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Author: Wheeler, Zachry
Sci-Fi Comedy

It’s spring break and Max is stuck at home all by himself. Just the way he likes it. He games online, feasts on junk, and wonders why his cat can suddenly talk.

Thanks to a bizarre mishap, Max has started shifting between parallel universes whenever he falls asleep. A curious affliction, and one that steadily erodes his sanity. Day after day, he awakes to a strange new reality and struggles to make sense of his surroundings.

But then one day he awakes to a hyper-advanced version of Earth where humans have colonized space. Determined to fulfill a lifelong dream, Max and his cyborg cat venture into the black, only to entangle themselves in an intergalactic conflict.

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Author: Cobb, James H.
Military Thrillers

Heavy caliber cannon fire rips across the harbour of a remote South Atlantic research station.

Worse is to come…

When Argentinian forces launch a lightning strike against the Antarctic peninsular, only a single US Navy destroyer stands between them and the country’s ambition to seize the continent’s rich resources for herself.

The USS Cunningham is sailing into hostile waters, untested, unsupported and far from home. But as the enemy will soon discover, the Cunningham is no ordinary warship, nor her Commander any ordinary Captain…

Everything In Between (affiliate link)

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Author: More, Vanessa
Small Town, Second Chance Romance

Tera Chambers has carved out a decent life for herself as a romance author. She lives in a fancy city apartment, has a boyfriend whom she likes but is in no danger of losing her heart to, and most important of all, after ten long years, she has finally managed to bury a tragic past she’d rather forget.

But everything changes with a single phone call.

When Tera is called home to look after her ill father in the small town of Ray River, the place she grew up in, she is forced to face everything and everyone she ran away from.
Including Lane.

The only man she has ever loved.

But the last time Tera listened to her heart, at the tender age of eighteen, it ended in tragedy.
Will Tera give in to the feelings she still has for Lane?
Or will she listen to her head and vow to never risk hurting her loved ones again?

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Author: Ezzard, Diane
Cozy Mystery
People are dying at the care home but are the deaths natural or is a serial killer on the loose?
Dotty’s grandma, Grace is persuaded to move into Willowbank Lodge retirement home when her memory and her physical condition worsen. Then her new friend, Tomas disappears and is found dead. When other deaths occur, Dotty and her friend Dave, the gay private investigator, wonder if there is something more sinister afoot. Dotty and Dave dig deep to uncover the truth.
What really happened to Tomas? Is Willowbank Lodge a dangerous place to live?
Dotty finds out more than she bargains for when she unravels the past lives of the staff and residents.
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Author: Taylor, Becca
Contemporary Romance

After a six year relationship with someone who made Katerina feel less than perfect, she is ready for a fresh start. With her grandmother’s words in her mind, she begins seeking out new experiences by creating a list of adventures she’d like to complete. First on the list, a night out with friends. Which leads to the second item on her list, a one night stand. That single night with Caleb is one she can’t get out of her head. However, just when she thinks her life is moving forward, her past comes back making her doubt herself, her adventure list, and her dreams of finding home.

Caleb isn’t the settling down type. His life is exactly what he wants, an uncomplicated routine. He has his boys, his business, his bass and his bike. Caleb’s life motto is work hard, ride his motorcycle harder and play music the hardest. Until the night he met Katerina. Suddenly, everything he thinks he wants iasn’t enough. For the first time in his life, he is thinking about his future… with her. (less)

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Author: Morelli, Markie
Alpha Male Romance

As the wife of one of the wealthiest men in the world, Trisha Tremont’s life seems like a fairytale.

She’s even learning to love her role as her husband’s Little girl…even if it means she finds herself with a sore bottom more often than she would like.

But as much as she loves her new Daddy and the life they’ve built, she lives in constant fear of being exposed. Could a visit to Rawhide Ranch give her the chance she’s been waiting for to turn the tables on New York’s biggest gossip?

Or will Trisha find herself on the wrong end of an April Fool’s prank — and her Daddy’s paddle?

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Author: Sullivan, Nancy Nau
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Cozy Mystery
Blanche “Bang” Murninghan is a part-time journalist with writer’s block and a penchant for walking the beach on her beloved Santa Maria Island. When land-grabbing tycoons arrive from Chicago and threaten to buy up Tuna Street, including her beachfront cottage, her seemingly idyllic life begins to unravel. Blanche finds herself in a tailspin, flabbergasted that so many things can go so wrong, so fast.When her dear friend is found murdered in the parking lot of the marina, Blanche begins digging into his death. With her friends Liza and Hassi by her side, she stumbles into a pit of greed, murder, drug running, and kidnapping. Blanche has survived her fair share of storms on Santa Maria Island, but this one might just be her last.

The Next to Last Mistake (affiliate link)

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Author: Jahn, Amalie
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Young Adult Fiction about New Experiences

Tess Goodwin’s life in rural Iowa is sheltered and uncomplicated. Although she chooses to spend most of her free time playing chess with her best friend Zander, the farm-boy from next door, her skills as a bovine midwife and tractor mechanic ensure that she fits in with the other kids at East Chester High. But when her veteran father reenlists in the Army, moving her family halfway across the country to North Carolina, Tess is forced out of her comfort zone into a world she knows nothing about.

Tess approaches the move as she would a new game of chess, plotting her course through the unfamiliar reality of her new life. While heeding Zander’s long-distance advice for making new friends and strategizing a means to endure her dad’s imminent deployment to the Middle East, she quickly discovers how ill-equipped she is to navigate the societal challenges she encounters and becomes convinced she’ll never fit in with the students at her new school.

When Leonetta Jackson is assigned as her mentor, she becomes Tess’s unexpected guide through the winding labyrinth of cultural disparities between them, sparking a tentative friendship and challenging Tess to confront her reluctant nature. As the pieces move across the board of her upended life, will Tess find the acceptance she so desperately desires?

Darts and Flowers (affiliate link)

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Author: Backus, Dean
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LGBTQ+ Romance

When Josh Bradshaw returns to his childhood home and the house down the street from his childhood best friend, it seems like it could be a new beginning. After all, he’s older now, and although his feelings haven’t changed, he now has words to describe what he felt. He’s gay, and he’s had a crush on Brian Esau since they were eleven.

Zack Standish couldn’t be happier that his best friend is back home, and although he’s not sure how to respond to the fact that Josh is gay, there is one very clear silver lining: Missy, the girl of his dreams, is dating his best friend’s crush.

The plan is simple:

1. Break up Brian and Missy.

2. Confess their love to their respective crushes.

3. Live happily ever after.

It’s a win-win for everyone… or maybe not.

Past-It Notes (affiliate link)

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Author: Lipman, Maureen
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Humor Essays
Life the Lipman way is always unexpected, and the hilarious and witty way in which she recalls her adventures and misadventures has made her a bestselling author and national treasure. Past-it Notes is the ultimate Maureen Lipman collection, drawing on choice material from her six previous books (re-visited and re-worked) laced with a heady dose of extremely funny new autobiographical material.
Past-it Notes is packed with beguiling showbiz anecdotes, wonderful stories, eccentric characters, bizarre situations and memorable encounters Ð recalled and recorded with gusto and relish, including affectionate recollections of her late husband, the playwright Jack Rosenthal, and of her mother and Muse, the inimitable Zelma.
From entertaining the neighbours at the age of four with impressions of Alma Cogan to entertaining the nation on TV, from struggling with her laptop to film-roles and award-winning stage triumphs as diverse as The Pianist and Oklahoma Ð and not forgetting her iconic creation Beattie, star of thirty five British Telecom commercials Ð Maureen combines stories of her whirlwind professional life, and confessions of the chaos that often threatens to engulf her personal life, with a style and wit that is utterly and uniquely her own.
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Author: Yendall, Helen
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World War II Saga Fiction

Scotland, 1943. It’s a long hot summer in Scotland but the Women’s Timber Corps have more than forest fires to worry about.

Upper class Seffy has spent months proving herself to the other young women, but when new recruits arrive, she quickly feels lost again. She distracts herself by helping set up a Women’s Home Defence Corps, but the idea soon meets resistance from the locals.

Dependable Joey had turned her back on love since she ran away from heartbreak to join the Corps, but when she crosses paths with a soldier deployed nearby, she feels a connection with him she’s never felt before – but will she be burned by love again?

And young Tattie is desperate to impress the other women and make a new life for herself, far away from her troubled home. But her willingness to impress leaves her at risk of being used…

As the summer beats on, can the Lumberjills pull together and protect the forest – and each other?

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