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Author: Konrath, J.A.
Private Investigator Mysteries


Retired cop Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels and her ex-criminal husband Phineas Troutt have made a lot of enemies over the years. But none worse than The Cowboy, a gunslinging nutcase who wants to slaughter them both, and Hugo Troutt, a gang leader who has been plotting revenge against his younger brother for over a decade.

Separately, these baddies are formidable. Together, they are unstoppable.

But Jack has even more hell to deal with. She and her former partner, private eye Harry McGlade, are in L.A. chasing an insane plastic surgeon who specializes in disfiguring his victims. And Jack’s colleague Tom Mankowski has problems of his own with a snuff film auteur named Erinyes (from Konrath’s thriller Webcam).

With four psychopaths on the prowl, Jack, Phin, Harry, and Tom will need to call on some old friends if they hope to get out of LaLa Land alive…

Quiche Cookbook: Savory Pies (affiliate link)

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Author: Press, BookSumo
Pastry Baking
Here is a Preview of the Quiche Recipes You Will Learn:
Quiche a la Martinique
Mini Quiche II
A Quiche Without A Crust
Zucchini Quiche III
Quiche Quiche
Hash Brown Quiche
Nutmeg and Bacon Quiche
Cheddar Mushroom Quiche
Rustic Quiche
Seattle Style Quiche
Broccoli, Lentils, and Tomato Quiche
Pepper and Chicken Quiche
Creamy Romano and Swiss Quiche
Artisan Sun-Dried Pesto Quiche
A Quiche from Maine
Cherry Tomatoes and Kale Quiche
Nutty Honey Quiche
Nutty Tangy Chicken Quiche
Mexican Style Quiche
Artisan Style Spinach Quiche
Really Rustic Quiche
Much, much more!
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Author: Shock, Dennis
Cozy Culinary Mystery

Lily Pine recently moved to a cozy peninsula town in the Pacific Northwest. Her plans to open a bayside restaurant and start a new life are hindered when she is unexpectantly swept into a murder mystery. Can Lily make new friends in this picturesque village, solve a murder, and fulfill her husband’s lifelong dream?

Along the way, Lily shares delicious recipes sure to please any mystery enthusiast.

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Author: Konrath, J.A., Crouch, Blake
Police Procedurals


Lt. Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels has seen humanity at its most depraved and terrifying. She’s lost loved ones. Come close to death countless times. But she always manages to triumph over evil. Luther Kite is humanity at its most depraved and terrifying. He’s committed unthinkable acts. Taken human life for the sheer pleasure of it. He is a monster among monsters, and no one has ever caught him. Each is the best at what they do. Peerless. Unmatched.

Until now…

In Luther’s experience, people are weak. Even the strong and fearless break too easily. He wants a challenge, and sets his depraved sights on Jack. But with a baby on the way, Jack is at her most vulnerable. She’s always been a fighter, but she’s never had so much to fight for. So he’s built something especially for Jack. His own, private ninth circle of hell―a nightmare world in a forgotten place, from which no one has ever escaped.

Chancey Family Lies (affiliate link)

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Author: Shostak, Kay Dew
Holiday Fiction
Inviting your ex-spouse for the holidays might not be a good idea. Especially when folks don’t know you were married before.
Carolina quit her job and for the first time ever, she’s doing the holidays as a stay-at-home mom. And doesn’t all that extra time mean everything will be perfect?
Then the RV showed up. The RV with her parents, their dogs, and their obsession with Gone with the Wind.
Then the college kids showed up. Their whirlwind left an empty refrigerator, loads of laundry, and a girl. A girl no one seems to know much about.
Then the other grandparents showed up. Hillbilly Hank on his book tour of Southern retirement homes brings his entourage, along with a special kind of marital discord.
While the town of Chancey watches the happenings up on the hill at the B&B, they are also trying to figure out the town’s bank account. Laney is the town’s treasurer, but she’s not answering questions. Missus has ordered 500 fake cardinals for her Christmas Ball. Peter is settling back into his home town and watching the B&B for his own personal reasons.
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Author: Konrath, J.A.
Police Procedurals


The convention where true crime fans get to dress up like their favorite criminals, attend forensics seminars, and meet law enforcement legends.

Former cop Harry McGlade loves being a Guest of Honor.

Former cop Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels… not so much.

Jack hates being the center of attention. True crime groupies freak her out. And some of her police officer peers have serious envy issues.

But the surreal event goes from irritating to frightening when a storm traps everyone inside the conference hotel.

Then fans start getting gruesomely murdered, mimicking Jack’s past serial killer cases.

Can two old ex-cops use their decades of experience to end the horror?

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Author: Brookmyre, Christopher
Regularly $17.99, Today $2.99

The Scottish crime master dishes out “equal parts adrenaline and empathy” in a thriller featuring a woman hacker and online intrigue (Diana Gabaldon).

Sam Morpeth has had to grow up way too fast. Left to fend for a younger sister with learning difficulties when their mother goes to prison, she is forced to watch her dreams of university evaporate. But Sam learns what it is to be truly powerless when a stranger begins to blackmail her online. Meanwhile, reporter Jack Parlabane seems to have finally gotten his career back on track with a job at a flashy online news start-up, but his success has left him indebted to a volatile source on the wrong side of the law. Now that debt is being called in, and it could cost him everything. Thrown together by a common enemy, Sam and Jack are about to discover they have more in common than they realize—and might be each other’s only hope.

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Author: Ransom, Jane
Regularly $24.99, Today $3.99
Popular Neuropsychology

Self-Intelligence is the self-help book for people who long to transform their lives and who trust only proven scientific tools, but also prefer page-turners to dry prose.

Cutting-edge brain science meets superb storytelling as readers learn proven techniques to break through inner gridlock, sustain high performance, and achieve their dreams. All of this is possible due to neuroplasticity, the revolutionary discovery that we can literally re-form our brains by strategically choosing our thoughts, actions, and experiences.

First came emotional intelligence, then came social intelligence. Here, at last, Self-Intelligence provides the big picture, incorporating the latest research from diverse scientific fields. Mental coach and transformational trainer Jane Ransom lays out for you the new Self-Intelligence™ model, which she has used to help countless clients achieve the positive change they previously found impossible.

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Author: Sebestyen, Jenn
Regularly $22.99, Today $3.99
Vegan Cooking

The Meatless Monday Family Cookbook features more than 100 delicious, plant-based, kid-approved recipes perfect for busy weeknights, or whenever you feel like trying out a meat-free meal. From filling Lentil Bolognese with Spaghetti to Tex-Mex Stuffed Peppers and Smoky BBQ Burgers, these meals will satisfy even the pickiest of palates. And most can be made in 30 minutes or less!

Chapters cover all types of meals, from Bountiful Bowls (perfect for lunch or dinner), to One-Pot Wonders, to everyone’s favorite—Breakfast for Dinner. You’ll also find great tips for getting the kids involved…which has a funny way of making them enjoy the meal even more.
Find something for everyone with recipes like:

Creamy Tomato Soup with Orzo
Sloppy Lentil Sandwiches
BBQ Chickpea and Veggie Bowls
Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese
Quick Peanut Noodles
Black Bean and Zucchini Enchiladas
Thai Sweet Potato Curry
Cheesy Broccoli Stuffed Baked Potatoes
Banana Walnut Baked Oatmeal

The Backup Men (affiliate link)

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Author: Thomas, Ross
Regularly $9.99, Today $1.99
Crime Thrillers
The twins who walk into Mac McCorkle’s bar look identical, despite their differing genders. Their names are Wanda and Walter Gothar, and from the steel in their eyes it’s apparent that their business isn’t the friendly kind. They’ve come seeking help from Mac and his partner, Padilla, an ex-CIA agent who has skulked in the world’s darkest corners. Anxious for a big payday, the twins took an assignment out of their depth, working as bodyguards for a Saudi prince who came to Washington to sign an oil deal. The job fell apart, and now the twins are being pursued by the world’s two finest killers­—who take out Walter without breaking a sweat. Now Mac and Padilla are faced with a choice: Save Wanda, or join her in the grave.
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Author: Lessing, Doris
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Women Author Literary Criticism
The Nobel Prize winner reflects on living “in a time when it is frightening to be alive, when it is hard to think of human beings as rational creatures.”
In this perceptive collection of essays, Doris Lessing considers the savage past of our species and the remnants of it that seem to regularly erupt in our supposedly advanced and civilized world. Ultimately, she directly addresses the prime questions before us all: how to think for ourselves, how to understand what we know, how to pick a path in a world deluged with opinions and information, and how to look at our society and ourselves with fresh eyes.

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