenty years later, a mysterious contest has brought Mindy Harris back to the area she thought she’d left behind forever. A seemingly innocent creative design firm shows up for a company retreat, but all goes awry when one of their own turns up dead. Was it an accident? Murder? And how does the unsolved mystery from twenty years ago play into it all?

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Author: Ashton, Nikki
Romantic Suspense

Devastated over the heartache she never saw coming, Millie Braithwaite is determined to make a fresh start – she just didn’t expect her new boss to make her so hot and bothered.

Broken and suffocating in his grief, Jesse Connor wants nothing more than to be left alone to work on his ranch – he just didn’t expect his daughter’s new nanny to be so damn distracting.

When Millie and Jesse meet, their connection is instant. But they’re both still suffering and know one more heartbreak could shatter them beyond repair. Can a second chance at love, and the little girl that anchors them together, help them to heal and find happiness?

Box of Hearts is the first book in the Connor Ranch series and tells the story of second chance love and the joy and sorrow it can bring.

Never Her Duke (affiliate link)

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Author: Linwood, Hazel
Historical Regency Romance

“How could I so foolishly declare my interest to the wrong man?”

Attracting a very specific gentleman is the only way Lady Rachel could save her family. Even if that means risking her own reputation. But everything is about to be ruined when she ends up confessing her supposed undying love to the wrong man…

Duke Luke has witnessed enough trickery to know that Rachel’s confession is nothing but a scheme. So he must protect his friend from her infuriating yet irresistible charm.

When Luke vows to stop Rachel’s plan, he realizes that she is so much more than she lets others see. And nothing can stop the feelings that blossom between them. Forcing Rachel to choose between her heart’s commands or her duties…

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Author: Bawden-Davis, Julie
Romantic Suspense

Discovered Secrets, Book #1
La Times investigative reporter Jesse McMillan scores the biggest story of his career. An elusive Mexican mafia kingpin agrees to talk–but the price Jesse must pay is greater than he ever imagined. Especially when an old girlfriend he’s been dreaming about from his childhood home in the Canal Zone Panama steps into the picture.

Discovered Memories, Book #2
Foreign correspondent Alexa Kent is up against her toughest case yet. On location in La Paz, Mexico, she uncovers a human sex trafficking ring and races to save the little girls. Against her better judgment, Alexa turns to “Macaw” Sam Elvia, a Panamanian-Italian hiding out in Mexico. The closer they get to saving the girls and exposing the ringleader, the deadlier the chase becomes.

Discovered Indiscretions, Book #3
Border patrol agent Tatiana Romero guards the San Diego/Tijuana line as fiercely as her heart. Until one night when she meets a handsome surfer and stumbles into the most dangerous situation of her career. Tatiana and Brett watch the execution of a Mexican Mafioso and the kidnapping of his sultry mistress and soon find themselves at the heart of a dangerous kidnapping plot.

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Author: Weller, AK
Conspiracy Thrillers

On the run from her ex-husband, a powerful federal agent, Abigail takes shelter in a cabin in rural southwest Colorado with her trusty German shepherd, Dude. When she learns someone else has been using the cabin to hide out too, she’ll find herself stuck with a shady, surprise roommate for the summer. While they figure out how to get along, they’ll learn their stories were intertwined long before they met.

Enemy Closer is a suspense thriller that allows you to experience each new piece of information along with the characters right to the end, when you realize everything you thought you knew was a lie. A deeper story has only just begun to unfold.

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Author: Lee, Amanda M.
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Cozy Mystery
The truth is out there … maybe. Charlie Rhodes has a lot going on. The recent college graduate just landed her dream job. That’s right. She’s a bona fide monster hunter. No, you read that right. Charlie has joined the Legacy Foundation, and her actual job is to find something new, wonderful and scientifically unique. Her first job as the junior member of the team involves a biggie. It seems Bigfoot – no, the one and only Sasquatch extraordinaire itself – may have killed a woman in Hemlock Cove, Michigan. Within hours of landing at her new job Charlie finds herself traveling to an odd little town in the middle of nowhere to discover if Bigfoot is real. Charlie hits the ground running, excitement practically overwhelming her. The dead woman worked at a local resort and was very popular with her male colleagues. That means there are plenty of human suspects, but Charlie and her team are determined to prove the culprit was animal, not human. Hemlock Cove boasts numerous mysteries, of course, and when the team checks in to a local inn called The Overlook they find a gaggle of wacky women to contend with.
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Author: Ellsworth, John
Regularly $4.99, Today $2.49
Legal Thrillers

Who Defends the Defense Lawyer?

Michael Gresham is a criminal attorney who defends his clients with an iron will. They know that when he takes their case they are probably going to leave the courthouse a free man or free woman. But what happens when the defender becomes the defendant himself? A law partner will have to step up and do for him what he can’t do for himself. Isn’t that how it should work?

Watch up close as a tried and proven criminal defense lawyer is forced to face the most important case of his career. If he wins, he’s a free man. If he loses, he will die in prison. A lawyer named Harley Sturgis comes on the scene just in time–if she’s not too late already. It’s her chance to shine in a career that has all but crashed and burned around her. But here comes her last chance, a chance to redeem herself and win the case that can restore both her and Michael Gresham’s careers.

Wish Me Home (affiliate link)

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Author: Bratt, Kay
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Coming of Age Fiction

A hungry, stray dog is the last thing Cara Butter needs. Stranded in Georgia with only her backpack and a few dwindling dollars, she already has too much baggage. Like her twin sister, Hana, who has broken Cara’s heart one too many times. After a lifetime of family troubles, and bouncing from one foster home to another, Cara decides to leave it all behind and strike out alone—on foot.

Cara sets off to Florida to see the home of her literary hero, Ernest Hemingway, accompanied only by Hemi, the stray dog who proves to be the perfect travel companion. But the harrowing trip takes unexpected turns as strangers become friends who make her question everything, and Cara finds that as the journey unfolds, so does her life—in ways she could never imagine.

Summer of Secrets (affiliate link)

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Author: Scott, Nikola
Regularly $3.99, Today $0.99
Historical World War II Fiction

August 1939

At peaceful Summerhill, orphaned Maddy hides from the world and the rumours of war. Then her adored sister Georgina returns from a long trip with a new friend, the handsome Victor. Maddy fears that Victor is not all he seems, but she has no idea just what kind of danger has come into their lives…


Chloe is newly pregnant. This should be a joyful time, but she is fearful for the future, despite her husband’s devotion. When chance takes her to Summerhill, she’s drawn into the mystery of what happened there decades before. And the past reaches out to touch her in ways that could change everything…

Blackout (Berlin Book 1) (affiliate link)

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Author: Scarrow, Simon
Regularly $22.95, Today $3.99
Historical War Thriller

As the Nazis tighten their chokehold on the capital, panic and paranoia fester as blackout is rigidly enforced. Every night the city is plunged into an oppressive, suffocating darkness—pitch-perfect conditions for unspeakable acts.

When a young woman is found brutally murdered, it’s up to Criminal Inspector Horst Schenke to solve the case quickly. His reputation is already on the line for his failure to join the Nazi Party. If he doesn’t solve the case, the consequences could be fatal.

Schenke’s worst fears are confirmed when a second victim is found. As the investigation takes him deeper into the regime’s darkest corridors, Schenke realises danger lurks behind every corner—and that the warring factions of the Reich can be as deadly as a killer stalking the streets . . .

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