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Author: Stinnett, Wayne, Matthews, Stewart
Action Thriller Fiction

Where Jerry Snyder goes, trouble follows. Someone tried to kill him and his bride on their honeymoon in the Virgin Islands. And moving there permanently is proving to be anything but tranquil.

First, he’s working for the secretive Armstrong Organization—a group dedicated to hunting terrorists, drug smugglers, and the nastiest criminals since Blackbeard.

Second, his partner is DJ Martin, a one-legged Airborne vet who has the temperament of a croc with a toothache. DJ has never met a nose he couldn’t break, and he’s tested plenty of them.

When a body washes ashore at an island resort in Culebra, a family desperate for help turns to Jerry and DJ. Sailing the Caribbean looking for answers, their course proves deadlier than either man bargained for. And when Jerry’s past dealings appear on the horizon, the two men have to find common ground to overcome a cunning, powerful enemy with a desire more dangerous than murder.

Flying Solo (affiliate link)

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Author: May, Zoe
Romantic Comedy

Rachel Watson has it all worked out. By 30, she’s ticked off most of the goals on her Life List. She’s a home owner, a partner at her law firm, she has a gorgeous boyfriend, lots of hobbies and loads of good friends. The only thing that’s missing is a ring on her finger.
According to her Life List, Rachel should be getting hitched around now, so when her boyfriend, Paul, plans a romantic date, Rachel’s pretty confident he’s going to propose. Except Paul has other ideas. He’s jetting off to India to find himself.

Distraught, Rachel doesn’t know what to do. Not one to easily admit defeat, she embarks on a mission to win him back.

Flying solo to India is definitely not part of Rachel’s plans, but could her trip teach her unexpected lessons about love, life and herself? Could she realise that perhaps her Life List wasn’t exactly what she wanted, after all?

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Author: Hern, Laura
Amateur Sleuth Mysteries

Lainey needed a change after her husband died and the quaint town of Mirror Falls, MN, was just the ticket. But the email worried her. Why was Mary so upset about a DNA test?

Mary had done it as a lark. It might be fun to find out about her family’s history. When the DNA test came back, everything changed. Was her brother next in line for a substantial inheritance…or be setup for murder?

As a seasoned insurance investigator, Lainey had worked out more than her fair share of sinister plots, but this was different. With the help of her quirky friends, she’s determined to figure out who’s been trimming off branches of the family tree.

An intriguing and fun cozy mystery that will keep you guessing until the end. You’ll love it because the characters are delightful and the twists will keep you turning the pages.

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Author: Blakely, Lauren
Romantic Comedy

Most Valuable Playboy…

When the hot young quarterback desperately needs a fake girlfriend he turns to his best friend’s sister in this sexy, feel-good, friends to lovers romance!

Most Likely to Score…

When the star receiver needs to rehab his rep, he turns to the only woman who can help… but fighting their desires is the toughest play of all in this sexy forbidden romance!

A Wild Card Kiss…

When the single dad athlete meets the woman who got away, sparks fly, but fate has other plans for the jilted bride and the football star in this second chance romance!

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Author: Hill, Elias
Jokes & Riddles

Dad jokes. They’re not regular jokes. In fact, if a dad jokes make you bust out laughing, then there is something wrong. Dad jokes are intended to be bad. Eyerolling, groaning bad. Dad jokes are clever and dad jokes are punny, but dad jokes are mostly for dad’s enjoyment, not the people around him.

Here is a list of groups who probably won’t be into dad jokes so much:

  • moms
  • aunts
  • pets
  • waitstaff
  • cashiers
  • Oprah’s book club members
  • teachers
  • carnival workers
  • royalty

But hey, if you’re in one of the above-mentioned groups and get dad jokes and love dad jokes then forget all that. Why not pick up a copy of Dad Jokes? I Think You Mean Rad Jokes! today and share some dad jokes with the victims nearest you.

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Author: Press, BookSumo
Chinese Cooking
Here is a Preview of the Wonton Recipes You Will Learn:
Wonton Buffalo Style
Wontons Alaska
Wontons Winnipeg
Wonton Salad 101
Open Face Wontons
Wonton Ice Cream
Catalina’s Spicy Wontons
Manitoba Maple Wontons
Silver Dragon Wonton Soup
Artisanal Wonton Tins
How to Make Wonton Wraps
4-Ingredient Wontons
Wontons with Seoul
Gilroy Garlic Festival Wontons
Southwest Breakfast Wontons
Hot Ginger Wontons
Cream Cheese Dumplings
Easy Buffalo Wontons

The Seat Filler: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Wilson, Sariah
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Romantic Comedy

The meet-cute award goes to dog groomer Juliet Nolan. It’s one of Hollywood’s biggest nights when she volunteers as a seat filler and winds up next to movie heartthrob Noah freaking Douglas. Tongue tied and toes curling in her pink Converse, she pretends that she doesn’t have a clue who he is. It’s the only way to keep from swooning.

She’s pretty and unpretentious, loves his dog, and is not a worshipping fan. No way Noah’s giving up on her, even if his affectionate pursuit comes with a bump: Juliet has a pathological fear of kissing and the disappointments that follow. What odds does romance have without that momentous, stupendous, once-in-a-lifetime first smooch? Patient, empathetic, and carrying personal burdens of his own, Noah suggests a remedy: they rehearse.

The lessons begin. The guards come down. But there’s another hitch they weren’t betting on. As for that cue-the-orchestra-and-roll-credits happy ending? It might take more than practice to make it perfect.

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Author: Blume, Judy
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Young Adult Fiction about Friendship

The bed is brass, covered with a patchwork quilt, and “nice and firm,” Michael says, “in case you’re interested.”

Katherine is interested.

Katherine and Michael are ready—for each other, for love. Katherine is ready for her first time. They are both ready for this to be forever. They are perfect together, inseparable. Until the summer separates them, and Katherine meets Theo. But she and Michael are truly in love. That means forever. Right? Is this really the love of a lifetime, or the very beginning of a lifetime of love?

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Author: Curtis, Cameron
Regularly $2.99, Today $1.49
Military Thrillers

They were powerful and ruthless, but they made one mistake. His name is Breed.

Ex-Delta Force sniper Breed has spent most of his life at war and now he’s trying to make some time for peace. But when a veteran from his old unit is murdered in El Paso, Breed feels duty-bound to bring the killer to justice. A feeling that only grows stronger when his friend’s widow and son are also murdered.

As he uses all his specialist skills to uncover the truth, Breed finds himself working with some unlikely allies – a devious CIA operative, and a determined Latina reporter. Together, they uncover a conspiracy to launch a massive attack on US soil.

The terrorists are confident – they have powerful friends in the Mexican cartels and US law enforcement. But they have reckoned without one thing—Breed.

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Author: Andrews, Brian, Wilson, Jeffrey
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Military Thrillers

In a world violated by terror, the old lines have blurred. Meet the next generation of covert ops.

John Dempsey’s life—as an elite Tier One Navy SEAL named Jack Kemper—is over. A devastating terrorist action catapults him from a world of moral certainty and decisive orders into the shadowy realm of espionage, where ambiguity is the only rule. His new mission: hunt down those responsible for the greatest tragedy in the history of the US Special Ops and bring them to justice.

But how does a man torn between duty and revenge walk the line and preserve his soul?

As Dempsey struggles with the games of spies, the case propels him across the globe in a desperate effort to prevent a new, horrifying attack on American soil.

Once, John Dempsey followed orders blindly. Now he sees behind the curtain, and the security of the civilized world rests on one question: Can a Tier One Navy SEAL adapt and become the world’s most lethal spy?

Garden of Stones (affiliate link)

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Author: Littlefield, Sophie
Regularly $17.99, Today $2.99
Women’s Literary Fiction

In the dark days of World War II, a mother makes the ultimate sacrifice

Lucy Takeda is just fourteen years old, living in Los Angeles, when the bombs rain down on Pearl Harbor. Within weeks, she and her mother, Miyako, are ripped from their home, rounded up—along with thousands of other innocent Japanese-Americans—and taken to the Manzanar prison camp.

Buffeted by blistering heat and choking dust, Lucy and Miyako must endure the harsh living conditions of the camp. Corruption and abuse creep into every corner of Manzanar, eventually ensnaring beautiful, vulnerable Miyako. Ruined and unwilling to surrender her daughter to the same fate, Miyako soon breaks. Her final act of desperation will stay with Lucy forever . . . and spur her to sins of her own.

Bestselling author Sophie Littlefield weaves a powerful tale of stolen innocence and survival that echoes through generations, reverberating between mothers and daughters. It is a moving chronicle of injustice, triumph and the unspeakable acts we commit in the name of love.

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Author: Rule, Ann
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Memoirs of Abductions, Kidnappings & Missing Persons
When attorney Cheryl Keeton’s brutally bludgeoned body was found in her van in the fast lane of an Oregon freeway, her husband, Brad Cunningham, was the likely suspect. But there was no solid evidence linking him to the crime. He married again, for the fifth time, and his stunning new wife, a physician named Sara, adopted his three sons. They all settled down to family life on a luxurious estate. But gradually, their marriage became a nightmare…

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