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Author: Haven, Jess
Women Sleuths

Her new B&B could save her … if it doesn’t kill her first.

Empty-nester Phoenix has the perfect plan to build a new life: Use her savings to turn a run-down property into a cozy B&B.

But when you buy a fixer-upper, there are some things you can’t fix. A dead body is one of them.

Now her not-quite-perfect retreat has three big problems: An intruder, an arsonist, and a killer. And she hasn’t even opened for business yet.

She’d rather not live up to her name. Can she find the culprits before her dreams go up in smoke?

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Author: Leah, Shannyn
Small-Town Beach Romance

Violet Caliendo escorts couples into the illusion of “happily ever after” as wedding coordinator at Willow Valley’s five-star Caliendo Resort. But Violet doesn’t believe in love or “happily ever after” anymore. She’s guarded herself from love so deeply since her divorce that some even call her the “Ice Queen.” When she has to plan her ex-husband’s wedding, even her Ice Queen persona takes a hit.

With her emotions in high gear, she takes out her frustrations by having sex with her ex’s best man, Ryder Carlex. Ryder is a playboy type and Violet figures it’s a simple one-time fling. But Ryder actually is attracted to Violet in a way he’s never known before. Neither of them ever imagines that the sparks between them will ignite a fire hotter than anything they’ve ever encountered – slowly breaking down both their walls.

Will Violet be able to let go of her past and embrace a possible future with Ryder? Will Ryder let Violet into his own deep, dark secrets? Or will their trust issues forever doom them both from achieving their own “happily ever after”?

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Author: Hildreth Jr., Steven
Military Thrillers


Former Army Ranger Jack Bradshaw has found a niche in the civilian world as a private investigator and part-time executive protection agent. His new task of protecting a political activist was accepted with reluctance. It rapidly heats up when an attempt is made on his principal’s life.

In the wake of that attempt, Bradshaw unearths a horrifying truth: the would-be assassins are in league with an enemy Bradshaw thought he had killed in Afghanistan.

Past and present collide as Bradshaw works outside the law in a race to discover the truth. What he brings to light will be radically life-changing…and deadly…

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Author: Lane, Kaci
Sweet, Small Town Romantic Comedy

In a matter of minutes, I gained two kids, a house, a dog . . . and a hot doctor-farmer guy for a neighbor.

I never anticipated being a single mom, but I did expect to get pregnant first. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined taking custody of my niece and nephew, let alone moving back to my hometown.

Even more surprising is the guy living on the other side of my pond who could pass as a model for an outdoors catalog. Oh, and he’s a doctor.

Too bad he met me at my worst—barely dressed and several days past a shower, still holding the half-eaten cookie cake that sent me spiraling into a sugar coma. Of course, losing one’s sister and trading in a life of traveling the country for Apple Cart County could do that to a person. It did do it for me.

With my life in so much upheaval, the last thing I need is to fall for the guy next door. But he’s making it hard to resist with handsome smiles and helping around the property. And as an instant mama to a middle schooler and second grader stuck in the town I escaped almost a decade ago, I need all the help I can get.

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Noir Crime


Detective Inspector Jack Dawes and his bride, Corrie, join eight other holidaymakers bound for a tiny Greek island, ready for a bit of sun, sea and sand.

But one of them is a ruthless killer.

Mayhem ensues when a storm destroys the island’s primitive communications, cutting it off from civilization.


First one victim is poisoned, followed swiftly by another. Then a woman is found badly beaten in a quiet cove and a body is found in a grotto to St Sophia, the island’s patron saint. The island’s visitors are being picked off one by one. Can Jack uncover the truth before the killer ups the ante?

Who will return home — and who will be sacrificed to the island?

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Author: Dove, Julieann
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Small-Town Romance
Tongues will soon be wagging when Abigail Murdock returns home after being gone for 18 years. Boone County is the last place she thought she’d return. But when Tessa Snow, the girl she gave up for adoption in her senior year, showed up wanting to meet her biological parents, Abigail figures she needs to find Ryan and admit the reason her family moved away. Getting to him before Tessa does is only half the problem. The other half is not falling in love with him all over again. After all, she has an engagement ring from Joe Batista–the man who is still waiting for her answer to being his happily ever after.
Ryan is not ready to give Abigail an easy-out. He never stopped wondering what happened to her, and now that she knows he is still in love with her, telling him the truth might jeopardize everything. She never planned to still have feelings for him. And with Joe putting pressure on her to return to him, she has to figure out the best future for her and her daughter.

Little Birds: Erotica (affiliate link)

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Author: Nin, Anaïs
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Classic Literary Fiction

These 13 erotic short stories by the acclaimed author of Henry and June explore the nature of desire, taboo, and female sensuality.

Following her first book of erotic short fiction, Delta of Venus, Anaïs Nin continues to illuminate the many guises of human sexuality in Little Birds. From the beach towns of Normandy to the streets of New Orleans, these thirteen vignettes introduce us to a covetous French painter, a sleepless wanderer of the night, a guitar-playing gypsy, and a host of others who yearn for and dive into the turbulent depths of romantic experience.

My Latest Grievance (affiliate link)

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Author: Lipman, Elinor
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Coming of Age Fiction

Massachusetts, 1970s. Born to a pair of “bleeding heart” professors who live on campus as dorm parents, Frederica Hatch soon finds herself the unofficial mascot of Dewing College. Life is so ideal that by the time she becomes a teenager, Frederica finds herself chafing under the care of “the most annoyingly evenhanded parental team in the history of civilization.” But she’s about to learn that life isn’t as simple or idyllic as it seems—even amid the manicured lawns of a small women’s college like Dewing.

A new dorm parent has just arrived on campus. Laura Lee French is glamorous, worldly, and the former wife of Frederica’s father. Suddenly, Frederica sees her parents’ lives—and by extension her own—in a whole new light.

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Author: Colt, Melinda
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International Mystery & Crime

How far will a devoted cop walk on the line of duty?

Detective Finola ‘Finn’ McGregor enjoys her job at An Garda Síochána, Ireland’s police force. In a country with a low crime rate, Finn’s job is mostly routine—until she joins a team that uncovers a human trafficking ring specializing in kidnapping children and forcing them to beg on the streets.
Finn’s sense of justice and adventure would’ve compelled her to solve the case anyway, but when she meets one of the trafficker’s victims, her resolve strengthens. One look into the little girl’s sad blue eyes, and Finn will risk everything—even her life—to save Maddie.

The Undead Mr. Tenpenny (The Cassie Black Trilogy Book 1) (affiliate link)

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Author: Painter, Tammie
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Humorous Paranormal Mystery

Cassie Black works at a funeral home. She’s used to all manner of dead bodies. What she’s not used to is them waking up. Which they seem to be doing on a disturbingly regular basis lately.

Just when Cassie believes she has the problem under control, the recently-deceased Busby Tenpenny insists he’s been murdered and claims Cassie might be responsible thanks to a wicked brand of magic she’s been exposed to. The only way for Cassie to get her life back to normal is to tame her magic and uncover Mr. Tenpenny’s true killer.

Simple right? Of course not. Because while Cassie works on getting her newly-acquired magic sorted, she’s blowing up kitchens, angering an entire magical community, and discovering her past is more closely tied to Busby Tenpenny than she could have ever imagined.

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