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Watching (PAVAD FBI Book 1) (affiliate link)

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Author: Brookes, Calle J.
Romantic Suspense


FBI Agent Georgia Dennis has dedicated her life to stopping those preying on the vulnerable, using her profiling skills to get ahead of monsters that hurt others.

Her final case with the Complex Crimes Unit will be no different—even if the dead women and girls bear a striking resemblance to Georgia.

To the victim she had once been.

The last thing she needs is her jerk of a boss, Michael “Hell” Hellbrook, second-guessing her as the case brings her own past boiling to the surface.

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Author: Adams, Noelle
Women’s Romance

Sex wasn’t supposed to be part of the deal.

Three years into a marriage of convenience, Molly’s high-powered CEO husband wants to add a new term to their marriage agreement. Sex—without any messy emotional entanglements. But weekly sex with Luke, despite their carefully negotiated terms, is likely to get messy eventually.

Content in a mutually beneficial arrangement, Molly isn’t going to fall for Luke the way she fell for an old lover, only to be crushed in the end. She vows to stay strong, no matter how much intimacy develops between them in bed. When her old lover returns, finally wanting a real relationship, Molly has the chance to give her heart to a man who will accept it.

It’s too bad she now wants to give it to her husband, who has never admitted her heart is what he wants.

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Action Thriller

Johnny Silver’s brother, Carlo, the head of an investment bank, disappears along with ten million euros.


Johnny, an ex-mercenary on the run, is persuaded to come out of hiding to track him down. The trail leads Johnny into the world of gambling, prostitution, drugs, and human-trafficking to a crime that shocks the core of a man who thought he’d seen everything.

Sometimes even the most cynical man discovers something that shakes him.

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Author: Lund, Lizz
Humorous Cozy Mystery

There’s no such thing as a free lunch… unless you’re Mina Kitchen, and cooked enough brisket barbecue to serve the entire congregation of St. Bart’s with plenty left over—literally.

Tricks-or-treats are in the air, and Halloween is just around the corner, as Mina worries about the financial “tricks” sapping her paycheck working alongside her boyfriend, Chef Jack. Why is it that car repairs, heating issues and vet bills seem to pop up all at once? And where are the “treats” while she and Jack struggle through insane work hours, and barely have time to see each other?

Mina’s pals try to distract her from the recent whack-a-mole theme in her life, when the fickle finger of fate touches her, and Mina becomes an overnight celebrity television chef! She lands a fancy new condo, make-up artist, famous actor co-star and an unbelievable salary. Good-bye, money problems!

Hello corpses. Plural.

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Author: Trafford, J.D.
Legal Thriller

Everything changes for attorney Graydon “Gray” Wendt while walking back to the office after a late dinner with a potential client. An SUV swerves and jumps the curb in front of them. His law partner is killed immediately, and Gray is knocked to the ground and shot twice in the chest.

A few days later, Gray wakes up in the hospital. His face is swollen. His body is sore, and his mind is scattered. Some of his clearest memories from that night are dismissed as by-products of a concussion. Although healing, Gray’s attempt to return to work is complicated by headaches and hallucinations. He struggles with paranoia and how to differentiate what is real and what is not.

Law enforcement, in the meantime, focus their attention on Gray, and he must figure out what really happened and who is setting him up to take the blame.

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Author: Turner, Liz
Christian Cozy Mystery

A heavy thump late at night from the room next door sets off a tantalizing tale of mystery and intrigue…

The only thing better than white sandy Caribbean beaches with turquoise water splashing against your feet is… the terrifying excitement of a murder mystery.

One evening, Francis Hayes and her husband hear chilling noises from the adjoining suite.
Thanks to an overactive imagination, amateur sleuth, Francis finds her mind leaping through a rabbit hole of possibilities.

Together with an inexperienced head of security at the resort, and a grumbling local detective, Francis must first uncover the nature of the mystery before she can set about solving it.

In a humorous tale of love both lost and found, greed, lies, and the occasional tango, Francis reveals the truth… and makes some entertaining friends along the way.

A Year After Henry: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Pelletier, Cathie
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Family Life Fiction

Bixley, Maine. One year after Henry Munroe’s fatal heart attack at age forty-one, his doting parents, prudish wife, rebellious son, and wayward brother are still reeling. So is Evie Cooper, a bartender, self-proclaimed “spiritual portraitist,” and Henry’s former mistress. While his widow, Jeanie, struggles with the betrayal, Henry’s overbearing mother is making plans to hold a memorial service. As the date of the tribute draws closer and these worlds threaten to collide, the Munroes grapple with the frailty of their own lives and the knowledge that love is all that matters.

With her trademark wry wit and wisdom, Cathie Pelletier has crafted an elegant and surprisingly uplifiting portrait of the many strange and inspiring forms that grief can take in its journey toward healing.

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Author: Rouse, Dan
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Gardening & Horticulture Reference

Transform your garden into a haven for all kinds of wildlife.

In a world with too much concrete and not enough greenery, every wildlife-friendly garden can make a huge difference. But what if we told you that you can make a difference to your local wildlife from the comfort of your own home? You can help to reverse the decline in bird numbers and much more by creating a haven in which they will thrive!

Let author, presenter, and wildlife conservationist Dan Rouse show you how you can make your outdoor space more welcoming for a wide variety of visitors, from planting pollinator-friendly perennials to digging a pond. Learn the best ways to provide shelter, food, and water, discover the best planting choices and how they can help, then sit back and watch as your garden becomes a much-needed refuge for a huge range of species.

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Author: Holmes, Earnest
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Spiritual Self-Help

The Science of Mind is the revolutionary religious proposal, originally published in the early part of the twentieth century, written by Ernest S. Holmes and based on the teachings of the great philosophers. According to him, God is a perpetual energy source, present throughout the universe. Through prayer, a person can reach God and heal spiritual, mental, and physical wounds.

Holmes believed in a philosophy of religion and psychology that emphasized the limitless potential of the human mind.

He created the Religious Science movement, a part of the larger, popular New Thought movement. Believing that science, philosophy, and religion could all be connected for the betterment of the individual his work expounds that the universe allows each person to dictate positive and negative feelings in their life and reach a higher level of existence by employing Nature’s forces and the power of God.

This deluxe edition of this classic work, includes a 21st century study guide filled with practices and exercises that will provide a summary and insights on Holmes’ teachings, and provide you with the power to reach a higher level of existence.

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Author: La Place, Viana
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Vegetable Cooking

Named One of the Top 100 Cookbooks of the Last 25 Years by Cooking Light!

Verdura has become a classic that readers turn to as their vegetable cooking bible—with irresistible recipes representing the best of the Italian approach to vegetable preparation, an earthy yet spirited technique that celebrates fresh ingredients simply treated.

Contending that eating well-prepared vegetables helps us to appreciate life’s natural cycles, Viana La Place presents recipes for antipastos, salads, soups, sandwiches, pasta, risottos, pizzas, and much more. The vegetables she explores run from the familiar—artichokes, aubergines, radicchio—to the more exotic, such as chayote, cardoons, and brocciflower. (Sautée her cauliflower-broccoli hybrid in garlic and oil—then top it with pungent provolone!) Other recipes, such as Soup of Dried Broad Beans with Fresh Fennel; Fettucine with Peas, Spring Onions, and Mint; Grilled Bread with Raw Mushroom Salad; and Baked Red Pepper Fritatta; give further evidence of the author’s original yet thoughtful way with the earth’s bounty.

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Author: Frater, Jamie
Regularly $17.99, Today $2.99

Another incredible collection of unusual trivia sure to shock and amaze, from the people who brought you The Ultimate Book of Top Ten Lists.

Discover freaks of nature, odd crimes, shocking deaths, devastating disasters, blood-curdling rites, crazy conspiracies and much more. Here are just some of the lists full of fascinating facts awaiting you inside:

  • •Gruesome Torture Devices
  • •Mass Hysteria Outbreaks
  • •Unbelievable Miniatures
  • •Disturbingly Scary Clowns
  • •Outer Space Mysteries
  • •Astonishing Aphrodisiacs
  • •Disgusting Ancient Jobs
  • •Spooky Sports Curses
  • •World-Famous Penises
  • •Mail-Order-Bride Shockers
  • •Brutal Pope Deaths
  • •Outrageous Wedding Locales
  • •Grossest Edible Animals
  • •Appalling Religious Practices

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