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Author: Cowley, Katherine
Historical Mysteries

In Jane Austen’s revered Pride and Prejudice, Mary, the middle sister, is often passed over. Until now…

Upon the death of her father, Mary Bennet’s life is thrown into turmoil. With no fortune or marriage prospects, Mary must rely on the kindness of her relatives. When a mysterious late-night visit by an unknown relative—a Lady Trafford from Castle Durrington—leads to an extended stay and the chance for an education, Mary gratefully accepts the opportunity.

But even as she arrives at the castle, she’s faced with one mystery after another. Who is Lady Trafford really and what is she hiding? Do her secrets and manipulations place the small seaside community at risk of an invasion by Napoleon Bonaparte? Always curious, Mary sets out to discover the truth. But when she discovers the dead body of a would-be thief she outed prior to her father’s funeral, Mary jeopardizes her position at the castle and her family’s good name in her quest for the truth.

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Author: Weiss, Kirsten
Small Town Mystery

Small Town. Big Murder.

Hi. I’m Alice. The number one secret to my success as a bodyguard? Staying under the radar. But when a public disaster blew up my career and my reputation, my perfect, solo life took a hard left turn to crazy town. And to bodies. Lots of dead bodies.

I thought my hometown of Nowhere would be an out-of-the-way refuge to wait out the media storm.

It wasn’t.

My little brother had moved into a treehouse. The town had the bright idea of attracting tourists with the world’s largest collection of big things… Nowhere now has the world’s largest pizza cutter. And lawn flamingo. And ball of yarn…

And then I stumbled over a dead body.

All the evidence points to my brother being the bad guy. I may have been out of his life for a while—okay, five blissful years—but I know he’s no killer. Can I clear my brother before he becomes Nowhere’s next Big Fatality?

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Author: Baker, B. E.
Clean & Wholesome Romance

Some people have all the luck, but so far, Seren’s has all been bad.

Seren Colburn’s had nothing but bad luck her entire life, so she’s not surprised when Dave, a possible buyer for her family mansion, mistakes her for a vagrant squatting in the unfurnished home. If she wasn’t about to lose her movie-star grandmother’s house to the bank, she wouldn’t even be selling it.

But after he realizes Seren’s the owner, Dave has an idea.

He suggests they work together to turn the mansion into an inn, capitalizing on her grandmother’s graceful and timeless image. Seren really doesn’t want to, but she’s out of options. Dave quickly realizes he wants her as more than just a business partner, but can he convince Seren that her luck’s about to change. . .if only she’ll take a chance on him?

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Author: Shawn, Melanie
Contemporary Romance

Wyatt Briggs knew exactly what he wanted in life. And more importantly, what he didn’t. As the second oldest of nine siblings, he’d ruled out being a father by the time he’d hit double digits. Wyatt valued silence, privacy, and order. He’d built the life he wanted and was not willing to compromise for any woman…until he met her. His sexy neighbor was everything he didn’t want. She was young. Wild. And in the public eye. So why couldn’t he stop thinking about her?

Whitney plagued him with temptation, but he managed to resist it for years while still keeping a watchful eye on her from afar. That is until a fateful night when tragedy strikes, leaving her more vulnerable than ever.

A Lord’s Roguish Game (affiliate link)

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Author: Harding, Henrietta
Historical Regency Romance

Lady Arabella Walford knows from experience that Lord James Fernside is a rogue. They had a secret, passionate affair years ago, before he betrayed her, fleeing to London and a new life. However, James is back in the district, stirring up trouble, provoking her once again… How is she going to endure running into him at every social event of this enthralling season?

An inevitable meeting…

Even though Lord James Fernside has chosen to leave his sinful past behind, a drunken mistake puts him in very hot water once again… Suddenly, he is forced by a hideous bet to awaken the desire of a Lady he has been trying so desperately to avoid. Trying to seduce her as a secret admirer, his scandalous love letters set a fire in her heart that he can not cool down. How will he ever win her back using a wicked identity?

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Author: Editors of Cool Springs Press
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Garden Furnishings
A step-by-step guide that gives any gardener all the information needed to make garden furnishings that are both simple and beautiful. This book includes 50 complete plans for trellises, raised beds, planters, window boxes, and just about any imaginable project you can make to train and display plants in your garden and around your home. Featured projects are created using a host of easily found materials, including wood, metal, hypertufa, upcycled barrels, clay pots, sticks, latticework, copper tubing, re-rod, wire, landscape timbers, retaining wall block, and natural stone. Each plan includes photographs, a scaled plan drawing, cutting and shopping lists, and thorough step-by-step instructions.
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Author: Odenwald, Sten
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Aeronautics & Astronautics

A NASA science educator showcases important objects in space history from Galileo’s telescope to the Curiosity rover: “Will fascinate readers of any age.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

This book examines 100 objects that forever altered what we know and how we think about the cosmos. From an ancient Mayan codex to Sputnik to Skylab and into the twenty-first century, some objects are iconic and some obscure—but all are utterly important.
The Nebra sky disk (1600 BCE) features the first realistic depiction of the sun, moon, and stars.
The Lunar Laser Ranging RetroReflector finally showed us how far we are from the moon in 1969.
In 1986, it was the humble, rubber O-ring that doomed the space shuttle Challenger.
The Event Horizon Telescope gave us our first glimpse of a black hole in 2019.
These 100 objects showcase the workhorse tools and game-changing technologies that have altered the course of space history—and the small steps and giant leaps we’ve made in our quest to explore the farthest reaches of the universe.

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Author: Armintrout, Jennifer
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Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

In a time not long from now, the veil between fantasy and reality is ripped asunder–creatures of myth and fairy tale spill into the mortal world. Enchanted yet horrified, humans force the magical beings Underground, to colonize the sewers and abandoned subway tunnels beneath their glittering cities.

But even magic folk cannot dwell in harmony, and soon two Worlds emerge: the Lightworld, home to faeries, dragons and dwarves; and the Darkworld, where vampires, werewolves, angels and demons lurk.

Now, in the dank and shadowy place between Lightworld and Darkworld, a transformation is about to begin….

Ayla, a half faery, half human assassin, is stalked by Malachi, a Death Angel tasked with harvesting mortal souls. They clash. Immortality evaporates, forging a bond neither may survive. And in the face of unbridled ambitions and untested loyalties, an ominous prophecy is revealed that will shake the Worlds.

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Author: Pixeladies
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Fiber Art & Textile

Learn how to create beautiful fabric wraps for gifts and more with these projects inspired by an ancient Japanese art.

Take your gift, your potluck dish, or even your daily essentials, and wrap it all up furoshiki-style. This ancient, elegant Japanese art of enfolding objects in fabric is demonstrated with step-by-step instructions and a beautiful gallery of photos. What a great reason to dive into your fabric stash! Creative ideas for applying surface design techniques to make your own unique wraps are also included.

• Learn to make 18 different wraps for 5 primary shapes: bag, box, flat, bottle, and basket

• Present your gifts to family and friends with style and originality

The Woman on the Bridge (affiliate link)

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Author: Seddon, Holly
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Psychological Thrillers

‘Strangers On A Train meets The Pact in this high concept thriller: daring, dramatic and totally original, I loved it.’ Gillian McAllister

How far would you go to save a perfect stranger?

Maggie is trapped. Dumped on her wedding day, rejected by her family and hounded by a man determined to make her suffer.

Charlotte is desperate. Double-crossed by her only friend and facing total ruin, she will go to any lengths to save what matters.

Two women, one night. A decision that will change everything.

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Author: Hickey, Julie
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Learn how to create a gorgeous array of handmade greeting cards for all ages and occasions, to give or to sell.

Cardmaking techniques: Clearly illustrated instructions guide you through each technique, from decoupage and paper weaving to working with shrink plastic, vellum and acetate. Use peel-off stickers, rubber stamps, punches and embellishments to make professional-looking cards for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Christmas, and more!

Design inspiration: Learn how to create sixteen unique cards with two variation ideas for every design. There’s also an eight-page gallery with even more inspiration and a handy list of sentiments to suit every occasion. Plus, there are handy tips for positioning elements to create the best layout and choosing suitable color schemes for your occasion.

Selling handmade cards: Includes useful information on how to sell handmade cards and shows you how to make envelopes, inserts and large quantities in bulk. Use printed labels for a professional finish and get tips on selling to shops and marketing your cards.

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