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Author: Bolton, Karice
Small Town Romance

Welcome to Fireweed Island, a place where friendships flourish, love whispers from the island breeze, and the road to healing is paved with unexpected surprises…like a super sizzling contractor with a heart of gold.

Tori’s love life hits a snag when she catches her fiancé in a cozy situation in between the sheets with someone else. So, she packs her bags and heads to Fireweed Island to teach summer school and fix up her childhood home, expecting a relaxing summer far away from men. But the island greets her with open arms and a truckload of secrets.

When Mason, the fixer-upper guy with a no-drama policy, runs into her to lend a helping hand, he can’t get enough of her. Mason is all about drills, hammers, and nails, not heartache and complication. But Tori, with her soap opera life, turns his life upside down. He tries to keep it professional, but let’s be real – Tori’s like a walking, talking fantasy, and Mason finds himself craving more.

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Author: Tucker, Phil
Epic Fantasy

Scorio will rise from the ashes to conquer the ten layers of hell.

Reborn without memories, Scorio learns that he is a Great Soul, a legendary defender of the ancient city of Bastion. That within the hallowed halls of the Academy and under the stern eyes of the underworld’s greatest instructors he will enjoy enormous privilege, rediscover unique and wondrous powers, and one day return to the millennium-old battle against their infernal foes.

Until he is betrayed. Singled out and sentenced to die for crimes he can’t remember, Scorio is hurled to his doom—and forgotten.

But from even the dimmest spark an inferno may one day rage.

Clawing his way back from oblivion, Scorio vows to return to the Academy at any cost. To emerge from the ruins and within those golden walls defeat his elite classmates in a quest to ascend the ranks and change the course of history. For only then will he learn about his forgotten past, and why his enemies have rightly feared him since the day he was reborn.

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Author: Blakely, Gillian, Blake, Selena
Second Chance Contemporary Romance

Words may be sports journalist JJ Fairchild’s tool of trade, but when it comes to the bedroom, dirty talk escapes her.

Sinfully handsome football superstar Trevor Wyatt has lusted for the sassy southern woman since before he retired. Now that she’s back in his life, Trevor’s not going to miss his second chance to show her just how good they could be together. And teaching her to loosen up and say what she wants, out loud, is just the cherry on top.

He’s an excellent teacher and before JJ knows it, she’s asking for everything she craves. And what she wants more than anything is Trevor. But she won’t be just another notch on his bedpost.

It’s time for Trevor to turn on the focus and determination that made him a legend on the field. His game winning strategy? Prove to JJ that he’s playing for keeps.

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Author: Bird, Sarah May
Women Sleuths

What secrets lurk within this purr-fect little English village?

Willow spent every childhood summer with her aunt in Catton Strawless, and is now moving in for good into a compact cottage for what she thinks will be a more peaceful pace of life.

But she has barely unpacked her boxes when her neighbour is murdered at night in the picturesque grounds of her manor.

DC Thomas Bardot is on the case, but his boss just wants him to wrap it up in time for dinner.

So Willow takes matters into her own hands with the help of an unusual source, the spirits of deceased cats. Mischievous Loki and sorrowful Luna, still mourning her previous owner’s death, will lend their ghostly paws to help her uncover the secrets hidden in the idyllic English countryside.

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Author: Dunbar, Tony
Legal Thrillers

Tubby Dubonnet’s clients include a transvestite entertainer, a buxom deadbeat blonde, a doctor who refers his own patients to a malpractice lawyer, and a Mardi Gras reveler who drives a float shaped like a giant crawfish pot. He also has his hands full with an ex-wife and three teenage daughters, who are experts in the art of wrapping Tubby around their little fingers. And somehow, between work and family, Tubby finds time to sample the highs and lows of idiosyncratic Crescent City cuisine, from trout meuniere amandine and French roast coffee with chicory to shrimp po-boys and homemade pecan pralines.

Tubby’s new client is Darryl Alvarez, the manager of a local nightclub who’s been caught unloading marijuana from a shrimp boat. At their first meeting, Darryl entrusts Tubby with an ordinary-looking blue gym bag. But after Darryl’s unfortunate demise, Tubby realizes he must tighten his grasp on the gym bag — and its million-dollar contents.

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Author: Lee, Alan
Crime Thrillers

A former cosmetic lobbyist,
now a rookie patrol officer,
she’s the newest fixation
of a lurking serial killer.

At thirty-years-old, Officer Stackhouse is the oldest in her Police academy’s graduating class and hellbent on reaching the FBI before the cut-off age. Her first step — patrol. She responds to a call in Creepy Hollow, where a teenager has run away, a commonplace incident.

But there’s nothing commonplace about what Stackhouse finds when she begins digging.

A serial killer is at work and has been for years, undetected until now. Even faced with the evidence, Stackhouse’s supervisors are reluctant to believe. The case soon becomes personal, however, when the killer’s attention shifts to her. If Stackhouse wants to survive her first year, she’ll have to prove there’s nothing soft about a girl with a badge…

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Author: Woo, Eddie
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Applied Mathematics

Why aren’t left-handers extinct? What makes a rainbow round? How is a pancreas like a pendulum? These may not look like math questions, but they are—because they all have to do with patterns. And mathematics, at heart, is the study of patterns.

That realization changed Eddie Woo’s life—by turning the “dry” subject he dreaded in high school into a boundless quest for discovery. Now an award-winning math teacher and a YouTuber with nearly two million subscribers, Woo sees patterns everywhere: in the “branches” of blood vessels and lightning, in the growth of a savings account and a sunflower, even in his morning cup of tea! Here are twenty-six bite-size chapters on the hidden mathematical marvels that encrypt our email, enchant our senses, and even keep us alive—from the sine waves we hear as “music” to the mysterious golden ratio. This book will change your mind about what math can be. We are all born mathematicians—and it’s a numberful world.

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Author: Albom, Mitch
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Inspiration & Spirituality

Chika Jeune was born three days before the devastating earthquake that decimated Haiti in 2010. She spent her infancy in a landscape of extreme poverty, and when her mother died giving birth to a baby brother, Chika was brought to The Have Faith Haiti Orphanage that Albom operates in Port Au Prince.

With no children of their own, the forty-plus children who live, play, and go to school at the orphanage have become family to Mitch and his wife, Janine. Chika’s arrival makes a quick impression. Brave and self-assured, even as a three-year-old, she delights the other kids and teachers. But at age five, Chika is suddenly diagnosed with something a doctor there says, “No one in Haiti can help you with.”

Mitch and Janine bring Chika to Detroit, hopeful that American medical care can soon return her to her homeland. Instead, Chika becomes a permanent part of their household, and their lives, as they embark on a two-year, around-the-world journey to find a cure.

Serendipity (affiliate link)

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Author: Michaels, Fern
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Historical Romance
Six years ago, Jory Ryan fled Philadelphia after a brief, tragic marriage to wealthy Ross Landers. Now Jory has come home to make peace with the past. But the future invites trouble when Jory falls precipitously for Ross’s best friend—and becomes entangled with the Landers family and the business she fled. Suddenly Jory finds herself at the helm of an empire, confronted with changes and choices she never dreamed possible, and ready to meet a new life ripe with the promise of lasting love.
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Author: Cass, Haley
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
LGBTQ+ Romance

Ellie Beckett’s life is simple and uncomplicated; she’s on track to become a leading expert in biomedical engineering, she has a pub where she feels comfortable enough to hang out multiple times a week, and, so what if she doesn’t have time for… people? She doesn’t need or want them.

Until she meets Mia Sharpe.

As it it turns out, maybe Ellie does want at least one person.

The Beach House (affiliate link)

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Author: Hale, Jenny
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Sisters Fiction

When her gram passes away, Melanie Simpson feels utterly lost. But her grandmother’s will gives her a purpose: an inheritance to buy a crumbling house in Rosemary Bay. They used to visit the village every summer, sit by the sparkling water on a beach the color of pearl, and daydream about turning the place on the corner into a bed and breakfast.

On her first night in her new hometown, Melanie meets local contractor and landowner Josh Claiborne, whose eyes match the dazzling sea. Melanie plans to restore the beach house to its original glory, and Josh is the perfect person to help renovate the wrap-around porch weathered by the coastal breeze and the peeling white paint faded by the sun.

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Author: McLaughlin, Heidi
Regularly $4.99, Today $2.49
Contemporary Romance

I was never supposed to be a rock star. I had my life all planned out for me. Play football in college. Go to the NFL. Marry my high school sweetheart and live happily ever after.

I broke both our hearts that day when I told her I was leaving. I was young. I made the right decision for me, but the wrong decision for us. I’ve poured my soul into my music, but I’ve never forgotten her. Her smell, her smile.

And now I’m going back.

After ten years.

I hope I can explain that after all this time.

I still want her to be my forever girl.

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