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Author: McGovern, Nancy
Cozy Mystery

After a dozen murders in the small, quiet town, it felt like maybe enough was enough. So Nancy moved on to other characters & series in an effort to give Milburn some time to repopulate.

But fate intervened…

After some time away, Nancy missed her old friend, Nora, so much that she just had to “Return To Milburn” and published 6 more stories in this sequel series, set 25 years after the original. We reunite with Nora on her 55th birthday, happily married with two grown daughters and still up to her old tricks: solving murders & whipping up dishes like she never missed a beat! It seems there’s never any shortage of murder in Milburn!

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Author: Aubrey, Brenna
Alpha Male Romance

I had the craziest idea when I decided to auction my virginity online. I have reasons for it. Good reasons. My mom’s hospital bills, for one. My medical school tuition, for another. By day, I’m a student and popular gaming blogger, but my dream is to become a doctor. This auction could free me from a crushing pile of debt and give me the cash I need to make my dreams a reality.

And honestly, I’m also looking forward to cashing in that troublesome V-card. Win, win.

My rules are set in stone: One night, then no further contact with the auction winner.

Enter Adam Drake, the brilliant gaming company CEO and multimillionaire. He won my auction. He’s young, driven, and so damn sexy. It’s frightening how attracted I am – though I’d never admit it. And it’s clear I’ll need to protect my heart.

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Author: Levine, Paul
Legal Thrillers


Years ago, Jake Lassiter failed to help a runaway girl…
Guilt-stricken over her fate, Jake vows to punish whoever harmed her…
And to battle Miami’s most powerful men who vow to stop him.

The Girl In the Woods (affiliate link)

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Author: Dounaeva, Lorna
Psychological Thrillers

She finally had the family she had always wanted, so why did she feel as though someone had stepped on her grave?

Suzannah and Noel are desperate for a child so when they get the chance to adopt a young girl called Orchid, they jump at the chance. They have been warned that it will take time for Orchid to settle into their family, but the problems they encounter seem out of the ordinary. Rooms are flooded, mirrors are smashed and Orchid owns up to none of it. Then things take a sinister turn and Suzannah becomes truly frightened. Who is this child they have let into their lives and will they ever be able to tame her?

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Author: Farrar, M K
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Police Procedurals

It’s a few days before Christmas.
Snow is coming, the lights are lit.
And a madman is stalking Central London…

He’s strangling his victims.
Stringing them up like Christmas decorations.

Decorations are the last thing on DI Erica Swift’s mind. She doesn’t like Christmas or the unnecessary pressures that come with it.
Plus this year she won’t even have her daughter home…

Except she won’t be alone. She’ll be with her team. On the trail of a killer.
A killer who’s murdered a Christmas shopper out celebrating the festive season.
A killer who’s been caught on camera.
But who’s clever enough to keep his – or her – face hidden.

A Living Remedy: A Memoir (affiliate link)

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Author: Chung, Nicole
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Biographies & Memoirs of Women

In this country, unless you attain extraordinary wealth, you will likely be unable to help your loved ones in all the ways you’d hoped. You will learn to live with the specific, hollow guilt of those who leave hardship behind, yet are unable to bring anyone else with them.

Nicole Chung couldn’t hightail it out of her overwhelmingly white Oregon hometown fast enough. As a scholarship student at a private university on the East Coast, no longer the only Korean she knew, she found community and a path to the life she’d long wanted. But the middle class world she begins to raise a family in – where there are big homes, college funds, nice vacations – looks very different from the middle class world she thought she grew up in, where paychecks have to stretch to the end of the week, health insurance is often lacking, and there are no safety nets.

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Author: Koontz, Dean
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Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

A bloodthirsty sheriff is terrorizing a small Texas town where justice has been buried with his victims. Until Nameless arrives—a vigilante whose past is a mystery and whose future is written in blood.

Anyone who crosses Sheriff Russell Soakes is dead, missing, or warned. One of them is a single mother trying to protect her children but bracing herself for the worst. Nameless fears the outcome. He’s seen it in his visions. Now it’s time to teach the depraved Soakes a lesson in fear. But in turning predators into prey, will Nameless unearth a few secrets of his own?

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Author: Benson, Michael
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Anti-Freeze For A Husband

It looked like a suicide. A man’s corpse on the bathroom floor—next to a half-empty glass of anti-freeze. But fingerprints on the glass belonged to the deceased’s wife, Stacey Castor. And a turkey baster in the garbage had police wondering if she force-fed the toxic fluid down her husband’s throat.

Pills For A Daughter

In desperation, Stacey concocted a devious plan. She mixed a deadly cocktail of vodka and pills, then served it to her twenty-year-old daughter Ashley. The authorities would find Ashley with a suicide note, confessing to the anti-freeze murder. But Stacey’s plan backfired—because Ashley refused to die . . .

Just After Midnight: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Hyde, Catherine Ryan
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Literary Fiction

No longer tolerating her husband’s borderline abuse, Faith escapes to her parents’ California beach house to plan her next move. She never dreamed her new chapter would involve befriending Sarah, a fourteen-year-old on the run from her father and reeling from her mother’s sudden and suspicious death.

While Sarah’s grandmother scrambles to get custody, Faith is charged with spiriting the girl away on a journey that will restore her hope: Sarah implores Faith to take her to Falkner’s Midnight Sun, the prized black mare that her father sold out from under her. Sarah shares an unbreakable bond with Midnight and can’t bear to be apart from her. Throughout the sweltering summer, as they follow Midnight from show to show, Sarah comes to terms with what she witnessed on the terrible night her mother died.

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Author: Martin, Kat
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Regency Romances

Knowing that she alone can protect her sister from the Baron Harwood, their lecherous stepfather, Victoria Temple Whiting snatches the family’s heirloom necklace—believed to hold the power to bring great happiness or terrible tragedy—to pay for their escape to London. Terrified that the baron will find them, Victoria poses as Tory Temple and finds employment as a servant in the household of handsome Cordell Easton, the scandalous Earl of Brant.

The sisters’ arrival couldn’t have been more welcome. In need of a new mistress, Cord turns to Tory, whose wit and intellect intrigue him. But when the baron discovers the girls’ whereabouts, Cord learns Tory’s secret—her noble birth. Furious that he has compromised the daughter of a peer, Cord must decide—marry Tory to keep her safe or allow his stubborn pride to deny his heart.

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Author: Schreier, Jason
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Entertainment Industry
Developing video games—hero’s journey or fool’s errand? The creative and technical logistics that go into building today’s hottest games can be more harrowing and complex than the games themselves, often seeming like an endless maze or a bottomless abyss. In Blood, Sweat, and Pixels, Jason Schreier takes readers on a fascinating odyssey behind the scenes of video game development, where the creator may be a team of 600 overworked underdogs or a solitary geek genius. Exploring the artistic challenges, technical impossibilities, marketplace demands, and Donkey Kong-sized monkey wrenches thrown into the works by corporate, Blood, Sweat, and Pixels reveals how bringing any game to completion is more than Sisyphean—it’s nothing short of miraculous.

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