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Author: Jones, Dylan H.
Crime Thriller

Meet DI Tudor Manx, a sardonic, sharp-witted detective with a troubled past.

Recently transferred from the London Met, Manx has returned to his native island of Anglesey, hoping for a quiet life. But his hopes are dashed when a brutally mutilated body is found nailed to the bow of a fishing boat.

The body sends shockwaves through the peaceful community. Is it a message? A warning of more murders to come?

Manx is under pressure to solve the case quickly. But his team is inexperienced, and Manx is distracted by his own troubled past. The disappearance of his sister, Miriam, still haunts him.

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Author: Garrett, Wilson
Buying & Selling Homes

Are you ready to take your real estate investment journey to the next level and start flipping houses for big profits?

Look no further than this comprehensive guide, packed with expert advice and insider tips on every aspect of the flipping process, from finding the right properties to securing financing, making renovations, pricing the property, and closing the sale. With this book as your trusted companion, you’ll have everything you need to become a successful house flipper and take control of your financial future.

But this isn’t your typical dry and boring real estate investment guide. “Flipping Houses” is filled with engaging stories and real-world examples from successful house flippers who have achieved incredible success in the industry. You’ll get a firsthand look at their strategies, mistakes, and lessons learned, giving you valuable insights and inspiration to apply to your own flipping journey.

Inside the pages of “Flipping Houses,” you’ll discover:
Proven techniques for conducting market analysis and finding the best properties to flip
Insider tips on negotiating the best deals with sellers and buyers
Strategies for securing the right financing and managing your budget throughout the project
Expert advice on making renovations that will maximize the property’s value and appeal to buyers
Creative approaches to marketing and listing your flipped property to attract the right buyers
Practical guidance on navigating the closing process and transferring ownership of the property

My Affair with Mickey (affiliate link)

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Author: Casias, Tami
Humorous Fiction
Mini discovers her husband is cheating minutes before winning the largest prize in the history of her beloved theme park.
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Author: Graver, Evan
Espionage Thrillers

Venezuela has become an explosive battleground where the CIA’s covert operations crumble under the scrutiny of the enemy. After the systematic unmasking and elimination of CIA officers and assets, John Phoenix and a team of seasoned contractors are thrust into the heart of chaos. Their mission: rescue the sole surviving asset from the clutches of Venezuela’s merciless secret police.

However, the enemy is one step ahead, orchestrating a cunning ambush to showcase a perceived U.S. invasion. Hunted by the relentless forces of Venezuela’s military and criminal underworld, Phoenix and his team teeter on the precipice of survival. In a heart-stopping escape, they narrowly evade capture, leaving behind a trail of shattered loyalties.

Phoenix, haunted by the ordeal, swears off ever returning to Venezuela, but the CIA has different plans. Armed with a backpack full of cash, he is reluctantly dispatched back to the poverty-stricken nation.

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Author: Price, Samantha
Amish Romance
A broken promise broke her heart. He never explained his actions when he married someone else. The only way Kate could cope with his rejection was to leave her Amish community and her family in search of a new beginning. If he was out of sight, he’d be out of her mind, wouldn’t he? She didn’t figure on catching glimpses of him every week on his visits to town. Seeing him was a constant reminder of how he married so suddenly, and to a woman he barely knew. Would she ever learn why he had acted so out of character? When an opportunity for love comes Kate’s way, can she put aside her heartache and open herself to love once more?
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Author: Trust, Glenn
International Mystery & Crime

There was terror in her eyes … He smiled.
He could be anyone. He looks like everyone. He looks like … us.
Within hours a backwater south Georgia county will be rocked by two seemingly unrelated murders that signal the arrival of a serial killer in the rural Southland. Hunting the killer and preventing the next brutal murder falls to a plainspoken country deputy and two agents of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI).

It’s A Race Against Time

GBI agents Bob Shaklee and Sharon Price know that Deputy George Mackey is a natural hunter and if anyone can find the sadistic killer, Mackey can. But Mackey, haunted by his own demons can only wonder if he will be late again. It is his greatest fear.

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Author: Vella, Wendy
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Regency Historical Romance

Ruined in the eyes of society, and forced out of the only world they’d ever known, the Nightingale siblings vow to never be victims again. They will build their new life on what they’d once ignored. Being a clairvoyant is an excellent survival skill.

A power she’s always denied…

It’s been four years since Ellen Nightingale fled society and the only life she had ever known. Forced to survive on her wits, she is no longer the pampered debutante she’d once been. Ellen has also accepted what she’d always denied. The ability to see both the past and future.

When her family is embroiled in a murder investigation, she vows to work alongside the arrogant, handsome Detective Inspector Fletcher to clear their name. Ellen must also confront the life she’d once lived and fight her growing attraction for the man to find the killer, before he harms someone she loves.

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Author: Laporte, Sofi
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Historical Romantic Comedy

She is a shy spinster by day and a celebrated opera singer by night. He is an earl in dire need of a wife – and desperately in love with this season’s opera star.
Can love blossom out of this tangled web of deception?

The earl must marry.
Anyone will do, provided she is respectable and ugly. Tristan Sydney, Earl of Ravenscroft, is determined to get his own back on his tyrannous father, even if it means he’ll end up shackled to a spinster, buckteeth, and all. For no woman will measure up to the goddess he is hopelessly, feverishly in love with: Violetta Winter, the celebrated opera star. Little does he know that his shy little fiancée is about to lead him on a merry ride…and a lesson in true love.

Miss Ava Sackville must remain invisible.
For if her secret comes to light, a colossal scandal will smirch her stuffy but respectable family name and drag down her newly titled twin brother with her. So, when a dashing rake proposes to her out of the blue, she doesn’t think twice. Little does she know that she might be in for so much more than she bargained for. Dare she drop the masquerade to embrace true love?

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Author: Chadwick, Elizabeth
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Medieval Historical Romance

England, 1238

Raised at the court of King Henry III as a chamber lady to the queen, young Joanna of Swanscombe’s life changes forever when she comes into an inheritance far above all expectations, including her own.

Now a wealthy heiress, Joanna’s arranged marriage to the King’s charming, tournament-loving half-brother William de Valence immediately stokes the flames of political unrest as more established courtiers object to the privileges bestowed on newcomers.

As Joanna and William strive to build a life together, England descends into a bitter civil war. In mortal danger, William is forced to run for his life, and Joanna is left with only her wit and courage to outfox their enemies and prevent them from destroying her husband, her family, and their fortunes.

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Author: Kent, Cara
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Mystery Thriller

While Mia celebrated with her fellow Quantico graduates, half a world away a sinister plan had been set in motion, a plan that would soon consume her every waking hour…

Equipped with the resources of the Bureau at her disposal, new FBI agent Mia Storm is excited to start her career and make a difference. When she is assigned to the agency headquarters in Hawaii, she couldn’t be more thrilled.

Upon arrival she is met with a puzzling murder case that takes place in an affluent neighborhood. When the case takes another gruesome turn, bodies are found with puzzles and riddles as the only clues. The killer is sending a message with each kill, and it’s up to Mia to decipher it before it’s too late. As Mia delves deeper into the case, she realizes that the killer is always one step ahead of her. With each clue she uncovers, the puzzle becomes more complicated, and the stakes become higher.

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