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Author: Thompson, Tess
Historical Romance

Love, not blood, makes a family.

He’s a lonely widower with five children. She braves the frontier hoping for a new life. Together, they create the family they all need.
Wealthy Lord Barnes, having departed from his homeland for adventures in America, is raising five precocious children alone in 1910 when the first schoolteacher of Emerson Pass arrives with nothing but an extra dress in her suitcase and changes their lives forever.

Miss Quinn Cooper has left her mother and sister to brave the unknown Western frontier, never dreaming that her destiny is about to unfold.
Meet the Barnes family in the first three installments of Tess Thompson’s bestselling American Historical Romance series, Emerson Pass. Enjoy epic love stories, sibling loyalty and deep friendships in this touching family saga that will pull your heartstrings in all the right places.

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Author: Walter, Jodi
Amateur Sleuth Murder Mystery

In the heart of New York City plagued by crime, the opioid epidemic, and mental health crisis, the NYPD Chief of Police proposes an audacious experiment. A partnership born of necessity – blending the skills of two enigmatic experts.

Jed Gray and Christie Jamison, handpicked for their unrivaled expertise. Jed, a therapist with a unique ability to see through the layers of the human mind, and Christie, a relentless detective whose intuition knows no bounds. Together, they make an unlikely pair.

Less than 24 hours in, a murder thrusts them into action, with Jed Gray as the prime suspect. As the clock ticks and another murder shatters the fragile calm, will their untested partnership survive?

For Jed, the answer lies buried in his past—a past he vowed never to return. Will he unlock the key to the case, or will the past consume him?

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Author: Morgan, Leeanna
Sweet Small Town Romance

Mia Costas is a successful artist, not an event planner. Agreeing to help stage a charity gala is the last thing she needs, but it’s for a good cause and she doesn’t want to let her friends down. When she realizes how important the event is, she knows she’s not the best person for the job—and so will the director of the hospital if he discovers who she is.

With less than three months until the opening of a new neonatal unit, Stan Lewis, the Director of Bozeman Deaconess Hospital, needs to organize the biggest fundraising event Montana has ever seen. An event staging company could be the answer to all his problems or create more than he ever imagined.

With the hopes of more than one child resting on their shoulders, Stan and Mia work together to create a night no one will forget. And maybe, if they let themselves believe in the power of love, they can create a little magic of their own.

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Author: Jones, Zachary
Space Opera Science Fiction
It was a nice simple war. Just the Earth Federation and the League of Sovereign Systems fighting for the third time over who would be the supreme power in settled space, and who would have to exist in the victor’s shadow. Then the Ascendency showed up and ruined everything.One moment, Flight Lieutenant Mason Grey was a fighter pilot of the Federal Space Forces about to strike a League base located on a dwarf planet in an uninhabited system. The next, unknown starships showed up, blew his carrier to hell, killed his squadron, shot down his fighter, and left him stranded amid the ruins of the very base he had come to attack.With nothing but a space suit and a dwindling life support system, Mason was in way, way over his head. And that was just the start of his problems.
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Author: Neat, Harper
Liquor, Spirits & Mixed Drinks

Ready to graduate from beer and wine to the smooth, smokey notes of Bourbon?
Thousands are making Bourbon their drink of choice, lured by its sophisticated taste and zero-carb contribution to today’s health-conscious lifestyle. Viewed as a gentleman’s drink and obscured by confusing “bourbon-speak,” it can be challenging for new woman enthusiasts to find their way in the complex bourbon world.

Don’t be limited by what you don’t know! You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy America’s native spirit. Bourbon Basics for Her is your answer!
This simple, easy-to-read guide takes you from confused to confident in five easy steps.
Effortlessly and accurately use “bourbon-speak” to order the drink you want.

Decode bourbon labels and make sense of all the choices in the liquor store.

Abandon the entry-level bourbons and savor interesting new bourbons without breaking the bank.

Set up your home bar and mix classic bourbon cocktails your friends will love.

Expand your palate and accurately describe what you like.

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Author: Boruff, L.A., Cooke, Lorraine, Magic, Life After
Paranormal Cozy Witch Mystery

Mae and Lela Cable are identical twins. Mirror twins, to be exact. They’ve lived a normal life…until now. Their moonshine-swilling, antique-hoarding, geriatric Aunt Bertha insists that they’re descendants of Appalachian witches.
What in the world are they supposed to do with that?

Lela works as a doula and has a knack for medicinal herbs. She’s the adventurous sister who enjoys the single life.

Timid Mae pampers her house plants and is a recently divorced mom who has spent her entire adult life giving in to the desires of her family and ignoring herself.

Can someone say self-care needed, stat?

When the twins decide on a whim to travel cross-country to meet a dying, long-lost relative in the Great Smoky Mountains, they quickly realize that their entire lives were filled with curtains that hid the truth. Even their parents’ cause of death was a lie.

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Author: Hatmaker, Jen
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Parenting & Family Humor

Life is messy for each of us. But Jen Hatmaker reminds us that it’s okay to admit that we’re all in the same boat. Join New York Times bestselling author and honorary big sister Jen as she shares hilarious tales, shameless honesty, and unconditional hope for the woman who’s forgotten her moxie.

We will endure discouragement, heartbreak, failure, and suffering. All of us. And more than once. But we are the very same folks who can experience triumph, perseverance, joy, and rebirth. More than once. And in more than one category. And in more than one season. And that? That’s moxie.

Moxie reaches for laughter, for courage, for the deep and important truth that women are capable of weathering the storm. We are not victims, we are not weak, we are not a sad, defeated group of sob sisters. Yes, life is hard, but we are incredibly resilient.

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Author: Blount Jr., Roy
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Comedy Movies & Video

Nearly eighty years after its release, the Marx Brothers film Duck Soup remains one of the most influential pieces of political satire in history. In Hail, Hail, Euphoria!, bestselling author Roy Blount Jr. tells the history and making of Duck Soup, examining the comedic genius of the Marx Brothers in their finest hour and nine minutes.

In Duck Soup, a slim, agile, quick-witted, self-assured young man is summoned to save a nation from financial ruin. As the nation’s new president, he brings together a team of rivals, a band of brothers. Those brothers are Pinky, Chicolini, and Lt. Bob Roland. Their leader? None other than Rufus T. Firefly.

The humor and idiosyncratic wit of Duck Soup are saluted by the author’s own in this gem of a book, offering a behind-the-scenes tale of show business and brotherhood that only a true Marx Brothers aficionado could tell.

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Author: Jones, Kaylie
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Biographies & Memoirs of Authors
Her mother was a brainy knockout with the sultry beauty of Marilyn Monroe, a raconteur whose fierce wit could shock an audience into hilarity or silence. Her father was a distinguished figure in American letters, the National Book Award–winning author of four of the greatest novels of World War II ever written. A daughter of privilege with a seemingly fairy-tale-like life, Kaylie Jones was raised in the Hamptons via France in the 1960s and ’70s, surrounded by the glitterati who orbited her famous father, James Jones. Legendary for their hospitality, her handsome, celebrated parents held court in their home around an antique bar—an eighteenth-century wooden pulpit taken from a French village church—playing host to writers, actors, movie stars, film directors, socialites, diplomats, an emperor, and even the occasional spy. Kaylie grew up amid such family friends as William Styron, Irwin Shaw, James Baldwin, and Willie Morris, and socialized with the likes of Truman Capote, Norman Mailer, George Plimpton, and Kurt Vonnegut.
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Author: Neggers, Carla
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Military Thrillers
In this emotional Thriller Short, New York Times–bestselling writer Carla Neggers delivers an intense, emotional read. Navy SEAL Ryan “Grit” Taylor survived the war in Afghanistan but lost a limb. Now, at her brother’s urging, Grit is on a mission to save the life of Marissa, a history teacher who also happens to be the vice president’s oldest daughter and the love of Grit’s life. In the snow-laden forest of Vermont, an associate with a shoulder wound confirms that a sniper is after Marissa. A blood trail warns Grit that either she or the sniper has been injured. But on finding her, Grit must grapple with an entirely different crisis. Who is the actual target?
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Author: Parent, Gail
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Epistolary Fiction

A single, thirty-year-old woman in the 1970s struggles to find her dream man and dream job in this hilarious & heartwarming classic.

Three decades after its original bestselling publication, Sheila Levine is Dead and Living in New York is still completely on target as the most achingly funny book-length suicide note ever written by an agonizingly single thirty-year-old trying unsuccessfully to straddle two worlds: the one she’s been programmed for from birth—marriage first, life later—and the illusive swinging singles scene of liberated New York City.

Meet Sheila Levine, she’s smart and funny, and her mother tells her she’s beautiful. . . . But her skirt’s always a bit wrinkled, she’s trying to lose fifteen—make that twenty-five—pounds, she just turned thirty . . . and she’s still single. She tries to date and mate, she really does, but disappointment turns to desperation, and after a flash of insight, Sheila calmly decides to kill herself. So she starts to get her affairs in order and writes a suicide note to her loving parents to explain it all . . .

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Author: Lutz, John
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Private Investigator Mysteries

The first three crime thrillers in an award-winning series starring a tough Florida PI—from the New York Times–bestselling author of Single White Female.

“The Carver series is the finest work yet by this prolific author” (St. Louis Post-Dispatch). After a criminal’s bullet shattered not only his knee but also his career as an Orlando cop and his marriage, Fred Carver starts over as a private detective. In this award-winning ten-book series, Lutz’s “dogged Carver is a believably heroic guy, tough, scarred and able to exhibit fear and courage at the same time” (Publishers Weekly).

Tropical Heat: The police think Willis Davis committed suicide, but beautiful real-estate broker Edwina Talbot is convinced her missing lover is alive and hires Carver to find him. Following a twisted trail from luxurious beach resorts to the swamps of the Everglades, Carver runs afoul of violent Cubans, a DEA agent, and assorted criminals, all while falling hard for his lovely client.

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