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The Time Travel Trailer (affiliate link)

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Author: Nortman, Karen Musser
Time Travel Science Fiction
A 1937 vintage camper trailer half hidden in weeds catches Lynne McBriar’s eye when she is visiting an elderly friend Ben. Ben eagerly sells it to her and she just as eagerly embarks on a restoration. But after each remodel, sleeping in the trailer lands Lynne and her daughter Dinah in a previous decade—exciting, yet frightening. Glimpses of their home town and ancestors fifty or sixty years earlier is exciting and also offers some clues to the mystery of Ben’s lost love. But when Dinah makes a trip on her own, separating herself from her mother by decades, Lynne has never known such fear. It is a trip that may upset the future if Lynne and her estranged husband can’t team up to bring their daughter back.

A Not So Immaculate Conception (affiliate link)

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Author: Estell, Crystal
Romantic Comedy
Lacey Winters had a perfectly plotted life. Then, she had the most toe-curling dream ever—only it wasn’t a dream. And the blurred image of the charming guy she once considered a figment of her imagination, just became the poster boy of her worst nightmare when she finds herself pregnant with no clue who the mystery man is. The reason for her foggy memory? A rare case of transient amnesia brought on by… well… she’d rather not say. Nonetheless, her boss isn’t having it. Terrified of unemployment and with her ten-year plan up in smoke, Lacey does what any woman with more brains than curves would do. She announces her co-worker Zak Cooper is her fake husband, then begs him to play along—just until the private investigator can give her answers.
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Author: Trow, M.J., Coleman, Maryanne
Historical Mysteries

Sometimes, a snake is just a snake. And sometimes…

First-century Rome.

Senator Gaius Lucius Nerva is taken ill at a dinner party and dies a few days later. His heartbroken wife, Flavia, is told it was a natural death. Calidus, Nerva’s recently freed slave, suspects otherwise.

As he embarks upon the funeral ceremonies, Calidus becomes more and more convinced that his master was murdered and begins an investigation, seeking out everyone who had attended the dinner party.

His enquiries lead him to rub shoulders with the ‘great and good’ of Rome; senators, soldiers, even the ruthless and mercurial Emperor Nero. And his former lover, Julia Eusabia, who seems intent on rekindling their romance and luring him away from his wife and daughter.

Calidus’ quest is by no means easy or safe as he encounters the darkest and most dangerous people in Rome. But he knows he must keep searching for the person responsible, to bring justice to the master he had loved.

Costa Brava (affiliate link)

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Author: Kennedy, David
Crime Thriller

An accidental death brings Alex Scott to Spain´s Mediterranean coast. But what promises to be a few fun-filled weeks house sitting in a millionaire´s paradise soon turns to tragedy as Scott is drawn into a web of mystery, deceit and murder.

A fatal accident –
What was the eighty-year-old caretaker doing climbing cliffs?
A beautiful girl –
Is all what it seems with the beautiful blonde from the bar?
A secret to kill for –
Can Scott uncover the mystery of the lighthouse that his neighbour will kill to protect?

Fixed on You (affiliate link)

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Author: Paige, Laurelin
Alpha Male Romance

Stalking and restraining orders are a thing of my past. With my MBA newly in hand, I have my future all figured out–move up at the nightclub I work at and stay away from any guy who might trigger my obsessive love disorder. A perfect plan.

But what I didn’t figure on is Hudson Pierce, the new owner of my nightclub. He’s smart, rich, and gorgeous–the kind of guy I know to stay away from if I want to keep my past tendencies in check.

Except, Hudson’s fixed his sights on me.

He wants me in his bed and makes no secret of it. Avoiding him isn’t an option after he offers a business proposition I can’t turn down and I’m drawn further into his universe, unable to resist his gravitational pull. When I learn Hudson has a dark history of his own, I realize too late that I’ve fallen for the worst man I could possibly get involved with.

Or maybe our less than ideal pasts give us an opportunity to heal each other and finally find the love our lives have been missing.

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Author: Tape, Arizona

When Detective Samantha Rain gets bitten by a hellhound, she’s forced into the magical world of the Nox, night creatures living in secret between humans. Vampires, Will-O-Wisps, and much more uncommon types hide in a world that runs on oaths, blood, and death.

Unsure of whom she can trust, she has no choice but to rely on Lilith, heir of the Will-O-Wisp clan. Samantha has to earn her protection by solving a missing person’s case that could change the future.

If she doesn’t succeed, she’ll pay with her life.

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Author: Shulman, Seth
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Aviation History

Unlocking the Sky tells the extraordinary tale of the race to design, refine, and manufacture a manned flying machine, a race that took place in the air, on the ground, and in the courtrooms of America. While the Wright brothers threw a veil of secrecy over their flying machine, Glenn Hammond Curtiss — perhaps the greatest aviator and aeronautical inventor of all time — freely exchanged information with engineers in America and abroad, resulting in his famous airplane, the June Bug, which made the first ever public flight in America. Fiercely jealous, the Wright brothers took to the courts to keep Curtiss and his airplane out of the sky and off the market. Ultimately, however, it was Curtiss’s innovations and designs, not the Wright brothers’, that served as the model for the modern airplane.

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Author: Campbell, Bonnie Jo
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Small Town & Rural Fiction

Greenland Township, Michigan: On the same acres where farmers once displaced Potawatomi Indians, suburban developers now supplant farmers and prefab homes spring up in last year’s cornfields. All along Q Road—or “Queer Road,” as the locals call it—the old, rural life collides weirdly with the new.

With humor and empathy, Bonnie Jo Campbell reveals the beauty and strangeness of her characters—ferocious women, confused men, and hungry children. Offering keen insights into modern rural America, Campbell explores the rich and ragged landscape of a town where family traditions have flown the coop and only the cycle of the seasons remains. With a cast of lovingly rendered eccentrics and a powerful sense of place, Q Road is a lively tale of nature and human desire that alters the landscape of contemporary fiction.

The Luke Garrison Series (affiliate link)

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Author: Freedman, J. F.
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Private Investigator Mysteries
The bestselling series featuring a renegade California legal eagle that’s impossible to put down.

The Disappearance: Luke Garrison was a celebrated Santa Barbara DA—until he mistakenly sent a man to the gas chamber. Now, when the daughter of a media tycoon is murdered and the city is crying out for blood, Garrison has the unenviable job of defending the accused. And with so many false leads, family secrets, and killer twists, Garrison’s life and career are on trial too.

Above the Law: In this New York Times bestseller, Luke Garrison must investigate a government cover-up. After a DEA raid ends in the death of a notorious drug overlord, defense attorney Garrison is persuaded by his old colleague Nora Ray to investigate. She’s convinced that the murder of the vicious kingpin is not what it seems—but rather part of a greater conspiracy that’s now drawing them into the line of fire.

From Ruin to Riches (affiliate link)

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Author: Allen, Louise
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Regency Romances

A woman on the run finds safety by entering a marriage of convenience with a wealthy nobleman in this suspenseful Regency romance.

A lord in want of a wife . . .

Ruined and on the run, Julia Prior is in desperate straits when she meets a gentleman with a shocking proposal. Certain he is close to death, William Hadfield, Lord Dereham, sees Julia as the perfect woman to care for his beloved estate when he is gone—if she will first become his wife.

Marriage is Julia’s salvation—as Lady Hadfield, she can finally escape her sins. Until three years later, when the husband she believes to be dead returns, as handsome and strong as ever and intent on claiming the wedding night they never had!

Across a Billion Years (affiliate link)

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Author: Silverberg, Robert
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First Contact Science Fiction
A team of space archaeologists makes an astonishing discovery about an ancient alien race in this science fiction tale from a master of his craft.
Graduate student Tom Rice is thrilled to embark on his first deep-space archeological expedition. He is part of a team from Earth, venturing out in search of artifacts from a civilization that ruled the universe many millennia ago. Called the High Ones, the members of this long-gone society left tantalizing clues about their history and culture scattered throughout space. One such clue, a “message cube” containing footage of the ancient ones, is more interesting than all of the others combined. It seems to indicate that the High Ones aren’t extinct after all—and just like that, Tom Rice’s archeological mission has become an intergalactic manhunt, one filled with ever-increasing danger that will send the explorers hurtling headlong into the greatest adventure—and peril—of their lives.

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