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Author: Ryan, Lexi
Women’s Romance Fiction

The first time I saw Brinley Knox, she was crying and heartbroken at her own sweet sixteen party. The daughter of the wealthiest family in Orchid Valley, she was off limits to someone like me—the teenage charity case, the hired help.

But that didn’t stop me from kissing her. Or from promising if she were ever mine, I’d never let her go.

The last time I saw Brinley Knox, I made good on that promise. Forget that it was the first time we’d seen each other in ten years, or that we were drunk in Vegas when we said I do. I meant every word, every touch, every promise.

The problem? When I came back to the hotel, she was gone—the ring I slipped on her finger and the note she left behind the only reminders she had been there. Well, those and the hole she left in my chest in place of my heart.

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Author: Richards, S J
Crime Thriller

Abductions and murder are not what ex-DCI Luke Sackville expected when he left the police after tragedy struck his family.

Luke’s return to the workplace was meant to be a soft landing but when a woman vanishes after being accused of taking bribes, he is assigned a disparate team and tasked with tracking her down.

Their search becomes more urgent when her disappearance is linked to the death of a second woman. When a third goes missing the hunt becomes a race against time. Luke’s return to work presents him with the most challenging case of his career as the murder victims mount.

Murder and intrigue are peppered with humour in this fast-paced crime thriller set in and around the beautiful city of Bath in the southwest of England.

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Author: Kiernan-Lewis, Susan
Historical Mysteries
Step into the exciting and tumultuous world of 1920’s Savannah with 2023 police dispatcher Georgia Belle who is thrust into the past and into the center of a sinister mystery with personal ties to her future. As the body count rises, she joins forces with 1920’s police detective Sam Bohannon to find the killer. Book 1 in this electrifying new historical mystery series combines romance, suspense, and intrigue for a thrill ride that will have fans of Golden Age Mysteries on the edge of their seats.
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Author: DeLuca, Verena
P.I. Cozy Mystery

Being the owner of the most notorious private investigation agency came with its perks.
Sure I received the occasional death threat, hate mail and whatever else my clients’ spouses can throw at me.
It doesn’t bother me. Just tells me I’m doing my job right—helping women get the freedom their owed.

When you catch someone cheating and cost them millions in a divorce settlement hate comes with the territory.
They know they’re in the wrong, they just need someone to lash out at. If that someone has to be me, so be it.

Out of all the hate I’d received over the years, none compared to the news article that ruined my life.
Little did I know, the vile events of this story would haunt me for months to come.

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Author: Wise, Clay
Haunted House Mystery

After their harrowing experience at White Haven Manor, the ghost-hunting team thought they could finally take a break. But when a woman approaches them with a plea for help in discovering the cause of her husband’s death, they’re pulled into a new and dangerous mystery. As they begin to investigate, a ghostly figure begins to haunt one of their own, delivering a chilling message: trapped. With no escape in sight, the team must race against time to uncover the truth and survive another night of terror.

But those hopes are shattered with the appearance of a new ghost… begging for her help with a cryptic message about some place called White Haven Manor, a stately home from the early 1800s but now a long-abandoned ruin with a terrifying reputation.

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Author: Mac, Carolina
Crime Thrillers
Mystery writer Grace Whitmarsh, moves to a quiet trailer park in the country thinking it will be an ideal setting to pursue her writing career. However, her new neighbors have other ideas. Grace is thrown into a whirlpool of murder and violence. The most unexpected thing she encounters is a torrid romance that catches her completely off guard.
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Author: Biles, Simone, Burford, Michelle
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Sports Biographies

In Courage to Soar, the official autobiography from four-time Olympic gold-winning and record-setting American gymnast Simone Biles, Simone shares how her faith, family, passion, and perseverance has made her one of the top athletes and gymnasts in the world—and how you too can overcome challenges in your life.

Simone Biles’ entrance into the world of gymnastics may have started on a field trip in her hometown of Spring, Texas, but her God-given talent, along with drive to succeed no matter the obstacle, are what brought her to the national spotlight during the Olympic Games and have catapulted her ever since—including 25 World Championship medals. But there is more to Simone than her accomplishments.

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Author: McCormack, Una
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Science Fiction Adventure
At the turning point of the Dominion War, Captain Benjamin Sisko of Starbase Deep Space 9 ™, facing certain defeat by the relentless forces of the Jem’Hadar and the Cardassians, went through with a secret plan to secure the aid of the Federation’s longtime adversaries, the Romulans. What began as a desperate attempt to save lives became a descent into an abyss of deception, moral compromises, and outright criminal acts, as Sisko sacrificed every ideal he held dear in order to preserve the civilization that espoused those selfsame principles.
Now the aftermath of that choice is revealed for the first time as Sisko is summoned to Earth to take part in the first Allied talks to come out of the Federation’s new partnership with the Romulans. But Sisko’s conscience weighs heavily on him, compelling him to seek some kind of penance for what he has done…while elements within Starfleet itself set in motion a scheme to use Elim Garak as a pawn against a human political dissident who may hold the key to the outcome of the war.
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Author: Schuhrke, Jonathon
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Outdoor Cooking

Become your neighborhood’s master pizza maker, and get the most enjoyment and use from your outdoor pizza oven, with this truly epic cookbook.

Outdoor pizza ovens bake up a crispy crust and deeply flavorful toppings in a matter of just a few minutes. That’s why millions of people all over the world are buying and using them. But if you are going to bake something that quickly, you need to have the perfect recipe before you bake: the super-fast cooking time leaves no room for error. Enter pizza-obsessed outdoor-oven wizard Jonathon Schuhrke, aka the Santa Barbara Baker, an official ambassador for the popular Ooni brand but also an expert on all the other makes and models of oven on the market.

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Author: Doyle, Arthur Conan
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Traditional Detective Mysteries

Thirteen tales of crime and intrigue, including the remarkable story of Sherlock Holmes’s return from the dead

It has been three years since Sherlock Holmes, locked in a fierce struggle with his arch-nemesis, Professor Moriarty, disappeared over the edge of the Reichenbach Falls. The world has mourned his loss greatly, no one more so than his good friend and partner in the arts of detection, Dr. Watson. Imagine Watson’s shock, then, when an elderly book collector he bumps into on the street turns out to be none other than the master sleuth himself. Despite all evidence to the contrary, Sherlock Holmes did not die in Switzerland—he vanquished his greatest foe and set a trap for every other would-be mastermind foolish enough to attempt to match wits with the world’s greatest detective.

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Author: Pickrell, John
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Biological Science

The discovery of stunning, feathered dinosaur fossils coming out of China in the twentieth century suggests that these creatures were much more bird-like than paleontologists previously imagined. Further evidence—bones, genetics, eggs, behavior, and more—has shown a seamless transition from fleet-footed carnivores to the ancestors of modern birds.

Mixing colorful portraits with news on the latest fossil findings and interviews with leading paleontologists in the United States, China, Europe, and Australia, John Pickrell explains and details dinosaurs’ development of flight. This special capacity introduced a whole new range of abilities for the animals and helped them survive a mass extinction, when thousands of other dinosaur species that once populated Earth did not.

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