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Author: Burgoa, Claudia
Opposites Attract Romantic Comedy

Mistaken identity, drunk texts, and hysterical mishaps… just another day in my life.

Girls all over the world spill the tea to me about their most intimate questions.
They thank me for talking about sex with them.
For fixing their love lives.

I wonder if I’d still be a relationship influencer if they knew what a train wreck my own love life is?

If I was writing anyone else advice, it would say things like:
Never drunk-text your ex-boyfriend.
No, seriously, that’s a terrible idea.
But if you insist, maybe double-check the number first.


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Author: Monk, Devon
Humorous Fantasy

Magic, monsters, gods, secrets, action, laughs, childhood crush, found family, and sisters who kick butt.

Welcome to Ordinary, Oregon! Police Chief Delaney Reed can handle the Valkyries, werewolves, gill-men and other paranormal creatures who call Ordinary their home.

It’s the vacationing gods who keep her up at night.

With the famous rhubarb festival right around the corner bringing hundreds of people into the little town, the last thing Delaney needs is a dead body washing ashore—especially when the dead body is a god.

No, scratch that. The last thing she needs is Death himself strolling into town, with questions.

Unexpected Storm (affiliate link)

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Author: Blake, Caroline
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

After escaping her stressful life in London and ditching her job as a solicitor in a prestigious city centre law firm, Charlotte has settled in Warkworth, a small village on the beautiful Northumberland coast.

Her relationship with Liam is going well; she is in the process of opening up her own legal practice on the high street and is looking forward to being her own boss.

Linda is embracing her middle age. She has taken early retirement and has bought herself a bungalow overlooking the river.

After finally leaving her vile husband, Phil, she too is her own boss. She can now sit and read all day if she wants to, without having to dance to anyone else’s tune. She can potter in her garden, without having to break off to make her husband’s dinner.

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Author: Ferebee, Andrew
Long-Term Relationships

Guys, let’s face it – a breakup can suck! No one is IMMUNE to experiencing a broken relationship and the loss of love. It literally feels as though your heart has been torn out of your chest and ripped into pieces.

You can’t stop thinking about her, what you could, should or would do if you had another chance — even if the breakup occurred last week or years ago.

But the truth is… it’s over and she’s moved on!

So what can you do about it? It’s time to start fixing a broken heart and mend the pain of a break up!

The Breakup Manual For Men was born out of real heartbreak, and an urgent necessity to get over the loss and pain of a serious breakup. In this powerful book, relationship coach for men, Andrew Ferebee has distilled the essentials of his own success and life-changing work with men who have been blindsided by breakups into an easy-to-follow strategy that you can devour in as little as a day to get back on your feet.

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Author: Gussman, Jessie
Sweet, Second Chance Romance

One night changed everything…

Cassidy Kimbell killed a man when she was only nineteen.

Torque Baxter took the blame, serving ten years for her crime.

He told her to flee the scene of the accident. He told her to run. He told her to keep her mouth shut, so that’s what she’d done. She’d let a boy with a crush become an innocent man behind bars.

Today, that man is being released.

Cassidy expects Torque to hate her. She knows nothing she has done to atone all these years can compare to what he’s lost. But she hopes becoming his sponsor on the outside, especially since she’s a lawyer now, might help.

Little does she know, Torque doesn’t want her to owe him.

He wants her to love him.

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Author: Fichter, Brittany
Retelling of Beauty and the Beast

Prince Everard’s father forged him into a warrior. Upon the king’s death, however, Everard loses himself in his pain and brings a dark curse upon himself and the great Fortress that has long guarded the people of Destin.

The prince’s sin doesn’t solely affect those of his citadel, however. Isabelle, the daughter of a local merchant, has suffered the prince’s hasty temper before, and it changed her life forever. So when Everard’s curse cuts off his people’s source of protection, and he demands that she, a crippled commoner, help him break it, her shock and horror are rivaled only by her indigantation and even stronger desire to protect her family.

All the while, Destin’s enemy crouches at the foot of the Fortress’s mountain, waiting for the right moment to capture the stronghold that has stood for a thousand years.

Star Trek Movie Memories (affiliate link)

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Author: Shatner, William, Kreski, Chris
Regularly $17.99, Today $2.99
Biographies of Performers

The legendary Captain Kirk takes readers behind the scenes of the long-running movie franchise from the first feature film to Star Trek: Generations.

In this jam-packed memoir, William Shatner picks up where he left off with Star Trek Memories, recounting in equally intriguing detail what went into the making of the first six Star Trek movies, while including on-the-scene reporting from the set of Star Trek: Generations. Shatner discloses all of the creative turmoil, backstage politics, and production challenges that permeated every one of the movies. And with unflinching candor, he reveals the accumulated personal grudges that haven’t mellowed with the passage of time.

Drawing on in-depth interviews as well as Shatner’s private reminiscences, the book recounts how Kirk’s love interest in Star Trek IV began as a role for Eddie Murphy; the creative and production nightmares of Star Trek V; and the rewarding experience of the “classic” crew passing the torch to Patrick Stewart and the cast of The Next Generation.

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Author: Hazelwood, Ann
Regularly $14.99, Today $2.99
Later in Life Romance

A quilt artist finds a new home—and beautiful new horizons—on the shores of Lake Michigan in this series debut by the author of The Jane Austen Quilt Club.

At fifty-five, Claire Stewart has left her Missouri home for the charming community of Door County, Wisconsin. A watercolor quilt artist, she soon joins a small quilting club in town. The beauty of Door County offers boundless inspiration for new quilt projects. But it is the man with the red scarf who intrigues her most of all . . .

When Claire left Missouri, she also escaped a bad relationship. Now, as she grows more comfortable with her move to Door County, she becomes open to new ideas, new friendships, and even the possibility of new love.

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Author: Ellis, Kate
Regularly $3.99, Today $0.99
Historical Thrillers

DS Wesley Peterson, newly arrived in the West Country town of Tradmouth, has his hands full when a child goes missing and a young woman is brutally murdered on a lonely cliff path.

Then his old friend, archaeologist Neil Watson, unearths the skeletons of a woman and a newborn baby in the cellar of an ancient merchant’s house nearby.

As they begin to investigate the murders, Wesley starts to suspect that these deaths, centuries apart, may be linked by age-old motives of jealousy and sexual obsession. And the pressure is on if he is going to prevent a further tragedy . . .

Disturbed (affiliate link)

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Author: Jaynes, Jennifer
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Psychological Thrillers

On Halloween night five years ago, Chelsea Dutton’s college roommates were viciously stabbed to death, and Chelsea was critically injured. She was found hiding in her apartment’s bathtub, barely clinging to life.

With only fragments of shattered memory, she’s been trying her best to move past the nightmares ever since. Now in Boston, she lives a somewhat reclusive life, working from home as a medical transcriptionist and bingeing on mindless television shows.

She can’t shake the fear that her attacker is out there, waiting to finish what he started, and Elizabeth, a nurse she met after the murders, is the only person she can trust.

When someone from her past reemerges, Chelsea starts receiving disturbing messages and worries that her every move is being watched. As the messages mount and her memories begin to return, she’s led to a very terrifying and lonely place. But she needn’t be afraid. She won’t be alone there for long.

Illuminations: Stories (affiliate link)

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Author: Moore, Alan
Regularly $15.99, Today $4.99
Superhero Fantasy

n his first-ever short story collection, which spans forty years of work, Alan Moore presents a series of wildly different and equally unforgettable characters who discover–and in some cases even make and unmake–the various uncharted parts of existence.

In “A Hypothetical Lizard,” two concubines in a brothel of fantastical specialists fall in love with tragic ramifications. In “Not Even Legend,” a paranormal study group is infiltrated by one of the otherworldly beings they seek to investigate. In “Illuminations,” a nostalgic older man decides to visit a seaside resort from his youth and finds the past all too close at hand. And in the monumental novella “What We Can Know About Thunderman,” which charts the surreal and Kafkaesque history of the comics industry’s major players over the last seventy-five years, Moore reveals the dark, beating heart of the superhero business.

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Author: Fisher, June Breton
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Biographies of Business Professionals

This epic biography tells the story of the rise of Wall Street and the growth of Goldman Sachs from a small commercial paper company to the international banking business we know today. At its heart is the story of Henry Goldman, a man who spoke out passionately for his beliefs, understood the importance of the bottom line, and was known to chuckle, draw on his cigar, and remind his young protégés, “Just keep in mind . . . Money is always in fashion.”

Though you will rarely find a mention of him in the official history of Goldman Sachs, it was Henry who established many of the practices of modern investment banking. He devised the plan that made Sears, Roebuck Co. the first publicly owned retail operation in the world, helped convince Woodrow Wilson to pass the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, and became a power player in the world of Wall Street finance at a time when Jews were considered outsiders.

The book traces Henry Goldman’s hard-fought and often frustrating career with Goldman Sachs, a company founded by his father Marcus and fraught with professional rivalries.

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