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Author: Hart, Sasha
Sweet Celebrity Secret Identity Rom-com

When my twin sister died, she asked me to finish her bucket list before our 30th birthday. I’ve managed to fulfill every item on the list in her memory except for one: sing a public duet with Dylan Colt. My birthday is one week away. I have sponsors. I have fans.

Everyone is rooting for me to reach my goal except Dylan, the jerk who said no…and is now standing in front of me in his kitchen, wearing nothing but a towel. (What kind of celebrity greets his personal chef in a towel, anyway?)

Clearly I’ve been given another chance to convince him to help me, but he’ll fire me if I tell him who I am. A teeny little white lie about my identity might buy me some time to fulfill my sister’s dying wish. In the meantime, I refuse to think about how he looked standing there with wet hair, because…wow. It isn’t only his voice he’s famous for. Ahem.

Dare to Love the Guy Next Door (affiliate link)

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Author: Hall, Ellie
Romantic Comedy

A dating dare? It could turn out to be the perfect match or it could be worse than a slap on a sunburn.

Me, little ol’ Paisley Jones, envisioned glitz and glamour with my movie star fiancé until a humiliating, public scandal explodes in my life like damp confetti. I escape to the family cottage with an ocean view and am not looking for love until a dare and a crazy seagull send me next door.

Griffin Sanders was a late-blooming goofball, but now, as a competitive surfer and business owner, not much stops him. However, when an injury keeps him out of the water, he’s stuck on dry land. Turns out his teen crush is hiding out in the neighboring cottage.

That would be yours truly, but I don’t recognize him at first. Big waves. Big surprise.

I Kissed the Off-Limits Enemy (affiliate link)

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Author: Ames, Charity Bee
Sweet Fake Royal RomCom

My perfect date is my family’s archenemy.

King Winters, my dad, wants me to find a suitable date for my brother’s wedding. Except…

The royal dating options are both snobbish and obnoxious.

Call it destiny. I met Christopher on the beach, and we immediately connected.

He was charming, generous, and drop-dead gorgeous, making him the perfect date. Or so I thought.

Turns out, he is the mischievous son of our family’s archenemy.

His father is hell-bent on destroying our kingdom with his business ambitions.

I’d happily bid him good riddance if he were anything like his repugnant dad. No, my heart flutters just thinking of him, checking all the boxes.

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Author: Andrews, Wendy May
Sweet Regency Romance

She’s waiting for true love.
He’s tasked with uncovering the truth.
When nefarious schemes threaten her reputation, he finds his heart on the line with it.

Lady Rosabel, eldest daughter of the Earl of Sherton, has no interest in being a Duchess, despite countless proposals from eligible nobility. Secretly, she is waiting for a love match—preferably with someone who carries no title. Bel’s third Season is predictably disappointing until the mysterious Duke of Wexford arrives and has her questioning her plans to refuse any suitor with his status.

James Allingham, the 6th Duke of Wexford, seems to have inherited the role as advisor to the ailing King along with the dukedom. Investigating Lord Prescott’s schemes is tricky enough without the interference of Lady Rosabel. She is beautiful and intelligent, but Wexford has no time for courting.

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Author: Woods, Elsie
Sweet Small Town Romantic Comedy

Could walking down the aisle turn the best man into the man of my life?

My best friend is marrying the man of her dreams (not jealous at all, really), and yours truly is the maid of honor. Note the ‘maid’ part. Best man Joey – hunky, funny, suave Joseph Buckley – is just a friend. I repeat it to myself over and over. Just a friend. Doesn’t matter that he flirts with me like the armageddon is coming, all he ever calls me is “buddy”.

In my day job, I’m the cool, collected one responsible for settling the puppies down. But Joey has turned me into a giggling, googly-eyed mess.

Then, during the rehearsal things, get a little too close between us. Did that just happen? Did he…? Did I…?

If I don’t tell him how I really feel before our friends’ wedding, I just might lose the best chance I’ve got for forever love.

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Author: Marple, Maisy
Amateur Sleuth Mysteries
Welcome to Coffee Creek, where frothy coffee, faith-filled friendship, and foul play await!
Meet Connie Cafe, a coffee enthusiast who not only loves a good cup of joe but also has an unwavering love for Jesus.
With the help of her mother, best friend, and boyfriend, she not only gets through the daily problems of life in a small town, but she also gets to the bottom of some of the strangest crimes imaginable!
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Author: Chang, Joanne
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Bread Baking
The ideal companion to Flour—Joanne Chang’s beloved first cookbook—Flour, too includes the most-requested savory fare to have made her four cafés Boston’s favorite stops for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here are 100 gratifying recipes for easy at-home eating and entertaining from brunch treats to soups, pizzas, pasta, and, of course, Flour’s famous cakes, tarts, and other sweet goodies. More than 50 glorious color photographs by Michael Harlan Turkell take the viewer inside the warm, cozy cafés; into the night pastry kitchen; and demonstrate the beauty of this delicious food. With a variety of recipes for all skill levels, this mouthwatering collection is a substantial addition to any home cook’s bookshelf.
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Author: Caldwell, Taylor
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U.S. Historical Fiction

From one of the most prolific and widely read authors of the twentieth century, these three mesmerizing turn-of-the-century sagas are now available in one volume.

Captains and the Kings: Joseph Francis Xavier Armagh is twelve years old when he gets his first glimpse of the promised land through a dirty porthole on an Irish immigrant ship. In America, his long journey will eventually catapult him from the bigoted, small town of Winfield, Pennsylvania, to the highest echelons of society, and grant him entry into the most elite political circles. And even as misfortune follows the Armagh family like an ancient curse, Joseph will exact his revenge against the uncaring world that once took everything from him, settling for nothing less than the pinnacle of glory: the crowning of his son as the first Catholic president of the United States.

Heart of the Hunter (affiliate link)

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Author: Meyer, Deon
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Espionage Thrillers

Six-foot five-inch Thobela “Tiny” Mpayipheli was once a feared freedom fighter, trained by the Stasi and KGB. Now, he’s a family man working in a garage in post-apartheid South Africa. But when the daughter of one of Tiny’s former associates comes to him with a desperate plea, he finds himself returning to his violent former life.

With his old friend Johnny being held hostage, Tiny agrees to do whatever it takes to get him back safely. But as he races to the rendezvous point on a stolen BMW motorcycle, Tiny is trailed by several hostile forces, including South Africa’s Presidential Intelligence Unit. And when his old training kicks in, his pursuers will learn what kind of man they’re up against . . .

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Author: Sanders, Lawrence, Lardo, Vincent
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Private Investigator Mysteries
When the husband of an actress sips a poisoned potable, Lawrence Sanders’s beloved Palm Beach PI must stage an investigation from his director’s chair.
One of the most celebrated stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age, Desdemona Darling, has come South for the season. She makes headlines when she agrees to star in the Palm Beach Community Theater’s production of Arsenic and Old Lace. Archy McNally somehow gets roped into directing—and into discreetly investigating who could be blackmailing his star. Life tragically imitates art when Richard Holmes—Darling’s Husband Number Seven—sips some elderberry wine laced with arsenic at the cast party. Holmes was a self-made millionaire with a genius for betting on pork bellies. But who’d want him dead? As McNally tries to smoke out the culprit, he wonders if he’s getting too close to a remorseless killer who’s about to drop the curtain on another victim.
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Author: Simpson, Dorothy
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Traditional Detective Mysteries

Det. Inspector Luke Thanet may be a family man with a soft heart and bad back, but he also has a bloodhound’s nose for murder. With Sgt. Mike Lineham at his side, no case is too tough, in these mysteries from the “dependably pleasing” Dorothy Simpson (Boston Globe).

Element of Doubt: Nerine Tarrant, a notorious woman with a taste for married men, is found dead on her patio, her neck broken by the fall from the second floor. The wall was too high for an accidental tumble, and a woman with Nerine’s lust for life would never have committed suicide. Many in the village of Ribbleden wanted her dead—but it’s up to Inspector Thanet to determine who gave her the final push.

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Author: Ziegler, Lisa Mason
Regularly $25.99, Today $3.99
Organic & Sustainable Gardening

Vegetables Love Flowers explains the benefits of interplanting flowers and vegetables; offers detailed advice on how to add a cutting garden of vibrant annuals to your vegetable garden; gives profiles of a range of pollinators and beneficial predators; and provides plenty of general gardening guidance featuring natural methods. Alongside gorgeous garden photography, you’ll learn about:

  • ·Garden planning, seed-starting, growing, and harvesting
  • ·How to make garden flower bouquets, with “recipes” for various arrangements
  • ·How to attract beneficial creatures to pollinate your garden and prey on its pests
  • ·Pesticide-free pest-control measures
  • ·Composting heaps and bins

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