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Author: Meadows, Wendy
Culinary Cozy Mystery

They thought they could leave their past behind. But murder doesn’t retire.
Retired cops Rita and Rhonda Knight are eager to leave their crime-fighting past behind them and retire to the sleepy little town of Clovedale Falls. With the annual Pumpkin Festival right around the corner, the pair work day and night to get their bakery ready so they can finally say goodbye to solving crime.

But their dreams of a quiet new life are shattered when a strangely familiar man is found dead next door – and the twin sisters are quickly plunged into a murder investigation that will push them to their limits. As the newest arrivals in the town, all eyes are on them… and they have no idea who they can trust.

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Author: York, Zoe
Romantic Suspense

Are they one late-night hayride away from tumbling back into a very bad idea?

Olivia Minelli needs a one-way ticket out of Pine Harbour. It’s too small for both her and her ex-husband. So when a new job falls into her lap, she grabs it with both hands. When this contract is complete, she’ll have enough money saved up to leave town for good. Which means settling some unresolved business with the only man she’s ever truly loved, once and for all.

Rafe Minelli knows he won’t get a second chance at what he once had with his ex-wife. The demands of his double career—as a police officer and military reservist—were a dealbreaker when they were together. And he’s thrilled for her new opportunity. But with it comes a ticking clock that forces both of them to address the smouldering embers of a connection that just won’t go away.

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Author: DeLand, Cerise
Regency Historical Romance

Love does not advertise. Love counts no wrongs.

But when a young woman needs to escape an ogre, she’ll take an ad to find a man she can adore.
Verity Carr wants a new life in a new town far from her old home and the vile threat to her body and soul. She comes from a fine family, has a good education and a bold ambition to become a portrait artist. She’s ready to live her life with a man who will value her. A husband she can can respect and in time, hopefully love. Yet valiant though she is, she questions if she can escape her past and the one who will not let her go.

Can a gentleman to whom great wrong was done, build a new life with a true wife and leave the past behind?

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Author: Barrington, James
Military Thrillers
Nobody is ever above suspicion in the ‘wilderness of mirrors’ that is the world of intelligence, but when a senior officer goes bad it still hurts. When that senior officer can’t be identified, it hurts even more. Conventional detective work to unmask him is going to be too slow, and probably unreliable, so an alternative strategy has to be formulated. With the security of Britain’s most secret computer system at stake, and trust a commodity in short supply, a deception operation is set in train to flush out the traitor. Paul Richter, an unemployed ex-Naval aviator, is the unwitting and ultimately expendable bait in the trap. But as the net closes around the traitor in France, a female Russian intelligence officer flees Moscow and the evidence she brings points the finger of suspicion in a very different direction.
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Author: Seton, Susannah, Kornblatt, Sondra
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New Age Mental & Spiritual Healing

Are you tired of being tired? As we put untold amounts of pressure on ourselves to perform, to keep a spotless home, to have the perfect relationship, the most well-behaved kids, and the best job, the constant need to be productive is wearing us out, physically and emotionally.

In 365 Energy Boosters, Susannah Seton and Sondra Kornblatt provide us with a daily guide for putting an end to the madness, embracing a new and improved life experience, and getting a big dose of energy to boot. You’ll find energizing one-minute exercises and foods for a quick pick-me-up and learn ways to track your natural energy cycles, get organized, sleep better, and wake yourself up whenever your energy takes a nosedive. Make these tips and techniques the first item on your to-do list—and the rest of the day can become easier than ever.

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Author: Macy, Al
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Legal Thrillers

Garrett Goodlove hates liars. As a lawyer, he’s forced to deal with more than his fair share of cheats and con artists, but lately, he’s been getting fed up.

Goodlove suspects that his latest client, a jolly babushka by the name of Aksana Ivanova, is a grandmaster of deception. His law partner disagrees. But how can they be sure?

Soon after they get her weapons-possession charge dismissed on a technicality, the Redwood Point DA arrests her on a charge of first-degree murder. Apparently, the weapon found in the trunk of her car was used in an assassination.

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Author: Darwall-Smith, Heather
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Stress Management

Experts of every kind are queuing up to warn us that lack of sleep, or the wrong kind, will bring down a bewildering array of dire consequences.

Heather Darwall-Smith’s message in this book is simple: don’t panic!

Humans are biologically programmed to sleep, and by interrogating all the factors – sociological, physiological, neurological, and psychological – that might be impeding this innate instinct, each of us can work out the changes we can make in our own lifestyles to allow ourselves to sleep naturally again.

This book demystifies the bewildering data around sleep by combining science with natural self-help techniques.

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Author: Harvey, Alyxandra
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For Emma and her cousins Gretchen and Penelope, the stuffiness of 1814 London society is simply unbearable—even as Emma wishes the roguish Cormac Fairfax would pay her any kind of attention.

But that all changes when Emma accidentally breaks a glass memento left to her by her mother. Suddenly, all three young women find themselves gifted with powers of witchcraft—and they will most certainly need them.

For they have unwittingly unleashed a scourge upon London: an evil coven whose powerful members gain their strength from killing young witches.

And Emma has just caught their very unwanted attention . . .

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Author: Williams, Rachel
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Baby & Toddler Nursery Rhymes

Science tells us that babies develop best when they are spoken to, sung to, and read to. Introduce your baby to a world of words and pictures with these 30 classic nursery rhymes from the Mother Goose collection and beyond paired with images of Chloe Giordano’s delightful hand-embroidered illustrations on cloth.

Even when they’re tiny, the sound of their parents’ voices helps babies make sense of the world and feel comfortable with new people and places. This treasury gives you the opportunity to rediscover just how useful (and calming) these best-loved nursery rhymes are in one volume.

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Author: Buhk, Tobin T
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Violence in Society
This history of the rampant crime that took place in both the North and South amid the chaos of the American Civil War examines cases including currency counterfeiting; the tyrannical actions of Gen. Benjamin Butler; the murder of Gen. Earl van Dorn; the Detroit Draft Riot; the Rebel plot to burn New York City; raids by William Quantrill’s Bushwhackers; the Fort Pillow Massacre; the horrific prison conditions at Andersonville; the fate of the Lincoln assassination conspirators; and more.

Hyde (affiliate link)

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Author: Levine, Daniel
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Historical Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Mr. Hyde is trapped, locked in Dr. Jekyll’s house, certain of his inevitable capture. As the dreadful hours pass, he has the chance, finally, to tell his side of the story—one of buried dreams and dark lusts, both liberating and obscured in the gaslit fog of Victorian London’s sordid backstreets.

Summoned to life by strange potions, Hyde knows not when or how long he will have control of “the body.” When dormant, he watches Dr. Jekyll from a distance, conscious of this other, high-class life but without influence. As the experiment continues, their mutual existence is threatened, not only by the uncertainties of untested science, but also by a mysterious stalker. Hyde is being taunted—possibly framed. Girls have gone missing; a murder has been committed. And someone is always watching from the shadows. In the blur of this shared consciousness, can Hyde ever truly know if these crimes were committed by his hands?

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