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Author: Dranfield, Wendy
Crime Thrillers

Shivering in the early morning chill, the caretaker flips the switch on the Ferris wheel and stumbles back in shock. The teenage girl’s body is slumped in a halo of pretty colored lights, long red hair spilling over her tear-stained cheeks, her eyes fixed forever on her dangling feet.

When teenager Nikki Jackson’s body is found at an amusement park, just hours after Fourth of July fireworks lit up the night sky, the Lost Creek police rule her death as suicide—a devastating final act from a girl who had lost all hope. But the absence of the knife used to make the wounds on her delicate wrists makes Detective Madison Harper think otherwise. And the partial fingerprint found on the girl’s face proves her right. Someone else was with Nikki in her final moments…

Caribbean Recipes (affiliate link)

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Author: Press, BookSumo
Caribbean & West Indian Cooking
Here is a Preview of the Caribbean Recipes You Will Learn:
Tropical Plantain Pies
Spicy Jerk Ginger Chicken Wings
Chicken and Long Grain
Caribbean Fish Chips
Jerk Fish
Hot Coconut Rice Beans
Aphrodisiac Grilled Chicken
Kingston Curry
Tropical Latin Cake
Real Jerk Chicken
Jerk Pineapple Fajitas
Jamaican Egg Noodles and Chicken
Kalisa’s Chips
Jamaican Cabbage
Brown Glazed Carrots
Jamaican Roast
Nutty Jerk Coleslaw
Grandma’s Spicy Goat Curry
Flame Broiled Sweet Potatoes
Alvita’s Dumplings
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Author: Kane, Avery
Romantic Comedy
Moxie Stone had a plan when she came to New Orleans. She was going to launch the most successful bar on Bourbon Street, collect her accolades, and then move to a bigger market. She had her eye on the prize…and then he hijacked her launch.
Augustus “Gus” Kingman is one of those Kingmans. He has more money than Moxie. He has a pedigree. He has parents who are willing to throw money at a problem. What he doesn’t have is Moxie’s drive.
They’re supposed to hate each other, and they’re convinced they do. They’re also drawn to one another with alarming regularity.
Some things are inevitable.
Moxie has a secret. There’s a reason she goes to Jackson Square to feed the homeless every night.
Gus has a complex. There’s a reason he wants to launch this bar on his own, no parents in sight.
Apart they’re strong. Together, though, they just might be unstoppable.

Come True (affiliate link)

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Author: Quinn, Brindi
Fantasy Romance

Recent college graduate Dolly Jones has spent the last year stubbornly trying to atone for a mistake that cost her everything. She doesn’t go out, she doesn’t make new friends and she sure as hell doesn’t treat herself to things she hasn’t earned, but when her most recent thrift store purchase proves home to a hot, magical genie determined to draw out her darkest desires in exchange for a taste of her soul, Dolly’s restraint, and patience, will be put to the test.

Newbie genie Velis Reilhander will do anything to beat his older half-brothers in a soul-collecting contest that will determine the next heir to their family estate, even if it means coaxing desire out of the least palatable human he’s ever contracted. As a djinn from a ‘polluted’ bloodline, Velis knows what it’s like to work twice as hard as everyone else, and he won’t let anyone—not even Dolly f*cking Jones—stand in the way of his birthright. He just needs to figure out her heart’s greatest desire before his asshole brothers can get to her first.

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Author: Haverstock, Nikki
Coming of Age Fantasy
As a mermaid, Brooke has never been to the Rocky Mountains. And stumbling across the murder of a werewolf is not a great start to her visit. In the paranormal-only town of Purgatory Falls, though, she’s discovered a place where she can reveal her true self for the first time in her life. So she shakes off her unease and tries to enjoy herself, exploring the quaint small town and getting to know its residents, including a dragon shifter police officer. When the official investigation into the crime she witnessed seems to narrow in on the wrong suspect, however, Brooke realizes she might have to start poking around on her own—and begin to test her own magical abilities.
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Author: Vixen, Sally
Historical Regency Romance

“You knew I was a Wolf, and you still came to my bedchambers. It’s like you’re begging me to taste you, little lamb…”

Desperate to have one last adventure before she’s forced to marry, Lady Alice decides to steal the most scandalous book she’s heard of. The catch? It’s in the Duke’s of Thorns estate…

Known as one of Ton’s ‘Wolves’, former rake and current recluse Duke Colin scares everyone away. Until a minx is bold enough to walk right into the Wolf’s den…And Colin promises to give her what she wants. But he has one condition: She must be his for a month…

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Author: Ferraro-Fanning, Angela
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Sustainable Agriculture

Join the permaculture revolution! Author Angela Ferraro-Fanning (Axe & Root Homestead) shares techniques and tips for a homestead with synergy between soil, plants, animals, and trees.

If you’re like most homesteaders, the dream is to make the most of your land by working with it, not against it. From capturing water and building strong soil to helping your animals live their best lives, The Sustainable Homestead is about making your homestead stronger by achieving synergy between what can seem like different parts.

In this book, new and veteran homesteaders alike can find detailed information to put to use this year, this month, even this week! Angela—also the co-host of the HOMESTEADucation podcast and author of the Little Homesteader/Little Country Cottage series of children’s books—has spent more than a decade building and strengthening her small acreage homestead and shares the lessons chapter by chapter.

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Author: Dalkin, Gaby
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Natural Foods

Master the art of the avocado with seventy-five creative recipes, plus tips on cutting, storing, and picking perfectly ripe avocados every time.

With its buttery texture and subtle flavor, the avocado pairs well with meat and seafood, makes a great topping for burgers and salads, and adds a wonderful creaminess to dips, sauces, and even desserts. Absolutely Avocados presents delightfully delicious new ways to use avocados in breakfasts, lunches, salads, snacks, and plenty of the ways you haven’t even imagined.

In her debut cookbook, renowned blogger Gaby Dalkin shares her fresh and simple cooking style. Mixing California casual with a healthy dose of Southwestern flair, Gaby’s recipes are ideal for anyone who loves avocados or just scrumptious meals.
Features seventy-five to-die-for recipes like Crab and Avocado Quesadilla and Avocado and Tuna Ceviche
Illustrated with gorgeous full-color photographs from acclaimed food photographer Matt Armendariz
Includes an introductory section that describes common varieties of avocado and includes foolproof advice on cutting, storing, and picking ripe avocados at the market

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Author: Gipson, Ferren
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Mixed Media

This powerful and insightful work offers a bold celebration of the innovative, brilliant artists reclaiming the idea of ‘women’s work’.

In the history of western art, decorative and applied arts – including textiles and ceramics – have been separated from the ‘high arts’ of painting and sculpture and deemed to be more suitable for women. Artists began to reclaim and redefine these materials and methods, energizing them with expressions of identity and imagination.

Women’s Work tells the story of this radical change, highlighting some of the modern and contemporary artists who dared to defy this hierarchy and who, through, experimentation and invention, transformed their medium.

The work of these women has helped underscore the ongoing value of these art forms within the history of art, championing ‘women’s work’ as powerful mediums worthy of celebration.

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Author: Williams Sonoma
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Cooking with Kids

Recipes from old favorites—pizza, tacos, cupcakes—to new discoveries—summer rolls, frittatas, madeleines—that help kids develop their chef-pertise.

Aspiring junior chefs will never be at a loss about what to cook again. With this yummy and comprehensive collection of kid favorites, young cooks will learn to master their favorite recipes with easy step-by-step instructions, helpful illustrations, and beautiful color photography to guide them. Whether the objective is a family breakfast for four, pasta for supper, soup on a cold day, or ice cream on a hot one—the recipes in this colorful book ensure that a yummy kid-friendly recipe is always close at hand and easy to accomplish. Fresh-tasting recipes appeal to kids and adults alike, and many offer simple variations for picky eaters. All will appreciate the colorful graphics and photography throughout.

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Author: The Sinclair Institute, Fulbright, Yvonne
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The journey to amazing sex is one of the most exciting rides you and your partner can take. Leading sex educator and creator of the phenomenally successful Better Sex ® video series, The Sinclair Institute ™, gives you the definitive manual on sexual intimacy and satisfaction.

Based on the latest research and authored by Sinclair Institute’s Advisory Council member Yvonne K. Fulbright, Ph.D. this quintessential hotter-sex guide covers every aspect of sexual activity from basic to advance. You’ll learn how to build sexual tension and desire, achieve more satisfying orgasms, and please yourself and your partner.

The Better Sex ® Guide to Extraordinary Lovemaking contains practical and candid advice for couples who want to enhance their sex lives. Whatever your age, whatever your lifestyle, wherever you are on your sexual journey, you’ll find detailed advice, explicit techniques, and exciting positions that will make sex more thrilling and fulfilling.

Dying to Know (affiliate link)

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Author: Cairns, Rae
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Crime Thriller
A desperate phone call. A decade of questions. A deadly race to the truth. A new heartstopping thriller to keep you up all night, from critically acclaimed Rae Cairns Twelve years ago budding journalist Geneva Leighton received a phone call that stopped her life in its tracks. Her terrified sister, Amber, was locked in the boot of a moving car and begging Geneva for help. Amber was never heard from again. Since that night, Geneva’s days have revolved around caring for her traumatised niece and nephew, despite the unpredictable behaviour of their father … and keeping the search for her sister alive. But the knowledge it should have been her in the boot of the car haunts her waking hours. When Sergeant Jesse Johns turns up with shocking new evidence about Amber, Geneva’s world is thrown into chaos again. The police leads hit a dead end and desperate for answers, Geneva becomes Amber’s lone warrior for justice. As she edges closer and closer to the truth, she uncovers dangerous secrets that have the power to destroy everyone she loves. Trust no one.

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