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Author: Talbot, Morgan C.
Cozy Culinary Mystery

Pippa Winterbourne runs Moorehaven, the Oregon Coast’s quirkiest bed-and-breakfast and former home of world-famous mystery writer A. Raymond Moore. Guests come there to write their own crime novels. When a real-life murder takes a local’s life and washes a handsome boat pilot into her arms, Pippa is yanked into a deadly plot of her own. A tangle of secrets crashes past into present, and Pippa must uncover clues dating back to Seacrest’s Prohibition days, including a secret Moore himself hid from the world.

Juggling her book-writing guests, small-town intrigues, secret club agendas, and a possibly fatal attraction, Pippa must sort fact from fiction to know who to trust before a desperate killer claims a final revenge nearly a century in the making.

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Author: Ross, Richard D
Political Thrillers & Suspense

Following a series of mysterious accidents at the international terminals of Macrae Shipping Company, James Macrae must uncover the nefarious adversary intent on destroying his family’s legacy.

After becoming CEO of his family’s shipping company, James never suspected that he would become a victim of international espionage that would threaten both his company and those he loves. When James discovers that the incidents are acts of sabotage, he must act quickly to unmask the hidden enemy working in the shadows.

Journeying across Europe and the Middle East, James follows the trail of clues as he begins to question whether these incidents could be linked to one of his company’s competitors, a company rumored to be caught up in international arms smuggling.

But as he peels back the layers of this conspiracy, James begins to realize that this may reach beyond mere business rivalry. And, as he finds himself and his family in the crosshairs, James must race against time to discover the truth before he loses everything that he holds dear.

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Author: Brooks, Kathleen
Romantic Suspense

Gavin Faulkner was the only doctor in the small South Carolina inner coastal town of Shadows Landing. He was used to patching up everything from fishing lures stuck in skin to gator bites. Nothing could surprise him anymore—except when he found an unconscious woman partially submerged near his dock after a fierce thunderstorm.

Ellery St. John’s last memory was of a bat swinging toward her head. The next thing she knew, she was cold, wet, and a sexy man was pressing his lips to hers. Too bad it turned out to be CPR instead of a passionate kiss.

Gavin thought Ellery would be safe in the small town where BBQ wars were the biggest danger, but he was wrong. Now it was up to him to help Ellery put the pieces together in order to discover who had tried to kill her and why before they both ended up at the bottom of the ocean.

Lords of Desire (affiliate link)

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Author: Osborne, Scarlett
Steamy Regency Romance

Mysterious Lords, alluring ladies, and three passionate romances just for you!

Courteously Seduced by an Enigmatic Duke

Rowland’s past comes back with a vengeance: a woman with a single letter, able to set his and Hannah’s future on fire and watch it burn…

A Sinful Lady for the Proper Marquess

A blade is the last thing Emily sees before being taken. With Jonathan being her last hope, he has to face an unlikely enemy; a letter of revenge…

To Desire and Conquer Lady Temptress

The same fire that brought Lady Lydia and Earl Nathaniel to their passionate demise just might tear them apart. By claiming Lydia’s life first…

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Author: Borre, Dr. Amanda
Weight Loss Diets
Do you ever find yourself dreaming of a flat belly?
Perhaps you have tried to lose that stubborn gut before but to no avail. You’ve followed exercise plans and been more careful with your food intake, but nothing has ever quite shrunk your stomach.
Or maybe you have never committed to getting healthier before, and you want a little more information before you take the leap.
Regardless of your past efforts, there is now a book that can help your dream of a slim stomach come true.
Introducing 5 Fast Flat Belly Facts, the perfect resource to help you unlock the secrets to a slimmer, healthier you.
Say goodbye to lifestyle changes that only work for a couple of weeks, and say hello to five essential facts that you can use to get rid of that pesky belly fat.
The best part? With this information under your belt, you can still enjoy all of your favorite foods in moderation. No more feeling miserable in your weight loss journey!
Inside 5 Fast Flat Belly Facts, discover:
The benefits of attaining a flatter belly.
The impact sodium intake can have on your body shape.
The value of embracing healthy fats.
How to manage gaseous foods in your diet.
Why you should prioritize bowel regularity
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Author: Davidson, Louise
Dessert & Sweets Cooking

You don’t need to be an expert to bake cupcakes that will look perfect and taste incredibly good every time! This cookbook provides you with all the information you need to bake the perfect cupcakes with step-by-step directions.

Baking your favorite cupcake has never been easier with the foolproof recipes and easy decorating tips for each cupcake recipe in this cookbook.

Whether you are just starting out or have lots of experience with cupcake making, this cookbook has plenty of recipes that are easy to make and some that will challenge you more. You will also discover the important steps for making moist, decadent cupcakes there are as well as the key ingredients you need to bake them. This cookbook not only offers a variety of foolproof recipes but also gives baking and decorating tips for a perfect cupcake!

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Author: Jeanroy, Amelia
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Culinary Arts & Techniques

Whether you’re looking for tried-and-true recipes, or instructions for safely using your pressure canner, you’ve come to the right place! Modern Pressure Canning is a one-stop resource for safely and deliciously preserving your vegetables, fruit, meat, and more.

Author Amelia Jeanroy (The Farming Wife) provides a comprehensive explanation of the equipment you’ll need, and how to implement it.

Recipes are organized by topic, so finding just what you want is a breeze whether it’s fruit pie filling or a soup stock. Try out a classic like dilly beans, tomato sauce, creamed corn, applesauce, or turkey soup! Want to get creative? Try canning pumpkin bites, rhubarb sauce, or green tomato chutney.

With full-color photography throughout, pressure canning never looked so good.

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Author: Fallenberg, Evan
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Historical World War II Fiction
The story of a preeminent male ballet dancer in the autumn of his career—a Jew whose talent once saved him from the Nazis—whose fading passion for life will flare back to life after a new romance links him to a younger woman fleeing the ghosts of her past as an Israeli Soldier. Fallenberg’s Tel Aviv-set tale that will resonate with readers of Wladyslaw Szpilman’s The Pianist, Dalia Sofer’s The Septembers of Shiraz, and Thrity Umrigar’s The Space Between Us, as well as any who have been touched by war or diaspora, as two characters’ intimate journey poignantly explores the pain of fractured pasts, the hope for second chances, the potency of artistic catharsis, and the certainty that love can conquer all.
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Author: Uhl, Joseph Wesley
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Coffee & Tea

“Water is the mother of tea, a teapot its father, and fire the teacher.” —Chinese Proverb

As one of the most consumed beverages in the world, a cup of tea is a common shared experience across cultures and traditions. Companies and consumers alike are reawakening to the benefits of high-quality, unprocessed, natural beverages, and tea is a perfect obsession for anyone interested in artisan food and healthy eating.

In The Art and Craft of Tea, entrepreneur and enthusiast Joseph Wesley Uhl brings to the story of tea its due reverence, making its history, traditions, and possibilities accessible to all. If you want to go beyond reading and enter your kitchen, Joseph offers “recipes” for creating your own tea blends using natural ingredients.

Inside you’ll find:
A detailed overview of tea’s history and origins
Thoughtful descriptions of global brewing methods
Innovative ideas for iced tea, tea cocktails, and DIY blends

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Author: Manning, Ivy
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Italian Cooking

A must-have addition for Instant Pot fans and those just getting to know its miraculous capabilities, with 100 recipes for favorite Italian dishes

The Instant Pot has made getting dinner on the table easier than ever. And Italian food is a perfect partner for your Instant Pot—think rich and meaty braises, one-pot pastas, risotto, stuffed artichokes, and more. This authorized Instant Pot cookbook offers 100 delicious, sure-to-please recipes for weeknight cooking and beyond. Recipes take advantage of the Instant Pot’s many settings, allowing you to perfectly sauté and simmer a variety of dishes with just the push of a button. Long-cooking foods like grains and beans (Fall Farro with Pears and Walnuts, Corona Beans with Tomato and Sage) as well as slow stews and braises (Tuscan Beef Stew, Chicken with Creamy Artichoke Sauce) finish in half the time of stovetop cooking. But other hacks and surprises abound, too—set-it-and-forget it recipes for focaccia, quick pickles, no-oven-required cakes and cheesecakes, and even DIY ricotta.

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Author: Hauck-Lawson, Annie, Deutsch, Jonathan
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Gastronomy History

This irresistible sampling of NYC’s rich food heritage takes readers on a cultural and historical journey from Brooklyn to the Bronx and beyond.

Whether you’re digging into a slice of cherry cheesecake, burning your tongue on a piece of Jamaican jerk chicken, or slurping the broth from a juicy soup dumpling, eating in New York City is a culinary adventure unlike any other in the world.

Gastropolis explores the historical, cultural, and personal relationship between New Yorkers and the food they eat. Beginning with the origins of local favorites, such as Mt. Olympus bagels and Puerto Rican lasagna, the book looks back to early farming practices and the pre-European fare of the Leni Lenape. Essays trace the function of place and memory in Asian cuisine, the rise of Jewish food icons, the evolution of food enterprises in Harlem, the relationship between restaurant dining and identity, and the role of peddlers and markets in guiding the ingredients of our meals.

Touching on everything from religion to nutrition; agriculture to economics; and politics to psychology, Gastropolis tells a multifaceted story of immigration, amalgamation, and the making of New York’s distinctively delicious flavor

Herbs, Spices & Flavourings (affiliate link)

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Author: Stobart, Tom
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Herb, Spice & Condiment Cooking

Tom Stobart’s award-winning Herbs, Spices and Flavourings has long been recognized as the authoritative work on the subject. It is a truly amazing source of information covering, alphabetically, over 400 different herbs, spices, and flavorings found throughout the world and based on the extensive notes he made on his travels in 70 countries.

Each entry carries detailed descriptions of the origin, history, magical, medicinal, scientific, and culinary uses, together with a thorough assessment of tastes and effects of cooking, freezing, and pickling. The author assigns the scientific, botanical, native, and popular names for given plants and ingredients making exact identification easy and clearing up any confusions which may exist on differing countries’ names and usages. No other work in print has ever covered this important subject with such exhausting precision, making this work of reference essential for all cooks, gardeners, and horticulturists.

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