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Author: Amato, Carmen
International Mystery & Crime

In this explosive start to the award-winning mystery series set in Acapulco, Emilia Cruz beat the odds to become the city’s first woman police detective. Now she lives in a pressure cooker of danger and distrust.

Famous for beaches, resorts and nightlife, Acapulco is ground zero for the war on drugs. Drug cartels fight over smuggling routes into the United States for fentanyl and cocaine. Human trafficking is on the rise. Missing persons are never found. Homicide rates are exploding and every murder is an unsolved mystery.

Even worse, the police department is riddled with corruption.

No one is more corrupt than Emilia’s own lieutenant.

When he’s murdered, Emilia is assigned to lead the investigation and uncovers an ugly mess no one wants exposed. Both the mayor and the head of the police union pressure her to close the case. Their reasons have nothing to do with justice.

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Author: SaFleur, Elizabeth
Romantic Comedy

Chloe believes in two things: Russell is her soulmate and her pies are magic. One bite of her cherry pie and he’ll declare her “the one.”

Jaded attorney Nick doesn’t believe in magic OR Russell’s intentions with Chloe. Pies making wishes come true? Pffft.

But she’s perfect for him–as a fake girlfriend to appease his family-friendly boss. She’s in love with someone else, after all. And, he doesn’t do love, especially not with someone so bubbly, so dewy-eyed, so … committed to marching down a wedding aisle.

Plus this girl needs help when it comes to men–a lot of it. He’ll help her lure Russell into dreaded wedded bliss, and she’ll pose as his date.

Except Chloe’s wishes begin to go haywire–granting Nick’s and turning all those fake kisses into smoking hot moments of passion.

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Author: Knox, Hadley K.
Cozy Murder Mystery

Former NYPD forensics expert Celia Strong thought she’d left the world of crime behind when she opened an ice cream shop in idyllic Blue Lake Village in the Adirondack Mountains…

But when a wealthy banker is murdered on a summer tour bus, Celia and her daughter must team up with locals to help the inexperienced new sheriff solve the crime!

Summertime in Blue Lake Village.

Celia Strong, a former NYPD forensics expert, arrives with her teenage daughter Katie to start a new life as the owner of Ye Olde Ice Cream Shoppe.

As Celia settles in, she bonds with the other local business owners on ‘the block’—eccentrics Helen and Henry from the antiques store, the unflappable Lorna at the history museum, and good-natured Cal at the country diner.

But maybe Blue Lake isn’t as peaceful as it seems.

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Author: Dranfield, Wendy
Crime Thriller

A Jane Doe hanging in Maple Valley’s woods.

Officer Dean Matheson stands shivering against the cold night, trying not to look too closely at the gruesome scene before him.

The medical examiner says it’s a case of suicide. But the fact that the victim isn’t wearing any shoes and there’s a stepladder placed beneath her makes Dean suspicious.

Then another body turns up.

Women are dying. Outcasts that no one would miss.

Dean believes a twisted serial killer is roaming the streets of Maple Valley, hiding in plain sight.

But he’s in over his head, and now he’s put a target on his own back. Trapped in a vicious game of cat-and-mouse with a killer who seems to know his every flaw.

Dean must face his own demons if he has any chance of unearthing the disturbing truth. Before more women pay the price . . .

Manners and Monsters (affiliate link)

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Author: Wallace, Tilly
Regency Cozy Fantasy

A lady never reveals the true extent of her decay…
Hannah Miles lives a quiet existence, helping her parents conduct research into a most terrible affliction – until a gruesome murder during her best friend’s engagement party pulls her from the shadows.

With her specialist’s knowledge and demure disposition, Hannah is requested to aid the investigation. Except Hannah discovers her role is to apologise in the wake of the rude and disgraced man tasked with finding the murderer. The obnoxious Viscount Wycliff thinks to employ Hannah purely as a front to satisfy Whitehall, but she’ll have none of that.

The two must work together to find the murderer before the season is ruined. But the viscount is about to meet his greatest challenge, and it’s not a member of the ton with a hankering for brains.

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Crime Mystery

Meet Detective Rebecca ‘Bec’ Pope. Between trying to keep the peace with her teenage stepdaughters, and negotiating a relationship with her estranged father, Bec’s got more than enough on her plate. And she can’t sleep.

The murders begin. A sick killer . . . who likes to watch.

Bec’s been home for just twenty minutes. Her sixteen-year-old stepdaughter’s having a row with her dad. Then she gets the call: ‘There’s been a murder. A church in Deptford.’

The woman’s body is arranged carefully on the altar of the quiet church. There’s a note on the body, addressed to Bec. ‘Dear Rebecca. You’re invited.’ That’s all it says.

The victim is a stay-at-home mum. It turns out she was attacked in the hallway of her tidy suburban home. And on a table by the front door, partially hidden by a bowl of keys, is a small surveillance camera.


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Author: Mallon, Shanna, Mallon, Tim
Regularly $27.99, Today $4.99
Natural Food Cooking
If you haven’t heard of einkorn yet, get ready to get excited. Easy to digest, less likely to cause gut inflammation, tolerable for those with gluten sensitivity these are just a few reasons why the ancient grain known as einkorn is quickly becoming one of the most popular grains/flours on the market–not to mention its sweet flavor and silky texture. How does one prepare this ancient grain? Popular food bloggers, Tim and Shanna Mallon of Food Loves Writing, bring einkorn right to your table with this beautiful whole food cookbook that includes over 100 recipes, all featuring the world’s most ancient grain. Recipes are broken into sections including breakfast, appetizers, breads, main dishes, and desserts, and include such hits as: Vegetable Quiche with an Einkorn Crust, Kale Salad with Einkorn Berries, Einkorn Cranberry Walnut Bread, Einkorn Cinnamon Buns, Acorn Squash and Caramelized Onion, Einkorn Salad, and Mexican Chocolate Einkorn Cookies. Get ready to embrace einkorn, not only for its health benefits, but its wonderful taste. Once you try The Einkorn Cookbook, you’ll never go back.

Faithful: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Tate, Kim Cash
Regularly $11.99, Today $1.99
Christian Mystery & Suspense Romance

Cydney Sanders thought she knew God’s plan for her life. She’d marry, have kids, and then snap her body back into shape by doing Tae Bo. But she’s celebrating her fortieth birthday as the maid of honor at her little sister’s wedding. . .and still single. Now her life is suddenly complicated by the best man. He’s the opposite of what she wants in a husband. . .and yet, he keeps defying her expectations. Starting with a lavender rose—symbolizing enchantment—each rose he sends her reflects his growing love for her.

Cydney’s best friend Dana appears to have the perfect marriage—until she discovers her husband’s affair and her world goes into a tailspin. Then there is Phyllis—who is out of hope and out of prayers after asking God for six long years to help her husband find faith. When she runs into an old friend who is the Christian man she longs for, she’s faced with an overwhelming choice.

Life-long friends with life-altering struggles. Will they trust God’s faithfulness…and find strength to be faithful to Him?

Seeking Sarah: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Billingsley, ReShonda Tate
Regularly $17.99, Today $2.99
Women’s Domestic Life Fiction

From the time Brooke Green was seven years old, she has lived with the pain of losing her mother. Her father has done the best job he could in raising her, but a piece of her always felt empty. On the day of her father’s funeral, her grandmother breaks the shocking news: her mother, Sarah, is very much alive.

Brooke’s mother abandoned her family because she claimed she wasn’t fit for motherhood. So it comes as a shock when Brooke discovers her mother is living in Atlanta, enjoying a great career—and a brand-new family. Stunned, Brooke doesn’t know if she wants answers or revenge against the mother who abandoned her. When she meets Sarah’s husband, Tony, Brooke sees the perfect way to make her mother pay. But her plan for revenge just may leave everyone in danger and end up costing Brooke more than she ever bargained for.

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Author: Rask, Kristen
Regularly $19.99, Today $3.99
Craft & Hobby Stuffed Animals

Crochet your own gang of animal pals! With easy-to-follow instructions for 26 amigurumi patterns, you’ll have yourself a home full of animals from the forest to the farm.

These patterns come from talented artists around the world, with tips and tricks for learning amigurumi, the Japanese art of crocheting adorable companions. Crochet yourself a wide-eyed owl, a huggable fox, a napping fawn, a pig with an adorable curly tail, and more. These animals make for great decorations around your home, unique gifts for your friends and family, and something to keep in the car or backpack as a furry companion!

Amigurumi Crochet: Farm and Forest Animals features a glossary of crochet terms for beginners, easy instructions to follow, and helpful photos to make sure you’re on track with each of these projects. You’ll be a crochet expert in no time!

The patterns: Cow, Pig, Chick, Giraffe, Bird, Koala, Bear Pod, Dog, Alpaca, Peter Pilot Duck, Owl, Bunny, Beaver, Bear, Fish, Hedgehog, Cats, Fox, Raccoon, Fawn, Squirrel, Kitten, Mouse, Skunk, and Tortoise.

One Last Look (affiliate link)

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Author: Miller, Linda Lael
Regularly $14.99, Today $2.99
Small Town Romance

A senseless murder.
A sizzling adventure.

Carrying her lover Tony Sonterra’s child, Clare Westbrook has finally buried her commitment phobia and said “yes” to Tony’s marriage proposal. So why is fear running through her veins and haunting her dreams? Sonterra is fired up to leave Phoenix for small-town Arizona, to target a lethal desert crime ring. Clare’s willing to stand by her man, but he won’t be the only one flirting with danger on the job: as a special investigator for the D.A.’s office, Clare is plunged into a race to find a missing child whose mother was murdered. And on a case this hot, the promise of Clare’s bright future could vanish in the blink of an eye….

The Tales Behind Tarot (affiliate link)

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Author: Davies, Alison
Regularly $29.00, Today $4.99
New Age Divination with Tarot

In an introduction to the tarot unlike any other, join storyteller, tarot reader and teacher, Alison Davies, and read 78 unforgettable tales behind all the cards in the modern tarot deck.

Every tarot card has a story to tell and is rich in symbolic meaning. In this gorgeous book for aspiring and experienced tarot readers alike, expert practitioner Alison Davies brings the stories of the cards alive.

With key words and themes to help you understand the meanings of the cards, use this storybook as a tool to learn the tarot, or take your tarot readings to the next level.

Follow The Fool on his journey through the Major Arcana as he travels down the path of life, meeting iconic characters along the way such as The Magician, The Hermit, Death, and The High Priestess. Follow the stories of the four suits in the Minor Arcana, and watch three sisters rise to power in the Suit of Pentacles, and a world-changing idea is born in the Suit of Wands.

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