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Author: Garcia, Rita
Small Town Romance

Welcome to Serenity Cove, where everyone knows your name, and your love life is the hottest topic at Julia’s coffee shop.

A family secret coming to light shatters the world she knew. Her search for truth is rife with desire and danger in this story of rejection, forgiveness, and love.

With her hearing dog, Goldie, by her side, Samantha travels to Serenity Cove to settle her birth-mother’s estate and seek a connection to the mother who gave her up for adoption. Almost instantly, Serenity Cove feels like home, with its quaint atmosphere and charming people.

When Logan shows up, she feels something she’s never felt about a stranger before. Even after she moves into her apartment, the police chief keeps showing up to check on her. It takes no time at all for Samantha to realize he could be her safe place to fall, especially when her grandparents refuse to acknowledge her.

The Moment Promised (affiliate link)

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Author: Evergreen, Amber
Contemporary Romance

The line between friendship and desire doesn’t fade just a little—it becomes invisible.

Love has always been scarce in Adeline Miller’s life. The only exception has been her childhood best friend, Finn Walker. Their profound friendship was her lifeboat, an escape from the waking nightmare that consumed her days.

While everyone else is off at college, Adeline fills her days with a menial job and hopeless efforts to heal from the past while taking care of her mother. Everything changes when the little boy who brought warmth to her darkest days returns as a man who makes her feel things she never dared to feel before. He reminds her how it truly feels to be alive.

When secrets from the past resurface with devastating consequences, Adeline has to make a difficult choice, give in to her feelings, or walk away to keep him safe.

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Author: Rose, Georgia
Domestic Thriller

The perfect family… The perfect murders…

A family massacred. A village in mourning. Can anyone sleep safely while a killer is on the loose?

Laura Percival, owner of The Stables, notices something wrong at her friend’s house when out on her morning ride. Further investigation reveals scenes she’ll never forget.

While the police are quick to accuse, Laura is less so, defending those around her as she struggles to make sense of the deaths. And all the time she wonders if she really knew her friends at all.

A chance encounter opens up a line of investigation that uncovers a secret life. One that Laura is much closer to than she ever realised.

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Author: StVil, Lola
Contemporary Romance
Nia is a romance bookshop owner who has lost faith in love. So when she meets her new neighbor, she ignores the butterflies in her stomach and reminds herself love is only in books. However NYPD’s Walker Hale isn’t about to let her get away. Let the chase begin! This sweet and funny romance has lots of twists and steamy turns. There is a happy ending but these two are going to have to work for it!
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Author: Maren, Mimi
Cozy Mystery

Sand, Suspects and Shenanigans!

The annual Sandy Shores Showdown is Florida’s beloved beachside extravaganza, drawing contestants and admirers from all over the nation.

But the splash of surf and artistic marvels are overshadowed when a high-profile celebrity judge is found dead.

Daisy Danford, the spirited and witty director of the community center, is no stranger to intrigue, and she soon finds herself at the heart of a mystery.

From comical conversations with the town gossip Stella to butting heads with Chief Clifford Grady, Daisy’s pursuit of truth is as relentless as the Florida sun, uncovering a plot more twisted than any sandcastle.

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Author: Barton, Bridget
Historical Regency Romance

Miss Eileen Walton has been the talk of London for all the wrong reasons. Determined to put the past behind her, she adopts a new identity as a lowly maid. Under the name Connie Knowles, she seeks work with the surrounding aristocrats. Soon enough, she lands in the employment of a charming viscount, but what initially seems like a blessing might reveal itself to be a curse. The viscount is everything Eileen has ever dreamed of, but Connie can’t possibly act on her feelings without compromising her new beginning…

As Eileen comes to terms with her newfound identity, can she keep her past hidden and her heart guarded from the allure of forbidden love?

Lord Liam Hartfield, the Viscount of Corbridge, has spent the last four years fighting for his country. Instead of a reward though, he returns to Northumberland to find his ancestral seat in ruin. Yet, he soon finds himself distracted by the newest addition to the staff… a maid whose charm and resilience captivate him. As he struggles to resist the pull of forbidden attraction, Liam faces another challenge: the father of his childhood sweetheart, whose machinations threaten to destroy his romance with Eileen.

Can Liam prioritize duty over desire, or will he risk everything for a chance at true love?

All Shook Up (affiliate link)

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Author: Andersen, Susan
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Romantic Comedy

A Man with a Past

When an unexpected inheritance sends J. D. Carver to the Star Lake Lodge to claim his half, he’s expecting trouble. Being greeted with open arms by the whole Lawrence gang—feisty Aunt Sophie and calm Uncle Ben, clearly off-limits Dru and her young son, Tate—just convinces him they’re working an angle, and he’s determined to uncover it. But a tiny part of him longs for the home-and-hearth life they have.

A Woman with a Reputation

Dru’s finally beaten her bad-girl reputation, and though the Lodge may not be exciting, she’s fiercely protective of her quiet home. Hard-eyed J. D.’s ability to push all her buttons just proves how wrong he is for her. So why does her son hero-worship the guy? And why does her heart clench when he gets that “nose pressed against the candy shop window” look on his face?

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Author: Scalpi, Gretchen
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Healthy Cooking

The delicious way to reverse your diabetes risk!

A diagnosis of pre-diabetes doesn’t mean that diabetes is inevitable. Changing your diet and activity level can help you avoid type 2 diabetes altogether. In The Everything Pre-Diabetes Cookbook, you’ll find more than 300 recipes for delicious, healthy meals the whole family will love. Also included is a 10-week diet and exercise plan that will help you lower your diabetes risk.

Registered dietitian Gretchen Scalpi has compiled 300 meals that are as tasty as they are healthy, including:
Berry puff pancakes
Fresh baja guacamole
Chipotle chicken wrap
Stir-fried ginger scallops with vegetables
Homemade macaroni and cheese
Rich and creamy sausage-potato soup
Chocolate cheesecake mousse
Cranberry pecan biscotti

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Author: Editors of Cool Springs Press
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Deck & Patio Building

A patio is the hub and heart of any yard. It’s the hard, flat, well-drained surface where you can comfortably enjoy the sunshine, feel a cool breeze, relax with a cold beverage, or hang around the barbecue with your friends and family.

Luckily, patios are relatively easy to design and install yourself, and don’t require a lot of expensive tools and complicated techniques. BLACK+DECKER The Complete Guide to Patios – 3rd Edition guides the way with easy-to-follow instructions to plan and complete virtually any patio or walkway undertaking you can think of.

An extensive materials and design section helps you wrap your head around all the upfront planning, and the 30+ patio, walkway, and landscape projects are illustrated with detailed photographs to guide your progress.

From flagstone to interlocking pavers or plain gravel, all options are covered, as well as design tips, excavation advice, how to install a subbase, and how to install the most popular surfacing products.

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Author: Hubert, Margaret
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Knit your sweaters in one piece—from the top down, from cuff to cuff, or from back to front—for the whole family, with minimal seaming required!

Written by renowned knitting author and expert Margaret Hubert, One-Piece Knits offers charted patterns sized from toddler to adult and in multiple gauges for classic pullovers and cardigans in four styles: top-down (both raglan and yoke), side-over (from one sleeve edge to the other), and back-to-front (from back waist to front waist, then picking up stitches at the shoulders to knit the sleeves).

Additional patterns for each style feature alternate stitches, simple colorwork, and neckline and sleeve variations. A helpful resources section offers guidance on basic techniques.

With one-piece knits, you can knit classic sweaters for the whole family—from every direction!

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Do-It-Yourself Home Improvement

From freshening up decor to a down-to-the-studs remodel, all of the information you need to design the job and do the work yourself is right here. This new edition also features smart home projects, from advanced toilets and add-on bidets to freestanding tubs, dimmable lights, and touchless faucets.

Through step-by-step photography and instructions, you’ll see how to update lighting, ventilation, flooring, surfaces, cabinetry, toilets, bathtubs, and accessories. This comprehensive buyer’s guide takes you through one of the most important steps in any remodeling project, and a complete and up-to-the minute section on bathroom design provides education and inspiration.

It also includes information explaining how to remodel or re-imagine your bathroom to better meet the needs of aging in place, with projects that conform to Universal Design Standards.

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Author: Miller, Julie
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Police Romance

Detective T. Merle Banning vowed to conduct the Holiday Hookers homicide investigation based on cold, hard evidence, not psychobabble from the department’s “crackpot” consultant. So, despite their smoldering attraction, he scoffed at Kelsey Ryan’s unsettling visions of one of the murders. But even he couldn’t discount the truth when Kelsey provided a break in the case that had stymied the Fourth Precinct for years.

As their pursuit of the twisted killer led them down the seedy back alleyways of Kansas City, the flamboyant beauty bewitched T’s battle-scarred heart . . . and propelled him to breach her isolated world. Could these partners in passion unravel the killer’s web of darkness before it ensnared them both?

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