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Author: Randolph, Laurel
Quick & Easy Cooking

The Instant Pot is an incredibly versatile appliance—but it can also be a tad intimidating. Turn to this electric pressure cooker cookbook for guidance and easy, delicious recipes that cut down on cooking and leave you braising, boiling, slow cooking, and sauteing like a pro.

What sets this pressure cooker cookbook apart:

AN INTRO TO YOUR INSTANT POT: Master your pressure cooker with step-by-step instructions, a detailed breakdown of features and functions, safety advice, and more.
A WIDE VARIETY OF HEALTHY RECIPES: Dive into fast, family-friendly meals that will have you licking your lips, from a satisfying Bacon and Egg Strata breakfast to a flavorful Chicken Tikka Masala dinner that everyone will love to eat.
HANDY TIPS & CHEAT SHEETS: Pressure cook like a pro with recipe hacks, guides to cook times, and tips for converting your favorite dishes.

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Author: Anderson, Rachael
Clean & Wholesome Romance

The first kiss crumbles her world. The second mystifies. The third unbalances. The fourth sends her reeling. And the fifth –ah, the fifth . . .

Miss Sarah Meacham has always behaved circumspectly, until an emotional outburst directed at a well-deserved gentleman earns her the nickname of Miss Shrew. As a result, she vows to never trust—or love—again. But when her father decrees that her younger sister cannot marry the man of her dreams until Sarah has secured a suitor of her own, she is faced with a dilemma: deny her sister marital bliss or feign an interest in the next gentleman to come along, at least until their father relents.

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Author: Connolly, John
Private Investigator Mysteries

The New York Times–bestselling author tells the story behind private detective Charlie Parker, the haunted hero of John Connolly’s eerie supernatural crime thrillers.

Recounting his days as a journalist for the Irish Times and the Dublin murder that led him to question the ways we think about perpetrators and victims; discussing his crime-fiction idols; and reflecting on empathy and evil, John Connolly offers a short work that lets us learn more about his character Charlie Parker—a former NYPD detective who loses everything and struggles to remain human in the aftermath—and about the writer himself.

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Author: Addler, Amelia
Clean & Wholesome Romance

At 48 years old, Margie Clifton never expected to be starting her life all over again. But when her brother gifts her a property on San Juan Island, that’s exactly what she decides to do. After all, it’s the perfect place to start a new business venture, provide a second home for her adult children, and recover from her nasty divorce. And if her new life happens to involve the town’s gruff and ruggedly handsome Chief Deputy Sheriff? All the better.

The last thing Hank Kowalski wants is an emotional entanglement. It’s only been two years since his beloved wife passed, and there’s no way his daughter is ready to accept him dating anyone new. Still, there’s something about Margie’s quiet strength and beauty that draws him in, making him wonder if maybe a fresh start—and possibly a new love—is exactly what he needs in his life.

Blind Reality (affiliate link)

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Author: McLaughlin, Heidi
Contemporary Romance
Joshua Wilson, an up-and-coming movie star, is turned off by the idea of marriage. His Oscar-winning smile and breakout role in the summer’s hottest romantic comedy bring in enough attention to satisfy Joshua’s cravings for the spotlight – not to mention the never-ending supply of willing women. Joey Mitchell is down in the dumps after finding out that her fiancé cheated on her with her best friend, and is living at home with her parents until she can get back on her feet. Without Joey’s knowledge, her overbearing and neurotic mother submits an application for her to appear on the reality show, Married Blind. When the producers surprise her with the news that they have cast her, Joey wants nothing to do with the show but agrees to participate because, at this point in her life, she really has nothing to lose.
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Author: Fuller, A.C.
Conspiracy Thrillers

Find the Source. Break the Story. Stay Alive.

One year after the 9/11 attacks, Alex Vane–a brilliant, fitness-obsessed reporter for The New York Standard–wants nothing more than to break into the flashy world of TV news. But when he uncovers the scoop of a lifetime, his tightly controlled world is rocked: his editor buries his story, a source turns up dead, and Alex finds himself at the center of a violent media conspiracy.

As he receives tips from a mysterious source, Alex enlists the help of a captivating professor, Camila Gray. Aided by an Internet genius, a billionaire’s sexy widow, and a washed-up sports reporter, Alex and Camila discover a $500-million secret that could derail the largest media merger in history.

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Author: Martin, Faith
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Cozy Mystery

The first three books in the Ryder and Loveday series from million-copy bestseller Faith Martin in one volume!
A Fatal Obsession
Ryder and Loveday investigate the mysterious death of a young woman, whilst a series of poison pen letters confound the police.

A Fatal Mistake
A student vanishes during a boat trip with friends, and Ryder and Loveday suspect a cover-up…

A Fatal Flaw
As a beauty contest gets underway, backstage dark secrets and murderous plans unfold – and Loveday is sent undercover to investigate.

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Author: Rush, Cassie
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Historical Cozy Mystery

In 1920s England, a young widow, Lady Gayle Summer, inherits a castle, a fortune, and a corpse…
Resourceful and spirited, Lady Gayle is determined to unravel the castle’s hidden secrets. But the stakes rise when a dear friend is murdered, revealing a sinister plot lurking in the castle’s shadowed corridors. Faced with a web of aristocratic deceit and societal expectations, Lady Gayle realises that some secrets are guarded at a deadly cost.

As she delves into the heart of the mystery, she must navigate a perilous path to uncover the truth behind the recent deaths. With each step, she draws closer to the killer, who watches her every move with cunning anticipation. Can Lady Gayle solve the mystery before she becomes the next victim in this treacherous game?

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Author: McDermott, Nancie
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Thai Cooking

A handbook to Thai cooking filled with dishes that can become part of your everyday kitchen repertoire: spicy curry, spring rolls, rice noodles, and more.

Now busy home cooks can bring the fantastic flavors of Thai cuisine into the kitchen with a simple trip to the grocery store. Nancie McDermott, experienced cook, teacher, and author of the bestselling cookbook Real Thai, presents this collection of seventy delicious recipes that focus on easy-to-find ingredients and quick cooking methods to whip up traditional Thai. With recipes like Crying Tiger Grilled Beef, Grilled Shrimp and Scallops with Lemongrass, Sticky Rice with Mangoes, and Thai Iced Tea, along with McDermott’s highly practical array of shortcuts, substitutions, and time-saving techniques, anyone can prepare home-cooked authentic Thai meals—as often as they like.

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Author: Bown, Stephen
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Expeditions & Discoveries World History

The most feted explorer of his generation, Roald Amundsen counted the discovery of the Northwest Passage, in 1905, as well as the North Pole amongst his greatest achievements. His revolutionary approach to technology transcends polar and nautical significance. However, until now, his story has rarely featured as more than a footnote to Scott’s tragic failure.

Reviled for defeating Scott but worshipped by his men, Amundsen was pursued by women and creditors throughout his life before disappearing on a mission to rescue an Italian explorer attempting to claim the North Pole for Mussolini. The Last Viking is the life of a visionary and a showman, who brought the era of Shackleton to an end, put the newly independent Norway on the map, and was the twentieth century’s brightest trailblazing explorer.

When the Dandelions Sing (affiliate link)

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Author: Hill III, James J
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Family Life Fiction

His grammy, who nicknames him Jasper for some reason known only to her, and his grandad, give him valuable lessons through their own eyes, and a window to the past that sometimes gets overshadowed by bigger things in life, but never truly forgotten.

While Ronnie’s momma struggles with her life, he leans on others around him to gain perspective and a sense of understanding. He learns that even after people leave his world, their impact remains and he never stops learning from them. As it turns out, some of the best lessons in life come from those who seemingly have nothing left to give.

Ronnie learns that a family is not always conventional, but oftentimes made up of the people you choose for yourself, and who choose you in return. He discovers that joy can be found in the smallest of things and the simplest of moments…for even among a field of perfect flowers, the simple dandelion can sing.

The Merchant’s Daughter (affiliate link)

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Author: Hardy, Rebecca
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Historical Mystery

For better. For worse.
For the sake of her future.

London 1815. Jenny’s father is dead. She needs to marry immediately to save her and her mother’s livelihood.

A chance meeting presents the perfect candidate in the form of the enigmatic Erasmus Black. Gentleman, merchant, and if the rumours are to be believed, captain…

But where does Erasmus slip away to in the dead of night? What secrets about her father’s business has he discovered? And was their meeting really just a convenient coincidence?

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