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One Fine Day (affiliate link)

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Author: Kirk, Cindy
Humorous Fiction

When life threw her a curveball, Abby did the only thing she knew how: the right thing.

Abigail Fine learned early in life it’s hard to get ahead when you start with nothing. She hoped serving as a surrogate would allow her to not only help a friend, but jump-start living her dreams.

Jonah Rollins always considered himself a loyal friend and an honorable man. Until he made a decision that destroyed a long-standing friendship and eventually, his marriage.

When life threw her a curveball, Abby did the only thing she knew how: the right thing. Her life might look a whole lot different than she imagined, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now, five years later, the past has come calling. Life’s presented Abby with an even bigger challenge: one that will test her capacity to forgive . . . or force her to close her heart forever. But Abby and Jonah just might discover that there are no bounds to how wide her heart can open or how deep his love can run.

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Author: Hiker, Mary
Cozy Animal Mystery

Deena needs a change of pace and takes a trip to the North Carolina mountains to blow off some steam. A secluded rental cabin in Shady Springs and her dog, Zip, is all she needs for her great escape.
That is, until a body is discovered behind the cabin and Deena discovers there’s more going on in the small mountain town than meets the eye. She’ll need to get to the bottom of it before her new friend takes the fall.

Deena and her dog, Zip, have been enjoying some time off in the North Carolina mountains. Things have finally settled down and all is serene.
That is, until someone ends up in the dog house.


Deena and her dog, Zip, are enjoying the last few days of vacation in a small North Carolina mountain town. An afternoon at the Shady Springs art show sounds like the perfect way to relax with some new friends.

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Author: Fichter, Brittany
Contemporary Romance

Jessie has one rule: No dating airmen. Unfortunately, Derrick Allen doesn’t seem to care.

But what does it matter? Prince Charming had a horse, not a cargo plane.


A strange silence settled over the car. And though I scrolled through my inbox, I found myself more and more unsettled by the man sitting beside me. Which was stupid. This was Derrick, the guy who tormented me for half of our relationship and spent the other half playing pranks and begging me to help him avoid his boss.

So why did I feel like I was really meeting him for the first time? And why did it suddenly feel like maybe…maybe it was time to rethink the rules after all?

Love Songs Suck (affiliate link)

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Author: Monson, Becky
Romantic Comedy

After growing up in Nashville with two musician parents, I promised myself one thing—I would never, ever fall in love with anyone who had anything to do with the music scene. I will take my stable, albeit boring, accountant boyfriend, thank you very much, and live securely ever after. At least that was the plan. Who knew one ridiculous party where boy band sensation Finn Thatcher showed up would turn my life completely upside down.

How dare he write a song about me. A song that went straight to number one. A song that messes everything up with his band. And who gets the blame for that? That’s right, me. I’m the new Yoko Ono. The only way to fix it is to, well . . . give the world what it wants—a love story. We are talking the whole freaking fairy tale. Nothing says true love like a fake relationship. But what if it’s not so fake? What if I want the happily ever after? Or am I just another love song to Finn?

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Author: Jackson, Robert
Biographies of World War I

The dawn of a new age of warfare and the men who made history…

Spring 1918: in the skies above the Western Front a new science was taking shape in action. Unheard of only months before, aerial warfare was rapidly coming of age, bringing a new breed of heroes who would transform the face of battle for ever.

Time was running out for the old rulers of the air – the Richthofens, Mannocks and McCuddens who had terrorised the skies unchallenged, secure in their individual genius and daring. New tactics, designs and men were taking to the air, and the newly-formed RAF was introducing a professionalism that would change the course of the war.

This is the story of the men who fought in that fateful year – the men whose bitter struggle was to bring about the aces’ twilight and the dawn of modern warfare.

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Author: History, Hourly
History of France
Eleanor of Aquitaine became the queen of both France and England, the wife of two kings, and later the mother of two kings. Heiress to the rich French provinces of Aquitaine and Poitou, she was undoubtedly one of medieval Europe’s most powerful and wealthy women.
Eleanor of Aquitaine has, not surprisingly, captured many imaginations. From inciting her sons to rebel against their father to the tale of her “courts of love,” where she reportedly fostered the idea of courtly love and promoted the arts, to her captivity and later tireless work to rescue her son Richard the Lionheart from his imprisonment, Eleanor’s life is a tangle of legend mixed with the struggle to interpret the sometimes-scarce facts. This does not make it any less fascinating—or any less worthy of study. In this book, you will find a concise exploration of the life of one of the medieval world’s most memorable figures.

A Scattered Life (affiliate link)

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Author: McQuestion, Karen
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Contemporary Women’s Fiction

Free spirit Skyla Plinka has found the love and stability she always wanted in her reliable husband, Thomas. Settling into her new family and roles as wife and mother, Skyla finds life in rural Wisconsin satisfying, but she can’t seem to quell her growing sense of restlessness. Skyla’s only reprieve is her growing friendship with neighbor Roxanne, who has five kids (and counting) and a life in constant disarray—but also a life filled with laughter and love.

Much to the dismay of her intrusive mother-in-law, Audrey, Skyla takes a part-time job at the local bookstore and slowly begins to rediscover her voice, independence, and confidence. Throughout one pivotal year in the life of Skyla, Audrey, and Roxanne, all three very different women will learn what it means to love unconditionally.

With the storytelling ingenuity of Anne Tyler, the writing talent of Jodi Picoult, and the subtlety of Alice Munro, McQuestion offers a satisfying debut that proves she is a gifted portraitist, a natural storyteller, and an author to watch.

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Author: Dixen, Victor
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Dark Fantasy Horror

A fiery heroine seeks vengeance against a royal court of deadly vampires in this epic alternate history set in lavish Versailles.

Louis XIV transformed from the Sun King into the King of Shadows when he embraced immortality and became the world’s first vampire. For the last three centuries, he has been ruling the kingdom from the decadent Court of Shadows in Versailles, demanding the blood of his subjects to sate his nobles’ thirst and maintain their loyalty.

In the heart of rural France, commoner Jeanne Froidelac witnesses the king’s soldiers murder her family and learns of her parents’ role in a brewing rebellion involving the forbidden secrets of alchemy. To seek her revenge, Jeanne disguises herself as an aristocrat and enrolls in a prestigious school for aspiring courtiers. She soon finds herself at the doors of the palace of Versailles.

But Jeanne, of course, is no aristocrat. She dreams not of court but of blood.

The blood of a king.

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Author: Salter, James
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Coming of Age Fiction

Twenty-year-old Yale dropout Phillip Dean is traveling Europe aimlessly in a borrowed car with little money. When he stops for a few days in a church-quiet town near Dijon, he meets Anne-Marie Costallat, a young shop assistant. The two begin an affair both carnal and innocent, and she quickly becomes to him the real France, its beating heart and an object of pure longing.

James Salter, author of Light Years and the memoir Burning the Days, was an essential voice in the evolution of late twentieth-century prose, a stylist on par with Updike and Roth who won the PEN/Faulkner Award for his collection Dusk and Other Stories. One of the first great American novels to speak frankly of human desire free of guilt and shame, A Sport and a Pastime inspired Reynolds Price to call it “as nearly perfect as any American fiction I know.”

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Author: McGurl, Kathleen
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Sisters Fiction

A country rebelling
It’s 1916 and, as war rages in Europe, Gráinne leaves her job in a department store to join Countess Markiewicz’s revolutionary efforts. It is a decision which will change her life forever. A rebellion is brewing, and as Dublin’s streets become a battleground, Gráinne soon discovers the personal cost of fighting for what you believe in…

A forgotten sacrifice
Decades on, student Nicky is recovering from a break-up when a research project leads her to her great-grandmother’s experiences in revolutionary Ireland. When Nicky finds a long-forgotten handkerchief amongst her great-grandmother’s things, it leads to the revelation of a heartbreaking story of tragedy and courage, and those who sacrificed everything for their country.

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Author: Schutze, Jim
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Dysfunctional Relationships

Widowed Blanche Taylor Moore was about to lose her second spouse to symptoms that mysteriously mirrored those that killed her first husband—as well as her previous boyfriend. When an investigation reveals arsenic poisoning, the hideous truth about the wife and mother comes to light. Did the abuse Blanche suffered as a child at the hands of her alcoholic father turn her into a murderer she became?

In this riveting true crime account, critically acclaimed journalist Jim Schutze explores the harrowing motivation and chilling details of the lives, loves, and victims of North Carolina’s oldest living inmate on death row.

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Author: Tracy, Brian, Arden, Ron
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Communication Skills

This book gives you proven ways to become more captivating and persuasive in any situation. As one of the world’s premier business consultants and personal success experts, Brian Tracy shows readers what charm can do, and how they can use simple methods to immediately become more charming and dramatically improve their social lives and business relationships.

In The Power of Charm, you will learn how to:

capture people’s trust and attention within the first few seconds of meeting
win the support of others who can help them achieve their goals
master body language and advanced listening techniques
sell more of their products or services
deliver powerful and engaging talks and presentations
improve their negotiation skills
get paid more and promoted faster

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