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Author: Dawson, Janet
Private Investigator Mysteries

Oakland P.I. Jeri Howard dives right into the middle of a brutal womanizer’s divorce proceedings—and murder mystery—in the third installment of Janet Dawson’s compelling female detective series. And in this particular whodunit, the list of who would gladly have done it just keeps growing.

When Ruth Raynor—the mousy soon-to-be ex-wife of an abusive sailor—calls up Jeri Howard to take on her divorce case, Jeri has reservations. For one, the celebrated Bay area PI has never been a fan of petty divorce investigations. Plus Ruth’s sleek divorce attorney—isn’t exactly Jeri’s cup of tea. But Ruth just happens to be the daughter of a former client. And Jeri is as loyal as she’s bold.

Sam, the soon-to-be ex-husband is a smart, slick, cocky piece of work—and a mean drunk to boot—who basks in attention (especially from women) like a lizard on a rock. Sam at first comes across as dangerously attractive, except for his pale blue, emotionless eyes—a cold, dead giveaway.

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Author: Larkin, Gillian
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Short Reads

A murder mystery with ghosts.

Derek Quill is an elderly gent who can see the ghosts of murdered people. With the help of his ghostly friend, Pearl, he finds out who killed them. Derek meets the ghost of Gabby Johnson, a 22-year-old who worked at a local hairdresser’s. Gabby loved a bot of gossip and knew many secrets. Derek and Pearl discover that Gabby died because she knew a secret about someone connected with the hairdresser’s.

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Author: Archer, Kate
Regency Historical Romance

One Fanciful Lady and One Fed Up Lord.

Lady Beatrice Bennington, the eldest of five daughters of the Earl of Westmont, is poised to take her place among the ton. The Benningtons are on their way to Portland Place and Beatrice is coming prepared. Her dear aunt, Miss Eloise Mayton, a lady who has raised them since their mother’s passing, has been exceedingly helpful in directing her efforts.
Beatrice has composed a well-considered list of requirements for any would-be suitor. He must have the courage of Beowulf, the strength of Hercules, the derring-do of Robin Hood, as gallant as Sir Gawain, the depth of feelings of Shakespeare, and the stalwart heart of Henry the Fifth. He must be violently in love, tearing his hair out, and challenging other suitors to a duel.

He might even threaten to do a violence to himself. Though, Beatrice would prefer only threats to do a violence to himself. She is not unreasonable.

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Author: Silvertale, Trixie
Paranormal Cozy Mysteries

Mitzy Moon is a barista in a latte trouble!

No sooner does she set foot in the quirky village of Pin Cherry Harbor to claim her inheritance, than the handsome sheriff catches her standing over a corpse. Desperate to prove her innocence, she’s forced to accept help from her granny’s entitled cat and a spirit from beyond the grave.

Seven full-length novels of sleuthing fun!

The Mitzy Moon Mysteries: Books 1-7 includes the first seven books in the hilarious paranormal cozy mystery series, PLUS a map of Pin Cherry and a recipe for Rhubarb Buckle. If you like snarky heroines, supernatural misfits, and a dash of romance, then you’ll love Trixie Silvertale’s twisty whodunits.

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Author: Danford Ph.D., Gerard
Entrepreneurship Management
How to get the benefit of an MBA, without completing an MBA? The Mini MBA BOOTCAMP focuses-in on what you must understand.
Having spent 20 years in business consulting & 20 years teaching in Business School Programs in Europe and North America, I can say with confidence that there are just a few essential concepts which every present and future manager must understand. Gerard L. Danford: MBA – London Business School (UK), PhD – Helsinki School of Economics (Finland), B.Sc. Engineering – CCSU (USA). Dr. Gerard Danford has 20 years of experience in successfully consulting multinational companies on their strategies in the USA & Europe and has 20 years experience teaching MBA and Executive MBA students.

Liquid Shades of Blue (affiliate link)

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Author: Polkinghorn, James
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Psychological Thrillers

First his brother, now his mother—Jack Girard searches for the truth behind his family’s tragedies

When hungover ex-lawyer and Key West bar owner Jack Girard groggily wakes up one morning, he’s greeted by a beautiful woman lying next to him and a shrill, ringing telephone. Seeing the call is from his father, Claude “The Duke” Girard, Jack answers. Within seconds, he learns that his mother is dead in an apparent suicide, and Jack hits the road, heading back to his childhood home in Miami to face his tyrannical father.

The death of his mother brings up haunting memories from Jack’s past—memories of his brother Bobby’s suicide when they were in college together. Being back in Miami only continues to dredge up his family traumas, but things grow more complicated when The Duke suggests that his estranged wife’s alleged suicide may have been a murder.

As Jack begins to uncover the truth about his mother’s death, including the secret she had revealed to only two people—the same secret Bobby had taken with him to his grave—he finds himself in imminent danger. Can Jack reveal the true story before it’s too late? He has to act quickly, or he fears he may be the victim of the next Girard family tragedy.

Nop’s Hope: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: McCaig, Donald
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Small Town & Rural Fiction

After her husband and daughter are killed in a car accident, Penny Burkeholder leaves her Shenandoah Valley home with her eighteen-month-old border collie, Hope, the only friend she has left in the world. Together, they make their way across the country in a battered pickup, earning money by doing ranch work and competing in sheepdog trials. One dream keeps the grieving young widow going: to compete at the national finals in Wyoming and turn Hope into a winner.

Filled with fascinating detail about sheepdog trials and the uncanny closeness that develops between canine and human team members, Nop’s Hope evokes the quiet beauty of the back roads and ranches of the American West and brings to life unforgettable characters, both human and canine, including Hope’s sire, Nop.

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Author: Hill, Napoleon, Williamson, Judith
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Napoleon Hill’s Timeless Thoughts for Today pairs Hill’s philosophy with actions that will move you toward success. Learn his philosophy regarding:


After studying his thoughts on these subjects, you should:

• First, chart your course
• Next plan your method of travel
• Third, step into the journey and begin!

As you progress, you can then evaluate what actions work best for you.

Look at this book as your treasure map. When you follow it to your destination, you will be rewarded with finding the treasure you seek.

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Author: Crane, Frances
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Historical Mysteries

A PI in 1940s San Francisco tries to determine whether a beautiful woman is being framed.

Corpses have been turning up with yellow violets accompanying them, and the clue seems to point to a Spanish performer who is in town with her dachshund, Pancho. But private detective Pat Abbott suspects the plants were a plant—and now he’s juggling the murders with a missing person case that may involve a fascist conspiracy, even if means postponing his wedding, in this compelling crime novel in the acclaimed long-running series.

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Author: Mallery, Susan
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Multicultural & Interracial Romance
A brazen stranger has made it his mission to chaperone innocent, beautiful Phoebe Carson around his native land. But what will Phoebe do when she discovers her suitor is none other than Prince Nasri Mazin—and he has seduction on his mind?
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Author: Turner, TJ
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Alternative History

In Lincoln’s Bodyguard, an alternative version of American history, President Lincoln is saved from assassination. Though he prophesied his own death—the only way he believed the South would truly surrender—Lincoln never accounted for the heroics of his bodyguard, Joseph Foster.

The biracial son of a white man and Miami Indian mother, Joseph makes an enemy of the South by killing John Wilkes Booth and preventing the death of the president. His wife is murdered and his daughter kidnapped, sending Joseph on a revenge-fueled rampage to recover his daughter. When his search fails, he disappears. The nation falls into a simmering insurgency instead of an end to the War.

Years later, Joseph is still running from his past when he receives a letter from Lincoln pleading for help. The President has a secret mission. Pursued from the outset, Joseph turns to the only person who might help, the woman he abandoned years earlier. If he can win Molly over, he might just fulfill the President’s urgent request, find his daughter, and maybe even return peace to the war-torn country.

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