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True North (North Brothers) (affiliate link)

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Author: Knupp, Amy
Fake Date Contemporary Romance

It might be a fake date, but what if he’s not faking it?

Loner Cole North has always been the odd guy out. His IQ is sky-high, but he’s not so bright when it comes to people or relationships. Years ago, he spurned expectations, shunned his family’s business, and embraced a career in construction instead. Now he values his job above everything, in part because of his secret feelings for his boss, Sierra. While he could never be right for her personally, he endeavors to be exactly what she needs professionally.

Remodeler Sierra Lowell might be creative, hardworking, and a color-outside-the-lines thinker in her job, but there’s one line she’s never crossed. It’s tough enough to be a woman in a man’s job without adding sex or emotions to the mix. Smart, sexy Cole is without question her right-hand man, but the lines get blurred when Sierra’s life is complicated with a wedding date crisis and the television opportunity of a lifetime.

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Author: Jahquel J.
Urban Fiction
Imagine at nineteen loving a man so deep that you would risk your entire life for him? Loving him so hard that despite his small pockets, you love him for love . Freedom McGurrry loved Ghost like no other. Even though she was nineteen and he was a bit older, broke and trying to trap, she loved him. One night in 2009 causes her to rethink things and she disappears off the face of the earth. She leaves Ghost wondering what ever happened to his love? Liberty, Freedom’s twin loved her man Pook. After he caught a drug case, she loved him so much that she would have held him down to the end of time. That is until she sees another woman pregnant with his baby and wearing the same exact ring he had gifted to her. Leaving the courtroom, pregnant and confused, she has no clue what to do. Priest has been raised by his older sister, who is drying from lung disease. She’s all he has known. When she passes, she leaves behind three daughters, who Priest must raise.
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Author: Weill, Patrick
Action Thriller

Champion surfer Jeff Walker was born into tragedy, his father’s life having been cut short before he was born, and his mother succumbing to heartache in a foreign land as she bravely raised him alone. Determined to find his father’s killer, Walker relocates to sunny San Diego and secures a job as a beach lifeguard, in which capacity a rescue mission at sea hurls him into the sticky web of an international smuggling ring.

As Walker, along with a rich cast of characters, aids the police in their investigation, the tension is ratcheted up when he discovers that the mastermind behind the criminal operation is the very man he’s been searching for since he was a teenager! In this tale of revenge, justice, and survival, only one will walk away from the showdown.

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Author: DeSousa, Carmen
Romantic Suspense

Passion, secrets, murder… Welcome to Land of the Noonday Sun.

When new attorney Tom Turner accepts a pro-bono case of an abused woman suspected of attempted murder, he ends up with more than he bargained for. She’s the ex-wife of one of the oldest and wealthiest families in Asheville, and her in-laws will stop at nothing to conceal family secrets.

Unable to ignore his attraction, Tom gets closer than he should. But when all evidence points to the woman he’s falling in love with, he will risk everything—his reputation, disbarment, even his life to uncover the truth.

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Author: Press, BookSumo
Frozen Desserts
Here is a preview of the diverse types of Sorbet you will learn to prepare:
Fig Sorbet
Mexican Style Sorbet
Pineapple Pastry
Glittery Sorbet
Southern Peach Sorbet
Lavender Sorbet
Summer Sorbet
Rainbow Sorbet
Vanilla Cocoa Sorbet
Tropical Sorbet
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Author: Susberry, Embassie
Black & African American Christian Fiction

Isabella Reid returns to Thibeaux County not only because Sawyer Webb is dead and life is about to get a whole lot stickier but also because if she ever wants to make her dreams come true, now is the time to do it.

She counts on her family’s doubts, she counts on her town’s disdain, she counts on the Webbs throwing down a gauntlet that only the good Lord can pick up.

What she doesn’t count on is the town matriarch—lost in the deep recesses of her own mind—admitting to a crime no one even suspected had been committed. A crime that somehow involves Isabella’s deceased father….

With the clock ticking, Isabella must balance her own future while figuring out what happened that dark, dark night.

Metropolis (affiliate link)

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Author: von Harbou, Thea
Dystopian Science Fiction

The classic twentieth-century science fiction novel by the screenwriter of the Fritz Lang film, the famed director’s wife and collaborator.

A divided twenty-first-century city sets the stage for this novel of a future dystopia. While the wealthy live in a decadent playground of sex and drugs, workers toil underground operating the machines that keep the city running.

When Freder, the son of the leader of Metropolis, sees the horrific conditions the workers are exposed to, he becomes disillusioned with his father’s vision and captivated by a woman named Maria who is fighting for unity among the classes. Desperate to maintain the status quo, Freder’s father unleashes a robot that looks like Maria to wreak suspicion and doubt and crush the rebellion, a move that puts Freder and the real Maria’s love—and lives—at risk.

The Rise of Light: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Hawker, Olivia
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Women’s Literary Fiction

1975. In the town of Rexburg, Idaho, aspiring artist Aran Rigby, his younger sister, Tamsin, and their two brothers are locked in orbit around their emotionally abusive father. Gad is the kind of man who soothes the failures of his own life by controlling the lives of others. But Aran and Tamsin are united in rebellion against their father. They understand each other. They have dreams beyond their small town.

Arriving in Rexburg is Linda Duff, an outsider from Seattle hoping to plant new roots far from the bitter ones of her childhood. She’s quickly taken with Aran, in no small part because of his talent. But when they fall in love, Linda is drawn into a family more damaged than the one she left behind. She also becomes privy to a secret Aran and Tamsin share that could dismantle everything everyone holds dear.

Upsetting the precarious balance in the Rigby home, Linda becomes an unwitting catalyst for the upheaval of Gad’s oppression. Now it’s time for them all to break free of the past, overcome the unforgivable, and find a new way forward—whatever the price.

The Perfect Roommate (affiliate link)

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Author: Kent, Minka
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Psychological Fiction

She’s my roommate.

I know how she takes her tea, how she organizes her closet.

I know when she goes to bed each night, what she eats for breakfast, the passcode on her phone.

I know she calls her mother on Mondays, takes barre on Thursdays, and meets her friends for drinks on Fridays.

But more important than any of that … I know what she did.

Postcards From a Stranger (affiliate link)

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Author: Clark, Imogen
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Historical Fiction

A secret lies buried at the heart of her family—but it can’t stay hidden forever.

When Cara stumbles across a stash of old postcards in the attic, their contents make her question everything she thought she knew.

The story she pieces together is confusing and unsettling, and appears to have been patched over with lies. But who can tell her the truth? With her father sinking into Alzheimer’s and her brother reluctant to help, it seems Cara will never find the answers to her questions. One thing is clear, though: someone knows more than they’re letting on.

Torn between loyalty to her family and dread of what she might find, Cara digs into the early years of her parents’ troubled marriage, hunting down long-lost relatives who might help unravel the mystery. But the picture that begins to emerge is not at all the one she’d expected—because as she soon discovers, lies have a habit of multiplying . . .

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Author: Gilbert, Cat
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Psychic Thrillers

Is she insane or psychic?
Private investigator Taylor Morrison has just managed to put her life back together after the death of her husband when strange things begin to happen around her. Things that can’t be explained.

Taylor begins her desperate search for answers only to discover that others know what she can do, and they’ll stop at nothing to control her and the ability she now possesses – even if it means using the people she cares about against her. As Taylor’s once ordered world erupts into violence and chaos, she is forced to go on the run, fighting to protect the people she loves, even as she struggles to control the power she doesn’t understand.

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Author: Smith, Jennifer E.
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Young Adult Fiction

Timing is everything in this romantic novel about family connections, second chances, and first loves. Set over a twenty-four-hour-period, Hadley and Oliver find that true love can be found in unexpected places.

Today should be one of the worst days of Hadley Sullivan’s life. Having just missed her flight, she’s stuck at the airport and late to her father’s wedding, which is taking place in London and involves a soon-to-be stepmother Hadley’s never even met. Then she happens upon the perfect boy in the airport’s cramped waiting area. His name is Oliver, he’s British, and he’s sitting in her row….

A long night on the plane passes in the blink of an eye, and Hadley and Oliver lose track of each other in the airport chaos upon arrival. Can fate intervene to bring them together once more?

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