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Author: Peel, Jennifer
Romantic Comedy

Loveless is more than a name, it’s a curse.

I, Emma Loveless, have a destiny. It’s not the greatest of destinies, but when you have a name like Loveless, what can you do? I’m cursed to always be the friend, never the girlfriend. Unless you count my love affair with Duncan Hines, Dr. Pepper, and the ever-lovable Pillsbury Doughboy. They’ve seen me through it all, but a girl needs more than refined sugar to curl up to every night. It doesn’t help that I have a meddling, albeit wonderful, mother who can’t help playing matchmaker. Thanks to her, I can say I’ve been on a date with a felon. Now she swears she’s found the one for me, her new optometrist, Dr. Sawyer King. Meanwhile, I’m preparing for the inevitable restraining order. That is, until I meet the sexy doctor and have to admit my mother is right–love at first sight does exist.

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Author: Oakley, Beverley
Humorous Regency Historical Romance

Friends at seven, lovers at seventeen, Katherine and Jack were meant to be together.

But Jack, an orphan, is determined to make his fortune, while Katherine must make a good match.

Seven years later, Katherine is now a widow, awaiting the return of her beloved Jack…

Only to discover that Jack is bound by a betrothal agreement upon which his honour depends.

And while Jack still loves Katherine, he truly believes she chose to elope with another man the night he set sail for the West Indies.

Will duty and honour separate them once again?

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Author: Benning, Patti
Cozy Culinary Mystery

It’ll take more than luck…
To solve a murder.
It’s almost springtime in Maple Creek, and amateur sleuth Moira Darling is thrilled when one of her friends asks her to cater a party on St. Patrick’s Day.

Life is busy, but good, until the owner of another restaurant shows up at her door covered in blood and leads her to a murder victim.

Moira doesn’t know who to trust as her friends’ loyalties are questioned.

She and David struggle to find a motive for the crime, but are left grasping at straws.

They’ll need all of the lucky clovers they can get to solve the murder before an innocent person ends up behind bars.

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Author: Bush, Holly
Victorian Historical Romance

Meet the Thompsons of Locust Street, an unconventional family taking Philadelphia high society by storm…

1868 Elspeth Thompson is the middle daughter in a family with tightly held secrets. While she loves her family, she longs to break out from their overprotective hold, to find herself, to be noticed for who she is rather than as chaperone to her beautiful younger sister, Kirsty, or underling to her elder sister, Muireall. A chance meeting under scandalous circumstances offers her the opportunity to be seen for herself, but the repercussions could lead to the downfall of her family.

Confirmed bachelor Alexander Pendergast enjoys his position as the right-hand man of one of the most influential and powerful politicians in Philadelphia. Heir to the largest textile mill on the east coast, Alexander is handsome, charming, and the ultimate catch on high society’s matrimonial market. But he has no interest in settling down with a pampered debutante. He doubts the perfect woman for him actually exists…until he meets Elspeth Thompson.

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Author: Flynn, Sabrina
Private Investigator Mysteries

Atticus Riot is a gambler turned detective who put away his magnifying glass after the death of his partner. But when the forty-year-old bachelor returns to San Francisco to finalize his early retirement, he’s soon drawn into a dizzying search for a missing heiress.

Mrs. Isobel Kingston is a singular woman who disappears under circumstances as murky as the ever-present fog. To find out what became of her, Riot’s powers of deduction will be tested and he’ll be forced to confront his own troubled past.

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Author: Holmes, D. J.
Galactic Empire Science Fiction

It’s the 25th century, for the last two hundred years faster than light travel has opened the stars to humanity. Instead of peace and prosperity, the discovery of FTL thrusted the human nations into a deadly race for the limited resources of navigable space. Into this maelstrom steps the exiled Commander James Somerville of the Royal Space Navy. Banished from London to the survey ship HMS Drake he is about to make a discovery that may change his fortunes and throw Britain into a series of deadly wars with its closest rivals.

The Empire Rising Series follows the naval career of James Somerville as he navigates the wars and political intrigues of what will come to be called the First Galactic Expansion Ear of human history.

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Author: Zahn, Timothy
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First Contact Science Fiction
Decades after a successful invasion of Earth and the Terran Democratic Empire by the Ryqril—hostile, leathery-skinned aliens—resistance fighter Allen Caine is training for an undercover mission. He will assume the identity of an aide to the senate—part of the government that colludes with the invaders. But when the mission begins earlier than planned, Caine finds himself stuck on the off-planet outpost of Plinry with no idea of what awaits. He’s responsible for the most important mission undertaken by the resistance in twenty years, and when the operation goes awry, Caine’s only hope is to locate Plinry’s so-called blackcollars—the elusive, martial arts–trained guerilla force whose wartime resistance efforts are legendary. With his life and the freedom of everyone in the TDE on the line, Caine’s success will depend on whether or not he can find them. . . .
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Author: LeFevre, John
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Business & Professional Humor

“Some chick asked me what I would do with 10 million bucks. I told her I’d wonder where the rest of my money went.” —@GSElevator

For three years, the notorious @GSElevator Twitter feed offered a hilarious, shamelessly voyeuristic look into the real world of international finance. Hundreds of thousands followed the account, Goldman Sachs launched an internal investigation, and when the true identity of the man behind it all was revealed, it created a national media sensation—but that’s only part of the story.

Where @GSElevator captured the essence of the banking elite with curated jokes and submissions overheard by readers, Straight to Hell adds John LeFevre’s own story—an unapologetic and darkly funny account of a career as a globe-conquering investment banker spanning New York, London, and Hong Kong.

Code Name Butterfly (affiliate link)

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Author: Susberry, Embassie
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Historical World War II Fiction

Inspired by the incredible true story of Josephine Baker’s role in the French Resistance, this is a heart-wrenching, unforgettable tale of the strength of the human spirit in the darkest days of World War II.

In the City of Light, one woman will stand against darkness.
Paris, 1941. With Nazi occupation imminent, journalist Elodie Mitchell plans to return home to Chicago. But an unexpected invitation to a Josephine Baker show changes everything.

Mistaken for the star, Elodie is whisked backstage, where she uncovers an underground resistance movement hidden beneath the glitz and glamour.

Drawn into a whisper network of spies, Elodie accepts a perilous mission: to go undercover as Josephine’s cousin and gather vital intelligence.

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Author: Wootton, David
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Science History & Philosophy

We live in a world transformed by scientific discovery. Yet today, science and its practitioners have come under political attack. In this fascinating history spanning continents and centuries, historian David Wootton offers a lively defense of science, revealing why the Scientific Revolution was truly the greatest event in our history.

The Invention of Science goes back five hundred years in time to chronicle this crucial transformation, exploring the factors that led to its birth and the people who made it happen. Wootton argues that the Scientific Revolution was actually five separate yet concurrent events that developed independently, but came to intersect and create a new worldview. Here are the brilliant iconoclasts—Galileo, Copernicus, Brahe, Newton, and many more curious minds from across Europe—whose studies of the natural world challenged centuries of religious orthodoxy and ingrained superstition.

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Author: Walker, Alice
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African American Historical Fiction
Grange Copeland, a deeply conflicted and struggling tenant farmer in the Deep South of the 1930s, leaves his family and everything he’s ever known to find happiness and respect in the cold cities of the North. This misadventure, his “second life,” proves a dismal failure that sends him back where he came from to confront his now-grown-up son’s disastrous relationships with his own family, including Grange’s granddaughter, Ruth Copeland, a child that Grange grows to love. Love becomes the substance of his third and final life. He spends it in devotion to Ruth, teaching and protecting her—though the cost of doing so is almost more than he can bear.
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Author: Ackerman, Sara
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U.S. Historical Fiction

As WWII rages in the Pacific, a mother and daughter grapple with grief and suspicion in this historical novel of love, friendship, and perseverance.

Hawaii, 1944. Violet Iverson and her young daughter, Ella, are piecing their lives together after the disappearance of her husband. As rumors swirl and questions about his loyalties surface, Violet believes Ella knows something. But Ella is stubbornly silent. Something—or someone—has scared her.

With the island overrun by troops training for a secret mission, tension and suspicion between neighbors is rising. To get through the difficult days, Violet and her friends open a pie stand near the military base, offering the soldiers a little homemade comfort.

Try as she might, Violet can’t ignore her attraction to the brash marine who comes to her aid when the women are accused of spying. Desperate to find out what happened to her husband, while keeping her friends and daughter safe, Violet is torn by guilt, fear and longing as she faces losing everything. Again.

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