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Author: Langton, Lucy, Harding, Henrietta, Sloan, Meghan
Historical Regency Romance
Abigail Andrews’ favorite time of the year finds her in a maid’s position, undeterred by rumors about her enigmatic employer. Little does she know, the arrogant man she encounters at the Christmas market is none other than the feared “Demon Duke”, Ezra Haddington. Haunted by childhood demons, the Duke of Brunswick despises Christmas and marriage. However, when he and Abigail meet, a sizzling chemistry ignites, and their forbidden attraction begins to burn. Yet, a sinister figure lurking in the shadows poses a dangerous threat to their secret liaison. Can their heated love affair endure, rescuing both their hearts and the spirit of Christmas?
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Author: Friedrich, Bill
Suspense Action Fiction

Sometimes evil lurks in hidden places

Welcome to Roads End, the remote Michigan hunting camp where acclaimed wildlife photographer Jeff Koehler is about to embark on a mind-boggling mystery. During the annual deer hunt, when the camp is bustling with hunters, one of their own fails to return following the day’s hunt. The hunters discover the dead body partially frozen in the snow-covered forest. The medical examiner rules it a death by natural causes, but facts emerge, causing Jeff to question the findings. The sheriff’s case is going nowhere, and Jeff feels compelled to get involved.

As he digs deeper, Jeff finds that suspects are many, but answers are few. Nobody is above suspicion.

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Author: Cabot, Annie
Romance Short Reads

Christmas on the Cape is a novella that introduces Annie Cabot’s new series set on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Moving back home is never easy, especially as a newly single mother, but Rachel Adams is determined that she and her little girl, Everly, will manage just fine.

With the help of her sisters, Lucy and Hannah, Rachel sets out to build a new life for herself while renovating her recently deceased aunt’s small cottage on the bay in Periwinkle Shores, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

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Author: Dearen, Tamie
Sweet Christmas Romantic Comedy

There’s only one problem with my upcoming royal wedding. . . I didn’t choose the groom!

I’m a secret princess on the run. You’d be running, too, if your uncle was going to make you marry Carlisle the Argyle.
I need a fake husband fast!

Except I have my head stuck on a shrub. (Long story…)

And wouldn’t you know it — the person who answers the door and finds me in this predicament isn’t the granny matchmaker I was expecting.
It’s a man!

I can’t tell what he looks like, because of the whole head-stuck-on-a-shrub thing, but he sounds super hot.

Little Mouses Christmas Wish (affiliate link)

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Author: Hiscock, Edith, Hiscock, Kate
Children’s Christmas Books

Telling the story of a little mouse who lives in a single parent household.

Little Mouse lives in a little house with only ONE grown up. All they want for Christmas is to have a real family. But with the help of Santa, Little Mouse realises not all families are the same and it’s not the number of grown ups in the family that matters, it’s the love within it. This beautifully illustrated book features many types of families and shares the message that all families are equal no matter how they are made up.

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Author: Sage, A.N.
Regularly $4.99, Today $2.49
Paranormal Cozy Mystery

Piper Addison has three problems: a broken espresso machine, malfunctioning magic, and a dead body. Guess which one she doesn’t see coming?
One month from forty, Piper Addison thinks she finally has life figured out. Sure, her bank account could be fuller and the cafe she opened with the last of her savings could use some help, but what’s a few kinks for an Orchard Hollow witch?

Too bad Piper can’t witch to save her life, which is exactly what she might need to do when a dead body is discovered in the alley behind her cafe. To make matters worse, all the evidence points to Piper and the local sheriff is not too keen on the town’s paranormal inhabitants.

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Author: Reed, Rosie
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Paranormal Cozy Mystery

BOOK ONE Murder at Magic Cakes Café: When Evelyn Eldritch learns that her long-lost mother has been murdered, she travels to the quaint village of Maiden-Upon-Avon, which is teeming with werewolves, witches, vampires – and one annoyingly handsome-yet-gruff policeman. Can she solve the murder before the killer strikes again?

BOOK TWO A Midsummer Fright’s Scream: On the most auspicious night of the year, mischievous fairies are the least of Evelyn’s problems. With a murderer on the loose, this midsummer dream is turning into a nightmare!

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Author: James, Matt
Regularly $5.99, Today $2.99
Archaeological Thriller

One of the most coveted artifacts in human history is discovered in the hands of a truly remarkable individual, a man who is supposed to be pure myth.

Jacob Fehr has been hunting high-level threats his entire adult life. First, he did it with Unit 217, an elite element within the Israel Defense Forces that specializes in undercover operations throughout the Middle East. Now, he does it for his homeland’s national intelligence agency, the Mossad.

Naomi Fehr is a gifted historian and archaeologist working for the Israel Antiquities Authority in Jerusalem. She and her colleagues uncover an ancient ruin that reveals something extraordinary—something that blurs the line between fiction and reality.

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Author: Harcourt, Houghton Mifflin
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Comfort Food Cooking

This comprehensive Instant Pot cookbook shows home chefs how to get the most out of their miracle kitchen appliance.

Everyone from Ruth Reichl to top food bloggers rave about the Instant Pot’s efficiency, convenience, and affordability. Now this officially licensed, full-color cookbook helps you master its seemingly endless possibilities.

Instant Pot Miracle covers all the functions of the Instant Pot with recipes for every occasion, from everyday staples to surprising new dishes. You’ll find more than 175 recipes including delicious soups and stews, vegetable mains and sides, jams and yogurts—even an entire cheesecake. This must-have cookbook is the perfect companion to the best-selling kitchen appliance to come along in decades.

The Child Between Us (affiliate link)

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Author: Ragsdale, Alison
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Women’s Divorce Fiction

My beautiful girl, you are my missing piece. You came into my life and changed everything, placing your warm little hand in mine, and looking up at me with your sky-blue eyes, so full of hope. Little did we know what lay ahead, but for a while at least, we had each other…

When I first met you, darling Marina, you were just five years old. You took my breath away, with your long, dark waves and pink cheeks. You needed me, and I instantly knew I’d do anything to protect you. When six years ago, my heart was shattered, I was left utterly broken – but I didn’t know just how lost I was until you filled that hole in my heart.

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Author: Eding, June
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Interpersonal Relations

Innovative and refreshing strategies for how to love, understand, and communicate with difficult people—at home, at work, and in your community

Most of us know someone who, for whatever reason, always seems to cause problems, irritate others, or incite conflict. Often, these people are a part of our daily lives. The truth is that these troublemakers haven’t necessarily asked to be this way. Sometimes we need to learn new approaches to deal with people who are harder to get along with or love.

How to Hug a Porcupine explains that making peace with others isn’t as tough or terrible as we think it is—especially when you can use an adorable animal analogy and apply it to real-life problems.

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Author: Tracy, Brian
Regularly $17.99, Today $2.99
Motivational Self-Help

Brian Tracy offers a proven plan for transforming your life by changing the way you think about yourself and your potential. What you think has a profound effect on what you do and how you do it. But your thoughts aren’t set in stone. Just like you can learn to ride a bike or play chess, you can also learn to control your thinking and control your life.

Based on Tracy’s thirty years of experience as a successful businessman and speaker, Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life presents twelve powerful principles that will help anyone get on the road to a better, more fulfilling professional and personal life. Each chapter offers inspirational stories, along with exercises that help you train yourself to think and act like the successful person you truly are.

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