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Author: Turner, L.C.
Cozy Mystery

A new boss, a new job… and a new murder.

Presley Thurman’s new job at Silk, a popular Chicago fashion boutique, might not be her dream job but it will pay her bills until she figures out what she wants to be when she grows up.

But when she finds her boss, Solange, hanging in a fitting room, Presley knows she needs to find out what happened.

Did her boss commit suicide? Not according to the detective assigned to the case. He’s calling it a homicide.

Can Presley figure out who decided to get Solange out of the way?

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Author: Gedgaudas, Alex
Fairy Tale Fantasy

Elle Darrow grew up thinking myths and magic belonged in the land of make-believe. Little did she know, she belonged there as well.

On the night of her twenty-first birthday, her life changed when she learned of an ancient prophecy that dictated her fate.

She was destined to marry Jack Frost…and there’s no escaping their engagement.

Elle is quickly catapulted into a world where immortal gods and monsters thrive, and she has no choice but to trust the one man she’s desperate to stay away from.

As deadly secrets come to the surface, Jack and Elle are forced to stand together.

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Author: Allen, Dylan
Contemporary Romance

I hold the keys to a kingdom,

But I covet the key to her heart.

Heir to a fortune, I was born to lead.

After 15 years in exile,

a legacy of wealth and power are finally mine to claim.

Falling for the sweet distraction I met at a wedding is the last thing I should do.

The beautiful bombshell is the opposite of everything I should want.

But after a weekend of passion and surprising intimacy,

I’m sure she’s everything I need.

We come from different worlds.

And the price of entry to mine is steep.

Exceed System: The Gambler (affiliate link)

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Author: Huang, JL
Humorous Fantasy

Axel Nal is out of luck and out of time.

He has failed every single induction ceremony and it is his last chance to Exceed to a higher class. At his wit’s end, he desperately tries one last time at Exceeding, putting all his chips on the table.

…except something was different this time. Time freezing, a mysterious voice, and a new Exceed Mark?

Had lady luck finally given him a boon?

Had he received a class the world had never seen before?

One thing is for sure, he’s changed. And now he has something called . . . the Gambler’s System.

Join Axel and his companions as he journeys through this game-like world of the Five Kingdoms!

Life According to Jules (affiliate link)

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Author: Young, L.E.
Small Town Romantic Comedy

When love and family collide, expect a few waves and a lot of laughs.

Former junior surfing champion Asher Franklin faithfully follows the life advice left to her in a video message from her late mother Jules. Jules’s advice, which transformed Asher from tracksuit worshiping tomboy to bona fide glamazon, includes dating rules guaranteed to land the perfect man.

Ex pro surfer Billy Jarvis is not that man. Sexy as hell, but bouncing off rock bottom, Billy is everything Jules warned her against. Asher is determined to resist him but when her family pressure her to enter a charity surfing competition, fear of humiliation forces her to accept Billy’s offer to coach her.

As the flame of her competitive spirit reignites and her feelings for Billy grow, Asher begins to question the motherly advice that has shaped her. Can she find the courage to be herself or will she lose her chance to finally realise her dreams?

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Author: Kal, Ivan
Space Fleet Science Fiction

The year is 2081.

Earth is recovering from a devastating nuclear war.

An age of technological advancement.

A find at the bottom of the Ocean.

A man driven by a dream.

The time for humanity to reach to the stars is now.

A find provides Tomas Klein with the tools to speed up his timetable and execute his plans. He will reach for the stars, the only question is will humanity follow?

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Author: Benson, Richard
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School & Education Humor

Four books in one: The ultimate compendium of the New York Times–bestselling series filled with hilariously wrong test answers from real-life classrooms.

This fun omnibus features the complete content from all four books in the popular series—F in Exams, F for Effort, F this Test, and F in Exams: Pop Quiz—plus more than one hundred brand-new, sadly real, hilariously wrong, and sometimes admirably creative student answers (Q: What is the role of a catalyst in a chemical reaction? A: It lists the cats involved).

Also including bonus trivia in the form of “Stuff They Should Have Taught Us in School” facts (did you know a sneeze can travel up to 100 MPH?), this A+ collection will amuse anyone facing down a test as well as those happy to have the classroom behind them.

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Author: Brodak, Molly
Regularly $17.99, Today $3.99
Biographies & Memoirs of Criminals

In the summer of 1994, when Molly Brodak was thirteen years old, her father robbed eleven banks, until the police finally caught up with him. Dubbed the “Mario Brothers Bandit” by the FBI, he served seven years in prison and was released, only to rob another bank several years later and end up back behind bars.

In her powerful and provocative memoir, Molly Brodak recounts her childhood and attempts to make sense of her complicated relationship with her father, a man she only half knew. At some angles he was a normal father: there was a job at the GM factory, a house with a yard, birthday treats for Molly and her sister. But there were darker glimmers, too: another wife he never mentioned to her mother, late-night rages directed at the TV, the red Corvette that suddenly appeared in the driveway, a gift for her sister. In Bandit, Brodak unearths and reckons with the fracturing impact her father had on their family and in the process attempts to make peace with the parts of herself that she inherited from this bewildering, beguiling man.

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Author: Bathroom Readers’ Institute
Regularly $17.99, Today $3.99

The twenty-fourth edition in the bestselling bathroom-reading series is jam-packed with over 500 pages of absorbing trivia material.

The information miners at the Bathroom Readers’ Institute have unearthed a priceless collection of surprising, amazing, head-scratching, and hilarious articles. Divided by length for your sitting convenience, 24-Karat Gold is chock-full of little-known history, random origins, weird news, celebrity secrets, and urban legends. As always, you’ll find plenty of dumb criminals, clever wordplay, quirky quotations, and much, much more. Just open to any page—who knows what treasures await you?

· Judges gone wild

· The Barbie scandals

· Canada’s underpants king

· Helen Keller: vaudeville star

· The double A-bomb survivors

· The history of the umbrella

· America’s forbidden island

· What the Hokey Pokey is really all about

And much, much more

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Author: Gee, Henry
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The idea of a missing link between humanity and our animal ancestors predates evolution and popular science and actually has religious roots in the deist concept of the Great Chain of Being. Yet, the metaphor has lodged itself in the contemporary imagination, and new fossil discoveries are often hailed in headlines as revealing the elusive transitional step, the moment when we stopped being “animal” and started being “human.” In The Accidental Species, Henry Gee, longtime paleontology editor at Nature, takes aim at this misleading notion, arguing that it reflects a profound misunderstanding of how evolution works and, when applied to the evolution of our own species, supports mistaken ideas about our own place in the universe.

Gee presents a robust and stark challenge to our tendency to see ourselves as the acme of creation. Far from being a quirk of religious fundamentalism, human exceptionalism, Gee argues, is an error that also infects scientific thought.

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Author: Callahan, Coreene
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Dragons & Mythical Creatures Fantasy

Framed for espionage, Ivy finds herself at gunpoint when Scottish dragon-shifter Tydrin intervenes. He takes her under his wings — only to realize he’s falling for a woman whose past is intricately entwined with his own.

When she lands in the middle of a Dragonkind war, Elise becomes the target of vicious killers and the unwitting guest of a dragon-shifter determined to protect her. With his enemies out for blood, Cyprus’s past comes back to haunt him, endangering the only woman he will ever love.

Blinded in an ambush, Scottish dragon-shifter Wallaig has spent half a century in the dark with one thing on his mind—vengeance. But when Amantha is targeted by the rogue faction responsible for the loss of his sight, he’s forced to decide between exacting his revenge and saving her life.

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Author: Kurtz, Katherine
Regularly $9.99, Today $1.99
Alternate History Science Fiction

Long before Camber was revered as a saint, he was a Deryni noble, one of the most respected of the magical race whose arcane skills set them apart from ordinary humans in the medieval kingdom of Gwynedd.

For nearly a century, Camber’s family has had little choice but to loyally serve the ruling Festils, Deryni usurpers who employed dark magic to wrest the throne from the rightful Haldane liege.

Now, the land suffers under the tyranny of King Imre, whose savage oppression of the human population weighs heavily on Camber’s heart—a heart that is shattered when the despot and his evil mistress-sister, Ariella, cause the death of Camber’s beloved son.

The grim demands of justice and vengeance drive Camber far from his family’s estates in search of the last of the Haldane line. This descendant of kings will not be easily persuaded to accept Camber’s unthinkable plan. But with the kingdom in turmoil, the aging mage and the reluctant Haldane heir must confront together the awesome, terrible might of the Festils for the good of all.

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