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Airliner Down (Jack Lamburt) (affiliate link)

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Author: Etzil, John
Aviation Thriller

Flight 2262 is bound for paradise, but a rogue terrorist could send it to the bottom of the ocean…

Kevin can’t wait to land in Hawaii for a romantic getaway. But when the off-duty pilot takes a glance at his GPS, he’s in for a surprise: the plane is headed to the middle of the Pacific Ocean. And he’s the only one who knows it…

Expecting the worst, Kevin heads to the cockpit. Before he can take the controls, he’s got a rookie air marshal, a stewardess with a grudge, and a barricade to get through.

With a storm on the way and limited fuel, Kevin must recruit the support of the frightened passengers to save the day. As long as he can survive the one person on board who won’t rest until all of them are dead…

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Author: Griffith, Kathryn Meyer
Murder Mystery
Abigail Sutton’s beloved husband walks out one night, doesn’t return, and two years later is found dead, a victim of an earlier crime. It’s made her sympathetic to the missing and their families.
Starting her new life, Abigail moves to a small town and buys a fixer-upper house left empty when old Edna Summers died. Once it was also home to Edna’s younger sister, Emily, and her two children, Jenny and Christopher, who, people believe, drove away one night, thirty years ago, and just never came back.
But in renovating the house Abigail finds scraps of paper hidden behind baseboards and tucked beneath the porch that hint the three could have been victims of foul play.
Then she finds their graves hidden in the woods behind the house and with the help of the eccentric townspeople and ex-homicide detective, Frank Lester, she discovers the three were murdered. Then she and Frank try to uncover who killed them and why…but in the process awaken the ire of the murderer.
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Author: Hayton, Katherine
Cozy Culinary Mystery

Welcome to Hanmer Springs. Small Town. Big Secrets.
With a divorce pending and her career hanging in the balance, Holly Waterston returns to her hometown of Hanmer Springs to lick her wounds. The last thing she expects is for a series of murders to occur in the township.

As each crime unfolds, Holly and her sister Crystal must roll up their sleeves and get to work if they’re to track down the culprits while keeping themselves and their neighbors safe.

Not to mention, they need to keep the township of Hanmer Springs well-stocked with their delicious array of freshly-baked cupcakes.

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Author: Keeter, Reagan
Mystery Thriller

An actor murdered. A relentless stalker. Can Connor and his friends get to the truth before one man’s madness leads to more victims?

In the glitzy world of cinema, where illusions are crafted on-screen, reality takes a terrifying turn for the cast and crew of an upcoming summer blockbuster when leading man Chris Miller is murdered on a UK film set.

Connor Callahan, a recently licensed private investigator, is hired to find out what happened. With friends Dylan and Olin by his side, he quickly determines that everything is not as it appears to be. The producer is being blackmailed. An actor is being stalked. And it seems like everyone has a secret.

Racing against time, the trio dives deeper into a world where the line between fiction and reality blurs, risking everything to expose the truth. But as the neon lights of the film industry cast shadows over a labyrinth of deception, will Connor and his friends unmask the killer before the credits roll on more lives?

All the Yellow Posies (affiliate link)

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Author: DeBohun, Elaine
Historical Fiction
Summer 1919: the Great War has come to an end and small-town Fredericksburg, Virginia is still reeling from the last outbreak of influenza. Free-spirited Lou, an aspiring journalist from a wealthy family, answers the classified for an apartment above a local tailoring shop. There, she meets Holden Thompson—who’s just returned from the Western Front. As she’s brought further into his circle of family and friends, Lou quickly learns that, despite being charismatic and witty, Holden is tormented by his past. When an unforeseen tragedy splinters the tight-knit group, Lou must follow the invisible thread and stitch her world back together.
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Author: Dawson, Kay P.
Historical Romance


“In her heart, Kathryn knew this was the place she was meant to be. And she couldn’t wait to prove it to her father, herself, and anyone else who might doubt it.”

All her life, Kathryn has known she didn’t belong in the city where she was raised. So when she is offered a teaching position in the small, frontier town of Promise, in the Dakota Territory, she doesn’t hesitate to accept. When she arrives, she knows she’s found the place she belongs.

However, she is faced with many obstacles as she proves to her family, and herself, that she is cut out for life out here. The biggest problem she comes up against is in the form of a man who is determined to prove she won’t make it until snowfall.

“Miss Kathryn Reeves wouldn’t be here come the winter.
He guaranteed it.”

Colt Hammond has no desire to deal with another spoiled city girl who thinks living on the frontier will be a fun little adventure. He did that once, and he won’t make that mistake ever again.

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Author: St. Clair, Ellie
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Historical Regency Romance

He’s a duke who holds honesty above all. She’s a commoner hiding her true identity. Can they find their happily ever after at the masquerade, or will what separates them be too much to overcome when the final chime sounds at midnight?

In this Cinderella story, Tabitha Blackmore yearns for a life of her own, free from her hostile stepmother and gold-digging step-sister. Tabitha creates some of the most noteworthy hats and accessories in London, but looks forward to the day she can break free from her current life and attend millinery school. When an opportunity arises to outfit the Duchess of Stowe, a chance meeting with her son could change Tabitha’s life forever.

For Nicholas Fairchild is a duke in name but not at heart. As his mother returns to society following her mourning period for his father, Nicholas dreads his responsibility to entertain vapid, fortune-seeking socialites and, eventually, find a wife. Then he happens upon Tabitha, who is everything he would have hoped for but nothing that he would have ever expected.

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Author: Quinn, Jillian, Frost, Jillian
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Romantic Comedy

When you’re the daughter of Strick U’s hockey coach, you need rules about dating players…

Rule #1 – No talking to the players
Rule #2 – No hanging out with the players
Rule #3 – No dating the players

I hadn’t broken a single rule until I walked into the men’s locker room looking for my dad and slammed headfirst into Preston Parker’s wet, chiseled abs. He’s the son of NHL royalty, my dad’s favorite player, and completely off-limits.

That day I broke rule #1.
And that weekend we broke rule #2.

Now Preston keeps following me around campus, determined to make this permanent. I’m so close to breaking the last rule, but those rules were put into place for a reason.

I have a secret I’ve been keeping from Preston.
The real reason my dad made the rules about players.

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Author: Walton, Adam, Walton, Brett
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Burger & Sandwich Recipes

You will find the best versions of cheeseburgers and beef burgers you’ve ever imagined, such as the Rocky Mountain Smash Burger and the Mushroom and Swiss Smash Burger, along with things like the Chicken Cordon Bleu Smash, Smashed Black Bean Veggie Burgers, and Fish Sandwiches a la Smash. You’ll even find delicious smashed sandwiches you can wake up to for breakfast, and some sweet dessert smashes, like Smashed S’Mores, for the end of the day. Other recipes include:

Smashed Pastrami Melts
Pressed Cubano Sandwiches
Asian Sweet and Soy Smash Burgers
California Smash Burgers
Smashed Pub Sliders
Classic Italian Grilled Panini
The Ultimate Gourmet Grilled Cheese
Chicken Caesar Wraps

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Author: Henry, Sue
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Police Procedurals

Murder on the Iditarod Trail is a gripping mystery set during Alaska’s world-famous Iditarod: a grueling eleven-hundred-mile dogsled race across hazardous Arctic terrain.

It is an arduous sport, but not a deadly one. But suddenly the top Iditarod contestants are dying in bizarre ways: first a veteran musher smashes into a tree, then competitors begin turning up dead, with each murder more brutal than the last. State trooper Alex Jensen begins a homicide investigation, determined to track down the killer before more blood stains the pristine Alaskan snow. Meanwhile, Jessie Arnold, Alaska’s premier female musher, has a shot at winning for the first time. But as her position in the race improves, so do her chances of being the killer’s next target.

As the mushers thread their way through the treacherous trails, Jessie and Jensen are drawn deep into the frozen heart of the perilous wild: where nature can kill as easily as a bullet and only the Arctic night can hear your final screams.

Frankissstein: A Love Story (affiliate link)

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Author: Winterson, Jeanette
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LGBTQ+ Science Fiction

Lake Geneva, 1816. Nineteen-year-old Mary Shelley is inspired to write a story about a scientist who creates a new life-form. In Brexit Britain, a young transgender doctor called Ry is falling in love with Victor Stein, a celebrated professor leading the public debate around AI and carrying out some experiments of his own in a vast underground network of tunnels. Meanwhile, Ron Lord, just divorced and living with his mom again, is set to make his fortune launching a new generation of sex dolls. Across the Atlantic, in Phoenix, Arizona, a cryogenics facility houses dozens of bodies of men and women who are medically and legally dead . . . but waiting to return to life.

Since her astonishing debut Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit, Jeanette Winterson has achieved worldwide acclaim as “one of the most daring and inventive writers of our time” (Elle). In Frankissstein, she shares an audacious love story that weaves together disparate lives into an exploration of transhumanism, artificial intelligence, and queer love.

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