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Author: Armstrong, Lindzee
Romantic Comedy

A reporter running from love. A cruise ship director longing for home. Can a Christmas miracle help them build a relationship before the ship docks for the last time?

Natalie James will do anything to land a journalist job with her favorite travel magazine—even report on Toujour’s first ever singles cruise the week before Christmas. After a string of one-sided relationships, she’s ready for the escape of vacationing around the globe. Even if that means watching professional matchmakers help naïve couples fall in love on a special holiday trip.

Shawn Erickson has spent a decade wasting away as a specialty cruise director while coming to terms with the accident that cost him his military ambitions. But now he has a new dream—to open his own travel agency with the bonus he’ll get from hosting Toujour.

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Author: Press, BookSumo
Italian Cooking
Here is a Preview of the Italian Recipes You Will Learn:
Italian Style Rice
Chicken from Milan
Classical Lasagna II
Clams, Shrimp, and Snapper Stew
Meatballs Done Right
Classical Sausage and Peppers from Italy
Easy Biscotti
Italian Tuscan Soup
Chicken Marsala Classico
Easy Bruschetta
Authentic Eggplant Parmesan
Roman Fun Pasta
Pasta Pesto
Much, much more!
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Author: Silvio, Heather
Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

An empath talent agent risks her life – and her heart – when she teams up with her not-quite human client to prove him innocent of murder.

Human lie detector Catherine Rodham moves across the country to launch the West Coast arm of the Peterson Talent Agency in Las Vegas, but her plan goes awry after an actress on a film she helped cast turns up murdered, leaving law enforcement stumped.

Alex Moore, a Sin City actor with a secret, wants agency representation from Catherine – and maybe something more. But everything changes after he finds himself the target of a murder investigation.

When the two team together to solve the serial murders, Alex introduces Catherine to a paranormal underworld she never knew existed. Can Catherine prove Alex’s innocence before losing her heart…or her life?

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Author: Buford, Gregory E.
Travel Humor
It’s like Emily in Paris for grown-ups! The Zola Award-winning tale of a company man turned trailing spouse when his wife gets his dream job continues in this follow-up to the bestselling Kept: An American Househusband in India. World travelers and armchair tourists alike will marvel as Greg goes head-to-head with the CIA, flame-wielding Japanese festival-goers, impossible Aunt Ethel, and the French bureaucracy. Hilarious and heartwarming, Kept: An American Househusband in Paris will have you dodging paparazzi on the playground and dreaming anew of your teenage crush.
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Author: Reed, Bebe
Clean & Wholesome Romance

At the reading of her late husband’s will, Ginny Rigby discovers two things.

One: He had a secret family.

Two: She has one hour to vacate the premises before that family takes possession of her beloved home.

Grief-stricken and homeless, Ginny drives until she arrives at the foot of the emerald waters in Florida’s Gulf Coast. There, she stumbles into an auction—an historical lighthouse is up for grabs to the highest bidder.

Using every last penny she has, Ginny buys the place and decides to transform the lighthouse into a beachside café. The only problem is, she’s never run a restaurant before.

But even worse, how will she tell her grown daughters the shameful truth about their father?

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Author: Justice, Robert
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Amateur Sleuth Mysteries
What happens to a deferred dream—especially when an innocent man’s life hangs in the balance? Langston Brown is running out of time and options for clearing his name and escaping death row. Wrongfully convicted of the gruesome Mother’s Day Massacre, he prepares to face his death. His final hope for salvation lies with his daughter, Liza, an artist who dreamed of a life of music and song but left the prestigious Juilliard School to pursue a law degree with the intention of clearing her father’s name. Just as she nears success, it’s announced that Langston will be put to death in thirty days.
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Author: Margolis, Jonathan
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Orgasm is one of society’s most compelling, shaping forces—and most of us probably think that we are living in its golden age. But are we? The history of orgasms is as elusive as the orgasm itself can be, for sex rarely makes the historical record.

Now acclaimed British journalist Jonathan Margolis delivers the definitive history of the human orgasm, of sex for pleasure as well as conception—from prehistory to Viagra. Most people manage just twelve minutes of orgasmic bliss per year. Some never experience it at all. Yet the urge for orgasm rules much of human life, across national and cultural boundaries. How much have we learned about female pleasure since the 1558 discovery of the clitoris?

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Author: Finizza, Carol
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Private Investigator Mysteries
Amanda Beckwith is a classic underachiever who finally hits the jackpot when she marries Santa Barbara wellness guru Geoff Martin. She is fast becoming the envy of her hip, 30-something girlfriends when Geoff dumps her for Bree, his massage therapist. With nothing to show for her short marriage but a couple of minor brushes with the law and a tiny drinking problem, Amanda escapes to Hollywood Beach, 20 miles south of Santa Barbara, to focus on her career as professional organizer and “Messy Girl” blogger for a small local newspaper.When Bree is found murdered on the beach behind Amanda’s house, her life spirals into chaos. Detectives single her out as a person of interest.
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Author: Hartston, William
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Puzzle & Game Reference
From ancient riddles to modern Sudoko, people have been fascinated by puzzles. Whether they are seen as a glorious waste of time, a harmless way to spend a train journey or a valuable way of exercising the mind, the lure of puzzles has been irresistible. By using over 100 examples of the most mindbending, the most challenging, the most satisfying, or simply the most humorous puzzles throughout the ages, William Hartston traces the development of brainteasers of all varieties and the increasing ingenuity of puzzle setters from ancient civilizations to modern puzzle crazes.
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Author: Shapiro, Michael
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Psychology of Creativity & Genius

Smokey Robinson • Barbara Kingsolver • Francis Ford Coppola • David Sedaris • Jane Goodall and other luminaries reveal the secrets to their creative success. Amy Tan talks about how she finds truth by writing fiction. Melissa Etheridge tells us how she channels her fire into her music. Pico Iyer shares how seeking stillness enhances his creativity. And Coppola discusses how he found the courage to make groundbreaking films.

In The Creative Spark, a collection of interviews prefaced by brief biographies, these luminaries join dozens of other voices to create a symphony of inspiration. Lucinda Williams talks about honesty and making every word count; Jane Goodall cites the value of persistence and believing in yourself; and Smokey Robinson heralds the timeless power of love songs.

A Darker Shade of Pale (affiliate link)

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Author: Crosher-Segers, Beryl
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Discrimination & Racism Studies
Courage to Love in the Shadow of Hate.A Darker Shade of Pale tells of Beryl Crosher-Segers’ family and community life in apartheid-era South Africa.With a piercing narrative, she details the injustices, humiliation and challenges she faced under the brutal reign of the National Party. Through her multi-racial heritage, Beryl was born into a life of inequality and hardship. This is the remarkable story of resilience and courage to power forward toward a better life, to love in the shadow of hate.A Darker Shade of Pale is a story of hope in the face of despair and of courage when faced with insurmountable obstacles.

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