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Author: Hutchinson, Ty
Police Procedurals

They locked him up seven years ago. He’s still killing.

Executives from Detroit’s automakers are being mutilated, and all signs point to a serial killer known as the Doctor. But there’s a problem with that. Detroit Police put him away a long time ago.

Fiery FBI agent Abby Kane is tasked with figuring out how this madman can kill again. When she visits the Doctor behind bars, he swears he’s innocent and not the psychopath everyone thinks he is. Oddly enough, Abby believes him.

To prove the Doctor’s innocence, Abby investigates the case that put him behind bars and discovers evidence of a cover-up. She soon finds herself marked as enemy number one by the city’s power players. Even the executives who are being targeted by the killer want her silenced. The pressure only intensifies when Abby believes the real killer is connected to the automakers. Can Abby untangle the web of lies before she’s silenced for good?

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Author: Byrne, Kerrigan, St. Aubin, Cynthia
Contemporary Romance

Cadence “Cady” Bloomquist knows two things for sure: First, shelving books at her shop, Nevermore Bookstore, totally counts as cardio. Second, staying late every Thursday night to take a certain mysterious customer’s order is not the same as waiting by the phone for some man.


Until the calls with the man who identifies himself only as “Fox” last for hours, and become the highlight of her week. Which leaves her to wonder, if his jagged velvet voice can kindle her fire over the phone, what sort of alchemy might it inspire if they met in person?

There’s nothing Roman Fawkes wants more than the brilliant, beautiful bookstore owner, but Roman Fawkes knows it can never happen. Secreted in his mountain hideaway high above sleepy little Townsend Harbor, his hermit’s existence shields him–and those around him–from the pain of his past.

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Author: Holden, FX

It is April 1 2038. Day 60 of China’s blockade of the rebel island of Taiwan.

The US government has agreed to provide Taiwan with a weapons system so advanced, it can disrupt the balance of power in the region.

But what pilot would be crazy enough to run the Chinese blockade to deliver it?

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Author: Storey, Robert
Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction

Hidden deep beneath a remote desert is our planet’s biggest secret. Sarah Morgan’s only mistake? Finding it.

The world holds its breath as the colossal asteroid 2011 AG5 hurtles towards the earth. As humanity is faced with extinction, archaeologist Sarah Morgan is in a race against time to uncover a secret that has been buried for millennia: that an advanced ancestor once populated the earth. As Sarah travels across the continents in search of the truth, she discovers there are those that will kill to protect this most ancient of secrets…

Meanwhile, in a clandestine facility below the earth’s surface, Professor Steiner has been charged with overseeing the preservation of the human race. Steiner believes he is on schedule to deliver his task, but as the world is poised on the brink of destruction Steiner’s plans begin to unravel.

That which has lain buried may yet prove to be their only hope…

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Author: Konrath, J.A., Peterson, Ann Voss
Crime Action Thriller


She’s an elite spy, working for an agency so secret only three people know it exists. Trained by the best of the best, she has honed her body, her instincts, and her intellect to become the perfect weapon.

Before special operative Hammett became a mercenary, she executed the most difficult missions—and most dangerous people—for the government. When one sanction turns into half a dozen dead, the agency Hammett works for realizes she’s gone rogue. And there’s only one way to deal with rogues; eliminate them with extreme prejudice.

But this target has other ideas…

Just One of the Guys (affiliate link)

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Author: Higgins, Kristan
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Firefighters Romance

Having grown up with four brothers in upstate New York, journalist Chastity O’Neill is tired of being just one of the guys. When she returns to her hometown, she decides it’s time to get in touch with her feminine side. While doing a story on local heroes, she meets a hunky doctor who is the perfect candidate to test her newfound womanly wiles. There’s only one problem: firefighter Trevor Meade, her first love and the one man she’s never quite gotten over—although he seems to have gotten over her just fine.

Yet the more time she spends with Dr. Perfect, the better Trevor looks. But with the in-your-face competition, the irresistible Trevor starts to see Chastity as more than a friend . . . .

Takes One to Know One: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Isaacs, Susan
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Humorous Domestic Thrillers

Just a few years ago, Corie Geller was busting terrorists as an agent for the FBI. But at thirty-five, she traded in her badge and married the brilliant and remarkably handsome Judge Josh Geller, becoming adoptive mother of his lovely teenage daughter. Between cooking meals and playing chauffeur, Corie scouts Arabic fiction for a few literary agencies and, on Wednesdays, has lunch with her fellow Shorehaven freelancers at a so-so French restaurant. Life is, as they say, fine.

But at her weekly lunches, Corie senses that something’s off. Pete Delaney, a milquetoast package designer, always shows up early, sits in the same spot (often with a different phone in hand), and keeps one eye on the Jeep he parks in the lot across the street. Corie intuitively feels that Pete is hiding something—and as someone accustomed to keeping her FBI past from her new neighbors, she should know. But does Pete really have a shady alternate life, or is Corie just imagining things, desperate to add some spark to her humdrum suburban existence? The only way to find out is to dust off her FBI toolkit and take a deep dive into Pete Delaney’s affairs . . .

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Author: Woods, June
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Contemporary Christian Romance

He’s been missing 10 years. It’s time to start living again, but can she really leave him in the past?

Detective Daniel Harper disappeared on the job, leaving behind his wife and daughter. Connie Harper is now forty-six years old, and she has spent the last ten years waiting, hoping Daniel would come home. Burying herself in her work and closing herself off from the world, life has passed her by.

When her daughter calls to tell her she’s engaged, Connie realizes it’s time to move forward but there’s one last thing she has to do. When she finally opens a mysterious box that was left for her all those years ago, secrets unfold and Connie does something nobody expects.

She goes to Ruby Island.

Aria (Duet Series Book 1) (affiliate link)

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Author: Hartmann, Jennifer
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Historical Romances

When the lead singer of my rock band sets his sights on a pretty waitress, I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure she doesn’t get in the way of our dreams.

Only, my plan unravels when she accidentally spills her darkest secrets to me one night, triggering a profound connection neither of us saw coming.

And when those dark secrets come back to haunt her, threatening more than just the new life she’s built for herself, I’m the one she runs to.

I know I should run the other way—I’m a single father who’s been burned before.

Not to mention, she’s my front man’s girl.

But in my crusade to drive her away, I fell for her instead, and now, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe… whether she’s mine, or not.

The Vanishing of Class 3B (affiliate link)

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Author: Kabler, Jackie
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Domestic Thrillers

What happens when your worst nightmare comes true?
One spring morning, a bus full of children and their teachers from a Cotswolds primary school head off on a much-anticipated day trip.

But as night falls and the well-heeled parents – one or two of them famous, as well as wealthy – wait at the school to collect their weary offspring, it soon becomes clear that something has gone very wrong.

The children and their teachers simply do not come back.

What’s happened doesn’t seem possible.

How can an entire class of children simply vanish?

Black Plumes (affiliate link)

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Author: Allingham, Margery
Regularly $14.99, Today $3.99
Traditional Detective Mysteries

Something is afoot at the Ivory Gallery in London. A string of suspicious incidents—a Kang-Tse vase broken, a specially commissioned catalog burned, and now a painting slashed—has young Frances Ivory on edge. She suspects that the instigator is her stepsister’s husband, Robert Madrigal, but there’s not much she can do about it while her father is out of the country.

Robert is even interfering in Frances’s love life, encouraging her to marry his loathsome assistant. To stop his infernal matchmaking, Frances agrees to a sham engagement with the painter whose work was defaced. But when Robert disappears after a confrontation with the artist, he’s found stashed in a cupboard, dead. Frances is now drawn into a mystery that will have her second-guessing her family, her fiancé, and even herself . . .

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