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1st Shock (Schock Sisters) (affiliate link)

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Author: Evans, Misty, Giordano, Adrienne
Private Investigator Mystery

Meet Meg and Charlie Schock, two sisters who run Schock Private Investigations, an all-female detective agency specializing in missing persons and cold cases. Their claim to fame is taking on the cases the FBI has failed to solve.
Risking their own lives in the process.

Elite forensic sculptor Meg Schock is obsessed with solving cold cases and bringing justice to victims. When the local US attorney brings her the skull of a brutally murdered young woman, Meg spots the MO immediately. She’s seen this killer’s work before.

Like most serial killers, this twisted perp is clever.

As the sisters draw closer to solving this heinous crime, the murders accelerate. Another body turns up … and another … but the killer’s modus operandi points to a convicted murderer already behind bars. A new serial killer is on the loose, more brutal than the last.

Together, Meg and Charlie must face the fact this copycat killer is taunting them, leading them on a gruesome quest.

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Author: Skopin, Nancy
Private Investigator Mysteries

Private Investigator Nicoli, “Nikki,” Hunter has recovered from a near-fatal encounter with a multiple murderer and is happy to get back to her routine bar and restaurant surveillance jobs. Unfortunately, the universe has other plans. One evening, as she’s acting as a decoy/victim to attract a bartender accused of sexual assault, Jack, “The Cat,” McGuire settles on an adjacent bar stool and tells her a story that will change the course of her life.

Murder Over Cocktails is the second mystery featuring PI Nikki Hunter, a thirty-six-year-old, gun-toting, brainy beauty who excels at getting into other people’s business. Hunter’s office is in a marina complex in Redwood City, California, where she also lives aboard a forty-six foot Cheoy Lee sailboat.

The Acts Of Life: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Mulligan, Kristin
Romantic Suspense

Sibling rivalry is a killer.

Sam and Stella are closer than most brothers and sisters. Born only minutes apart, they’re both best friends and lifelong adversaries.

Sam’s not worried about who’s living the better life. So what if his law degree isn’t getting much use, his last relationship was a failure, and he spends most weekends hungover. Despite Stella’s nagging mockery, Sam is happy.

But Stella is happier (and she’ll be the first one to tell you). She has a skyrocketing career and imminent engagement to look forward to. And if she’s too busy climbing the corporate ladder to focus on friendships, what does it matter? All she needs is her twin brother.

There’s never been a threat to the sibling hierarchy… until Harper. Sam’s unexpected one-night stand has the potential to be more. So why isn’t Stella happy for her brother? A rivalry like theirs has its challenges–after all, portraying the perfect life isn’t easy. And in their final act, Sam and Stella’s darkest secrets and true selves will be revealed. No one knows you like your twin, right?

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Author: Buchanan, Patrick
Stock Market Trading

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In this book, self-taught full time day trader Patrick Buchanan will teach you what he’s learned from years of day trading with his own trading account, which started off small and grew into a full time six-figure income. This book is designed for the beginning trader with a small trading account. It gives you all the information you need to know, without getting into the weeds of confusing or irrelevant details you don’t need to know.

The Arx (affiliate link)

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Author: Storey, Jay Allan
Science Fiction Thriller

Ex-Homicide Detective Frank Langer is a broken man – but he’s all that stands in the way of a deadly conspiracy.

Since a mental breakdown put him on medical leave from the squad he was once hand-picked to lead, Frank spends his days drinking and chain-smoking, and his nights waking up screaming from a horrific recurring nightmare.

Then one day, by chance, he stumbles on a monstrous plot to kidnap children.

When he shows up at the squad with his wild story, the guys pat him on the back and tell him to go home. But after the mother of one of the missing children commits suicide, Frank stamps down his demons, and together with the dead woman’s sister Rebecca, plunges into the case.

He uncovers a shadowy entity lurking behind one of the richest and most powerful Pharma corporations in the world. When he finally unravels the mystery, the truth is more bizarre and deadly than he ever imagined, and telling Rebecca would put her life in danger. Soon even she comes to question his sanity.

Married to the Beastly Duke (affiliate link)

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Author: Linwood, Hazel
Historical Regency Romance

Recluse Duke Oliver is known as the Beast. But not even his reputation can help him when his grandmother reminds him of his only unfulfilled duty: marriage. And she has already found the perfect duchess for him…

Marina must run away quickly. She may be able to forgive her father for gambling away all of their fortune, but marrying her off to the beastly Duke is something she cannot accept. And her escape plan would have been successful, if not for a charming valet…

But just before the wedding she sees him again, standing before her as her husband-to-be. Despite their growing feelings, the ghosts from Oliver’s past come back to haunt them. And to her horror, Marina discovers the reason he is called a beast…

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Author: Lane, Lanee
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Multicultural & Interracial Romance
They say music brings people together… Not for Skylar Stillman and Melanie Nova. Melanie and her best friends were having a girls night at her new apartment when her sexy, brooding neighbor showed up. Not only did he say they were too loud, but he insulted their music choice. Obnoxious pop music-…How rude? The half-pint woman with curly locks, brown skin, and endless curves wasn’t what Skylar expected to see on the other side of the door. The last thing he needed was another woman in his life. Steering clear of each other seemed like the best option. Mishaps kept throwing the two together. So when Skylar needed a date for his sister’s wedding to ward off his family friend, and latest fling, he knew just the person for the job. What Skylar Needs is a BWWM, BBW, enemies to lovers romance.
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Author: Zarate, Ricardo, Garbee, Jenn
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Gastronomy Essays

“The godfather of Peruvian cuisine” captures the flavors and excitement of his native food, from rustic stews to specialty dishes to fabulous cocktails.

Lima-born Los Angeles chef and restaurateur Ricardo Zarate delivers a standout cookbook on the new “it” cuisine—the food of Peru. He perfectly captures the spirit of modern Peruvian cooking, which reflects indigenous South American foods as well as Japanese, Chinese, and European influences, but also balances that variety with an American sensibility. His most popular dishes range from classic recipes (such as ceviche and Pisco sour) to artfully crafted Peruvian-style sushi to a Peruvian burger. With 100 recipes (from appetizers to cocktails), lush color photography, and Zarate’s moving and entertaining accounts of Peru’s food traditions and his own compelling story, The Fire of Peru beautifully encapsulates the excitement Zarate brings to the American dining scene.

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Author: Chance, Eleanor
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Italian Renaissance Love Story

Escape into this rags-to-riches tale of splendor, intrigue, and passion with Celeste Gabriele, an impoverished nanny who is unwittingly drawn into the Renaissance art world where her life is transformed, and she discovers a love more powerful than she could have dreamed.

“A ‘rags-to-riches’ story meets the Renaissance! The story is broken up into three different parts, slowly showing the progression of Celeste’s journey as an artist…the detail is absolutely splendid. One of the best parts is seeing actual historical characters come to life, like Lorenzo de’ Medici…Her (Celeste’s) passion for painting is inspiring! Fans of the Renaissance era will be carried away to a time of passion and art.” -Ind’Tale Magazine

Waiting to Begin (affiliate link)

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Author: Prowse, Amanda
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Mothers & Children Fiction

1984. Bessie is a confident sixteen-year-old girl with the world at her feet, dreaming of what life will bring and what she’ll bring to this life. Then everything comes crashing down. Her bright and trusting smile is lost, banished by shame—and a secret she’ll carry with her for the rest of her life.

2021. The last thirty-seven years have not been easy for Bess. At fifty-three she is visibly weary, and her marriage to Mario is in tatters. Watching her son in newlywed bliss—the hope, the trust, the joy—Bess knows it is time to face her own demons, and try to save her relationship. But she’ll have to throw off the burden of shame if she is to honour that sixteen-year-old girl whose dreams lie frozen in time.

Can Bess face her past, finally come clean to Mario, and claim the love she has longed to fully experience all these years?

All the Names (affiliate link)

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Author: Saramago, José
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Metaphysical & Visionary Fiction
Senhor José is a low-grade clerk in the city’s Central Registry, where the living and the dead share the same shelf space. A middle-aged bachelor, he has no interest in anything beyond the certificates of birth, marriage, divorce, and death that are his daily routine. But one day, when he comes across the records of an anonymous young woman, something happens to him. Obsessed, Senhor José sets off to follow the thread that may lead him to the woman—but as he gets closer, he discovers more about her, and about himself, than he would ever have wished. The loneliness of people’s lives, the effects of chance, the discovery of love—all coalesce in this extraordinary novel that displays the power and art of José Saramago in brilliant form.
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Author: Reed, Terri
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Christian Mystery & Suspense

Let romance keep you warm this winter

An alleged arsonist. A deadly cover-up.

Can this K-9 sniff out the truth?

Evidence at a fiery car crash leads K-9 officer Nelson Rivers and his accelerant-detection dog, Diesel, to Mia Turner—a woman previously accused of arson. But when a gunman targets Mia during their first meeting, Nelson suspects she might actually be innocent. Only Mia’s hiding something, and Nelson’s been burned before. Can they trust each other to catch a killer…before the threat engulfs them both?

From Love Inspired Suspense: Courage. Danger. Faith.

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