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Author: Lowe, Tom
Mystery Action Fiction

In the world of maritime treasure hunting, former college professor Walt Baker is about to hit the lottery. More than 300 years ago, a legendary Spanish galleon sank in a hurricane somewhere off the coast of Florida. The ship was carrying treasure worth an estimated ten billion in today’s dollars.

With ten billion at stake, the best criminal minds will scheme to take what’s not theirs. When they try to frame Sean O’Brien’s friend, Nick Cronus, for the murder of one of Walt Baker’s divers, O’Brien begins to put the puzzle pieces together and sees a frightening picture.

After one of the richest treasures in nautical history is found on the ocean floor, the sharks start to circle. And as they come closer, they begin enclosing around one man, because the only thing standing in their way to recover billions is Sean O’Brien.

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Author: Spencer, Sarah
Outdoor Cooking

Street food is not a new phenomenon. Some of the earliest appearances we know about date way back to ancient Greece, where little fried fish were sold in the streets, and there were a number of street food vendors identified during the excavation of Pompeii. In the days when many urban dwellers had no kitchens of their own, people often depended on street vendors for their meals, because this was less expensive than eating in pubs or restaurants.

Hot dog wagons appeared in the late 1890s, and a little over a hundred years later, the phenomenon of street food is seeing a resurgence. Talented cooks are seeing the opportunity to go out on their own and share their creations with the public, and the public loves them for it!

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Author: Greene, Bella
Clean & Wholesome Romance

A nurse risking it all for her grumpy patient’s memories and a love neither saw coming.

Growing up with four older brothers made me an expert in handling difficult patients at the hospital.

My newest project is Dash, the brooding tattooed hunk with amnesia.

He knows all of two things—his name and he was knocked out in an underground boxing match.

But behind those swinging fists lies a lost soul desperate for light.

When he’s transferred to a home for memory loss patients, I become his lifeline.

My days off turn into adventures chasing his past by visiting local boxing gyms.

A stolen kiss makes me ache to heal more than just his mind.

But a future isn’t possible until he knows who he is.

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Author: Alexander, Magda
1920s Historical Cozy Mystery

What’s a bright young lady to do when her brother becomes the main suspect in a murder? Why, solve the case of course.

England. 1923. After a year away at finishing school where she learned etiquette, deportment, and the difference between a fish fork and a salad one, Kitty Worthington is eager to return home. But minutes after she and her brother Ned board the Golden Arrow, the unthinkable happens. A woman with a mysterious connection to her brother is poisoned, and the murderer can only be someone aboard the train.

When Scotland Yard hones on Ned as the main suspect, Kitty sets out to investigate. Not an easy thing to do while juggling the demands of her debut season and a mother intent on finding a suitable, aristocratic husband for her.

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Author: Waters, Lily
Clean Small Town Romance

#1 The Grumpy Firefighter and Second Chances

Facing fires daily, I steer clear of personal flames, especially those sparked by my past. Yet, Amanda Turner’s return, intent on reviving an old B&B with me, renews forgotten desires. As we’re thrust into organizing the town festival, our bickering and dreams intertwine. But when danger threatens, will I risk everything to save her?

#2 The Single Dad and Second Chances

Winning a stay at Bluebonnet Ranch was a dream—until my high school crush, Luke Henderson, now a guarded single dad, showed up. As his son, Sam, draws me closer, the stunning ranch blurs into a backdrop for rekindled romance. I’m caught in a whirlwind of what-ifs. Just as possibilities blossom, fate throws a curveball. Will history repeat, or is this the start of something new?

#3 My Brother’s Best Friend and Second Chances

When Phillip Nasaw, land developer and my brother’s best friend, returns to town, he’s after the bakery I dream of owning. Our rivalry reignites old flames I’m determined to ignore. I propose a plan to save us both, but is our second chance destined for sweet success, or will it crumble under the weight of our past?

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Author: Amis Davis, Donna
International Mystery & Crime

A scruffy dog, a fluffy cat, and characters who feel like friends.
Shelby and Jesse are back on the island they love, living at a dive resort while Jesse delves into research for his dissertation. Shelby’s life gets interesting after the quirky and colorful resort baker takes her under her wing, a scruffy beach dog moves onto her porch, and she adopts an adorable kitten.

When a disagreeable tourist dies, suspicion is cast on Shelby’s new friends and acquaintances. Wanting to clear their names, she dives into tracking down the real killer. But it may be perilous for Shelby!

Danger at the Dive Shack, the first book in the Dive Shack Mysteries series, is a clean, cozy mystery with a tropical twist. It can be read as a standalone, but you will enjoy reading the continuing series.

Recipes included!

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Author: Colletti, Maria
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Gardening & Horticulture

Create your own garden under glass with expert advice, step-by-step photos, plant suggestions, and over twenty terrarium designs. Growing adorable miniature plants in glass vessels is a great way to stay in touch with nature all year round—and add compelling, modern elements to your home decor.

Whether you reside in a tiny apartment, spend hours at an office desk, or just want to be better connected to green, living things, terrariums are the ticket. Now terrarium expert and teacher Maria Colletti makes designing and caring for your very own interior gardens easy with:

·Step-by-step, photo-illustrated instructions for making over twenty of her own terrarium designs

·All the information you need about popular terrarium plants, such as tillandsias (air plants), orchids, mosses, cacti, succulents, and ferns

·Ideas and tips for choosing your glass vessels, with choices including vases, lidded jars, fish bowls, vertical planters, hanging globes, tabletop greenhouses, and more

·Maintenance, troubleshooting, and watering tips, including vessel-specific advice

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Author: Curtis, Melinda
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Clean & Wholesome Romance

Head-over-heels in love, Lola Williams gave up everything to marry Randy, including a promising career in New York City. Now, after one year of marriage and one year of widowhood, Lola finds herself stranded in Sunshine, Colorado, reeling from the revelation that Randy had secrets she never could have imagined. She swears she’s done with love forever but the matchmaking ladies of the Sunshine Valley Widows Club have different plans…

Sheriff Drew Taylor also knows what it feels like to be unlucky in love. So when Lola comes to him for help uncovering Randy’s hidden life, Drew finds himself saying yes against his better judgment – especially with the Widows Club eyeing them both. Soon enough, Lola is upending Drew’s peaceful, predictable world…and he kind of likes it! But will this big-city girl ever give her heart to a small-town guy again?

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Author: Branum, Guy
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Biographies of Comedians

From a young age, Guy Branum always felt as if he were on the outside looking in.

From a stiflingly boring farm town, he couldn’t relate to his neighbors. While other boys played outside, he stayed indoors reading Greek mythology. And being gay and overweight, he got used to diminishing himself. But little by little, he started learning from all the sad, strange, lonely outcasts in history who had come before him, and he started to feel hope.

In this “singular, genuinely ballsy, and essential” (Billy Eichner) collection of personal essays, Guy talks about finding a sense of belonging at Berkeley—and stirring up controversy in a newspaper column that led to a run‑in with the Secret Service. He recounts the pitfalls of being typecast as the “Sassy Gay Friend,” and how, after taking a wrong turn in life (i.e. law school), he found stand‑up comedy and artistic freedom. He analyzes society’s calculated deprivation of personhood from fat people, and how, though it’s taken him a while to accept who he is, he has learned that with a little patience and a lot of humor, self-acceptance is possible.

Far from the Madding Crowd (affiliate link)

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Author: Hardy, Thomas
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Classic Literary Fiction

Thomas Hardy’s classic tale of a woman brave enough to defy convention: Now a major motion picture starring Carey Mulligan

Spirited, impulsive, and beautiful, Bathsheba Everdene arrives in Wessex to live with her aunt. She strikes up a friendship with a neighbor, Gabriel Oak, and even saves the young shepherd’s life. But when he responds by asking for her hand in marriage, she refuses. She cannot sacrifice her independence for a man she does not love.

Years later, misfortune has bankrupted Gabriel, while Bathsheba has inherited her uncle’s estate and is now a wealthy woman. She hires Gabriel as a shepherd but is interested in William Boldwood, a prosperous farmer whose reticence inspires her to playfully send him a valentine. William, like Gabriel before him, quickly falls in love with Bathsheba and proposes. But it is the dashing Sergeant Francis Troy who finally wins her heart. Despite the warnings of her first two suitors, Bathsheba accepts his proposal—a decision that brings long-buried secrets to the fore and leaves everything for which she has fought so hard hanging in the balance.

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Author: Beaton, M. C.
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Historical Romantic Comedy
Penelope—golden-haired, azure-eyed, fresh from the county—has stolen the heart of the most desirable Earl of Hestleton. Rich, startlingly handsome, he is the most eligible lord in the realm. He had planned to toy with her affections then toss her to the bon ton, but when the Earl discovers that he is a pawn in Penelope’s Aunt Augusta’s social-climbing scheme, he begins to doubt Penelope’s true love. Now the belle may struggle to keep her beau or her aunt’s ambitious plans just might force Penelope to flee…
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Author: Engel, Howard
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Private Investigator Mysteries

Benny Cooperman is a Canadian Jewish detective with flair, kinder and gentler than the average PI, and squeamish about violence. According to the New York Times: “In Benny Cooperman, the author has leavened the hard-boiled school of detective fiction with comedy and compassion. . . . Canada’s first and foremost private eye is well on his way to becoming a cherished national institution.” Donald E. Westlake adds: “Benny Cooperman is . . . a lot of fun to hang out with.” Collected here are the first three mysteries in the series by Howard Engel, “a born writer, a natural stylist . . . a writer who can bring a character to life in a few lines” (Ruth Rendell).

The Suicide Murders: Myrna Yates shows up at Benny’s office asking him to check up on her husband, who she believes is having an affair. It seems like an open-and-shut case, until Benny finds out that the straying spouse has committed suicide. Still, something doesn’t add up: Chester Yates bought a ten-speed bicycle only two hours before he allegedly killed himself. The detective just may have a murder case on his hands, one in which the suspicions of a wife turn out to be much darker than anyone could have imagined.

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