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Author: Thomas, Chelsea
Cozy Mystery

When Chelsea Thomas returned to her gorgeous small-town after getting dumped, she expected a great many things…

…getting caught up in a dangerous murder mystery wasn’t one of them.

Within a couple days of returning to the family orchard, Chelsea is accused of murder and told not to leave town. Luckily, she’s staying with Miss May — a former big city prosecutor — which means she’s got someone to help her through this. When Miss May recruits her bottle-blonde best friend, Teeny, the trio begin their hunt for the killer… and all the best-tasting food in the state.

But someone in town wants these three ladies to fail and when Chelsea receives a threat on her life, the team realizes it’s more than mere justice at stake.

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Author: McQueen, Hildie
Scottish Historical Romance

Preferring to spend time outdoors sketching in her drab clothing, Isobel Macdonald is shocked when a handsome laird chooses her to marry. However, as one who treasures loyalty above all, she is mortified to learn his lover lives at the family keep. After being publicly humiliated by her husband, Isobel must ensure two things, to keep her heart protected and remain a wife in name only.

After his late father’s ruling by fear, young laird, Darach Ross inherits a clan of people who do not trust his leadership. With the threat of an insurrection and possible attack by another clan, every move he makes must be measured. When he is captured by an enemy clan, Darach wants to know if he will leave a legacy. He then makes a mistake that can rob him of happiness forever.

Until the End (Until.) (affiliate link)

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Author: Hamill, Ike

“I heard about that trouble. I also heard that it ended.”
“Some things stop, but that doesn’t mean that they’ve ended,” Alan said.

The crisis brought them together before, and now it’s calling them back for one more round. Amber is being drawn back to Maine as Ricky is learning more about the monsters that hunted their friends.

Join them as they fight for their lives. One way or another, they’re going to see it through Until the End.

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Author: Wyatt, Carol
Lesbian Romance
At forty-six, Adelaide Atwood could feel her career slipping away. Younger actresses were getting roles that she was used to being offered.
Ada’s not ready to call time on her acting career though. She’d given up so much to get here.
Sydney Lockett might have had a late start compared to many of her fellow actors, but at thirty years old, she’d been crowned the highest-paid actress with her name regularly mentioned in the same sentence as some of the best actresses like Adelaide Atwood.
Sydney had always done things her way, unwilling to hide who she was, knowing that if she was talented enough, it wouldn’t matter that she was gay.
Sydney had everything she’d dreamt of, everything except a relationship that lasted more than a few weeks.
They shared the same agent and the same dreams, but while Sydney had always been out, Ada couldn’t be any further in the closet.
Ada views them as rivals.
Sydney thinks Ada is the most beautiful woman she’s ever seen.
Tempers flare. Sparks fly.
Do they really have a chance?

The Space Between Thought (affiliate link)

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Author: Dean, William
Time Travel Science Fiction
Simon Sykes’ virtual reality software company is exceeding expectations. He has money and power. He has Celeste, a beautiful, talented and devoted girlfriend. And, secretly, he has his pick of other women, on the side. He is in control, on top of the world, and relishing every moment.
But then, Celeste’s sudden death deals him a staggering blow. To everyone else, it looks like suicide, but only Simon saw the ghostly figure at the scene of the crime. Plagued by grief and guilt, he vows to uncover the truth at any cost.
In his obsession, Simon stumbles upon the powerful secret of time travel, which promises the ability to unravel the mystery and undo one life-altering moment; to save Celeste and restore his future.
Meanwhile, as his business languishes and friends grow concerned for his sanity, his suspicious behavior renews police interest.
With the authorities closing in, Simon wrestles with time, space, and reality to rescue the love of his life, unmask her true killer, and remodel his world.
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Author: Larkin, Gillian
Cozy Ghost Mystery

Following their parents’ sudden death, Frankie and Grace Abrahams are left with crippling debts and an almost empty antique shop. Frankie has watched countless TV programmes about storage locker auctions and is convinced he has what it takes to succeed so he drags Grace to a nearby auction.

Whilst there, Frankie is eager to make his first bid on a locker but is totally unaware that Grace can see ghosts inside the opened storage units.

Frankie buys his first locker, and unbeknownst to him, it comes with the ghost of a 17-year-old man. Despite her shock at seeing the ghost, Grace knows she must talk to the young man and find out why he looks so despondent.

The ghost is called Jacob, and when he tells Grace why he’s attached to certain items in the locker, she knows she has to help him become free of that attachement- but how?

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Author: Wittenberg, Eric J.
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Reconstruction History of the U.S.

An award-winning Civil War historian’s profile of the brilliant Union cavalry officer and the strategies he employed to prevent catastrophe at Gettysburg.

The Battle of Gettysburg turned the tide of the Civil War. But the outcome of the decisive confrontation between North and South might have been dramatically different if not for the actions of Brig. Gen. John Buford, commander of the Union army’s First Cavalry Division.

An award-winning chronicler of America’s War between the States and author of more than a dozen acclaimed works of historical scholarship, Eric J. Wittenberg now focuses on the iconic commanding officer known to his troops as “Honest John” and “Old Steadfast.” Wittenberg describes in fascinating detail the brilliant maneuvers Buford undertook to keep Gen. Robert E. Lee’s Confederate army at bay and later rescue what remained of the devastated First and Eleventh Corps.

The Album (affiliate link)

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Author: Rinehart, Mary Roberts
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Amateur Sleuth Mysteries
Crescent Place was once a peaceful country green surrounded by five tasteful suburban houses and populated by polite, responsible citizens. But as the city enveloped it, the residents built a gate to keep the world out. With each passing year, the subdivision grew stranger and stranger—until it began to look like a time capsule of the 1890s. In these houses are a husband and wife who fight constantly, and another couple who hasn’t spoken to each other in two decades. There is a widow in permanent mourning and a daughter whom the newspapers call psychotic. And there is a bedridden old woman who is about to be killed with an axe.
When her murder shatters the quiet of the little enclave, the tabloids delight in trumpeting the neighborhood’s peculiarities. But as the search for the killer intensifies, the area’s strangest secrets have yet to be revealed.

Swallows and Amazons (affiliate link)

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Author: Ransome, Arthur
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Children’s Environment & Ecology Books

The classic English series begins with a tale of two families of children uniting against a common foe: an uncle who claims he’s too busy for his nieces.

The Walker children (John, Susan, Titty and Roger) are on school holiday in the Lake District and are sailing a borrowed catboat named Swallow, when they meet the Blackett children (Nancy and Peggy), who sail the boat Amazon. The children camp together on Wild Cat Island where a plot is hatched against the Blacketts’ Uncle Jim who is too busy writing his memoirs to be disturbed.

Fireworks—literally—ensue along with a dangerous contest, a run-in with houseboat burglars, and the theft of Uncle Jim’s manuscript. How all this is resolved makes for an exciting and very satisfying story. Uncle Jim ends up apologizing for missing his nieces’ adventures all summer—thankfully, readers won’t miss a thing.

The Shrinking Man (affiliate link)

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Author: Matheson, Richard
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Horror Fiction Classics

After he is exposed to a radioactive cloud, Scott Carey finds himself shrinking, slowly, day-by-day, inch-by-inch. Scott once had a normal, everyday existence as a husband and father, but as time passes, he becomes a national spectacle, something worthy of newspaper headlines. As Carey shrinks, smaller and smaller, his family become giants, more and more unreachable, and even the family cat becomes a predatory menace. In this world of disproportion, increasingly perilous with each passing day, Scott struggles to survive—and is pushed to the very limits of fear and existence . . .

Adapted into the Hugo Award–winning film The Incredible Shrinking Man, this is a classic by the author of I Am Legend and other renowned works—a master of imagination whom Ray Bradbury called “one of the most important writers of the twentieth century.”

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